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does acid reflux cause hunger pangs?

Please help me. I have been having very strong hunger pangs that are constant. I am drinking plenty of water, no caffeine or artificial sweetners. and i am eating small meals every hour b/c of the strong feeling of hunger. but i know it can't really be hunger since i am constantly eating. any advice? does this sound familiar?
  carmelisa on 2006-03-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please try petrolium 30C three doses and fucus v. Q 10 drops three times in a day to reduce your appetite.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you Dr. Sharma!
Where can I find fucus v. Q? I do not see it on this website? please tell me if hunger is a common sypmton of acid reflux. or have you heard of this happening before?
carmelisa last decade
need consider --smoking--also other meds you may be using or recently used...

what occur just prior to the hunger you speak of?how long this been occurring?
John Stanton last decade
i do not smoke. i am taking a birth control pill, but have been for years without problems. the hunger has been unbearable for one week. before that i was still feeling constant "hunger" every day but it was very mild. this was going on for a few months. i was taking nexium for 2 years even though my only sypmton was a hoarse voice (but my doctor saw the irritation from the acid on my vocal chords and prescribed it for me). one month ago i stopped taking nexium because i started to see an acupuncturist for my stomach since i could tell that my system has become more out of balance than usual ( i may have mild IBS or just a very sensitive stomach). i saw a GI 2 weeks ago and he did bloodwork which came back negative for peptic ulcers, chrons disease and celiac disease. he can't explain the hunger pang/gurgling in my stomach. i am not losing any weight, so i do not think it is a parasite. i do think it is connected with the acid reflux. also, lately i feel my stomach burning. i think it must be because i do not take the nexium anymore. my acupuncturist has me on herbal medicine and at first, my hunger seemed lessen, but this week it is out of control. i am not sure what occurs just prior to the hunger. usually, i eat something and then 1 hour later i am really hungry again. or like today i ate lunch but still was not satisfied when i was finished (an omlette and bread with oil, then half a salad some raw slices of tuna and a few bites of cold noodles). I weigh 125 lbs and am 5'5", that meal in the past would have stuffed me. any ideas?
carmelisa last decade

what was the exact symptomology that was occcuring before nexium was prescribed ? please explain

what condition of hair?nails?
how many white spots on/under finger nails?
John Stanton last decade
about 2 and a half years ago i went to my ear nose and throat doctor because i felt like i had a little bump in my throat. it turned out to be a polyp on my vocal chord. she gave me steroids for 5 days and then told me to take nexium because i have acid reflux and she could tell that the acid was splashing up my throat and causing this irritation. (i am not a singer and do not use my voice or anything special). the polyp shrank after taking what she said, but every now and then when i would run out of nexium i did not refill it because it didn't bother me not to take it except that i would notice my voice becoming more hoarse when i didn't take it. eventually i would feel the polyp again, go to the doc and she'd explain that i needed the nexium to stop the acid spashing the polyp and causing it to become irritated and swollen again. even while i was on the nexium i would occasionally have the hunger pangs/ growling/unsatiable hunger...usually i thought it was related to having too many alcoholic drinks the evening before or from dehydration (probably due to too much caffeine). i usually drink 10 glasses of water a day and like i said i have cut out caffeine and if i drink alcohol it is limited to 1 glass of wine.
my hair is healthy, grows fast but fine/thin which is how it has been all my life. my nails are very strong, grow quickly and have barely noticable vertical ridges in them. currently i do not have any white spots under my fingernails, however it would not be uncommon for me to have an occasional white spot.
carmelisa last decade
much of acid is due to life style and diet indiscretion...nexium only aggarvte..

nexium is shown as adverse effects to be (contraproductive to polyp elimination) as well as (appetite increase/confusion)--as B12 affected--with past alcohol use=faulty digestion --encouraged to start b comple vits...and probiotic use...

how has stool and passing stool charcteristics changed?before nexium and after/currently?


what exact 'name' of contrceptive used?
John Stanton last decade
my contraceptive is yasmin 28 birth control pill.

