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I am 24 year old woman .. i have dandruff problem since 8 years .. they are very big round white flakes .. that cover my complete scalp area .. i haven't take any medication yet and was relying on homemade stuffs and did some hit n trial on product .. but nothing help.. some times some product work for few days but.. nothing helped..
i never had dandruff problem before this ever not even a single flake... but suddenly this problem started and covered my whole hair portion of head...earlier when dandruff started they do not itch but itching started after 2 years.. NO oozing or blood comes.. unless i scratch them with my nails otherwise not..
i do not have any other disease .. everything is normal just got my full blood test checkup
recently i consulted a doctor in clinic and he suggested me

Stramonium 30 1 dram (40 no)
Phytum (SL) 2 dram (30 no)

is this medicine right ?
i am not able to find phytum anywhere ..

Body weight - 46
Sex - female
Height - 5 foot
Age - 24
If female, Last Menstrual Period, How long it stays.
my period usually comes 1 week late then date and continues for 4 -5 days properly
When you wake at morning - 10 am
When yo go to bed - 1.30 am .. late night sleeping has become my habit no matter how much i try ..i sleep a alot..
What you do - student
What's your daily diet - normal homemade and only vegetarian food..
How much water you drink everyday - 6-7 glass
Any Digestion issue - constipation from many years
Any mood swing - no only if very very big problem comes
Any issue with sleep - no really but ...sleep alot..not at all active or feels motivated
Any issue in gaining/losing weight. - no issue.. if i eat too much will gain weight eventually and if control have proper diet will lose it slowly .. no problem with weight

i was not bothered with dandruff till now a they are on head.. i used to just wash my head and they will not come for 3-4 hr but then comes and i wash hair in every 3 days.. i any late by 3 days my scalp will itch like heck.. hair becomes slightly oily ..otherwise no constant itch feeling comes day or 2 day after washing hair .... it leads to hair fall .. i just feel i should get treated .. i was afraid before coz some people with same problems who consulted doctors say they get relief only for few days ..then problem comes back much worse .. i hope this gets treated...
i am attaching image though not mine but mine are exactly like that

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  pri121212 on 2018-04-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Sister,
Follow these:
Wake up at 6am.
Breakfast with a walnut+Any fresh fruit.
Drink two glass of water at Morning.
Walk for 30 min.
Consume atleat 250 g of fresh fruit everyday.

Consume 3 lit of water everyday
Go to bed at 11 pm.
Take a dose of Sulphur30 at Morning. Once.
Report back after a week.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
hello doctor thanku .. i bought today liquid dilution of sulphur 30CH of schwabe .. you said 1 dose .. what does that mean how much drop and in how muhc water to mix with ..
pri121212 2 years ago
5 drops in 15 ml water is one dose .
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
hello doctor .. i was re reading this post .. suddenly i realised you said only dose .. i thought 1 dose daily for 7 days .. i had taken 3 dose till now .. it it okay.. i will not take now.. how long should i wait now ..
pri121212 2 years ago
It will not harm you.
What's the present status of dandruff?
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
i cannot say anything .. will wait .. i still have them .. today i will wash my hair so.. will wait if dandruff come again
pri121212 2 years ago
Take Sulphur 30C at morning and Nux Vomica 30C at evening.
5 drops with 15 ml water.
Do feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
how many times.. as i already took suphur 3 times.. i mean once for 3 days .. so nux vomica 30 C for how many days ?
pri121212 2 years ago
1.Sulphur 30C once at morning (5 drops in 15 ml water)for 15 days.
2.Nux Vomica 30C once at evening (5 drops in 15 ml water) for 15 days.
Feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
i washed my hair today and had bad hair fall. this always happens if i don’t wash my hair exactly every 3rd day..i will have hair fall on 4th day..
doctor I want to tell u about me more.. I am reading more and more about homeopathy so I understand it heals from inside.

