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Help needed for my son's eczema

My son is 5 yrs old and has eczema since birth. The docs treated it with cortizone cream (he responded well to this treatment) and after a yr or so he developed asthma. I was in India for the last 4 months and tried Homeopathy. We learned that the steroids used to cure eczema gives rise to asthma and suppressing the breathing problems with steroids leads to more skin eruption. Although he responded well to his breathing treatment, his eczema went out of control. We have not used any allopathy medications for his skin or lungs for the last couple of months. But right now his skin condition is horrible. He has rashes all over, more behind his knees, his neck, throat and folds of his arm. It gets worse at night and he scratches so much that he is bleeding all over. We are using Eucerine to keep his skin hydrated but its not helping. He is sore all over. The bleeding is accompanied by an oozing colorless, odorless liquid sometimes. He is itchy all over and we cannot send him to school till he gets better.
I have seen posts from different doctors in this site and any response will be greatly appreciated. Parents are also welcomed to share similar cases and suggest remedies.
Right now our main concern is to stop the bleeding and oozing and normalize the skin as much as possible. He cannot sleep at night and his skin is dry and crusty like sandpaper. He is not taking any homeopathic medication for his skin at this moment.
  nineclouds on 2006-02-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I may not be as knowlegeable as most about all this, but I have researched alot about emollients for eczema, and I have found many opinions about eucerin, or any petroleum-based product for the skin. Many people believe that it only keeps the skin from absorbing moisture, and doesn't absorb and eventually dries the skin out more. I use only pure, unrefined shea butter for my son, although his is not as severe, it really seems to keep his skin supple. Pure shea butter has Vitamin A,E, and F (sun protector). I do have to apply it 6-10 times a day, but I think it's worth it. You should also get more opinions about the petroleum. Almost everything has it in their products, but not natural ones. Hope this helps. I have also heard and used these treatments that seem to help: Evening Primrose Oil applied directly to affected area as well as GLA supplements, and plenty of probiotics in food or supplement form.
WNCGirl last decade

I am a parent of 4 year old boy with eczema. I will share with you my opinion and suggestion I make are from my experience.

PLEASE PLEASE take your son to pediatric dermatologists. He needs to start the anti-biotic course right now. This oozing of colorless discharge is due to the infection from too much itching.

We moved to Dallas area last August from Boston. Dallas is very dry compare to Boston and my son's eczema had gone real bad. Luckily, we took him to pedaitric dermatologist and he prescribed anti-biotic and it made my son better.

Since then I am also looking for alternative medicine for my son.

But at this time your priority should be to get him better so poor boy can get some rest and his parents can get some sleep too.

My heart goes to your little boy because I remember those horrible nights so very clearly.
val0822 last decade

This is the classic case of allopathic suppression.
In order to suggest a homoeopathic remedy, need some more information (a few drugs like Arsenic and Sulphur are covering the given symptoms, but remedies need to be differentiated further)

What makes the eczema and asthma better and worse? (cold/ heat/ bath/ open air/ winter/ rainy season/ scratching/ covering...)

How is his digestion, appetite, and thirst? Which season does he prefer? how much does he sweat? on which part of the body?is there any coating on his tongue? What are his cravings and aversions? How is his nature?
magicure last decade
Thanx Val for understanding our state of mind at this moment. I am looking for a pediatric dermatologist and will take him asap. My question is that if he starts on antibiotic, do i have to put him back on steroids again? He has been through so much pain for the last couple of months, I dont want him to go back to square one......I am convinced that the steroids will bring back the asthma. What do you use now for your boy?
magicure, thanx for replying. My son's eczema is worse in winter, heat(dry) makes his skin itchy and red. But it was never this bad coz he was always on cortizone and he responded well to it. But it eventually flared up his asthma and so now we have taken his off it. He doesnot have a big appetite, his digestion and thirst is moderate. He sweats a lot. No coating on his tongue, he likes bland food mostly, vegetarian if possible. He is good natured, very adjusting and loving.
His main asthma triggers are dust, pets, grass and cold air. it always starts with a runny nose and within 24hrs turns into a cough and then wheezing. He is severely allergic to all kinds of fish and nuts.
Pls let me know if there are any more info you are looking for. I will try to be as specific as possible.
nineclouds last decade
Nineclouds, Did you use cortisone everyday? Doctors told us to use it for max of 7 days at a stretch and then give atleast few days of break before starting again. We try to minimize the use of cortisone (actually he has been prescribed heavier acetonide creams). But we do use it to get relief from his constant itching.