urniation is fairly frequent because i drink a lot of water. this week it is clear but in the past month it was more yellow.

stool is normally soft. i have a bowel movement about 2-3 times a day. i have a sensitive stomach and am prone to diarreah, maybe once or twice a month. luckily i have not had diarreah for almost one month. i think this is because the herbal medicine from the acupuncturist is making my stool more firm. i can't say how my stool has changed with or without nexium, i don't think it really changed it. generally i have soft stool, but in this past month, it is more firm. but now that i am approaching the date of menstruation (march 14th), it is becoming soft again. my acupuncturist told me to stay away from fiber until he can stabalize my stomach. i have not been able to do this, since i like eat fiber because it makes me feel full longer. meanwhile, the GI told me to take metamucil for my soft stool. i have not done this, because i do not think it's necessary.
one more sypmton i have is that i have been burping for 2 weeks. i never used to burp unless i drank soda. but i have not had soda in a month. i think the burping is strange.
are you saying i should take a b complex vitamin? and probiotic? what is probiotic?
carmelisa last decade
burping....when this particularly occurs?what seems to bring it on?what chaacteristics?taste? just air?food comes with?please explain details envolved....
John Stanton last decade
how many pregnancies (if any)?

what complaints typically (recent)are associated with menses?before?just starting?during?just after?how has menses changed since nexium has been stopped?what effect have on menses ?
John Stanton last decade

it is for certain that a polyp exist?
John Stanton last decade
when i burp it is dry. meaning that i never feel any acid coming up my throat. and it is just a small burp that has no flavor or taste. it is just air, but very little. i don't know what causes it because it seems to happen anytime. it doesn't have to be right after a meal. it can happen on an empty stomach too. but then again, i eat something every 30 minutes to an hour because i am so hungry.

i am 28 years old, 5'4", 125 lbs.. no pregnancies. i did not notice any difference in my menses with or without the nexium. except that this time i got my period one day earlier than expected (without nexium) normall, the day before i menstruate i usually feel a sciatic pain shooting down my leg. it can last about 2 days, but this time i did not get the pain. i always have cramps in my lower back and light cramps in the front on the first day of my period. i have frequent bowel movements (about 4 x a day) the for the first 2 days of my period. and they are very soft, thing and long. and more yellow or lighter than usual. i even notice this starting to occur 1 or 2 days before my period. and my period usually lasts 4 or 5 days. it is pretty light since i am on the pill.

i am fairly certain that the polyp existed because i used to feel it when i lied my head on a pillow and would swallow. i also could notice it when i would run and had a hard time breathing. the doctor put a telescope up my nose and down my throat and saw it easily. she said it was about 3mm big and i could either have it removed or take steroids to reduce it and nexium to stop my acid reflux from splashing it. she was surprised that i was not a singer and that i do not use my voice in a loud way because she thought it was strange for me to have this irritated polyp. she was also surprised that i did not know i had acid reflux. ( but i really never felt such strong sypmtons until the past month) after the steroids i felt better. i took the nexium for about a year. then i went off of it, because i did not think i really needed it. eventually i felt the polyp again and went back to her. she said i could get it removed with surgery or i could stick with the nexium.
carmelisa last decade
have you ever been treated for any venereal/sexually transmitted disease?when(date)?what exact treatment used?

birth control prescribed?

married/steady partner?how long steady partner?

an idea that yasmin is affecting symptomology--not polyp grwth but characteristics of symptoms....affecting blood sugar (lowering) this explain the constant hunger....i am not convinced that without removing causation (yasmin) cure wil be possible---at most pallitive---

what are your thoughts on stoppong usage?
John Stanton last decade
i had chlaymydia in early 2003 and was prescribed a very strong antibiotic. i can not remember the name. i have HPV but without sypmtons. in jan 2005 my doctor told me the results from a pap smear showed pre-cancerous cells..which was due to HPV. he removed them with a LEEP procedure. i have been back every 3 months for pap smears and am normal.

