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Erectile Dysfunction and other issues of sexual and urological organs - Please help Dr. Jitesh Sharma

I am describing my symptoms and conditions as follows:

1. Mind: (a) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
(b) Mannerism
2. Source of Ailments: Ill affects of suppressed sexual desire.
3. Cause of Ailments: Bruise or Injury or Strain.
4. Peculiar Symptom: Invisible prostatic secretion.
5. Main Problem: My chronic and regular problem is Erectile Dysfunction. Other problems are occasional.
6. Location of Ailments: Iliac (inguinal), Pubic and Lumbar Region which include Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, Groin, Urethra, Testicle, Waist etc. and also may include nerves and veins located in this area.
7. Other: Overuse of homeopathic remedies may have make my condition complex and incurable.

1. Mind: (a) Unnecessary analyzing attitude. My mind often want to analyze any simple things, have a tendency to make the mental thought into language, repeatedly recite and rehearse the thoughts in mind, which seems unnecessary and stupid habit. Sometimes unusual mental thought affect on body, specially mental conversation or mental pressure during physical movement or motion change cause pain in abdominal and pelvic area (prostate, bladder, kidney, waist, testicle, groin etc.).
(b) Confusion/Over conscious (i.e. the door was locked, computer was shut down, document was saved properly etc.); choosy/oversensitivity (i.e. whether the hand was properly washed or not). During computer work, frequently pressing Ctrl+Z (undo) and Ctrl+Y (redo) button to ensure any portion of my document has accidentally deleted or not. During meal, frequently reciting 'Bismillah' for confusing that, whether it has been recited before meal or not.
(c) Sometimes Negative Thoughts come unwillingly and suddenly (i.e., If any of my dear person die, or injured, or fall any accident; or If anybody become killed or being harmed accidently by myself etc.). I also have to fight with some unintentional thoughts and satanic proposals (i.e., If my computer documents like this thread would lost. Sometimes my evil propensity persuade me to prefer my child's harm rather than my documents loss.) When I try to control (suppress or subdue) these unexpected thoughts and satanic provocations by physical force (like head jerking or teeth biting), it affect on body and my specific organs (sexual and uro-genital parts like prostate, bladder, kidney, testicle, weist etc.) got pain.
(d) Sometimes such negative unexpected thought come that, if I disclose any secret or tell any underneath disgraceful speech to the people.

2. Body: (a) Laziness, Weakness; Easily Tired.
(b) Mannerism.

3. Male: (a) Erectile Dysfunction; Absence of Erection; Partial, Incomplete or Imperfect Erection; False or Ineffectual Erection. Specially Root is weak, so before coition it is difficult to understand, whether it is real erection or false erection. Reluxed, when coition is attempted.
(b) Testicle relaxed and hanging down; and inequal (different size). Veins of testicle got pain, if move or jerk.
(c) Sometimes prepuce become tender, even could not bear the touch of cloth.
(d) Desire Increased, Power Decreased. Desire to other women, but not to own wife.
(e) Hidden/Unseen/Invisible Discharge from Prostate. It is my oldest and chronic problem.

4. Urine: (a) Urgency, Frequency, Difficult to keep up. Specially retention is more difficult in standing position, easier in walking position, easiest in sitting position.
(b) Burning in Urethra, if strain, or urinate without urgency. Some drops remain, which require second step (strain), but this second strain may have a risk to become painful/discomfortable sometimes and also can lead to impotency.
(c) Temporary incomplete urgency, when go to near water. This type of incomplete urine urgency sometimes may cause discomfort in urethra and prostate.
(d) Sometimes when stool evacuation is required, if I do only urination and return from the toilet without voiding the stool, then burning and discomfort may be feeled in urethra. Same condition happened, if I do small quantity urine in order to responding a false/ineffectual stool desire. In rare cases, burning also feeled in Perineal body veins or penile bulb area along with urethra after unexpected urination.

