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Premature Ejaculation



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Premature Ejaculation and nightfall

Need some serious medical advice

Im 21 years old and have been mastutbating from 15 years of age
I have stopped that practice for around a year but would do it sometime (once a month or 2 months)I have noticed that semen gets released quickly after a few strokes ,but can last upto 100 fast strokes if i leave some gap between some sets.also i am having nightfall problems .nightfall occurs when my testicles are hot while going to sleep and does not occur if i cool down the testicles before going to bed. I have also noticed extreme level of heat generated in the testicular area and itching in the prostate area i.e itching in the place between the anal opening and the the place where lower of testecles joins near the anus. I also have itching in the sides of the testicles and thighs which results in flacky peeling off of skin.but i controlled the itch in testicles and thigh by applying some anti fungal cream.yet slight amount of itchiness happens. But the itchiness in prostate area is not gone and itchiness continues.I am ah virgin and have no other types of addiction or other habits, i have also stopped watching porn.i also have hair fall problems but im not sure whether it is related or not
Feel free to ask for other symptoms as i want this problem solved once and for all
Hence please kindly help doctors
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  hihomeopathy on 2017-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Copy this and resend to me after filling:

1. Age:
2. Sex:
3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim
4. Complexion: fair,dark
5. Occupation:
6. Single/married:
7. Country:
8. List out all your PROBLEMS with its since how long,which part is affected,which side,what you feel during complaint etc:in an order(which came first then which came?

a)Worsening factors for each complaint (eg:-by pressure,what time,heat,cold,season,food,eating,after
sleep,by sweat,,by stooping,after stool & urine,after bathing etc.?)

b)When Its Better,for each complaint (eg: by pressure,what time,by heat, by cold, any season,any food, eating,after sleep,by sweat,after stool & urine ,after bathing etc.?)

c) In your opinion, What is the expected cause for your problem?From injury,fall,cold exposure,sun exposure ,physical and mental exertion etc.?

9. Mind:sensitive/angry/sad/weeping/fear of/anxiety/shy etc.,memory,desire company,grief,lewd etc.

10. Thermal:which weather do you prefer hot or cold? Which one you can tolerate well?

11. Do you have Frequent or occasional nausea,vomiting to any food,headache,mouth ulcer,,allergy sneezing,gas trouble,leucorrhea(white discharge-females) ,dandruff,hairfall etc.explain if any

12. Stool:regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied/bleeding?

13. Urine: regular/quantity/frequent desire/satisfied

14. Menses: regular?scanty or profuse?early or late?how many days?frequency of cycle?any complaints before or during menses like pimples,backache,white discharge,pain in abdomen,legs etc.,irritability,constipation,diarrhea,nausea etc?

15. Sweat:profuse,scanty,offensive,stains

16. Sleep:satisfied/disturbed?particular dreams?usual sleeping positon?

17. Appetite: how often,quantity,satisfied?

18. Thirst: how many glasses ?how often?

19. Cravings:salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.

20. Aversion: salt/sweet/sour /milk/egg/meat/veg/fruit/vinegar etc.

21. Intolerant foods if any which might be your favorite or not.

22. How is your sex life?no desire/premature ejaculation/no erection/painful sex?

23. Do you have diabetes/BP/Cholestrol/thyroid(Hypo/Hyper) etc Done any surgey ?

24. Do you have any skin complaints-itching, warts, rashes, discoloration etc.?

25.Your skin type: oily or dry?
26.Do you have any bad habits or addictions? coffee,masturbation, smoking,tobacco, alcohol etc.

27.List out all medicines you have taken till now and its result

28.Any other things which you think it make you unique from others ..

Please attach images of any relevant test reports if any

drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
Please take Sulphur 200 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over a week.
One dose means 2 pills.
kadwa 6 years ago
1. Age:- 20

2. Sex:-Male

3. Built up:- Good Physique,Been exercising for some time,hence only small amount of belly fat((Just an cm of extra belly fat)

4. Complexion:-Indian White(Slightly Tanned)

5. Occupation:-Student

6. Status:-Single(VIrgin)

7. Country:-India

8. I have been experiencing nightfall and premature ejaculation accompanied with itching in exterior prostate area with hair fall both in head and pelvic area

8a. Have premature ejaculation and nightfall
premature ejaculation while masturbating and nightfall when the body heat is increased.cannot wear tight briefs as they are increasing the temperature around the pelvic area.have to sleep freely with legs opened freely else nightfall occurs.
also temperature around pelvic area increases after eating spicy food (Chicken),also have increased sensitivity around the head of penis

8b .Body is better when the body temperature is kept low and and the temperature around pelvic area is kept low.no problem while stooling or urination,have normal stools and urine flow.

8c. Due to masturbation and/or mental conditions
9.Have a good sense of memory except for spontanious agression and then a small kind of remorse if it was my fault.
desired company of family and friends,but woyld mostly like to be alone,god fearing person.

10. Can tolerate both climates well but would prefer cold weather

11. no vomitting or gastric trouble but have inconsistent intervals when it comes to stooling, also have been experiencing hair fall lately.which is kept under control after applying oil.have white hair since 6th grade(small amount)
also would have mouth ulcer if body temperature increases

12. Stool:-once or twice everyday or sometimes once every two days if consumed lots of spicy food

13. Urine:-Have satisfactory amount of urine,usually twice or thrice per day according to the amount of water intake

14. Not Applicable

15. Normal sweat.no foul odor other than the usual smell of sweat.no stains

16. have a usual sleeping position but usual ends up with nightfall when sleeping in that position(lying to the left side with one leg above the other)
now started to lying flat with openly positioned legs.no particular dreams .usually have a good amount of sleep unless body temperature rises.