Antibiotic will heal your son's condition even without cortisone for now but that does not mean his eczema will not flare up again.

Other thing which helped my son was wet clothes. I got this very light cotton t-shirt and pant for him (like carter cotton night suit). Wet it up well in lukeworm water. Apply aquaphor evenly on his body. Put this wet suit on and then put his regular clothes on. You can do it few times a day and it will provide a lot of relief to your son. Though due to your son's asthma may be you want to put these wet clothes one or two times and may be only for 1/2 hr or less.

My son's eczema condition matches with yours. Let's see what does "magicure" prescribes for it.
val0822 last decade
Hi to all,
I just want to reiterate the importance of supplementing probiotics to reestablish the "good" intestinal bacteria that you will also kill when taking anti-biotics.
WNCGirl last decade
Hi Val, No we did not use cortisone everyday. infact we kept it to the minimal, very sparsely only when the rash got worse. Right now, seeing all the bleeding and open wounds, I have a strong urge to use some and give him some relief. But the thought of coughing and wheezing is holding me back. I had read about the wet clothe therapy somewhere a few days back. My only concern is that he might catch a cold.....lets see. Please lets keep writing to each other and lets see what others have to say.
nineclouds last decade

Get following three remedies for your son:
Thuja 30
Sulphur 30
Arsenic Album 30

We will (obviously) give him only one remedy at a time, but he might need these remedies in due course of treatment.

A few more questions:

1. When he has acute asthmatic attack, what makes him feel better and worse? ( lying down, walking, sitting up in bed, open air, warm room etc....)

2. Which season does he like the most? How much covering does he take? Is he chilly/hot as compared to others?

3. Sweat: On which parts of the body (head/ scalp/ feet....) Does it smell? does it stain? Does he sweat throughout the day/ at particular time (while sleeping/ when breathless.

4. Do you know what homoeopathic remedies was he given?
magicure last decade
hi maagicure,
first let me answer your questions. when he gets his asthma attack he is given the nebulizer (xopenex) along with the inhaler. sitting up in bed, propped up by pillows reduces the cough to some extent, but he always takes more than a couple of days to stop the wheezing. his stomach goes up and down and his heart beat gets really high. he coughs continuously. our doc has asked us to continue the nebulizer treatment for a couple of weeks, everytime he gets the attack and then stop. running, laughter or any excitement makes it worse.
he feels better in summer, more than in the winter when dry heat makes it worse for him. i dress him up in layers so that we dont need the heating so much, but his skin gets red and rashes flares up. at night, he likes to have a blanket and usually covers himself most of the time, although there are nights when he just pushes it away in his sleep.
he sweats mostly in the head and face. his arms and legs are wet too, but his head is usually dripping if he plays outside in summer. his face gets all red compared to other kids in the classroom and he is all itchy and thirsty. it does not smell (just sweat smell like any of us) and no it does not stain. sometimes when its warm, he does sweat in his sleep also.
regarding his medications so far, i will try to be as precise as possible, but i might miss out some. this doc that i visited in india treated his asthma symptoms pretty well, but his skin got worse (as i have said before). he kept changing his medication coz the flare ups would not stop and it started bleeding and oozing with open wounds. the first group of medicines he has prescribed for him was sulphur and poison ivy. he responded to the sulphur pretty well, but i dont understand why he stopped it. he later gave him arsenic album which did not help my son much. he was also given Ars.Trioxide, Phosphate which did not help him either. the last set of medication was Rh.Toreodin (i dont thin the sp is right, I cant read his writing). this has not helped him either and right now he is not taking any medication for his skin.
he has been taking Aspidosperma for his lungs for the last 2 and a half months. i might have missed some medications coz i dont have all the prescriptions right now with me.
i dont mean to be rude, but i am curious to know if you are a doctor. i am new to homeopathy but have immense faith in it, never pursued it coz we dont have good doctors here......or atleast i am unaware of them. but i have been reading about a lot of cases similar to my son's in this website and am hopeful that he will get better too. its just that his suffering is too difficult to watch. i have been patient for the last 3 months, and want to try it more before going for alopathy again.
thanx a lot for all the help, looking forward to your mail soon.
nineclouds last decade

To answer your question first, yes, I am a homoeopathic doctor, and have completed my graduation (B.H.M.S.) from India.

