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my hairloss treatement result -- please read this

I hope all women who have had hairloss problem read this:
I have been suffering from hairloss for the last 7 years. I am now 35 years, healthy otherwise. I tried everything from rogain to hormone pills, other sorts of products until I run into this website and decided to follow a recipe Joe De Silva, among others suggested and supplemented it with topical application of decolorized iodine. My hairloss DRAMATICALLY decreased in three weeks of dedicated application. After about 6 weeks, I now have fewer than 15 hairs coming out when I comb my hair (it used to be so much that I dreaded to even look at the amount of hair that used to come out just as recent as 2 months ago. Also, most of the hair that came out was actually broken as opposed to what it was before, falling from the roots. I also saw significant regrowth in my frontal temple area where hair was receding. I havent noticed yet any regrown anywhere else but it is such great relief to see that my hair finally stopped falling out abnormally. I would really say to women who are suffering, to try this and see what happens. You have nothing to lose. my regimen is as follows:

1. every third day I used a mixture of coconut oil and arnica tincture (as Joe suggested, Take 20 ml. Arnica Mother Tinture and 80 ml. of coconut oil). I used Qtip to apply on the scalp so my hair does not get too oily.

2. Every evening, i used white iodine on my scalp and skipped on the days that I used the coconut. I heard of iodine tincture on another hairloss site.

I tested the hairline area first by using only the iodine and i noticed my hiar fillig in really noticably. I must say I am not sure whether it is just the iodine which stopped the hairloss or the combination.

Also, i started taking cod fish oil, flaxseed oil and eveprimrose oil supplements. I cut down on caffeine but I have done no other change in my diet nor lifestyle.

Thank you joe and all others who made available their knowledge for those of us who were in the dark.

Good luck and please let all know when you see results so others can try them too.
  zuummaa on 2006-01-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
It is so rarely that anyone who has used a remedy prescribed by the resident advisors on this forum take time to report their response to any therapy recommended.

Thank you Suummaa for doing so and I am indeed glad that your hair loss has been arrested. The new growth will be visible in about 2 months and you have to press down on your existing hair and observe the new growth under a powerful light.

The Cod liver oil in capsules also promotes hair growth. I have no experience with the others like flaxseed oil and evenprimrose oil. I would not advise you to use too many supplements as they can be conuter productive.

Another word of advice.

Do not use any shampoos except for Johnsons baby shampoo as this is the mildest.

To those who read this post and notice that their scalp also is scratchy, you are advised to use a teaspoonful of Sulphur 1M in the liquid dose only once weekly. This is made by inserting 3 globules of the remedy into a 250ml bottle of spring water and shaking it before you sip a teaspoonful.
Joe De Livera last decade
I too experience a hairfall going over 50 everyday.
Is this white iodine tincture got in homeopathy store or any shops? Did you mix this tincture with anything else ? or did you apply directly on to your scalp?
Arnica mother tincture mix and the iodine tincture---should this be applied all over the scalp ? and should it be massaged after applying?
dinos last decade
Thanks Joe for your comment. I certainly hope others will post thier experience, successes, etc.

Dinos: from what I understand shedding of 50-80 hairs per day are expected to be within the "normal" range.

anyway to answer your question: I used white iodine that's apparently available at your local drugstore. I was not able to find it. So I ordered it online from Drugstore.com. It is called "decolorized iodine". I use it straight out of the bottle apply it with qtips and massage a bit (I am too lazy to massage too long although I hear it is good for your scalp anyway -- maybe i should massage a bit more). I heard it might be drying for some people and if that's the case, they suggest diluting it with water. I didnt have that experience.

Yes I do apply both all over the scalp. I have had no negative experience what so ever to date. You may discontinue using the iodine once the fallout is under control and continue using the coconut/arnica tincture.

I hope it works for you too. Good luck.
zuummaa last decade
Thanks Zuummaa,
My shedding of 50-80 might not be considered normal as the scalp can be seen easily in my case. If the same continues, i am afraid that i might turn bald sooner. Being a female this worries me.

Is iodine you mentioned same as the tincture used for applying for burns etc.?
What do you mean by qtips?
Can you please give the link where you read about that iodine tincture.

How long did you take to see the result?

Thanks once again for your prompt reply.
dinos last decade

The iodine tincture is used as an antiseptic for scrapes, etc.. and it is found on your local drug store. The only difference is that the colorless one is not commonly stocked. The reason you would use the colorless one on your scalp is so that it wont stain everything, including your skin.

