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Pcos- Healer21

I'm 23 years old, India, 5"- 55kgs pcos since 1 year and no menses since 3 months, need help.
I also suffer from acne on cheeks, hairfall, weight gain. Feel cold very quickly but also heat makes me very uncomfortable and sweaty. I like to eat tangy and spicy food and feels thirsty a lot. Sometimes constipated, feel lazy and lethargic. Cry on small things and easily get irritated and angry.
Main concern is to get menses aa they are irregular since 1 year.
Ultrasound report- right 17.5 left 15.8 ml stroma seen in both ovaries
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  Pelt20sce on 2017-09-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please reach Joe (joedelivera dot com). His protocol with Apis 30 and Bellis Per 30 in wet dose has helped with many succesfully
Reva V 6 years ago
I'd be very grateful if you'd take up my case healer21.
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago

Polycystic ovaries in females (specially young ones) getting much fimiliar or common now a days .. it is mostly due to diet problrms or wrong things you eat daily. And due to wrong things in diet hormonal disturbances come in ..and later on it becomes a syndrome ... syndrome in simple words is complex condition due to mixing up of various diseases ... that's why PCOS is also a syndrome ..

PCOS can be dangerous it can change into ovarian cysts .. well everything is treatable within a range ..

I need your recent ultrasound report results .. you can send pic of your RECENT report.

What doctors say ? Tell me their opinion .. it's a long time since one year you are suffering from this problem.

What kind of medicines you used ? Name potencies ??
Or still you are using some medicines ? Name, potencies ?? Describe everything.


STOP IMMEDIATELY "BRYLER HEN" or bryler murgi in Hindi language .. completely stop this and any aluminium bartn as well .. khas kr wo bartn jo neche se black ho chuka ho. It is dangerous .. STOP contaminated water use only mineral water, drink more clean water .. STOP junk food and meat as well ..


Looking Forward

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healer21 6 years ago
Thank you so much for replying. I'll try to answer all your questions to my best, if still there exists some confusion please do ask again.

I found the information you sent about pcos very helpful and I think it's due to diet only that I have been suffering from pcod as I was living in hostel for my studies and the food was horrible and I used to eT junk a lot. But since I was diagnosed with pcod in January this year I have made a lot of dietary changes. I eat homemade food only, very rarely I eat sweets or junk. But I do have non veg once a week. I eat jawar Rori instead of wheat and brown rice instead of white. I also have my dinner around 8pm.

I have been to a homeopathic doctor from she gave me multiple medicines for over 3 months but I could not get in relief, when I was under her treatment I had my periods for 1 month and she couldn't give me anything to stop it. I researched by myself and took millefolium q at that time and my bleeding stopped the same day. So after that I stopped her treatment.
The medicines she gave are:
Nux vomica 200
Natrum mur 30
Sepia 200
Nat phos 6x
Kali mur 6x
Pulsatilla 1m
Etc I stopped all this in April.
Then I started taking another homeopath's advice Arnica 30, Apis Mel 6, bellis perinis 30 for a month but I didn't get any relief.
So I started ayurvedic treatment since June as i was not getting periods. The medicine I took are
Kanchnar guggul
Stree rasayan vati
Then I got periods after 3 months but it was very scanty started on 12 ended on 23 July.
Since then I have had no periods even though I continued with the same ayurvedic medicines.

All the doctors I met say that you'll get healthy you'll get better but I have not gotten better from any treatment. Earlier around January I used to get periods very early and continued for long but now I don't periods.

As I was getting restless I started using pulsatilla 30 to get periods since 4 days after which there occurred slight bleeding 3-4 times a day with tiny clots of dark red color but nothing more happened.

No aluminum bartan is used in my house mostly non stick bartan is used.
I have RO water filter at home so that's the water I drink.

I also suffer from a lot of painful acne I'd like to get rid of them, they are mostly on cheeks.
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago
My ultrasound report.