I appreciate your patience in treating your son with help of homoeopathy, as I completely understand how difficult it must be to see him suffer.

About the previous homoeopathic treatment rcieved by your son, I believe that sulphur and Arsenic were good choices.

To start with, give your son Sulphur 30, 4-5 pills on clean tonue, single dose at bedtime. Dont give him anything to eat/ drink atleast for half an hour before and after taking the medicine. (He might need Calcarea Carb in future, along with Arsenic and Thuja)

Please post back about his condition atleast once in 3-4 days. Write about his skin, appetite, sleep, stools, and any other changes you observe in him after starting with the treatment.

I would like to add one more thing. Skin diseases are known to take time to get cured, and more so when they are suppressed. So please be patient, I am positive that your son will get better with the help of Homoeopathy, so dont lose your faith in this wonderful science.

Take care...
magicure last decade
Thank you for being so prompt. I have a few queries :
1. Regarding the potency of the medication, do I buy 30x or 30c?
2. How long do I give him this medication? Do I give it to him every night?
3. Will this help him with his oozing/bleeding?
4. Can he still take Aspidosperma along with this medication?

I will order the medication right away as soon as I know the potency. Thank you so much, we understand it will take time, we are only worried that this doesnot turn into a skin infection with his itching (which he cannot control).
nineclouds last decade
Hi again,

1. Sulphur 30C
2. Give him SINGLE dose only. Whenever you recieve the medicine, give him 4-5 pills of it at the bedtime. (for one night ONLY)
Do not repeat it.
3. This should help his bleeding and oozing. If possible, please order Thuja 30C as well, at the same time.
4. Yes, right now, its okay to continue with Aspidosperma. We will slowly shift him completely onto homoeopathic remedies.

Hope this helps...
magicure last decade
I am ordering the medications right away. Thuja and Thuja Occidentalis is the same? I think even if I order it today, I wont be getting it till next week. Do I need to order any creme with it? I am using Eucerin at present.
Thank you.
nineclouds last decade
Yes, Thuja is same as Thuja Occidentalis.
No cream is needed.
magicure last decade

FYI, if you have vitaminshoppe store near by, you can get a lot of homeopathic medicine there. I checked they carry both Thuja and sulphur.

Next time you can save the time you lose waiting for the medicine to arrive. I do not know whether they are expensive or cheaper from other places.

Please keep us posted of your son's progress.
val0822 last decade
thanx val for remembering to drop in the few lines. i just found out there is a whole food market nearby which carries these medicines. but i had ordered by then (friday) and am still waiting for the medications to arrive. meanwhile i went to this highly recommended homeopathy doc in plano. if you are looking for a doc for ur son, u might want to try him out, he is supposed to be very good for skin. right now my son is still bad and is gonna get worse coz he said he needs to flush out all that is inside him. i am being patient as much as i can, the thoughts of putting him back on steroids is scary to me. so we r just waiting/watching/praying that it works this time.
let me know if you are interested, and i can forward his contact info to you.
nineclouds last decade
That's nice. I was looking for a Doctor in Dallas area but did not find any. How did you find him? Yes please, do send me the contact info for the doctor. I have modified my profile so that my email id can be seen. So if you want, you can send me email at my email id.

val0822 last decade
Hi Val and Nineclouds:

I was looking at a website that may interest both of you about post-vaccination syndrome. I think someone else posted this site a while back. But here it is again.

WNCGirl last decade
Thanks WNGGirl. Well I am more of a technical person with very limmited knowledge of medical terms. It seems like the person was treating everything with DKTP/H1B. Are these homeopathic medicine?

Also I did not really get what he meant by potentised vaccine? Becuase in all the "cases" he gave DKTP and MMR. Are these potentised vaccine ?

Anyway, due to my limited knowledge I did not understand it. Thanks for the link.
val0822 last decade
Hi Val10822,
I just found that site interesting after searching for possible connections with my son's eczema and his vaccinations.

I know very little in the way of homeopathy. I just try to live naturally.

What I think he is saying is that he makes a homeopathic remedy from the vaccinations.
(MMR- Measles, Mumps, Rubella triple vaccine)
From what I gathered, yes, potentised vaccine.

I do not know what to do to help my son. There is so much conflicting advice out there. Everything from should I moisturize or let it "dry" out. Should I rarely bath him or bath him daily for 45 min to absorb the moisture.

I guess trial and error and finding what works for specific individuals is what brought me to this forum initially.

I have found very helpful information also, although I have yet to find a remedy for my son.