I dont remember which website I saw the reference on iodine: but keep in mind it is not from a doctor! (I have learned that doctors dont know everything at the end of the day.) It is from a woman whose daughter was suffering from alopecia and she tried it. I think it may have been from "her alopecia" website. Anyway, I have pasted below the exerpts from her tesimonial which was posted in the forum from someone else. You might want to check out the site to find it. I am sorry i only saved her testimonial and not the site.

Qtips are what you use to clean out your ears. They are found in any drug store. You can use your fingertips also but I find that using qtips helps avoid over-oiling.

Re how long it took: about 3 weeks (please see the details in my post).

By the way, Have you used Topik or any other fiber products as concealers? I think they work extremely well to cover up some thining areas.

Do let me know if you want any other additional info. I know what it feels like to hopelessly watch your hair go down the drain. Hang in there. I must say though, nothing works if your mind contradicts what you are doing.


"My 17-year-old daughter has had alopecia areata since she was three years old. She had total hair loss on her head and it was not until she was in third grade did she get most (95%) of it back. This was a direct result of an elderly lady customer of my mother's (she was a beautician, now retired) who happened to mention in conversation that her family had many members who had suffered with alopecia and they always used colorless (or white) iodine dabbed on the areas to reverse the process and get the hair to grow again!

So we tried it and sure enough... This very inexpensive treatment worked!!! It took about a week or so and we began to notice a light
growth of fuzz and she was growing new hair that stayed! She recovered 95% of her total head of hair and has to this day a slight band that encircles the outer edges or hairline that has had irregular recovery. But
she looks a sight better and feels so good about her hair. Since that original hair loss she has had two bouts where she began to notice hair fallout and we began rubbing the iodine in the first new spots. The fallout stopped within a day or so and she began regrowing hair within a couple of weeks! ..."
zuummaa last decade
Thanks A lot Zuummaa for all the information and the very fast reply.
I don't want to use concealers, as for now. It doesn't look very bad when I wash my hair, though it looks very thin. Only the day after
I wash my hair, it becomes very oily and my scalp can be seen through my hair.

Your posting has given me some hope. Like Mr.Joe said, not all who have positive results from using the advice from this forum , report their results. But you have done it. And this will sure help people like me, who are desperate for a remedy for hair loss.

Thanks for everything. After I try and see the result, I will post again.
dinos last decade
Hai Zuummaa,
As I couldn't get the white iodine, I have started using the normal brown/yellow iodine. I used a cotton ball to apply on the scalp. It doesn't really stain the scalp. After an hour or so after appling, I don't see any yellow color on my scalp. Only my fingers get stained.

I have been using it for the past 3 days. The falling is the same.I apply at night and wash it the next day.

I have started feeling itchness all over my head since the next day I used it.
Is this normal?
dinos last decade

First of all, I must say that I never tried the regular iodine, and I have not heard of anyone using it, be it for the inconvenience of its staining effect or otherwise. So I cannot say what the outcome would be -- good or bad. It may be too strong for the scalp causing the itching. I would strongly suggest you try to order the decolorized iodine online as I mentioned because that is what I tried, and others have with results.

Secondly, as I mentioned in my original post, I used iodine solution for a couple of days then on every third day I used coconut oil/arnica concoction. I never experienced itching, perhaps because of this. May I suggest you google up "iodine + hairloss" do a little research on this. I am sorry I didnt save the complete information and i dont remember where I found this info.

Having said that, it took me about 2-3 weeks to see substantial decrease in hair loss. You have only tried it for 3 days expecting to see a miraculous result. Needless to say, these things take time. For me, three weeks was close to being a miracle.
zuummaa last decade

It's been almost two months since I started taking the Arnica 30c wet dosage. I also got the baby shampoo with detangler but last week started using natural biotin shampoo and natural biotin conditioner. The results are that if I look closely to some patches I can see very tiny fuzzy hairs. The hair continues to fall out. Is this positive? On the other hand, I read Zuumma's posts and decided to pick up a bottle of white iodine and have been applying it for two days. What can I expect?

Thanks Figbell
figbell last decade
Thanks Zuummaa,
I get the itchiness might be because my skin gets dry by applying it. I have been just following as what you did. 2days of iodine and third day arnica Q mix. And also taking Arnica 30 in wet dose , once a day. Yesterday was the fourth day. I saw a bit less in the number of my hairfall. Hope it improves. But the itcheness is still there.