17. No problem in appetite ,always takes home cooked meal(with rice as main ingredient).takes food three times and a additional tea or snack in the evening.

18. Not too thursty,usually 2 to 25 litters of water intake daily,increased amount of water intake during night and just before sleep.

19. Dont have too much cravings .Like sour and sweet foods and foods with high black pepper,takes food mostly luke warm,doesnt like high chilly food.

20. none so far

21. no intollerant foods

22. premature ejaculation.a virgin(no sexual activity with a partner).also the penis is a bit curved to the left and down.have good erection but not tooo tough.

23. None

24. itching in the testicle area (near prostates) and sides of the testicles and thigh part near the testicles.

25. Oily

26. Just masturbation previously,havent practised it for over an year, but would do it once or twice per month for the last six months.tea drinker(twice a day),no other addictions.

27. Havent tried any type of medication so far
been english drugs free for more than 2 years
28. None ,just the previously said symptoms and conditions.feel free to ask other quieres
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
Should try the sulphur 200 sir,but not sure where to buy it
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
Take pulsatilla 30 3pills or 1 drop in 1/2 glass water 3times daily for 3days
And take tribulus Q 10drops in 1/2glass water 3times daily
And nuphar litea Q 10 drops in 1/2glass water thrice daily.

Use a gap of 30 minutes between remedies.

Report changes here

drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
Thank you doctor, will report back as soon as i try them
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
Dr.Thoufeeque bhms
can the tribulus q and nuphar lutea taken in form of pills instead of liquid ?
also if they can be taken as pills, what is the dosage doctor ?
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
Another doubt doctor, is there any type of special diet or massage that i should do while taking these medicines ??
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
tribulus and nuphar lutea mother tinctures are available only in liquid form.take as suggested.

How to Stop Nightfall

1. Use Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd juice cools your system and helps you stop nightfall. There're two ways that bottle gourd juice can help with your condition. One is that you can prepare and take half a glass of the juice just before going to bed. Alternatively, you can mix bottle gourd juice with sesame oil and then use the mixture to massage your scalp.

2. Try Gooseberry

Another useful tip on how to stop nightfall is taking gooseberry juice before going to bed on a daily basis. The benefits of gooseberry include cooling the internal body heat and boosting your immunity.You can take a glass of gooseberry juice or mix its powder with water.

3. Include Garlic and Onion in Your Diet

Garlic has many health benefits when taken with food. However, if needed to control nightfall, then you should consume it raw. Chop 3-4 buds of garlic into small pieces, mix with water, and take before going to bed. Onions can also help you control nightfall when consumed in your daily diet or in their raw form in salads and sandwiches.

4. Take Milk with Other Ingredients

You canstop nightfall by mixing milk with some ingredients and taking the mixture before going to bed. Add a mixture of ginger and presoaked almonds to a hot glass of milk or take several bananas and a glass of hot milk before bedtime. Alternatively, take 2-3 cups of curds before going to bed to cool your body system.

5. Try Juice and Honey

Extract juices from celery and fenugreek leaves. Mix the extracted juices with honey and take this mixture every night for a month. You extract the juices by crushing the leaves and mix it with honey using the ratio of 2:1. Juice from celery leaves cures both nightfall and premature ejaculation when mixed with honey.

6. Take Sage Tea

Taking at least two cups of sage tea every day reduces your chances of experiencing nightfall. Take sage tea first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed. Sage tea has other health benefits as well.

7. Eat Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the popular remedies for nightfall. The fruit improves blood circulation and acts as an antioxidant. Its role in promoting good blood circulating helps you get hard erections. Eating pomegranate will help you stop nightfall within one or two months.

8. Take Yogurt Daily

If you experience frequent wet dreams, take a big bowl of yogurt at least three times in a day. Yogurt has health benefits and reduces your chances of wet dreams. Taking yogurt consistently will stop wet dreams in a few days.

9. Bathe with Essential Oils

Another tip on how to stop nightfall is taking a regular bath with a few drops of essential oils every day before sleeping. Some of the essential oils you can add to your bath include lavender, jasmine, and rose. Such regular baths before going to bed prevent nightfall, relax your mind, and enable you to sleep well.

10. Read Before Sleep

Reading a book before sleeping is effective in stopping wet dreams. Do not read books with sexual images or plots, as they will arouse you. Instead, go for books that write about friends, god, colleague life, or love. You will sleep peacefully without night emissions when you read a good book before bedtime.

11. Change Your Lifestyle

The easiest way to stop nightfall is to change your lifestyle including your diet and habits. Identify the aspects of your lifestyle that lead to wet dreams and change or eliminate them. One of the lifestyle changes that can help you stop nightfall is stopping nasty fantasies from your thoughts. Avoid watching porn movies andnude photos. Other lifestyles that will help you stop nightfall include stopping or reducing the frequency of masturbation.
drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago
Thank you for the reply doctor
I am already practising most of these practices except sage tea and reading a book.all of these practises are perfectly working for nightfall doctor, but my main concern is about premature ejaculation doctor,are the prescribed medicinee enough or should i practice some other form of diet doctor
Again thank you for the reply doctor
hihomeopathy 6 years ago
take as suggested.and report after a week.

drthoufeequebhms 6 years ago

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