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Persistent cough/sore throat

I have been having a persistent cough/sore throat & nose for a few weeks and am finding it hard to repertorize. I would appreciate any suggestions.

It started maybe 10 days ago (not exactly sure) with inflammation/rawness in upper airways/throat/postnasal area. With some dry blockage of right nostril. I did not really repertorize but just tried Nux 30C because that is often what works with upper airways inflammation.
Nux had some limited benefit in reducing congestion but clearly was not curing. Congestion was reduced for a few hours to some degree.

But with time the situation settled to where there was consistently dry blockage/obstructed right nostril with wet blockage in left nostril (meaning I could blow my nose with thick phlegm to clear it for a while).
Also started slowly developing a dry hacking cough. Probably from phlegm moving from upper airways to chest.

I could not properly repertorize but switched to Phos 200C. Slowly upper airways symptoms moderated but now chest cough dominated. Very dry hacking cough. Any strong movement of air in the room or outdoors will trigger cough. Can go for some time without cough but if I cough once, the initial cough triggers more cough. But if I feel a cough coming on if I slowly sip water to keep throat continuously dry it prevents cough. I fill my mouth with water and slowly take tiny sips from that into my throat every few seconds. Till cough sensation subsides.

I could not properly repertorize and switched to Hepar Sulph 30c to try it out. Again, I notice moderating of cough symptoms but clearly it is not the correct similimum because there is no consistent pattern of improvement.

If anyone has suggestions on how to treat or repertorize do let me know. Even though my symptoms are so specific for some reason I cannot place them in my repertory (Kent).
  mmene on 2017-05-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
your thermal relation?
now you have only dry cough?
what are the modailities?
during sleep?
motion agg?

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
In general I don't feel much different in warm or cold environment. I prefer warm but that is true even when I am not sick.

Now I would say that 80% of the problem (or my dominant symptom) is the dry cough but I still have the inflammation and dry blockage of right nostril. I cannot breathe well through that side and it causes me to snore.

Sleep is not very restful, probably due to difficult breathing. My wife says I snore a lot.

I would not really say that motion aggravates. I feel a bit more tired than normal though not enough that I would say that I feel like Bryonia. More because of lack of quality sleep plus my busy schedule.
mmene 5 years ago
take bryonia 200c 3pills at once and report
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Thanks, I will try out the Bryonia and tell you what the effect is.

Out of curiosity, can you explain your reasoning for choosing Bryonia?
mmene 5 years ago
I have taken the Bryonia 200C last night and again today morning.
Last night there was no noticeable improvement. My right nostril was blocked but dry with a congested feeling when going to bed. It was a little uncomfortable but I could sleep okay.
I still had the dry hacking cough improved by continuously taking sips of water.
This morning I woke up and it was interesting because the right side was congested but the feeling of strong inflammation was much improved. It was almost as if the congestion itself was reducing the inflammation in post nasal and upper throat area.

This is odd because earlier (before you suggested Bryonia) I had tried out Causticum and it seemed to reduce the congestion a lot but it felt like the inflammation/rawness/pain was increased. Interesting how bryonia did the opposite.

Now it is the afternoon after I have taken the second dose of Bryonia in the morning. Inflammation/rawness is considerably decreased but there is still residual congestion on right nostril. Sometimes this is causing mild sinus pressure. Occasionally I can blow my nose with moderate amounts of very viscous thick white phlegm.
Still feel a little bit weaker and tired than usual but I also got very little sleep in the night because I was working. Will nap now to see the effect.

I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions. If I don't hear anything I might try Bry 200C one more time tonight as overall it feels like the vital force is improving but slower than I would like.
mmene 5 years ago
I should add that periodically the dry cough comes back. It is infrequent but when it comes it is an a burst because the first cough induces more coughing. Usually sipping water for a few minutes eliminates it again.
It almost seems like if I don't think about coughing it happens less.
Talking can also cause coughing but only if I talk for a long time like maybe 5 or 10 minutes.
mmene 5 years ago
tell me the changes in percentage..stop taking bryonia again.. wait for its action...

report after 24hrs

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Dr Thoufeeque, as per your suggestion I did not take Bryonia again and right now it is 24 hrs since I last took it.