I found the website and also contacted the mother, who had posted her story. She was kind enough to search and give me the online link to purchase white iodine. She She also told that there isn't any difference in the effect of the yellow iodine except for the staining. Anyway, I will try to purchase white iodine online. Untill then, I will be using the yellow iodine.
I will post my progress once I see more improvement.
Thank you.
dinos last decade
I am glad that you reported sighting tine fuzzy hairs on your scalp.

This is the start of the new growth and you are advised to continue with the Arnica 30 in the liquid dose which you should take at least twice daily after shaking the bottle hard to aerate the water many times as this increases the potency.

I note that you do not use the Arnica Q and Coconut oil mix on your scalp and this has been proved to promote the growth. As for the white iodine, I do not have any experience and results should be reported on this forum.

A capsule of any good fish liver oil also helps and it is important to use a very mild shampoo like Johnsons baby.

It is by the joint efforts of all who benefit from the therapy suggested on this forum that others too will be able to benefit from its use.

Keep up the good work.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Dinos,
I am glad you were able to find the woman who posted the information on the iodine. Good to know there is no difference between regular/white iodine. Did she tell you anything about the itchiness?

Stick with the stuff and give it a few weeks. And let all know of your result.

Figbell, please read the details re iodine and what to expect in my original post.
zuummaa last decade
I haven't checked with her on the itchiness. But it was discussed on that forum that there will be a tingling feeling, just after applying. Mine is different, might be because I am using the yellow iodine.
I will surely post my progress.
dinos last decade
My daughter is 2.5 years old and has alopecia. She has had it for about a year. Started with small dime size bald spots. Usually only a couple at a time. Then they woudl grow back. Well recently it has progressed. She has around 7 and several are large, larger than quarter size. Do you think the iodine treatment is safe for her? Id like to give it a try. Also, when the spots start she the area turns pink first. Then the hair gradually falls out of the pink area. I believe its the inflammation. Please help! Thanks you! Angela
ahong last decade
Please read my post on

Joe De Livera last decade

I found the information about iodine from a woman whose story was posted on a hairloss site. Her young daughter suffered from alopecia like yours. But she was much older. I dont have the authority/expertise to say that iodine would work for a very young child. I know there are steriod injections that dermatologist dispense for treatement of alopecia. Please consult with one first before trying anything else especially in case of a small child.

Good luck.
zuummaa last decade
The 'drugstore.com' is no more selling 'decolorised iodine'. Is there any other online shop selling it?
dinos last decade
Dear zuummaa,
whether your hair failling is cured or not or undertreatment.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Hi dinos
newhere last decade
Dinos, try this site:
http://www.longs.com/cgi-bin/longs/search/searchSite.jsp (its "longs drugs").

Doeshlok, my hair fall has decreased to below normal rate. I can only see 10-15 hairs falling when I comb, perhaps 20-25 when I wash. But I have not noticed any regrowth yet, except some baby hairs around the hairline. It took over 10 year to lose all the hair that I did, so I would expect it would take some time to get it back. So, I am still using the treatment of iodine & coconut/arnica.
zuummaa last decade
Hi dinos you can find decoloried iodine at AmericaRx 1 oz for $2.99
Good Luck with your treatment.
newhere last decade
Hai Zuummaa & Newhere,
Thank you very much for the info. But I live outside US. So I need a online site that can ship internationally.'Longs Drugs' don't ship internationally and 'AmericaRx' international shipping is toooo expensive when compared to 'drugstore'. So, if you know any other site, please let me know.

dinos last decade
Sorry I dont know anyone outside of the U.S. If I do come across one, I will let you know.

Did you continue to use the regular Iodine? How did that work out for you?
zuummaa last decade
I was using the normal iodine for a week++ .And I saw the decrease in hairfall within 4 or 5 days. But with the decolorised iodine ,I still haven't found much change.Might be the iodine % is less in this.

Because of the terrible itching and scaly formation on my scalp with the normal iodine, I stopped it and ordered 5 bottles of decolorized iodine from the drug store, which took a month to be shipped to me. Now I am left with only one bottle and so thought of ordering again. I wouldn't find any other online store shipping internationally.

How many days, does a 1 oz bottle of iodine, last for you?

Thanks for your help.
dinos last decade

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