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Chamomilla for Teething?

Okay so I gave my 7 month old Chamomilla at the advise of my pediatrician and other's suggestive's that it would be appropriate for him.

He was being clingy, having difficulty taking naps without me, and wanting to nurse, but then wanting to get up within a minute or two. and being fussy quite a lot.

he's got 5 teeth, and working on his 6th.

could someone help me decode what's going on? I kept notes of all the days since giving the remedy.

****Please don't respond if you're going to be rude or demeaning. Only helpful.***

Here's how it's been going:

I gave a dose of Chamomilla 30C - 2 pellets dissolved in 4oz of water and gave him 1/2 TBSP. Dose given in the early afternoon yesterday. like around noon.

That day is day one.

Day 1 6/15/16 :
(gave remedy early afternoon)
He seemed a little bit more hyper and agitated in the evening and had difficult/short lived naps in the day. He hits himself in the face with a closed fist while nursing. His face and my boob.
He also went from pooping like a billion times a day ( hard little pebbles ) to once. and softer.

Day 2:

Still somewhat agitated, clingy etc. Teeth seem to be really bothering him. Nursed OK through the day. Still hitting himself/me. He flails and kicks and pushes against my legs and then unlatches and wants to roll/look around constantly. Then goes back to nursing.(has been doing this for a couple weeks). I tried to keep it in the bedroom lying down in the dark to eliminate distractions.
Napping was difficult and short. Pretty hard to get to sleep (especially at night.) But did not seem AS hyper as the night before. Just awake.

Day 3:

Kinda sorta clingy. Yes clingy. Not too crazy hyper. He woke up at 8:30 instead of like 9 or 10. in a good mood. He did sleep pretty well through the night too. Not through the night, but during the night.
He wasn't ready for a nap at noon, so I didn't push it and waited til 1 and I sat down on the bed and nursed him in the cradle hold and he settled right in and fell asleep nursing. No wiggling/thrashing or hitting. I was able to transfer him to the crib no problem too. yay!
(So far he's only pooped once today and it was soft, but still small. I ran out of baby food like two days ago and he hasn't been eating much of my food, just breastmilk, since then, so that may be what all the pooping stuff is about.)

His second nap of the day did not happen. he wouldn't stay asleep unless I was holding him. So we just got up and he played around for the rest of the afternoon. He was pretty difficult to coax to sleep at night, and he slept very lightly and easily disturbed. He woke up crying and flailing like he has in the past. Not actually awake, but I had to get out of bed and cradle him and bounce him on the ball to get him back to sleep.

Day 4:

Friday night was pretty awful. Saturday morning he woke up at 8:30 like nothin' and was up and at 'em. It was a pretty ok day I think. He was slightly clingy, but also somewhat independent and playful. He was actually pretty cuddly with me. His first nap was difficult and I had to lay down with him and then sneak away once he fell asleep. (I could not lay him down in his crib without waking him up.) He slept for maybe just shy of an hour. (two hours is ideal.) When he woke up he was cuddly with me, laying his head on my chest and being content to just sit.
His second nap didn't really happen cause we went out to the store. I think he fell asleep on the way back maybe, I don't remember now.
Saturday night was actually pretty good. He fell asleep no problem and slept pretty well. He did his normal ' nurse every 2 hours ' though.
He's got a pretty red diaper rash on one side of his genitals in the fold of his thigh. I'm out of the 'motherlove' diaper cream which has worked wonderfully in the past, so I tried Burts Bees diaper cream.

Day 5:

Sunday morning he woke up at 9 AM when I got out of bed. He was in a pretty good mood. We went to church and he stayed in the nursery and played without me (yay!) no problem. He was pretty tired by the time we were leaving and he passed out in the car on the way home. The rest of the day he was very cuddly with me. lots of laying his head on my chest and gently patting me. We went shopping later in the evening, and he was pretty calm the whole time, but did want to be held by the time we were at the check out. He was hungry and ended up wailing all the way home.
He fell asleep after being rowdy in bed for a few minutes.
The diaper rash is not getting better, in fact I think it's getting worse. I put geranium oil on his foot before bed to help him sleep.
He (semi)woke up crying again and flailing his arms and I had to get up and bounce him back to sleep around 1:30 am. He slept normally after that.