I tried posting the ultrasound sound image here many times but i can't see it. I am emailing the same on your email address in case it's not visible to you as well.
[Edited by Pelt20sce on 2017-09-22 04:55:58]
Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Hi again,

I received ur report. Want to know the date of ultrasound report. I noticed that you used many medicines .. all kind of .. and no relief .. hmm ..

Try to stop spicy, oily, fried things as well for some time ..

Well come to the treatm ..I will try my best & let's see ..

Do you like water ? Or do you need a glass of water after 1 hour ? Or you are thirsty In Other words or thirst-less mostly ?

Do you like summer or winter OR do you feel hot in body now a days or you feel cold now a days mostly ?
Which condition or weather is not bearable for you ?

Do you feel pronounced weakness in body ?

Your main problem is menses and acne ? Right ? What other problems bothering you now a days prominantly ? Or just these two I mentioned above ?

Need a pic of acne as well .. are they painfully ? Any puss or bleeding ?

To the point clear answers I need ..

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-09-22 06:08:42]
healer21 6 years ago
I like water. I am thirsty so I drink water 1 glass usually once in an hour more.

I don't like hot or very cold weather. I sweat in heat a lot but I get chilly very quickly too so I really don't know what weather I like. I guess neither hot or cold as both make me uncomfortable.

I feel weak upon waking up in the morning.

Irregular periods, acne, hairfall and weight gain, unwanted hair on body and face.
My weight increased 4 kgs since January and it's mostly around Belly and thighs

Acne is not of a particular kind. Some are big some small, some painful some itchy, no puss, sometimes bleeding if it gets touched and they leave red scars.

Other symptoms cannot bear bright lights, loud sounds and foul smell.

Date of ultrasound 8 july
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Forget about weather .. What you feel in your body now a days heat or cold ? You body is cold or hot now a days .. ??

What if you given a cotton sheet or blanket to wrap up and sleep in it .. would you like that or reject ?
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healer21 6 years ago
I always wrap something around me when I sleep, I like it.

I think my body is cold as I get chilly very quickly while others in the same room don't.

Shall I email you the picture of my acne?
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Hmm .. things getting really complicated in your case .. usuly I prescribe in 3-5 message but I have to ask some more questions ..

Which condition suits you the most ? Select One option from below ..

Light sensitivity, sweaty hands and feet ?

Swollen hands or feet , foul smelling gas (flatus)

You may send pic ..

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-09-22 07:51:03]
healer21 6 years ago
Both don't suit me totally but if I had to choose one I'd say sweaty hands and feet and light sensitivity.

I want to give you accurate answers.
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago

Something is running wrong behind .. well I will prescribe according to my understanding .. and I hope you will give me a chance to change medicine ..

Try "Silicea30c .." three times daily .. for two days only.

4 drops in clean water .. in a disposable glass .. stir well drink slowelty. Do not use that disposable glass for anything later on .. Do not eat or drink any thing about 30 minutes of taking medicine .. no coffee or mint etc no spicy , fried things .. place medicine always away from strong perfumes .. Do not do anything which aggravate symptoms ...

Report me after 2 days .

healer21 6 years ago
Sure, I am ready to go through change of medicine before I get the perfect match.
And thank you again for taking up my case.

There are 2 things about which I'm not sure but I thought I'd tell my observation.
1 Thirst
My thirst has increased since I started with ayurvedic medicines( though I'm not sure) as earlier also I used to drink 2-3 litre water.
2 Hot weather
Even though I get chilly very quickly I get hot very quickly too. I only feel comfortable in a temperature of about 25 degrees and I prefer to be in Ac.
3.Absent menses
As I told you earlier my problem was that I got menses in 15-20 days and it continued for a month or more which I stopped by taking millefolium q since then I used Arnica bellis and Apis for a month since then I have not been getting periods it might be due to these medicines.
I don't know if this info would be helpful or not and sorry if it's not helpful.

My gums bleed too (sometimes)

I'll start with silicea 30.
And I have mailed you my acne pic.
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Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Ok it's good to share everything .. every time..
Start taking medicine as prescribed .. follow all precautions carefully ..

