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Thanks Maheeru... PCOS...Irregular Periods...Unwanted Hairs.. Page 4 of 4

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Dear SS
thanks for looking case in detail. Following are additional details:

what's your view of people around.
I normally think that many of people judging me, and commenting me like I am jolly but sometimes I feel people around me take my jokes and after some time they are like you are sarcastic and just didn't get that thinking.

Do you feel pride in yourself.
some people always praising their selves like in superior sense and they don't even know that they are giving others the feeling of inferiority complex.
Even though I know I have good face and personality than any other girl , my father was a business man and husband is charted accountant ,so I never suffer from the inferiority complex.
I want to secure my future NOW because I think it is important for me to stand up on my feet. It is related to my in security that I want my own home ,money and self confidence .
My husband is supporting me and I am doing my Msc Psychology from distance learning.
I think feeling of pride is bad but for your confidence it is compulsory. And I have a pride.

Is there any pricking/itching/oversensitive etc sensation of vulva region. Any other sensation in the body and mind at any time.
When it is about to come i think that it will come on time or not and how much days menses will be, due to past irregular history.

When did you found about breast lumps.
Dear SS I was thinking on it that I have breast lumps but my Gynecologist checked my breast and she said it is normal. So there is NO BREAST LUMPS.

Any coating on tongue.

Means if you want to add anything Not mentioned in the previous posts it would be welcomed. Your thought process.
I appreciate your concern. I think I am very confident but want self in dependency. I don't want it before marriage but now I see that my husband is educated and everyone around me in a rat race..so I do not want to be dependent on my little wishes on someone that as I spend a lot of my husband money on make up because I love it I do not want to answer my mother, father ,husband u know that you are wasting your money.
I have a habit of saving money since childhood. And sometimes my siblings call me selfish.
I have a short circle of friends. My MOM one of my brother and my husband are my best friends. I can share everything with them.

I want to mention that my husband was my fiance from 2 years before marriage so I am in love with him from September 2015.

My main problem is Irregular Periods, PCOD and unwanted Hairs on face and body.

if you need any further information or explanation regarding above or other than above info , i shall must provide.
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jiya2 3 years ago
Okay last question:
You said:
4) Any pain in ovarian/uterine region and when.
No pain as such

Can you elaborate your answer.

And you forgot to answer this question:
-Is there any pricking/itching/oversensitiveness etc sensation of vulva region. Any other sensation in the body and mind at any time.

And lastly hows your sexual drive,high low or normal.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

Any pain in ovarian/uterine region and when.
No pain in ovarian/ uterine

And you forgot to answer this question:
-Is there any pricking/ itching/ oversensitiveness etc sensation of vulva region. Any other sensation in the body and mind at any time.
NO any pricking / itching / oversensitiveness of vulva region and not other sensation.

And lastly hows your sexual drive,high low or normal.
i feel its High. Like every 2nd day

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jiya2 3 years ago
Platinum Metallicum 200
Cinchona Officinalis 30
Viburnum Opulus 30
(All are homoeopathic liquid dilution)

Start by Platinum taking only once a week i.e. Take it today and 2nd dose after 1 week. If everything is good repeat after 15 days.(Or else ask me whether to take the third dose weekly or after 15 days when you report after 15 days)

Take China 30 twice a day in first week.
Then Once a day second week.

Start taking Viburnum once a day two to three days before your menses starts and continue throughout your menses lasts. And stop after two to three days when your menses stops. Do this for two cycles.

So plumbum is weekly, china is daily and viburnum is during menses.

Dose:Take 4 drops directly on your tongue. Do not eat/drink anything half an hour before and half an hour after taking the remedy.
Do not take any birth control pills during this time.

Report after 15 days.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also include ginger in your diet.
Soak about 5 almond at night in water and chew it in the morning.
Walk some time barefoot.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Dear SS
Thanks for your reply. i will arrange these remedies today.I am not taking any birth control pills because i am continuously trying to conceive.Just taking Metformin 2000mg two times and folic Acid once a day.

Just want to ask that my periods are due in first week of May, but due to irregular history i am uncertain about actual starting of menses, so how i can start Viburnum Opulus 2-3 days before menses ? i can take it once started. Kindly guide.

Further do i have to take Cinchona Officinalis 30 from today? and if from today then if my periods starts in next week then i have to continue this alongwith Viburnum Opulus in menses?

Do these remedies also help to have my current menses on time? though my last 2 -3 periods were on time.

Further just to give more detail about myself:
My history of menses irregularity is that my periods normally starts/comes after 30 days or maximum after 45 days gap. But in past sometimes i also have maximum 1 month delay i.e 60 days gap between menses. Normally my period remains for 7-9 days.
i have No Acne.

My next UlrtaSound/scan will be after 2 months approx to check PCOS.