i am married (october 05) and have had only one partner for 2 years. i have been checked for STD's and am clean.

i take yasmin28 birth control. but do not want to stop because it has the least chance of mood swings from my experience. i have taken it for almost 4 years now but never felt like this before. is it gradual that this can happen? do you suggest i try another pill? i do not take the pill this week since i have my period. if it was the pill causing my symptons would i feel better this week? are you saying i should not take any pill? how is it causing low blood sugar?
carmelisa last decade
and my thoughts on stoppung usage are.... i do not want to stop because i am not ready to get pregnant. and it is the best kind of birth control that i know.
carmelisa last decade
what exact date stopped nexium?

what exact date of starting acupuncture treatment?

what was exact dates of beginning and ending of last menses' ?

what exact date started herbal treatment?

is it for certain that this type of hunger did not exist before nexium usgae (2 years ago)?

what changes have been noticed with this menses as compared to previous?

HPV contraction due to current partner?

has current partner been tested for HPV?has current partner been ever treated for any sexual transmitted diseases?current partner have any warts(genital warts)?

in reguard to your questions---i dont advocate any repetive medicnal substance usage--without fatal need...yet yasmin seems to mask /alter some characteristics that are occuring--i dont think (at this time) causation..affecting blood sugar by hormone altering--this long term affect become complicated as health is compromise in other ways--next is nexium usage--again not addressing root only masking in this case...but not causation---it is seen that current problem started around time met current partner...polyp in larnyx/throat can be HPV/STD symptom as wart--causation from oral sexual contact...this yasmin wont save --only pregnacy....this is my thinking at this time...and treatment is geared to account for past clamydia treatment ...and current symptoms---all true information needed to acertain proer course of action...

how have characteristics of symptoms changed since (no pill) during menses? notice clearly
John Stanton last decade
stopped nexium on 2/14.
started acupuntcure on 2/9.
start menses 2/14, ended 2/17.
2/18 flew to Tokyo. 2/19 period came back a little but was done after that day.
in tokyo is when the hunger started. i returned on 2/24.
hunger continued.
this type of hunger did not exist before nexium. the only time i ever had severe insatiable hunger before nexium was when i was hungover. anytime i have had too much to drink one night, then the following day i will feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit. which is similar to what this hunger feels like. when i was in college i drank a lot and ate a lot. ( i was 30 lbs heavier). i can remember 2 or 3 times when i ate too much and drank too much and went to bed immediately after eating that i felt acid come up into my mouth. but it was only a few times and since the fall of 1999 i have had a very different lifestyle.

i doubt that HPV is due to current partner. i was diagnosed with poylp in july 2003. in march 2004 i met my current partner. it can not be from him. he does not have any STD's, unless i gave him HPV. but he has no warts and neither do it (unless the polyp is one). my gyn told me that it's possible i gave it to him, but that men are not affected by it.

there are no changes with this menses compared to previous that i can notice.

the only characteristic i noticed different since i have been off the pill is that i was not hungry monday (first day of menses) and am not hungry today. the last pill i took was on saturday.
but i was very hungry yesterday. since i was not hungry monday (which is typical for the first day of my period) but hungry yesterday and not hungry today i don't know if it can be related to the pill. do you still think so? can you offer me any homeopathic remedy? also my voice has become hoarse again from not being on the nexium.
carmelisa last decade
start treatment --single dose (2 pellats) nux vomica 200c -to be taken in evening before sleep--at least 1 hour after last eating...

avoid -all acid foods/drinks (all alcoholic beverages;coffee;tea;allcarbonated soft drinks;vinegar;fruits and fruit juices;tomatos;...etc)
avoid spicy foods;all stmulants ;condiments (ketchup/mustard/..etc)

no other treatments (accupuncture and such);herbs;medicines (aspirin/tylenol/pepto bismo...etc)---NO other meds or treatments at all---So as to acertain clear respons eof remedeY (nux-v)....i suggest holding off from use yasmin (for now) and note symptoms as exist without its use...

depending on nux-v response or lack of response ---will access and follow up..

how available are homoeopathic prepared remeies to you (time)?
John Stanton last decade
P.S. that is one time only -one evening--single dose nux-v 200c...no repeat
John Stanton last decade
I will try to avoid all of those foods. Can I eat beans and other foods high in fiber? Are vegetables okay? onions, garlic?
I can order nux vomica on the abc website. I don’t see 200c available. Can you please recomend the correct potency and size as listed on the website?

