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yes propanol was the right prescription,

did you feel that the severity of headache decreased after pulsatilla ??
0antivirus0 6 years ago
i did nit have a migraine. ( i don't get it too often). i only had normal headache but before periods felt very tired and headache all over head and kind of depressed and sad.
i did not feel any difference with pulsatilla but maybe i can try again for 3 days.
my condition varies greatly during the day. if i have a "good night" which means not too much sweat or too much waking up, i am one for 2 or 3 hours then i crash again and can feel headache dizzy exhausted. sometimes it is after 2 hours sometimes 5 hours my energy is very very unstable. right now headache and tight feeling on the temples and occipital for no particular reason. so maybe pulsatilla worked but if it did it did not bring wellbeing. still sweating a lot at night.
also sometimes i get sensation of tiny needles on my left cheek and left part of mouth. it is strange but does not bother me really.
i just received the herbs. how should it take them?
thank you
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nanou 6 years ago
wait i will tell in 1-2 days.
0antivirus0 6 years ago
thank you
as soon as i get tired, usually every afternoon until next day, i get a normal headache,over eyes, and nose, with sometimes vision i cannot focus, also weak memory or difficulty focusing on what people say, when i need to focus i feel dizzy as if i was going to faint, and my ears ring (mostly left ear)
sometimes when i feel tired i eat more and i eat sweats to get more energy but it never works, eating does not relieve fatigue. sleeping will help but it needs to be a long nap of at least 2 hours.
thank you for your help.
nanou 6 years ago
take BELLADONNA 30c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, 3 times a day for 2 days,

{if buying pills then 3 pills, 3 times 2 days, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
any other change you felt=

0antivirus0 6 years ago
daily aloe vera juice 25ml + giloy juice 25 ml to be taken after lunch.

0antivirus0 6 years ago
i only could get the herbs in powder. (do i take a teaspoon for instance)

as you advised me i also bought Ashwaganda (powder). how much to take
nanou 6 years ago
Dear antivirus Pardon my interjection.

But won't herbs on empty stomach in morning both aloevera and giloya be best bet.5 gm each .giloya with normal water .Nothing till 1 hour.

Giloya is an exceptional herb .Its also called amrita (elixir)
Teupne 6 years ago
to teupne: its fine tepune, i have told for afternoon because there is some increase in body pitta at that time.

to nanou: 5 gm giloy and aloe mixed or half tablespoon both mixed after lunch,

for your mother : aswagandha and aloe in same way after breakfast

0antivirus0 6 years ago




diet and excersise plan for your mother
0antivirus0 6 years ago
thank you for your advices

just to let you know : i started the giloy with aloe vera. i find it hard on the stomach (some pain and it makes me go straight to the bathroom). i also got a very white tongue (covering) after taking it and a pasty feeling as if i did not digest properly after a couple of hours.
i will continue and see...

can i also take the ashwaganda?
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nanou 6 years ago
no you donot need aswagandha
0antivirus0 6 years ago

I have taken Belladona for 2 days.
however i got the flu starting just the 3rd day. i have been fighting the flu for 7 days already. 1st day without fever is today.
i stopped taking the herbs as well

so i am not sure about how i feel with Belladona, i would say no change. but hard to say with the flu.

what do to.

at the moment any movement i do causes sweating and dizziness because of fatigue.
i do feel very desperate that i will never be ok with the night sweat and exhaustion. on day 4 of fever, i had a terrible night with heavy night sweats and feeling totally out. i felt so depressed and desperate.
[message edited by nanou on Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:45:47 UTC]
nanou 6 years ago
ok no problem, when you are completely recovered from flu then take the remedy belladona as start and resume herbs also

0antivirus0 6 years ago
Hi Antivirus

I have taken Belladona
i am taking Guduchi and ale vera daily

sleeping : it is mostly ok. i want to sleep more and cannot wake up in morning. feeling very sleepy after eating
still night sweats are there especially legs and buttocks

feeling very tired all the time but with it comes restlessness and feeling hyper and irritable with headache on sides of temples and top/back of head and ear ringing. as if i had an episode of high blood pressure but when i take my BP it is not high. 115/70
with it comes sneezing or a full sensation in head and nose. some palpitations
this feeling is worse as the day goes by, and i think before periods

no visual migraines for now

one day i woke up and felt very sluggish and heavy. i went to a tai chi class and was feeling nauseous and dizzy and hot as if i was going to faint. i was sweating with every movement i was doing. this happens sometimes

so i would say i alternate between feeling sluggish tired eyes wanting to close all the time dizzy... and kind of hyper feeling with restlesess anger frustration for no reasons ear ringing high headache like tension headache not feel in like myself.

nightsweats : i did not have for 2 nights in a row for not reason but still was feeling tired next day. then they started again for no reason with dreams. even sexual dreams as my legs and buttock and genitals become very hot

still very dark circles like black rings around eyes, face is pale never red.

for now lots of mucous I'm throat and nose i cannot get rid of.

i cannot think properly or focus and i am very forgetful

i sometimes feel so sad and depressed for not reason. i feel like i have no purpose anymore. i used to be very determines and ambitious and passionate and not nothing interests me. i either don't have the energy or the drive. i feel flat or empty and sad that i studied to much for nothing as i moved and had to give up carreer again that i worked so hard. i could start again here but i do not have energy and drive and i don't feel like taking care of people and hearing their problems anymore, so i feel depressed because nothing really matters.
my husband lives in another country nos. it is ok. but i sometimes have no feelings even for him. this is strange. as if i was bored.i am taking care of my teenager daughters but emotionally i am not really there. one of them is very possessive and wants to hug all the time (she is 18) and i feel bad to say that sometimes it bothers me. i want to be left on my own or i want their company but not too emotionally trapped.
what is your opinion?

i am also taking amrit kalash (one teaspoon very morning)
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nanou 6 years ago
ok, we will move on slowly, as now migraine have decreased so everything else should also decrease.

please tell your date of birth, month, year, timing and birth location for medical astrology.


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0antivirus0 6 years ago
november 5, 1969
7.40 am köln (germany)

nanou 6 years ago
ok so keep doing other things, you have to do two more remedies,

1) on any Tuesday, within 48 minutes of sunset take 4 copper pins and nail it in 4 legs of your bed on which you sleep, do it once and leave them there.

2) on every Monday morning, feed birds with black mustard seeds but not at your own house.

report improvement in same way after 20 days.

0antivirus0 6 years ago
Thank you Antivirus for looking into that.

may i ask you what is this for? it seems strange to me.

also i don't sleep on a bed. i sleep on the floor. where do i put copper pins? under mattress?attached to mattress?
thank you for explaining please.
nanou 6 years ago
these two are the astrological remedy associated in medical astrology to pacify the ill effects of planet Mars that seems to be inauspicious in your horoscope.

you can attach copper pins at 4 corner of mattress.
0antivirus0 6 years ago
is it in Vedic astrology?

where can i learn more about this?

thank you
i will follow your advices
[message edited by nanou on Thu, 02 Feb 2017 14:57:52 UTC]
nanou 6 years ago
yes vedic astrology, but i know only medical section of it,

there can be online material available for learning but i think astrology can be learnt only by in person otherwise it is very very difficult.

0antivirus0 6 years ago
i wanted to read about mars maleficient and the consequences and prevention
nanou 6 years ago
hope google can help you.
0antivirus0 6 years ago

just a question

is it possible that Ale vera with Guduchi is giving me a lot of mucous in throat. i keep coughing mucous. this is unusual for me.
nanou 6 years ago
Both being bitter in taste reduce mucus.So no they may clear/reduce mucus not generate it.
Teupne 6 years ago

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