5. Rectum: (a) Stool: Partial/Incomplete Urgency. False/ unsuccessful/ineffectual desire. Desire for stool, but with effort the desire passes away; Return from toilet (or from near the toilet) without voiding; Temporary desire; Desire coming and going; Desire stay only for few seconds; Partial paralysis of rectum. Confusion about Urgency; Indecision about going to toilet. Not clear at a time, have to go to toilet several times a day. Sometimes when straining for stool, then discharge the urine ('Dhatu' problem). Sometimes it is hard to detect the source of desire, whether it is come from rectum or bladder (that means, after urinating, desire for stool passes away); fullness of rectum. Besides, sometimes giving extra pressure and straining for stool have a risk to affect on sexual and urinary organs (specially on prostate and urethra).
(b) Anus: Sometimes itching in anus; sometimes left-back corner of anus is swollen/high and burning or cutting pain feeled there, which may be occured because of scratching by finger. Sometimes blood found in left-back corner and adhesive mucus found in back side of Anus, which are probably may be the symptom of External Hemorrhoids. Sometimes blood at the wall of anus skin, but not with stool.

6. Skin: Itching in groin and surrounding area (which include scrotum, thighs, hips etc.). Increased during going to bed, sometimes may be increased during emergency work. Aggravated by sweating, moisture, new lungi (loincloth) and unwashed pants.

7. Abdomen: (a) During walking, my waist look like serpentine (similar as dancing). (Chronic & Older)
(b) Sometimes Back Pain, probably during constipation.

8. Modality: (a) Better in cold weather, worse in hot weather; But foods and drinks need to be warm (except sweet and juice, because those are tasty during normal or slight cold).
(b) Sensitive to noise or offensive smell/odor; unable to keep saliva during bad smell; frequently spitting. Once discharging saliva or cough, the tendency could not stopped until rinse the mouth by water. Physical impurity produce irritation and discomfort in head and brain; Ameliorated by bath and prayer.

9. Aggravation & Amelioration:
(a) Penis and Urethra: Aggravated by straining, sitting with pant, urinate without urgency. Penis skin is sensitive to touched by hard hand or synthetic pant, specially by the stitch area of the pant.

(b) Abdomen, Waist and Prostate: (i) Aggravated by continuous sitting position, complex thinking during sitting position, unexpected mental and physical effort in sitting position, sitting without any work or purpose. Relieved by standing and walking.
(ii) Aggravated by motion change like arise and bend, Specially when give attention to the ailment and organ.
(iii) Sometimes Coughing by force also cause the pain of Prostate.
(iv) Sometimes kidney, groin and waist pain ameliorated by touch and massage.

(c) Veins: Pulling or jerking pain at the Veins of prostate, bladder, penis, groin and testicle caused or aggravated by—
(i) Crumpling the leg (i.e., fixing loincloth or scratching itched hip by the foot, )
(ii) Finding something (i.e. condom etc.) by grabble the hand in bed sometimes jerking the connecting vein at the root of penis, which cause immediate halt of erection.
(iii) Sometimes weight-lifting also cause the pain in testicle vein.

(d) Abdomen, Waist, Prostate and Veins: Moving the neck in sitting or lying position (for seeing or doing anything) cause problem in waist and prostate- at the root of penis. If it happened in erected condition, penis immediately relaxed.

(e) Penis and Prostate: Sometimes forceful effort to erect or enter the penis and do intercourse with unerected penis become painful. Coition with soft penis and urinate with hard penis both are painful.

9. Concomitants: (a) Headache, Discomfort, Irritation and Anxiety from Physical Impurity. (Oldest & Chronic)
(b) Frequent urination during constipation. (Newest & Occasional)
(c) Offensive body odor (bad smell in armpit) from pressure/repression/abuse on sexual organ (i.e. prostate) either by forceful repressive coition or failed attempt to coition with unerected soft penis, or by unethical sexual thought.
(d) Emission from deep sexual thought. (It was a past issue; now never thinking deeply any sexual matter.)

9. Probable Cause and History of Ailment:
(a) Bruise or blow on abdomen which include prostate, bladder and kidney; which was occured by rubbing during bath.
(b) Straining during urinate on the attempt of clear the urine, which affect on urethra and prepuce. (Also may be affect on prostate and bladder)
(c) So called Balooning Method, which suggest put physical force on erected organ to keep it erect for long time to enable blood circulation and make more tissue in the area- which treatment proved just a bogus and nonsense method. By doing it, I have probably injure and harm the root of the organ.
(d) Deep sexual thought and suppress the desire, which generate prostatic secretion.