Note every change and report after 2 days ..

Looking Forward

healer21 6 years ago
I have taken 2 doses of silicea: yesterday night and today morning.

As I had mentioned I took pulsatilla 30 for 4 days which induced slight bleeding since the last 4 days.

Even though it's just few hours I am experiencing a bit more bleeding than the past 4 days today.

But I'm not sure if my period has started.
Pelt20sce 6 years ago

So your periods are back .. a good sign. It is only due to my prescription.


Report after one day ..

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-09-23 06:14:38]
healer21 6 years ago
Ok so I'll continue with silicea and report after 1 day.

I'm not taking any other medicine.

Thanks a lot.
[Edited by Pelt20sce on 2017-09-23 06:40:34]
Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Yeah because you took pulsatilla in past for a long time but there is no change .. how can pulsatilla produce a change after my medicine ?? It can not .. pulsatilla was not the right remedy. I'm sorry to say.

Yes Continue as I directed ... and report after one day. now this forum has stoped me showing patients reply update as well ... yesterday it was fine and showing whenever a person gives a new message ... but today I have to open manually last page to check updates .. very bad .. But still I have to refresh the last page again and again to chech updates if any from my patients ..

Hope for the best ..

healer21 6 years ago
Yes I agree pulsatilla was not right for me as even after taking it for 4 days only slight bleeding occurred.

Your medicine has brought the change resulting in the increased bleeding.

I'll continue as directed and report after 1 day.

I hop the issue with this website gets fixed soon and you get the notification for our messages.

Thanks again.
Pelt20sce 6 years ago
You are welcome.

Looking Forward

healer21 6 years ago
Yesterday I completed 2 days of silicea 30.
My period started on 23rd. Yesterday the bleeding was less than first day and today it's very less.
The thing I noticed was that the flow only remained on both days in the morning and then at night.
At morning it was more than the night.
Overall the period was scanty.
[Edited by Pelt20sce on 2017-09-25 05:30:51]
Pelt20sce 6 years ago
Take med for more one day. Only 2 times a day.

Your periods are finished now I think ..

Note changes weakness and other related to menses ..

Report me after 1 day.

healer21 6 years ago
I took the med twice yesterday.

There was bleeding yesterday and it's continuing today too. It's light though.

The changes you asked to note down regarding menses are
Very scanty(mostly clots, dark red)
Bleeding for a small time 3-4 times a day
No pain( I used to have pain when my periods were regular. Since pcod no pain)
Didn't even feel like I was having a period.
No weakness
A little back pain

As you mentioned in the start that pcos is caused by dietary problems, are there any other things which I should stop eating ?
I have stopped having chicken and decided to not have it ever again.

Looking forward to more guidance.
Thanks again.
[Edited by Pelt20sce on 2017-09-26 04:34:27]
Pelt20sce 6 years ago

This is the begnig of so long stoped menses .. after a long time they are back now .. so this will occur, like small bleeding etc ..

I hope the next month bleeding will be better ..

Other things at the moment I don't know .. I'm very much busy now a days and for more 2-3 days .. as I will remember somerhig for you to stop I will tell you .. fruits ripen by calcium carbide
(jin fruits ko misala lga kr pakate hn) do not use them .. aluminium bartn .. spoiled, contaminated water .. and do not use anything which aggravate your symptoms..

Take silicea 30c .. liquid drops form .. once in 4-5 days .. till next menses same days .. same as directed .. 4 drops in some water in New disposable glass with all Other precautions ..

In homeopathy there are layers of diseases .. so you might experience of new symptoms which are infact old ones comming back .. we will remove them slowely as they will come clearly and intensely ..
[Edited by healer21 on 2017-09-29 05:53:21]
healer21 6 years ago
I need updates in between if any ... change or new symptoms or improvements etc ..

Take silicea 30c every week once now .. first it was after 4-5 days I know .. now once every week ..

And come on the forum often .. TO see any updates .. okay .. Make it a habit ..

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-10-06 20:49:00]
healer21 6 years ago

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