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34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn Page 16 of 16

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Okay, thanks.
I just now took another dose of Nux because I have been feeling the “don’t touch me, get away from me” feeling. With this one I don’t tend to feel any effects +/- until after I have slept. Ironically a cup of chamomile tea just now has helped. Lol
It’s funny it always seems to come back to Nat Mur for me. I have quite a history with it. It has helped me a lot in the past. Never completely, though. I would say my base constitution is Nat Mur.
I have used 30c 200c and 1m potencies in the past.

As for my daughter, chamomilla is a no go. It made her exponentially more irritated and restless. Now she won’t nap and won’t tolerate being set down, and is still spitting up like crazy.
rom109 last year
Some things ive been experiencing... consistent bad dreams every morning between 6-7AM and 10AM.
My hair is falling out like CRAZY. I know it’s normal for post pardum around 3-6 months. But it’s like really a lot.
Irritating bumps on my hands and fingers they hurt when touched, somewhat itchy/sore sensation when touched. Otherwise no sensation.
They come and go. Never more than one or two appearing at once.
rom109 last year
You might try Aethusa 30c for her. If it helps partially or does not work, Calc. carb is an option.
maheeru last year

I ended up giving her a dose of Coffea last night out of desperation due to the extreme aggravation from Chamomilla. She did calm down a little, but then she was awake from 9pm-1AM. :( lol
Today she’s been MUCH better. She took two VERY long naps and has spit up only two or three times in very small amounts. More reasonable.
I’ll keep watching to see how she continues.
At the very least it antidoted the bad effects of Cham, maybe even improved her situation a tiny bit.
rom109 last year
So yesterday I went out and did some yard work with my husband; I mowed the lawn.
This morning my throat is swollen feeling and my neck is a bit tight as well. Most prominent symptom is these pustules on my hand. The same as I told you about a few days ago that have been happening occasionally. Except there is now an explosion of them all over my palm and fingers. They have gone down in inflammation since I woke up and began doing things around the house, but first thing in the morning they were very prominent and looked like little blisters filled with clear fluid. They were/are painful and itchy, especially when touched. which is hard not to do when it's on my palm.
So that's more of an acute situation.

Since my last dose of Nux, the nightmares have gone away, but now I am having great difficulty waking up in the morning at all. I cannot get myself to wake up before 9:30-10AM. I feel so intensely sleepy, it's just not even in the cards to force myself to get up.
I feel like my overall emotional state is improving; I have been - for the first time in my life- feeling like I can go about my business without worrying every step of the way what the people around me are feeling about what I do. And by that I mean that my emotional state is not so influenced by someone elses. I don't take someones mood as personally as I used to. So that's good. Definitely a relief.

And my daughter-
I tried giving her a dose of Kali Phos 6x the other day and she immediately started spitting up a whole bunch again. It lasted for the rest of the day. Now she's not spitting up like that anymore.
I think that she really is very lactose intolerant.
She is now having a hard time sleeping. Her tooth is about to cut through the gums; I can feel it underneath when she chews on my finger.
She is extremely restless all night long,and wanting to nurse every hour. Her normal sleep pattern is to sleep at least 4-5 hours through the night before she wants to nurse again. And she usually is OK with sleeping in her crib, too. But not the past few nights.
She's also taking very short naps during the day. which is unusual for her. I know this is all because she is in pain.

During her awake times she is fairly happy. She wants to chew on her teething toys, and cool washcloths. I've tried Clove oil on her gums, and it seems to help but it is very temporary.

I've never heard of the remedy Aethusa, I'm not sure that my local Supplement store would carry it- if it's in the basic Boiron kit they carry. Which means I will have to order it (a week out) if you still think that I should try it?
rom109 last year
Did you touch any plant(that has the ability to create reaction) that could have brought this episode of blisters?

Rhustox may be a choice. But if they are going away on their own, medicine won't be needed.


For your daughter, you could give her Calc. phos. 6x tissue salt.

It's a remedy called Aethusa cynapium. It's somewhat a common remedy for children but not so common like polycrests.

You said you gave coffea, it is also a remedy for teething troubles, didn't it go well?
maheeru last year
I told you about those bumps on my hands...they've been happening for the last month ish in coordination with my seasonal allergies.
The common allergy around here is grass pollen...I mowed the grass yesterday, therefore my allergies flared up. Yes I touched the grass. But I got grass all over my arms and probably my face too, but the bumps are only on my hand.

they're not going away. they're just not as angry as they were first thing in the morning. this is an ongoing symptom concurrent with my allergies.

