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Re: urinary tract infection?

Dr.Deoshlok Sharma,Dr.Abhishrk Dr.Kwada Pl.help me -
My wife aged about 59 years suffering from uti during last 20 years.Her urine report always e-coli colony count >100000 cfu/ml after 48 hours. She is taking always antibiotic otherwise feeling Pain at the time of Urinal Bladder. But last 6 months I gave her Cantharis-30 5 tab 3 times daily and she is fine ,how long she can take this remidy.If I stop medicine she is feeling urinal trouble (paining,burning etc) . Last 15/20 days she is suffering Pain in the leg her URIC acid (Serum) 5.3. Pl.help me PKDalal (Kolkata)
  prasantadalal on 2015-08-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give her one dose of Medhorinum 200 and write back. I shall suggest a few follow up remedies that should take care of her.

With Prayers
Reva V 6 years ago
Thank you Doctor for response about my wife. I have Medhorium1 M ,may I give her 2 drops today or buy 200? P. help me -thanks
prasantadalal 6 years ago
Two drops of a nosode is too high. Please buy Medhorinum 200 in pills
Reva V 6 years ago
Today I got Medhorium 200 in pillets and will give her tomorrow morning.Then what is the next remidy Doctor?
prasantadalal 6 years ago
Medhorinum removes the constitutional tendency to UTI. This is best given, once a week, even after all the symptoms are clear, for four to six weeks.

Thuja 30 is required to dispel E-Coli. the best clinically found administration is, Thuja 30, every evening, 30 minutes before dinner (four pills or 2 drops in 15 mil water). Since it is deep seated, it takes a few weeks, before this can start showing result, by itself.

While the above two can address the cause of UTI, local healing of urinary systems becomes necessary. This is best addressed by SARASAPARILLA 30 and BERBERIS VUL 30, two pills of each taken together. This can be taken once in the morning, only as long as needed (any symptom present)

This may sound like too many remedies, but it becomes helpful to speedily address the root.

All the four medicines are clinically found to be compatible and working synergically.

Please let me know if you have any questions. After two or three weeks of taking the above, we can address the leg pain, if it is still present.

Clinical investigation and visit to your local doctors must be continued. The lab test are the ultimate proof.

With Prayers,
Reva V 6 years ago
Thank you Doctor for your advice. Doctor first day I will give her Medhorium one dose and next day start 3 medicines ? Or start all the medicines same day.

In the meanwhile I have given her one dose Acid Benz 6 in the morning and 3 times Urtica Urens Q 5 drops in the same day during last two days for URIC Acid ( URIC Acid 5.3 tested on 22/8/2015). May I stop the two remides.
Waiting for your advice.
prasantadalal 6 years ago
on the day you give Medhorinum 200, it is preferred to stop other medicines, but if needed, you can use on the same day. in this case, consider giving only that on that day.

fyi, the medicines, urtica Urens and Acid Benz dont go together. they antidote each other.

Also, Urtica Urens Q is the only compatible remedy with the above protocol. Hence you can also give Urtica Uerns Q, during the above protocol.

If you decide to give Acid benz, it must be given alone.
Reva V 6 years ago
Thank u Doctor for ur quick reply I will give her.
Day first Medhorium 200 one dose weekly.
Day second Thuja 30 4 Pills or 2 drops in every evining .
And Sarasaparilla 30 +Berberis Vul 30 2 pills each in the morning everyday

Also Urtica UrensQ 5 drops 3 times daily for URIC ACID.Doctor URTICA
Urens will reduce leg pain. .May i Stop Acid Benz 6

Waiting for your valued reply.Thanks again
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prasantadalal 6 years ago
this looks good. I rather make Urtica Urens Q, once a day, since the other medicines must also support this. You can monitor and adjust

Given your relationship with her, may I suggest you to take some medicines to rule out any latent miasms in you.

Ars Alb 30 - Day 1, Day 3...
Hepar sulph 6 - Day2, Day4,...

continue for up to one month.

Taking this alternately will unroot the latent syphilis, if you have. If not, it is still good to take, as a routine detox. Hope you see only the positive side of my suggestion here.

With Prayers,
Reva V 6 years ago
Thank u Dr.Reva R. So she will take the followimgs as suggest by you.
1. Sarasaparilla 30 2 pills and Berberis Vul 30 2 pills everyday morning
2. Thuja 30 4 pills or 2 drops evening
3.Urtica Urins Q one a day
4. Ars Alb 30 Day 1 Day 3 along with 1,2&3 medicinrs alternative day one dose
5. Hepar Sulph 6 C or 6X 2 drops or 4 tablets Day 2 Day 4 ... along with 1,2 & 3 alternative day (one dose )
Please confirm the above medicines
Our Relationship like husband and wife Doctor.She is house wife and spent her time house keeping,watching TV,rading Books, she is walking very less.she has no irritation in sex, her bp and blood sugar is normal weight 55kgs height 5'
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prasantadalal 6 years ago
Oops. Let me clarify once again:

Husband (you) to take Ars Alb 30 and Hepar Sulph 6 alternately to remove any suspect of infection transfer from you.