One more thing I forgot to mention. I have trouble breathing usually in humid weather or allergy season…mainly due to congestion and a swollen feeling.
Although I have been tested for allergies, I do not have any, but somehow I do respond to allegra. I used to take this or Sudafed decongestant on a regular basis for years because I thought I needed it. I stopped about 8 months ago and after a couple of weeks I realized I did not need it everyday. But I still notice that there are certain days that it is harder to breathe than others, but i do not take anything for it. Shortness of breath from my mouth is another complaint that I always have for at least 10 years. i have also been tested for asthma but i do not have it. I am telling you now just in case it’s related to my stomach. My mom told me she used to have bad indigestion when she was pregnant and she had bad allergies. When she took an antihistamine, the indigestion went away. Could this be related?
carmelisa last decade
mom used antihistimine while pregnant with you?

whatother circimstances besides ''humid weather'' bring on breathing complaint?

how severe is this complaint (at its worse)?please explain
what other symptoms accompany it?

should have nux vomica 200c ---but if not helios or ainsworth i recommend--will take longer for delivery though...
John Stanton last decade
Not with me, but with my sister…it was administered by her allergist. My sister has no complaints.
Although I am in shape, I am short of breath when climbing up 5 flights of stairs to my apt everyday. I have lived there 6 months, I should be used to it by now.
Sometimes just going up the subway stairs ( I live in nyc) can make me out of breath.
Especially in times of stress I feel like I can’t get enough air past my throat. Like I will inhale and it doesn’t feel like all of the air has gone past the bottom of my throat.
Sometimes I can feel out of breath when I’m trying to make a point and I can’t get anyone to listen. actually this is just when I’m speaking with my mother who is easily distracted by things she is doing around the house. I often feel like I have to repeat myself and exert a lot of energy to get her to listen to me. which makes me have to take deep breaths to get air. This happens with normal conversation with her…something that is not stressful.
And sometimes stress at work can make it hard for me to breathe. And I feel like I can’t get enough air, so I take deep breaths through my mouth. This is actually happening to me today.
Right now my nose feels a little congested/swollen even though the temperature in my office is comfortable…slightly chilly.
No other symptons besides tightness in the chest. I am easily stressed out and worried.
Nux vomica is available on this website but the highet does is 30c. and it asks the size? 2dm, 4dm, 1oz, 2 oz, 4 oz..
What should I order?
carmelisa last decade
new york city? try "Concord Chemist" Tel: 212-486-9543 or "Village Apothecary" 1-800-484-7265 & 212-807-7566 both in the city....better to find place close --Nux -vomica 200c---also find out range of potencies they stock----let me know---

as far as foods --- beans and other foods high in fiber are ok... vegetables are ok onions, garlic are ok...
John Stanton last decade
the village apothecary has 30c available. can i just take 7 tablets that are 30c each?
carmelisa last decade
hi, i have been off of my acupuncture medicine for 1 week now. i was off of the pill last week, but decided to start my new pack yesterday. the good news is that i felt great today. i mean the hunger was completely gone. i still have some burning and some burping, but nothing that really bothered me. i was in a health food store today and picked up nuv vomica just in case today is a fluke. they did not have 200c, only 30X. the woman there explained that if i need to take 200c, that i should take approx. 7pellets of the 30X. is that correct? please advise. and let me know if you think i should still take it even though i feel better today.
thank you.
carmelisa last decade

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