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1. Age-35, sex-female, weight-60kg, height-158 country-slovenia, occupation-nurse

2. Main complaints and other related problems.
ANS Irritability, nervousness, I quickly blink, hysterical and often shouting on others, I criticize I'm tired of dumb things
a) where is the problem; The exact location of the complaint, such as arms, legs, etc.
ANS: The problem is that I quickly blink, frequent bacterial cystitis, often meets water, presses me in the pelvic floor as if it had a stone. Occasionally I have abdominal pain, as if I have a rock in the stomach.
b) What exactly do you feel, Sensation like pain, how a feeling of pain or burn, etc.
ANS. Anger, tingling in the pelvis and the lumbar region of the back
c) What factors cause these problems in relation to you.
ANS. I do not know
d) The condition under which a complaint is reduced or you feel better, cold or hot, cold or hot weather, standing like standing, walking, rest, etc.
ANS. My anger softens my breath, and if I move to the solitude. Pain in the pelvis is heat.
e) The condition that the complaint raises, such as cold or hot use, cold or hot weather, standing like standing, walking, resting, etc.
ANS. cold.
f) any other complaint where it is in the body.
ANS. Occasionally my aching and itching in the left ear and often I have a clogged nose, I have allergic rhinitis, I have problems with dry scalp that makes me jerky Sometimes I have inflammation of gums and dry skin and dry eyes. I have diaphragm glasses -4.50 and gastritis.
g) The starting time of the problems in the details, i.e. what happened first, after what kind of problem and so on.
ANS. I had inflammation of the bladder and I was on an antibiotic, then I got an allergy to the antibiotic. My life started when my son began to walk
to school and because of constant controversy.
h) the accepted treatment method and its result.
ANS. Ultrasound of the abdomen ok, urine test of the bacterium in the urine.

3. The history of the disease in the family.
ANS. Heart attack, allergies, gastritis, inflammation of the gums

4. Personal history.
a) on childhood.
Allergies, allergy rhinitis, asthma, gastritis, frequent inflammation of the eyes, frequent inflammation of the bladder. I was growing up with mother and brother.
b) Academic success.
ANS. High School
c) All life events and their impact on life.
ANS. Wedding, child
d) How satisfied are you with your sex life, your friends, your family, your company, etc.
ANS. I am satisfied with my husband, I have few friends because I find it difficult to get involved in society,whit other people.

5. Cravings / addiction.
a) Smoking, alcohol, sleeping pills, laxatives, etc.
ANS. 1x a glass of wine per week
b) Masturbation and frequency.

6. What is your appetite and thirst.
I eat a lot and I drink plenty of water.
7. I like it and does not like it.
ANS. I love meat, chocolate, fish, eggs, coffee, milk

ANS. Ice cream, tea, crackers
b) Everything you like and do not like any activity with you or your neighborhood.
ANS. I love walking, driving a bike, reading books
 8. Movement of the bowel.
a) the type of mud, frequency, whether satisfactory or not.
ANS. 1x per day
b) any mood-related discomfort.
9. Urine.
a) Frequency, nature, volume.
ANS. Normal
b) Any discomfort before, during or after urination / odor
ANS. Sometimes it burns after urination

11. For women.
a) bills, regular, incorrect, early, late.
b) Duration of the period.
ANS. 5 days period.I am drinking contraceptive pills
c) Nature of the flow, scar, color of the blood, consistency, odor, staining, itching / when and what is worse / better.
ANS. Dark red blood, before the menstrual period, my vagina is injected. Every 3 months I have strange bleeding lasting 3 days. The blood is dark brown and slim. Ginkolgy says this is nothing.
12. Sleep.
a) Sleep quality, silence or restless sleep,
sleep position, wake-up time and reasons for waking
Ans.Spim well, fetal position, sleep on the right side with right hand under pillow.
they need to cover different parts of the body,
let the window be open or closed, etc.
ANS cover to the neck.
ordinary dreams, characteristic sounds or gestures during sleep, etc.
ANS. I'm talk in sleeping, but I do not remember, that's what my husband tells me.

13. Sweat
a) How much, what parts, stain, Odor.
ANS. Normal
 14. Weather
a) Tolerance of heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun,
foggy weather, winds, enclosed spaces, etc.
I always have cold hands and feet cold. I love the sun and walks
15. Mental state
a) The quality of the patient's life in relation to loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. The total energy quality that is available for operation in everyday life and in various circumstances.
ANS. Shocking, I'm angry about nonsense. I'm shaking sometimes from anger .
b) any mental / emotional shocks that emerge in the patient's life's grief, greater financial losses than loved ones, death, identity crisis, and drugstores in life.
ANS. Finance is always a problem
c) memory, ability to concentrate / understand.
ANS. Super memory and concentration
d) Do you fear anything, for example: animals, people, be yourself, darkness, death, sickness, robbers, thunderstorms, storms, hailstones.
ANS. I'm afraid of the darkness, so the light is always on in the holl to get the light in to the bedroom, I'm afraid to be alone, I'm afraid of death, I'm afraid of big dogs.
e) Are you worried about anything: if so, give details.
ANS. I'm very bumpy and I think I'm always right and that's why I'm angry with people around me
f) You are impatient.
ANS. Very
g) You are doubtful or suspicious.
ANS. Very
h) Are you easily (emotionally) damaged, how you react. Does it cause hatred / revenge?
ANS. Hate is caused
i) Your pride is easily damaged.
ANS. Pride is ruining me
j) Are you depressed, if so, the reason / circumstances?
k) Do you want to share your problems?
l) The effect of comfort.
m) Have you ever become a suicide? How.
n) Memory quality, if bad, for what (for example, names, places, people what you read).
o) Poster simple, the effect of jumping, that is, will make you worsen or improve.
p) Are you easily irritated? Why are you angry, how do you express it?
ANS. I'm irritated and angry
q) You are devastating.
ANS. Yes
r) How well you are in deciding.
ANS. When I make a decision, it must be so
s) Do you like the company or want to stay alone.
ANS. Wont to stay alone.
t) How seriously are you affected by disorders and impurities in your area?
ANS. Very
u) How does failure arise?
v) Are there things you do not want to have deep down?
w) What kind of activities do you deeply like? How does it affect your mood?
x) Are you kind? How does other sadness affect you?
ANS. Yes, I'm kind.
Thank you😀
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