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Hi sir,
I hear good things about you.
I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at my case?

Thank you and pardon the argument.
  rom109 on 2016-06-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
HOMEODR: would you please take my case?

Sorry for the double post.. the forum hasnt been allowing me to edit any posts!
rom109 3 years ago
Yes sure I will..
Let me take a look at your previous posts and treatments.
homeodr 3 years ago
Thank you :)

I was looking back over the Lac Equ. themes, and the lac themes in general...
I do not know how much a previous remedy choice determines the second, (and I will be very interested to see what you think!)
but I really feel like I still very much resonate with the general "lac" personality. I'll get your take on all of it- I just wanted to say that. :)
rom109 3 years ago
In case you lost it.

rom109 3 years ago

. I read all you previous posts. It seems lac eq helped you to a great extend, however the remedy prescription change all the time. Hence I need to understand the current situation of yours.
Please answer the following questions..
1)what do u do for living? What's your educational background?
2) what r the things that's currently bothering you? How would u manage your problems.
3) any new stress or mental tension? Please describe here in detail..
homeodr 3 years ago
1) I'm a stay at home mom to a 7 month old boy.
Education- I took a semester of community college after completing my General Education Diploma.
2) things currently bothering me are being always tired and brain fog all day. My son doesn't sleep through the night- he wants to nurse every 2 hours at night so I have a very hard time sleeping. And I can't get myself to fall asleep when he's napping. My brain is just "on".
If I'm stressed out I either talk to my husband, or I write in my journal, or if it's just this tiredness issue, I mostly just keep my chin up and plug away at the day because I have to.
My husband just started a new job and the hours are pretty crazy. He's gone a lot of the day now. It's not really a stress but it is new. However as far as my main concerns it's neither here nor there.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of my previous posts, I know that was a LOT. :)
rom109 3 years ago
...well I guess it has been a little bit more of a struggle for me, because my husband does may have time for much of anything when he gets home except eat shower and bed. So it falls on me (I'm glad to do it) to get the food prepared and make sure he's got clean clothes and coffee for the next day. Plus keep up with a little crawling baby.
All that in itself is not stressful, as I love to show him my love for him through supporting him at home and by raising our child. The part that gets me down is never being able to shake this tiredness/lethargic/brain fog/bla feeling. Not having the energy to do what I want and need to do. It's incredibly frustrating.
I try to keep a positive attitude and just do what I can; I feel like my attitude about it is at least 1/3rd of the battle.
Ok I think that pretty much sums it up.
rom109 3 years ago
bump :)
rom109 3 years ago
It seems you are more tired and exhausted and also your brain is constantly on with thoughts; can you tell me what kind of thoughts you get frequently and how would you deal with them?

What do you exactly feel when you are frustrated with the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion?
homeodr 3 years ago
The tiredness is not new, actually. It's been a constant through the last few years. I'm always battling with it. It's something that Lac Eq. never quite touched.

My thoughts are mostly just normal thoughts...just what I need to do tomorrow, and how I could do this or that project, and different ways to organize things in the house etc.
Sometimes I am worrying about family members well-being and I pray for them.

When it's frustration based, I am imagining conversations with that person, and I think of all the logical arguments that I have to say to them...but I never can.

To make the thoughts stop I have tried Rescue Remedy, and some other Batch Flower's--They've worked to an extent, temporarily.
I can sometimes read until I get so tired and then my brain stops. Or I watch TV until I fall asleep.
rom109 3 years ago
rom109 3 years ago

Please explain little bit about your nature or behavior with family members and outsiders.
homeodr 3 years ago
I'm pretty shy and uncomfortable in public. I prefer to observe quietly than be involved. I prefer one on one interaction than with a crowd.
I get overwhelmed easily after visiting and I become tired mentally and really just want to go to bed. It's like my mind has just been over stimulated and wants to shut down.

I am friendly and smile a lot, nervous laughter, try to crack jokes to make people laugh and be lighthearted. Also have a hard time thinking of anything to say; am self conscious and end up saying weird/silly things. and then later I think of something good I could have said.

I rerun conversations through my head and analyze every little detail of what was said.

I don't have any close friends outside of my husband and siblings.
rom109 3 years ago
Do you prefer things to be organised at home or its fine if its not organised?
homeodr 3 years ago
I very much prefer organized. It stresses me out when it's not organized.
rom109 3 years ago
When was the last dose of lac equ?
It seems lac eq still suits your current problems.
homeodr 3 years ago
If you haven't taken the dose recently try taking single dose again.
homeodr 3 years ago
about a month ago. I took a dose of 200C. Not sure if this is correct dose for me though.

-what dose do you suggest?

-Also what is your opinion on treating mother and child together?

I have another thread going for my 7 month old who is teething. John Stanton's view is to treat baby through the mother.

-Do you share this view?

I want to learn and am curious about other practicing views.

I don't mean to waste your time; I did take a remedy yesterday under his recommendation.

Just to let you (and any other readers) know, I don't plan on taking two treatments at once.
rom109 3 years ago
How did you feel after taking the last dose of lac eq?
Were there any major improvement seen at physical and mental level?

Talking about treating mother and baby together, in my opinion mother and baby can be treated seperately or together.
If baby is in breastfeeding stage then one can give a dose to mother in order to treat the baby. However I would always prefer to treat both of them seperately.
homeodr 3 years ago
John Stanton recommend Lycopodium for myself and baby. It seems to be helping. At least it antidoted bad effects of Chamomilla that I gave to my baby only.

I think Lyc is helping me right now.

The last time I took Lac Eq. I felt nothing whatsoever. No improvements or aggravations.

Feel free to take a look at what's going on in that thread.
"Chamomilla for Teething Baby?"
rom109 3 years ago
Yes surely I will hv a look at that thread..
If lyco is helping you I suggest not to interfere with the treatment.let it continue its action..
Don't take any other remedy right now..
homeodr 3 years ago
Thank you. I appreciate your time :)

And yes, only one remedy at a time.
[message edited by rom109 on Wed, 22 Jun 2016 22:57:35 UTC]
rom109 3 years ago
Hey -- I just found this and I'm somewhat blown away. What do you think of this remedy for me?
Lac Equ. Is a very strong fit for me but this is extremely similar and more specific in a lot of areas. Especially my tension issues and right sided stuff and fear of water/drowning is a HUge one.
rom109 3 years ago
I'm just reconsidering lac Equinum
rom109 3 years ago
Could I get your opinion on this please?
I found a homeo-pharmacy that can dispense this wild horse remedy. It looks to really fit me. but I'd like to be guided in dosing.
rom109 3 years ago

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