I hope i have clearly communicated my history and issue. If u dot mind may i request here ur email.
[Edited by jiya2 on 2019-04-26 07:57:35]
jiya2 3 years ago
Its not that you have to 'exactly' start viburnum 2-3 days before menses. You can start any time before periods.
The remedies are for your problems A-Z.

You can also report in the middle when you are about to take second dose of platina i.e. before week ends. SO if I have to adjust dosage I can do so.

I have understood whats your issues.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Dear SS
kindly also clear about cinchona officinalis 30 use?
jiya2 3 years ago
Start Cinchona from the next day you start platina.

When you have to take Vibrnum along with cinchona. Take vib. in morning and 1st dose of cinch after 10 minutes and 2nd dose of cinch. in the evening.

When you have to take only one dose of cinch i.e. 2nd week. Take vib. in morning and cinch. in the evening.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Thanks for clarification.
I will update u.
jiya2 3 years ago

Hope u r doing well.

i have taken one dose of Platinum Metallicum 200 and 7 days twice a day Cinchona Officinalis 30. Below my update:

My periods are due in this week BUT has not started yet.And no symptoms of starting yet.

Should I take further China 30 one dose daily and one further dose of Platinum 200 and also start Viburnum Opulus 30 ?

The last two months my periods were On-time, at that time I took Folliculinum 30C.(may be this point helps to correlate some remedy, but i am not certain that periods were due to Folliculinum or not )

My hair growth on face specially on chin and jawline is still high,but on other parts of body it has been 50% reduced from last month.

Kindly advice further. If u need any further information plz let me know.
Thanks in advance.
[Edited by jiya2 on 2019-05-05 15:46:54]
jiya2 3 years ago
Take plumbum once again.
China once a day.
Start viburnum once as said.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Platinum 200 one dose or plumbum 200?
jiya2 3 years ago
Sorry its Platinum.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
I am taking remedies as u precibed and will update u.
As of now My periods has not yet started.

[Edited by jiya2 on 2019-05-08 21:14:04]
jiya2 3 years ago
Ok take Viburnum twice a day and China once at night. Do it for 4 days.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
jiya2 3 years ago
Dear SS
I have taken remedies the way u prescribed.

My periods has not started yet and No symptoms started yet.

Further May i do kapal bhati , is it benefeical for me?

Update: i want to add that i am having very difficulty to fall asleep at night as i am trying to set habit of early sleep , it takes 2 ,3 hours to fall asleep.

Kindly advice
[Edited by jiya2 on 2019-05-14 20:14:47]
jiya2 3 years ago
hope u r fine.

If u are on forum?
Kindly reply
jiya2 3 years ago
Dear Dr.Maheeru

Thanks you so much.

I got conceived by having homeopathy treatment from you.

Being a PCOD patient that was very difficult for me as i was trying to conceive from last 2 year but due to PCOD i was unable to conceive. I am regularly visiting Gynecologist doctor and Gyne only advised glucuphage 1000mg and reduction in weight and changes in diet, i was following the advices but was not conceiving.

So I also start having Homeopathy treatment but was not having success from last one year, however, after some search on forum i request Maheeru on email to take up my case. Despite the fact that Maheeru was very busy and occupied he take up the case and i start taking homeopathy prescriptions from him in emails and he helps a lot within time!Thanks

And in 4th month of the treatment i got conceived :) and now i am in 5th month of healthy pregnancy and still taking treatment and help from him.

I am just here to thanks Maheeru and encourage others members that good treatment and efforts leads to success.

I am greatful and thankful to Maheeeu and truly appreciates Maheeru's structured approach of homeopathy treatment.

GOD BLESS Maheeru.
[Edited by jiya2 on 2020-01-01 06:45:35]
jiya2 2 years ago
Didn't see this earlier Jiya2. Thanks for this beautiful feedback and a hope for other women who go through multiple hoops to attain motherhood after issues like PCOS/PCOD/Infertility etc. Thanks a lot for your kind words, wishes and prayers!

I'm happy and thank Almighty for giving me an opportunity to give glad tidings to this thread----at times similar threads start to appear like ghost towns after going through multiple prescribers and distractions.

Readers following through this thread may wonder which medicines we worked with. A lot of homeopathic medicines have been taken already and initially I had requested Jiya2 to be patient for results because at times it becomes tricky to produce results after a lot of homeopathy with little result. We worked with intercurrent doses of homeopathic 'Tree of Life'[30c] and calcarea[from 6c to 200c were employed]. The first one for anti-miasmatic soil and the other one based on repertorial analysis. Apart from homeopathic medicines a general positive frame of mind, reading positive and spiritual books/remembrance prayers were advised.
[Edited by maheeru on 2020-01-21 02:49:58]
maheeru 2 years ago

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