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Help please, Too Much Ignatia Amara ???

I saw an extremely well respected Homeopath just over a week ago. He gave me Silica Terra 30c (2 pills twice a week) and Ignatia Amara 30c (2 pills at night for 7 days then 3 pills a day as required)
I started the pills on Friday night.
On Saturday I had slight nervous energy, I was pacing around, and had thoughts of my last counselling session going over in my mind. Plus slightly higher pain, all which I expected. (I was staying with a close relative for the duration of my councelling).
I fell asleep at 2.30 am.
On Sunday I woke at 6.30am with dry cough, felt very hot and sweaty, and angry, compelled to get up. Hurled my hot water bottle in anger and felt compelled to go outside and walk. At that point I was still in my Pyjamas so I just opened the front door stayed there calming myself down. I had very dry skin, heat bumps on my legs, and was incredibly itchy.
This behaviour was totally out of Character and neither I or my Relative couldn't understand what was happening. I felt like I was slightly indifferent to my relative.

As a result I left to stay with another family member. The realease of past experiences still coming up, it was very excessive, I needed to walk, I thought I was going to go mad and had to really ground myself and return to the house. Following this I gradually switched into a tranquillised state, completely numb, virtual amnesia not just in relation to trauma but to all of my past life. Can recall very little, just really simple basic facts. Now no feelings towards things I had wanted to take up/do such as artistic pursuits, photography, moving abroad, which I had prior to taking pills, Indifference to everything and everyone. Unable to cry. No sex drive no desire to do anything.

I started drinking coffee, which appears to bring me back up into the more anxious state, then I return to the zombie state. Any thoughts of my past come up just as basic childlike statements (like: I stayed at her house, I made a meal, I sat on the sofa, I read a book.)
I had a trauma nightmare 3rd night and only about four hours sleep a night since that. I didn't used to go into the dream phase of sleep before.

Any feelings of anger that now surface, I feel are towards the doctor that gave me these pills. I feel like I've been given too high a dose. I stopped taking the Ignatia after the fourth night, when I realised which pill was causing this aggravation. I wish I had stopped them sooner. I am so distressed by this.

If any one can help should I just keep drinking coffee? It's so extreme that I don't know how long it will take to wear off on its own ???
I have had a similar experience after taking one antidepressant several years ago so I didn't want to go that route again. I just can't believe how extremely this has been.

I think some explanation of the way ignatia works and what to expect should have been offered. I wouldn't have agreed to it if I had known. I was just told it was a sleeping pill otherwise I would have stopped taking it sooner.
I hope to speak to the doctor on Monday for his advice, if possible.

I'm not sure I want to take another remedy after this, in case it reverses but not quite in the same way. This is my first time using homeopathy and it has been a horrible experience.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I've not heard of using peppermint, so even an explanation for that would be good.
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  Orzowm on 2017-04-09
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When a homeopathic remedy removes fear or hatred from mind may be just for a while, the patient gets crazy with the resulting vacuum. If patient manages well her new life it is okay or she again slips back into the old one. A homeopathic remedy has a very deep action while a homeopath has his own limitations. So patient should take charge of her own life!!
kadwa last year

Thank you for your response. I do understand what you're saying. If I resist reversing it because I realise it's doing what it's meant to, is there anything I can do to slightly lesson the aggravation so it's not so severe. Like massage? Or would that be a mistake?
Is it normal for it to have a bipolar type of effect?

My only feelings seem to have been of anger or distress at its controlling effects on my mind and the uncontrollable pacing up and down. I will try to accept this reaction as a positive thing rather than bad.

However I was a quiet, pacifist before and the anger is hard to deal with. It has been alarming & confusing not just for me but also for my family to witness.

Ive also had total indifference in my feelings towards my abusing father or my lovely children when I picture them in my mind, Which puts them all on the exactly the same plane. That just doesn't feel right.

I know I'm not crazy and it's just the aggravation, I just think it's been hard for my family to understand what's going on. Hopefully it will settle soon.

I would really appreciate if you could respond to my questions above though.

Very many thanks for your help with this.
Orzowm last year


"You went to a respected homeopath
And he told you ignatia was just a sleeping pill?"