Right now I would say situation is:
Nose congestion - reduced by 90%
Upper throat inflammation/pain - reduced by 90%
Dry cough - reduce by 75%

Occasionally I have to blow my nose with small amounts of thick white phlegm but it seems only to be residual amounts slowly being expelled from lungs.

Lungs are clearing out but very slowly. Occasionally I have to clear my throat because some amount of thick phlegm is slowly coming up. It is coming up slowly and effectively enough that I don't need to cough but it is still slower than I like and my voice still sounds a bit hollow like someone with fluid in the lungs.

With the clearing up of congestion sleep quality is also improving and I am more rested.

This is more of an inconvenience than a problem because I just want my lungs to clear up faster. But clearly vital force is returning strongly.

If you have any suggestion for speeding up the recovery it is great but I feel that one way or the other I am going to recover.
Your suggestion for Bryonia 200C was excellent and I am still wondering how you picked the exact match so quickly.
mmene 5 years ago
drink warm water often..it will clear up your case..you will recover soon..no need of same or any other remedy..
drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Dr Thoufeeque, after a gap I have to return to this thread.

The Bryonia 200C you recommended worked very well but slowly. All symptoms diminished gradually except there was a very small residual amount of thick phlegm coming up periodically to the throat from the chest. Periodically I would have to clear my throat as thick phlegm will come up. But it is so thick that it will not completely clear.

I assumed that with time this would also clear up but starting yesterday I noticed a very slight return to nasal symptoms. There is slight inflammation on the right side starting from the postnasal area extending all the way down to the throat.
I can feel the rawness when I breathe. Because of the rawness it feels like it has thickened and it feels blocked.

If I do a saline nasal rinse it dries up and clears out the area but now when I breathe I feel the uncomfortable rawness of the air passages on the right side as air passes over it. After some time it feels like it thickens up again and I don't feel the rawness because air does not pass through on the right side.

The symptoms are not very troublesome yet but I remember that this is how my symptoms started the last time too and I fear that it will slowly get worse if I don't intervene.

Do you have a suggestion on how to proceed? Should I try the Bryonia 200C again or switch to a different remedy?

Among the things I have seen that ameliorate symptoms is saline rinse (as said above), spicy food and steam (like when I take a hot shower).
mmene 5 years ago
Can you express what are your current problems in few points..preferably in few sentence..with aggravating and ameilorating factors...

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
- sense of inflammation and dry congestion on right side - extending from upper postnasal area all the way down to trachea.
- Occasionally I can blow my nose to produce thick white phlegm.
- Occasionally very thick phlegm comes up from my chest. It is very thick and I have to clear my throat. This partially clears the phlegm but there is usually a small amount that cannot be removed from clearing throat

Most symptoms ameliorated by eating spicy food - all secretions thin out and clear faster.
Warm steam (like a shower bath) loosen congestion.
Wind blowing in my face (like a fan) will worsen the condition.
Generally improved with warmth and worsened by cold.
mmene 5 years ago
take ferrum phos 6x 3tabs 3 times daily and kali mur 6x 3tabs 3 times daily.with a gap of 15minutes..report after 2days

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago
Dr Thoufeeq, sorry for the late reply, this website has been having problems with replies.
It took me some time to acquire because they are not available locally but I did take the Ferrum Phos & Kali Mur for just over 2 days as you suggested.

I noticed a clear improvement in symptoms in my nose. The inflammation gradually vanished. And the nostrils seem much more clear and moist. On the first day it would alternate between being slightly blocked (on the right side) but now it seems consistently clear.

My throat is much better but there still seems to be the occasional accumulation of a small amount of thick tenacious phlegm which I cannot clear by clearing my throat because it seems just beyond reach. It is not much and not a significant problem but certainly noticeable. My own sense is that it is in the trachea and maybe close to the larynx because it can slightly affect how I sing or do something that requires voice control.

Would you suggest I continue for a few more days with Ferrum Phos/Kali Mur? I stopped it because you only said two days but I can resume.
mmene 5 years ago
Dr Thoufeeq, I have not heard back, do you have any thoughts?
mmene 5 years ago
sorry for late reply.As this is month of ramdan,i was busy..

you continue the last prescriiptions..i hope you willbe alright soon..

drthoufeequebhms 5 years ago

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