10. Taken Remedies and their result/condition:
Conium (was very much useful, but now overdosed)
Lyc (was very useful, but now overdosed)
Caladium (may some useful, no significant result)
Acid Phos (harmful; produce pain and trouble in colon area and emission at stool; antidotted by coffea)
Nux Vom (not useful, sometimes harmful)
Staphisagria (harmful)
Camphor (harmful)
Phosphorus (harmful)
Coffea [was useful (specially as an antidote against conium overdose and against acid phos proving), but now overdosed; antidotted by pulsatilla and causticum]
Causticum (was very useful, but now at margin)
Sulphur (was effective, but now ineffective)
Calc. Carb (sometimes useful under the cycle lyc-sulph-calc. carb)
Arnica (was very useful, but now overdosed)
Avena-Q (was very useful, but now less useful)
Sabal-Q (useful, but at margin)
Damiana-Q (was useful, but now not too much effective and at margin)
Selenium (harmful; produce prostatic trouble to complete impotency; antidoted by pulsatilla)
Pulsatilla (effective as an antidote against Selenium proving)
Argent Nit [was partially effective (was effective for reducing irritation of urethra and prostate caused by straining, and was effective for expanding/extending penis muscle; but not able to make an effectual erection), but now not effective)]
Alumina (partially effective; effective only for relieving irritation of urethra and prostate, but not effective for erection)
Gelsimium (not effective)
Anac (not effective, even may aggravate)
Bar-C (may be some effective, but at margin)
Sepia (may not useful)
Agnus Castus-Q (not useful, may be harmful)
Graphitis (not useful)
Acid Flour (not useful)
Silicia-6X (harmful; cause watery semen)
Spigelia (not effective)

(b) Recent Proving History: Please check my recent proving history at this link: https://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/561564/

N.B. Although I have described several issues, but actually my main and regular problem is sexual impotency and invisible secretion. Complaints of other organs have only mentioned to show the probable cause of sexual problem and it's relation with other organs/ailments. That means, which organ's defect, scare, bruise, injury or weakness hamper the erection. The symptoms which described here, all of them neither exist at a time, nor necessarily represent my recent and current situation; These only probably indicate the root cause of my main disease.
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  sadeqahmed on 2018-03-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
4 drops thrice a a day
Report me after 10 days

One personal question?
Kindly explain the line which you mentioned desire for sex with other women but not wife
Did you tried having relation with other women and you had erection ???but whenever you try with your wife there is no erection

Please explain

drjitesh 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Jitesh,
Thanks for your valuable prescription. Glad to inform you that, I also selected the same remedy and already taken it last night 3 dose. Now I feel some relieve from fullness of rectum through passing the gas; but I am not sure, this slight improvement has done by Alumina, or by Sepia which was taken previous day.
Should I continue the prescribed remedy for 10 days?
Regarding the personal question, it is only about mental desire, not means real physical relation.
[Edited by sadeqahmed on 2018-03-19 14:22:53]
sadeqahmed 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Jitesh,
Please explain me the dose: "4 drops thrice a day and report after 10 days". Should I take 3 dose everyday for 10 days, or I have to take only 3 dose for one they and then wait for 10 days?
[Edited by sadeqahmed on 2018-03-23 08:12:44]
sadeqahmed 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Jitesh,
Last night I feel slight temporary aggravation. Urine frequency and urgency was increased, which was probably a sign of swollen prostate gland. Then I stopped this remedy and see some improvement. Should I resume, or wait? [Although I am not sure about the real cause of aggravation and amelioration. Because, it may also involvement of diet. Last evening I ate cake (pitha), which may cause constipation and urine urgency. Today morning I drink yogurt (laban/matha), which is helpful for bowel movement and may improve erection.]
[Edited by sadeqahmed on 2018-03-23 13:51:13]
sadeqahmed 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Jitesh,
Last night I again started this remedy. Although erectile dysfunction persist at night, but at morning just now I got a clear bowel movement. So I decided to continue the dose. Am I right?
sadeqahmed 5 years ago
When any irritation or discomfort occured in urethra and prostatic area because of straining, I get relieve by this remedy (Allumina-30). But in case of erectile dysfunction and ineffectual stool desire, I see no significant result.
[Edited by sadeqahmed on 2018-03-28 16:25:34]
sadeqahmed 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Jitesh,
I have taken the remedy for 10 days according to your prescription, but see no significant result about in erectile condition.
I have read in a book, "When too much of medicine has produced an hypersensitive state and remedies fail to act: Ph-ac., Teucr." Should I take Acid Phos now? Or, should I take any complementary remedy of Alumina?
[Edited by sadeqahmed on 2018-03-30 13:10:47]
sadeqahmed 5 years ago

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