I would not see this person again.
I don't know what their credentials are?but a lot of naturopaths and others who have only had short courses in homeopathy practice
Prescribing as IF you are taking allopathic meds.

1. I suggest get a massage. Shiatsu or acupressure by an authentic person/not some one who took a 7 hour course. Look up professional associations for trained ppl in your area.
They work the spine with clothes on and this is an effective detox with one go.

2. A few doses of ignatia can have effects for 2 to 3 weeks. One feels tired,and ignatia starts to release trauma memory areas of the brain.
The memories and emotions,long forgotten ,start to appear and stay for a few hours ,or 20 minutes,and then keep moving on to the next set. Since
None of this is present time??
And the emotions show up with the memory?(emotions always feel like this is Now and this will never leave)
So this is difficult to navigate,like you are on a theme park ride of trauma/
Abuse memory for 2 weeks.

3. If ignatia is given soon after a traumatic event- it just erases the
Trauma with none of above going on.
This is due to the fact that trauma memories are stored differently-they
Are coded with stress chemicals
And stored in specific parts of the brain.if ignatia is taken early the memories get stored as normal memory.

4. No dr or homeopath can predict in advance what kind of reaction a person will have to a dose of any remedy. You determine Doses by what the response is.
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simone717 last year

Also as regards child abuse memory.
Until one is about 7years old, all memory is emotional. It is processed by the amygdala (emotional) brain.
The cognitive front brain is not online yet.

Therefore many things released from early days will just be weird "feeling" states -as that is what got stored.
In present time ,one will try to "make sense" out of these strange feelings.
You cannot make sense of them-
What went in and how it went in
Is coming out the same way.

if you understand the mechanics of this ,then it is easier to let it go on-
But it is an Intense experience and
When remedy is done releasing,
You will feel better.
simone717 last year

Hi Simone

Thankyou for such a detailed response.

Yes, I was told 'they will help you with your sleep' and then the dosing instructions. I definitely think that was wrong.

It's a relief to have a proper explanation of how they work as I was very frightened I was going crazy and seriously bipolar. It does appear to be wearing off a bit more and I am coping better now. I had the horrors that I would stay that way.

I will look up a proffesional body to find a good massage provider, my body is still painful and tender in areas from the Fybromyalgia though. So it might not be fun.

I'm very grateful for your help. Many thanks.
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Orzowm last year

Also having re-read you're message re the part of the brain that is affected, I'm wondering if you would know if the poor cognitive functioning issues I have are linked to my experience?

Many Thanks again
Orzowm last year

Yes,that is very possible.
simone717 last year

Even tho you can become desensitized,the body records and stores everything. The aim of the body is to keep you alive,and waking up at 10pm is part of the low brain
Panic route in the brain that takes over the front cognitive brain - the front cognitive area is too slow to cope with danger.

Massage is another way to coax out
The storage areas of trauma. Many times people notice they are drifting off and having very old scenarios and memories appearing during massage. That is because the masseuse is releasing storage held in the tissues and muscles.And many sexual abuse victims refuse or make
Tons of excuses for not getting body work .Part of them knows what may come up and they are not ready for it.

You can tell the body worker the level of pressure that is comfortable for you-before they begin-and speak up
When you are not comfortable.
You are taking baby steps here and
listen to what your body does not like-you have to make it safe for your body , gain the trust of your body.
The body knows a lot more than what we "think".
simone717 last year

I can't thank you enough for your advice, time and support, you have been so helpful and I will follow your recommendation for massage therapy and face what it might bring.

I'm 52 now and this has affected my health my whole life.
I suppressed everything in order not to be a 'victim' of it, and am now realising that was the worst thing to have done. I am a strong person underneath, I will face it in order to move forward.

May be this is why I've always disliked feeling trapped and I've had an overwhelming desire to be free.

I will leave this thread now so that you may help others.

I am grateful to you .
Orzowm last year

Suppressing things is a natural instinct -again to "survive" ,safest thing a child can do.

Check out Anita Moorjani,blogs.
If you do not know about her,
She has an amazing story of experiencing self love days away from death and was healed by that
Understanding almost instantly.

My best wishes for a happy,healthy,
Life ahead.
simone717 last year

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