Day 6:

He got up around 9:30 and was happy for a bit. I managed to make breakfast and then he started to get really really whiny and clingy. He wanted me to pick him up, and then he cried and squirmed so I put him down and then he cried. So I picked him up and he signed for "milk" so I tried to nurse him and he nursed for like 20 seconds and then wanted up and fussed and cried and wiggled....and so on. I gave him a pouch of baby food which he ate half of and seemed to be satiated for a time. We took a shower and then he went down for a nap, which he happily nursed himself to sleep and then I layed him in his crib. he slept for almost two hours. (yay!)
his diaper rash is pretty irritated and he flinches when I touch it :(. I cleaned off all the burts bees junk and went with geranium oil diluted in meadowfoam seed oil right before his first nap. it seems to be soothing to him.

overall his attitude seems agitated. in the day time he ranges from happy-agitated, tired-agitated, to full on cranky-agitated.
He is about to break through his top right lateral incisor, it's just under the skin.
  rom109 on 2016-06-20
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I do not know how to stress this --without having u think I am messing with u--I am not-

--u wil do a world of good if treat both while breastfeeding---not to say of bond that comes from proper treatment under these times...it is just not proper to treat the 2 separately while breastfeeding--to separate is not correct----

breastfeeding--as whatever is going on with mum --is fed thru milk---this does effect child...so as u are now looking for treatment of urself--proper med will also affect child--(for best)

-yet if teething is main issue-then need to prioritsize childs symptoms---

back to aggravation after chamomilla--- sepia --dose for mum--
John Stanton 2 years ago

consideration of 'nappy rash''has been had
John Stanton 2 years ago

I am hearing what you're saying...and considering.
It is difficult for me to believe that giving myself a remedy that is more suited to my baby will be good for me as well, as it may possibly be very wrong for me specifically.

How do you deal with that then?

I am asking sincerely and not out of irritation.

On the other hand, some days (lately) I do feel as though I fit into the Sepia personality. lol

So what you're saying though, bottom line, is that all of that seems to be a chamomilla aggravation?
rom109 2 years ago

good for both--or no do

is it ur understanding thatmedicine willnot work thru breastmilk?
John Stanton 2 years ago

I do think that some medicines go through breast milk.

My previous understanding of homeopathic medicines was more so that when mother takes a remedy then baby benefits from mothers overall health, not the same as being treated with that specific medicine.

do you understand what my concern is though?
rom109 2 years ago

here is from ''organon of meidicine" SAMUEL HAHNEMANN

footnote of paragragh 284

"... The power of medicines acting upon the infant through the milk of the mother or wet nurse is wonderfully helpful. Every disease in a child yields to the rightly chosen homoeopathic medicines given in moderate doses to the nursing mother and so administered, is more easily and certainly utilized by these new world-citizens than is possible in later years. Since most infants usually have imparted to them psora through the milk of the nurse, if they do not already possess it through heredity from the mother, they may be at the same time protected antipsorically by means of the milk of the nurse rendered medicinally in this manner...."
John Stanton 2 years ago

hahnemanian homoeopathy
John Stanton 2 years ago

"new world-citizens" that's cute. lol

Okay. That is good information.

Okay, I will try it.

Sepia, you say? What dose? I have some on hand in I think a 200c, possibly 30c.
[message edited by rom109 on Tue, 21 Jun 2016 00:00:51 UTC]
rom109 2 years ago

yeah mum and babe are one from conception til--weaned--degrees of dependcy lessening --as grow..

2 pellets sepia 30c in 4 oz water--stir heavy--1 tablespoon dose--for mum--

start there--as usual keep eyes on the scene
John Stanton 2 years ago

wait on sepia

something caught my attention ----I will get back
John Stanton 2 years ago

concerning ''nappy rash''
how does his diaper affect the pain?
John Stanton 2 years ago

ummm.....I'm not sure it does.

I think crawling around is more of an issue/irritation because of chafing on the skin. He's got a fair amount of chub especially his legs/thighs.
where the rash is is pretty buried in skin.

he would probably prefer to not wear a diaper, but what baby wouldn't?
rom109 2 years ago

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