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Lichen Planus



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Help with Lichen Planus

I have had LP on my ankles knees since 10yrs old. Any wound turned grayish and thick when I was younger. They all went away when I moved to US from India in 2003. At that time doctors had no name for this and all thought it was dust allergy.

I got blisters on my abdomen and toes again around 2009 which went away with a dose of prednisone. Lately in 2016 they are back. This time they get suppressed with prednisone but return after two weeks. I have taken three courses already And have given up. They recur after 2 weeks.

After reading online forums, I tried arsenicum album for 10 days and I felt the spreading reduced. But after the course they are spreading again. Now they are everywhere. Knees, behind knees, ankles, wrists, inner arms, lumbar, navel, abdomen. They stay like blisters for few weeks and turn gray/black gradually. They itch. I am planning to follow BooBoos treatment schedule but afraid if
Sulphur causes reaction. My mom has reaction to it. She has allergy to penicillin and so do I. So wondering Sulphur may not be good for me as well. Can someone help me. I am 36 yr, female with a 20 month old son. I think stress is the reason. Please advise.
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  HelpwithLP on 2016-10-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Arsenic in what potency?
mnaari 7 years ago
You are trying to use a protocol for this and homeopathic treatment has to be based on your unique mental emotional, physical traits, along with what makes you better and worse,

A remedy that palliates your symptoms right away is usually wrong. Since you suppressed things with prednisone , a curing remedy is going to push all that out again, and you have to be ready for that .

Can you see a homeopath in person?
That is always best.

On this forum anyone who joins can
Offer advice and you need to have someone take your details to do this

You can click user names, see who they are, their posts and ask for a person you like.
simone717 7 years ago
Mnaari, 30c. 3 pills 3 times a day
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Simone, sure will look up a user and ask. Thanks.
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
when does it aggravate? with heat? with cold? with water?
blisters become grey or black then what happens? they remain there or shed?
is there burning with itch?
please avoid local applications.
mnaari 7 years ago
Mnaari, thank you for looking into my issue. I usually feel the itch randomly. Hot water tend to aggravate the itch, occasionally. So I stick to cold water shower. There is no burning. Just itching. The skin comes off when I scratch the skin come off and heals gradually. These are slightly thick. And when I don't scratch, these gradually become flat topped purplish/dark gray marks and just stay there with occasional itching. They won't shed too. I noticed that these dark ones only are around the back of my knees. Rest all remain like bumps for a long time. The areas affected during childhood are healed and are atrophied. I get itch in those areas and they are bumpy with fluid inside. They are the most itchy.

I haven't applied anything although I have clobestol on hand. Had been applying coconut oil with camphor as suggested by someone on this forum. I will post a pic of the allergy soon. Pls give me till EOD Sunday. Thank you so much.
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HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Mnaari, emailed the pics to mnaariabc at gmai dot .com
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Take a dose of Carcinosinum 1m
Report after a week.
mnaari 7 years ago
Thank you so much. Inchecked on a couple of websites and it is not currently available. Could you kindly let me know if this is for stress or subsiding the allergy ? i have bought all the medicines from the list below, anything from them could substitute for this remedy?
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
I couldn't see the list
mnaari 7 years ago
Arsenicum Album 30C
Sulphur 30C
Nat Mur 30C
Sepia Officianalis 30C
Antimonium Crudum 30C
Sulphur Iodatum 30C
kali bichromium 30C
Arsenicum Iodatum 30C
Julgans Cinerea 30C
Graphitis 30C
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HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Sulphur 30 three times a day.
Report after a week
mnaari 7 years ago
I consider that overdosing .

Try it once in the morning 30 minutes before or after eating or drinking.

Sulphur later in day will keep you awake at night.

If you feel symptoms get worse after any dose, stop. You have to wait then to see if things worsen, and then improve. And then take more only when things worsen again.

This is why I suggested you read previous posts of prescribers - and then ask for an experienced person in a new thread. Your case is a long treatment.
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simone717 7 years ago
I myself have used sulphur 30 three times a day for weeks it didn't kept me awake.
So I don't consider it overdosing.
It can be taken for month
But if it start showing cure then gradually reduce the dosages to Twice a day for a week
Then once a day for a week
Then once in two days.
But even cured should continue treatment for some more days to avoid reoccurring.
but if after taking one dose of sulphur 30 it shows some improvement and then stopped. then next dose will not work because desease will overcome 30 then higher potency will be neaded.
mnaari 7 years ago
Hi mnaari

If you took it for a month, and not aggravated by it, you are lucky. The medicine is far off from what you need.

gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Murthy is correct.

Prescriber should get basic homeopathy education before he starts giving prescriptions!
And certainly not complex cases.

Sorry m but moderator requests members to speak up if unsafe things are advised.

One can make a 30c work for months by plussing the dose /wet dosing.
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simone717 7 years ago
My mom had rash when she used sulphur 30c. She has allergy to penicillin and I do too. I suspect if I may develop rash with sulphur 30c. That's the reason why I thought I will check with you guys before I go ahead and follow the treatment schedule BoooBooo on this forum has put together. I will check with BoooBooo. Thank you all sooo much for your time and concern for ppl in need.
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Dear Lp,

Due to dilution of remedies above 12x.. there is no actual physical substance of the sulphur, the arsenicum, rhus tox.. any remedy.
Remedies are a molecular imprint on the water.

They work if matched right because the body will not accept anything similar to what it already is dealing with. The body recognizes the water imprint and then boosts your life force to get rid of it. When it targets the remedy the life force targets the disease at same time.

It will push out the disease symptoms and anytime you suppressed them.

Getting a rash, if your mother had one before is a good thing-it is being pushed out .

You cannot compare remedies with real drugs or herbs actions.
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simone717 7 years ago
Ok Simone. I understand it a little better now. Thanks!!
HelpwithLP 7 years ago
Hi Murthy
I think I am very lucky. I took sulphur 200,1m (many times) and CM (2,3 times) also.
Every remedy I study I try it on myself.
mnaari 7 years ago
I use sulphur instead of antibiotics in fevers or skin deseases or other ailments.
Not only sulphur but also kali mur, Silicea, kali phos, hepar sulph
mnaari 7 years ago
Hi mnaari

There are three distinct aspects to homeopathic practice.

1) The knowledge of materia medica and repertory..which most of the prescribers are aware to some extant.

2) The philosophy of homeopathy, which teaches us what to do, what not to do, how to avoid aggravations, how to do follow up correctly etc..Many prescribers are even not aware of it.

3) The posolgy. The art of choosing potency and repetition schedule. One can use from the lowest to highest, but should know when to do what. Similarly, the repetition aspects too have many possible variations. Very few prescribers use the whole spectrum of potencies, and repetition schedules based on the pathology, susceptibility, and sensitivity of the patient.

Those who stick to only high potencies are surely unaware of the whole gamut of homeopathy. Either they are uninformed or dogmatic.

Both the above traits can harm the patient. Hence we express our concern, whenever we sense danger.

gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Hi helpwithlp

I saw the photos.

Please open a new thread with title Attn: murthy..lichen planus, so as it is easy to track later.

gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Murthy, as suggested I opened s new thread. Thank you again.
HelpwithLP 7 years ago

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