I just thought I should share informatiion.

What brought me to THAT specific site was more about reading effects of immunizations.

I greatly regret letting my children get immunized. Although I don't "see" any effects on my older son, I definitely believe my 5-month old's eczema is a direct result of immunizations. He has had half of the doses already with more to come, but I want to stop them now. Where I live you can file a religious exemption, which is what I am going to do.

I am going to stop going to my pediatrician also and find a naturopath and/or homeopath.

Sorry for rambling. I just need to vent to someone who is dealing with eczema also. It is very frustrating that "mommy" can't make it all better. Thanks for listening.
WNCGirl last decade
i know exactly how u feel. i have been baffled with my son ever since he was born. some say give him milk, some say dont. some say no wheat for him, some say it will not matter. bathe him/no dont bathe him. feed him this/feed him that. cold air/hot air.........the list is endless. and how much do u deprive the little one?
but one thing i am convinced about is that the steroids used to suppress eczema gives rise to asthma later in some cases like my son's. i might never have to run to the ER for his skin breakups but i have ran couple of times coz of his asthma.so i know how scary it can be. and i totally blame all the steroids and strong medications used to treat his skin as well as his lungs for this. i have tried homeopathy and what soothes my mind the most is that it does not have as many side effects. i totally believe that asthma and eczema can be treated naturally without those poisons we pump into our little ones.
now regarding immunization and eczema, i do believe there is a link. my homeopathy doctor explained the same. my son was taken to the ICU and given antibiotics soon after birth. the first several days of a baby's life is most crucial for his immune system to grow and the docs suppressed it. they felt he had some infections but could never find any through multiple tests and spinal taps. but what can parents do in such situation? u just stand and stare and see whats going on/ we are not medically qualified to tell them that our son is fine and does not need antibiotics.
its ok to ramble. i am rambling too. coz when my son does not sleep night after night and scratches and bleeds and cries in pain, its us who are there for them, holding them, putting cremes, soothing them and seeing them go thru so much at such an early age. its totally ok to vent out. i feel better doing it here where i meet so many people like me sharing their stories.
nineclouds last decade
Okay I'm ranting some more, but it feels good.

It is insane what they put in vaccines. If you are interested you should check out the cdc website and this is a government website. They have a chart of all vaccines as well as what they contain. Every one contains an antibiotic and lots of other scary stuff(like formeldehyde, heavy metals, and other known toxins- WHAT? are you kidding? No I'm not kidding). I regret how uninformed I was until now. But, I will do what I can about it NOW! No time like the present.

Here in the USA (I know you know) they give the Hep B shot basically while you are still in the delivery bed. They aren't even giving our babies a chance for a natural, healthy immunity (the way it was intended).

And then they give your child up to eight (mostly combined - 4 shots) viruses at a time to try and build antibodies for, not to mention all the rest of the toxins there little bodies are trying to flush out.

I was reading how in Japan when they stopped vaccinating children under 2, how the SIDS rate drastically decreased.

SIDS, Autism, Attention Deficit, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Rashes, Encephalitis, Asthma, Severe Allergic Reaction, Paralysis, DEATH.

I just think that ALL of these health issues our children face today are ALL directly related to vaccinations. I know that we may experience health issues regardless, but vaccinations only exacerbate the situation!

We are all individuals, how can they be sure you won't have a reaction?

They will make you feel like you are an unfit parent and are putting your child at risk, but when something terrible happens, they say "oh, it's not related to the vaccination".

Try and get a doctor's signature in a statement stating (given) vaccination is free from harm.


Why does our government take care of individuals who suffer from adverse reactions to vaccinations but do not admit that they are causing problems? WHAT?

There, I'm finished - for now.
WNCGirl last decade
Well Nineclouds and WNCGirl, you are talking about after the child was born....

I had some contraction when I was 34 weeks and I am very sure it was not labour pain as it these were bearable and their were no other signs but still my doctor put me on very strong medication for stopping the labour and when my son was born his hand and feet were white in color (reminded me of the nursery rhyme Mary had a little lamb...). Being from India our body color is wheatish.

I think my son's problem started with all those strong medication I took.

I just wish I knew at that time....

Well thanks for letting me take it off my chest...
val0822 last decade

Please do give me the Homeopathic doctor's contact info in Plano.

val0822 last decade
hi val, i am so sorry for not writing to u earlier. i am sending you a mail at ur email id. pls check.
nineclouds last decade

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