Her (your wife) to stay with the last protocol:
#1: Thuja 30 in the evening

#2: Berb. Vul 30 and Sarasaparilla 30 together (2 pills each) in the morning, only as long as the symptoms exist. Stop this promptly if the symptom disappears

#3: Urtica Urens Q, 5 drops once a day.

Report once in a week.
Reva V 6 years ago
Dr.Reva R
I undestand your remedy.I will follow your instruction carefully.Doctor I have to take each medicine one time means one dose each day. Thanks
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prasantadalal 6 years ago
Dr. One thing I like to inform you that she is taking Calc Phos 6x and Calc Flour 6X twice daily for teeth problem.She can continue these meicine also?
prasantadalal 6 years ago
For your wife:

I suggest to stop all Homeopathic medicines unless important.

The compatibility of medicines is extremely important. To be on the safer side, please avoid them for the next two weeks.

For you:
One remedy in a day:

Day 1: Ars Alb 30 (one dose in the morning onlY0
Day 2: Hepar Sulph 6 (one dose in the morning only)
Day 3: Ars Alb 30
Day 4: Hepar Sulph 6
continue this...
Reva V 6 years ago
Ok Doctor. Stop all homeo medicine of my wife.I Like to tell something about myself,i am 65 years never drink or smoke,my life style is very simple. I always try not to ear or stay outside of house My BP 80-130 after taking 6 drops homeo Medicine Agrimony,Mimulas and Aspin(2 drops each ) two times every day and allopathic Ambitel H one tab everyday. Blood Sugar Fasting 103 and PP 117 after taking Ameto 500 one tab every day.For Cholesterol I am taking Rezara 10 one tab every day.I am doing Pranayam 1/2 hour every day.I am taking Calc Phos & Calc Flour 4 Tab twice daily and got good result for gum and boneloss of my teeth.Doctor today i am sending my Test Report and tomorrow will send u my wife's Test Report.
prasantadalal 6 years ago
Sure, please continue all the medicines you are taking. I still suggest you to take Ars Alb and Hepar Sulph alternately for a month or so.

With Prayers.
Reva V 6 years ago
Doctor I am sending my wife's Urine report last 3 years along with allopathic Prescription for your information.
prasantadalal 6 years ago
Thank you for sending. Yes, received them.

How is she doing after starting the medicine.
Reva V 6 years ago
Good morning Doctor.
Today morning i asked her and told me feeling slight better than previous.This is second week two times Medhorium 200 she was taken and other medicines are taken as per your advice.
Doctor regarding me I am already sent you my all current Test Report along with Medicines which are I am taking.
May i take any Homeo medicine for Blood Sugar and Cholesterol.You know I am already using Agrimony, Mimulas & Aspen 2 drops each two times daily(during last 8 months) along with AMBITEL-H to-day my BP is 80-130 the above medicine are ok for BP before two months ago my BP was 90-170.I am also taking Pantoprazole & Domperidone SR for Gas & Dizziness two Capsuls daily,REZARA-10 for Cholesterol I am also taking Calc Phos 6X & Calc Flour 6X 4 Tab 2 Times dails 6 days and one day Marc.Sol 30 weekly for my teeth,already inform you .Kindly prescribe me some homeo medicine for Blood Sugar,Gas,Cholesterol etc.
Thank your Doctor
God bless you
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prasantadalal 6 years ago
I shall reply you in a day or two please.
Reva V 6 years ago
For your wife, please ask her to stop all Homeopatic remedies and start with the following:

Thuja 30, twice a day (morning and evening). 30 minutes before break fast and 30 minutes before dinner is good

Medhorinum 200, once a week

Berberis Vul and Sarasaparilla only if there is a need (pain etc)

She is on the right track

With Prayers
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Reva V 6 years ago

For you, in my opinion, you are taking too many Homeopatic Medicine. I request you to taper down the flower medicines and cell salts, slowly (by skipping a dose and then target to stop in a week or two). You can also stop Ars Alb and Hepar Sulph now.

The only Homeopathic Medicine you will need is CALC CARB 200, two pellets, taken once in 4 days (with three days gap between doses). This will start improving your digestion, blood sugar and BP. However you must continue with all allopathic medicine until the lab results shows to reduce.

Please write back after a week.

With Prayers
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Reva V 6 years ago
Thank you Doctor.
I must follow your instructions for me & my wife,she will take Thuja 30 C twice daily & Urtica Urins 5 drops once and Medhorium 200C once a week.
I will take only Calcaria Carb 200 once in 3 days gap

God Bless You.
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prasantadalal 6 years ago
Thank you for reconfirming each time.

For your wife, I found from my notes that Thuja 30 itself is sufficient to address the Uric Acid issue. May I request you to stop Urtica Uren. for the next 1 week and then we can revisit this.

Thank you for your trust

With lot of prayers
Reva V 6 years ago
Thank you Doctor
She will stop URTICA URENS from tomorrow. She is feeling Pain in lower portion of legs otherwise feeling better.
prasantadalal 6 years ago

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