I'm not giving my daughter any more cell salts because they are in MILK POWDER....hence my thoughts that she is very lactose intolerant...she starts the excessive spitting up every time I give her a cell salt. I don't have it in an alcohol suspension.
I have all of the cell salts 1-12, and I have tried giving her Calc Phos., as well.

Coffea; yes it seemed to counteract the negative effects of Cham.

I'm asking if you think the Aethusa is still a good choice for her or not, based on current symptoms?
rom109 last year
Yes it(Aethusa) seems a good choice. And the idea was to give c phos until you get it. But you say she is reacting to lactose and you haven't got liquid bio-chemics.
maheeru last year
Yes that’s correct.
Do Cell salts work dissolved in water like remedies?
I’ve been told they don’t. What’s your opinion? If they do I will try calc Phos again for sure.
rom109 last year
Tissue salts do work in water. But we can not expect the dilution+succussion effect that we generally come to expect with potency medicines. So tissue salts when given in water they are very much the same dilution 6x even after nth dose so to speak and we do not try to prepare a next solution either by taking a little bit of old solution or keep up with the number of succussions gone by with the previous solution by re-doing all the succussions with the new preparation.

Calc. phos is the raw material for new teeth; so during teething taking this tissue salt will not only reduce the pain/discomfort it'd also make the work easier by making calcium available for new teeth.
maheeru last year
okay. Yeah I was just hoping to dilute the milk base with dissolving it in a little water.
I’ll try that.
rom109 last year
Hi Maheeru,

How are you?

I have been meaning to update for a long time now! Life just got extra busy, it seems like.

The Aethusa helped my daughter a lot :). I ended up giving her two doses over the course of 2-3 weeks, the last one didn't seem to do much. I just left it alone for a while after that. I think the second dose I gave because she started spitting up a lot, even very forcefully, again. She hasn't spit up at all since.

She now has her two bottom front teeth, and about a week after the second bottom tooth came through she started showing signs of her top front teeth beginning to bother her. This came with a whole new set of symptoms.
She's been extremely agitated, restless again, feisty, and very vocal about it. It has progressively gotten worse from there.
The other day she had the classic one red cheek after waking from a nap. I thought it might have been just how she was laying in her bed, and i waited for it to go away, but it persisted for at least 12 hours.
She also was demanding to nurse, and then would either very dramatically refuse when I offered, or she would begin to nurse, and then very maliciously bite down with her two fresh teeth.
So I thought I'd give Cham. another try :D.
It did wonders this time! During the day she seems a lot more calm and doesn't try to bite me anymore.
Her sleep seemed a bit more disturbed though, and naps all the sudden became a struggle. I have tried a second and further succussed dose of Cham as of last night. She slept really well last night, and her first nap of the day seems to be going well, although getting her to sleep was a little tricky.
So that's how it's going with her.

As for myself, I have been doing really well. The Nux- I am very surprised at how it has been helping me. I have more mental and emotional clarity than I have ever had in my life, I feel like.
I have been more and more amazed at how easily I have been able to express myself to others lately. I do not feel like my emotions are so bottled up without words to give them freedom, as I have felt in the past. I can more easily respond in the moment, even in the heat of conflict (somewhat) instead of freezing up and my mind shutting down.
So that's a celebration for me.

I have however, on the downside, been having persistent pains in my back, and my feet. Particularly my left foot. I injured it about 10 years ago- my horse stomped right on top of it. It's never really given me much issue, except for being a little more stiff.
My feet ache really badly at night. Sometimes the left one hurts when I walk on it, but mostly it hurts at night, when I'm not walking on it, or when I'm laying in bed its the worst.
Both my feet feel very stiff and the joints and muscles both feel stiff. Sometimes there's sharp pain on the top of my foot, or near my little toe.

Ive also been having very light spotting lasting only one day, about every other week or so. Preceded by light menstrual like cramps and a short-temper with emotional sensitivity. This has happened maybe three times now. The last time there was a decidedly heavy sensation in my low back. It was very achy. Made me feel very squirmy.
another thing, I've been drinking Nettles tea to help with milk supply, and I believe I have correlated the itchy bumps on my hands to the drinking of the tea. It's weird because it's supposed to help with allergies, not cause them. It is definitely helping my milk supply though. Would the Urtica remedy undo the symptoms of basically Nettles overdose? Lol
Or what do you suggest ?

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rom109 11 months ago
Bumping up for Maheeru :)
rom109 11 months ago

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