I am btech pass out and giving exams for job.. it has been 2 years I am at home and studying but problem is that I am not studying .
I was a good student in my school time I was topper in my school constantly for 11 years .. and 11th class was last year that I studied properly..(I was interested in study and was in controlled environment .. my mom paid strict attention on me constantly and my tuitions were good) and suddenly then after start of 12th class.. situation changed .not enough attention ..no strict environment. tuitions ...were not good
i feel like my mind is in air .. not at all serious about study .. also my mom stopped paying attention ..not at all strict with me.. (she just blindly trust me .. that I will now do everything on my own.. she don’t even wake me up now….even if I sleep for hours and hours .too much casual attitude now… my father don’t pay any attention in family ..he don’t care much he is working with many organization ..and is busy in his life ..)
Now act I thing main thing I want to say is I talk to myself a lot .. I mean too much
mind talking .. this problem has always been there but after 11th when I stopped studying ..it has increased very much .. big portion of my life is spent in thinking dreaming planning .. hating loving ..every kind of emotion..
before sleeping I used to talk in mind for atleast 1 hour ..this problem is gradually reducing ..as I keep trying to control ..
I feel I now live very superficially .. I don’t pay attention to anything.. so forgets easily .
I know all my problems are more of will power issue then real problem…
2 years have passed by now I should have studied properly and should have a jobby now.
But I am still at home because of this .. I do every other time pass.. and think that is important.. I tried so much but fails easily .. my mind get distracted in a second..
Actually my parents ..since I was a topper so thought I am very smart.. enrolled me in UPSC tutions .. I told them I wont be able to study so hard but they were like you can do it .. but I didn’t ..so 1.5 lakh wasted ..actually after 3 months new teacher was doing time pass.. so I stopped going there..i could not make up my mind to go again.. next months..
I am preparing for ssc now .. I have cleared 1st tier though .. but I know that is not enough I know I don’t study .. 1st tier was easy and 2nd was not..
Now since I wasted 1 lakh already so I am don’t want to go to tutions anymore .. thinking I will join and will not study then it will be a waste
I actually even joined one tution but for some reason they cancelled that batch.. my fate is like I am not able to get proper tuition ..act I don’t even need tution ..that just to keep myself in control..
I know I can study on my own.. but I am not studying.
I sleep a a lot.. I mean 12-14-16 hours.. from 7 years.
I used to take tension easily .. but I keep trying to improve myself ..
After 11th so much has happened .. I had fights with people.i had seen my worst behavior. There were days when I was uncontrollably angry, cursing people .because people I was with were stupid ..and manipulating but I am so much better now.. I have learned my lesson so I don’t get angry now..
Januray was last when I got very angry, since then I kept myself in control
I am in better mental conditon now.. but still..i don’t know if I will be again like that.
When I gets angry I fight .. I like repeat stuff ..and curse and blame people..
Overall I am very compassionate and adjusting person.. only when triggered gets angry .. I can’t bear even liitle unjust manipulating behavior
So most of my time spend in thinking fighting with unreal situation ..though a part of them is real ..but still I make them bigger situation in my mind ..if one person do one bad thing I think they will do more bad things ahead..
(my mom is very talkative person.. I am very close to her and only person close to her since dad don’t spend much time at home and not at all supportive and
my sister had a long history of creating trouble in family .. she is very angry in nature and controlling ..only do what she want .. not at all caring toward our family.. but for other she is angel ..her health is very bad..so my moms all attention is there.. so I understand her.. a lot of money power and time ..is spending on her .. she is on depression pills on and off…and my dads also has not been great to my mom..
so my mom since my childhood shares all those things to me daily .. she shares it like everything is such a failure nothing is good … people are not good .. nothing good can ever happen.. life is all about fighting.. because of this my mind is filled with all negativity .. thing that I think too had to live like that.. my life will also be full of struggle or bad people.. though this is not true..
I always have great people in my life ..except 2-3..my life is very smooth .. only my mind is problem…
After January I have improved myself a lot .i finally ...cleared my mind of all negativity .after reading lot of Motivating stuffs.. I am .less angry …and understand situations..
i am not at all talkative .. I don’t even like so much of listening ..)
Though I keep myself I control I read good motivating things and I am improving in this thing but still I don’t know when will I lose easily and will be again that same overthinking person .
I just start thinking anytime..all of a sudden creating situation and stories in my mind may be this could happen bla la..
I noticed it happening way too much only after 12th class that is 7 years ..has passed
and this thing only happen when I am at home..and I am at home most of my time..
I don’t know if I should get myself treated for this. ..if this is simple will power problem ..
I would love if you could help me with my overthinking problem..
and also i am very lazy .. and procrastinate everything..and

i have no other emotional issues .. i am not competitive in nature.. not at all materialistic ..no jealousy ..compassionate .. simple.. feels content easily.. gets happy even in small things..most of time happy .. only gets sad when thinks i cant solve any situation..
i don't eat fast foods much i take care of my health .. but i lead a sedentary life.. no movement at all. (i just keep thinking one day i will do exercise but 2 years has passed )
(i had lot of fast foods in my college life and also at home for 1 year because my sis is fast foody she eats daily and nobody can stop her..i used to eat those foods with her too.. but not now since 1 year . i am strict on my diet )
Body weight - 46
Sex - female
Height - 5 foot
Age – 24
When you wake at morning - 10 am
When yo go to bed - 1.30 am .. late night sleeping has become my habit no matter how much i try ..i sleep a alot..
What you do - student
What's your daily diet - normal homemade and only vegetarian food..
How much water you drink everyday - 6-7 glass
Any Digestion issue - constipation from many years
Any mood swing - no only if very very big problem comes
Any issue with sleep - no really but ...sleep alot..not at all active or feels motivated
Any issue in gaining/losing weight. - no issue.. if i eat too much will gain weight eventually and if control have proper diet will lose it slowly .. no problem with weight
pri121212 2 years ago
These are the phases in life.It may feel good or bad,but we don't have any choice over that.
Try to follow my earlier tips to change your lifestyle.
Concentrate more on your study.
Follow my prescription.
Hope you will get well soon.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
i see good.. improvement in top portion of my head.. but i back portion of head.. still dandruff and itching...
in top potion.. big flakes are reduced to small dot like dandruff.. but on back.. where hair.. end.. that lining.. still has big flakes and itches
pri121212 2 years ago
Nice to hear that your conditions have improved.
Follow my earlier tips regarding Diet.
Take Sulphur 30 5drops in 15 ml water at morning every day for 7 days.
Feedback thereafter.
[Edited by Dr R Basu on 2018-05-07 08:44:01]
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
okay doctor
pri121212 2 years ago
hello doctor.. i don’t think it was improvement.. as sometimes in summer my dandruff disappear for few days..
now they are back.. again my scalp is full with dry.. skin..
pri121212 2 years ago
Take Cantharis 6C 4 pills twice daily for 10 days.
Feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
hello doctor..
sorry nothing is working..
i still have dandruff.. sticky white flakes .. covering my whole scalp...
pri121212 2 years ago
Day1:Sulphur 1M 4pills at morning
Day2:Sulphur 1M 4pills at morning.
Day 3 to 7 no medicine.
Repeat this cycle 3 times.then feedback.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
hello doctor.. though relieved.. but still dandruff at edges of scalp .....at front and back of head
pri121212 2 years ago
Dear Pri121212
Nice to hear that your conditions have improved.
Please follow same protocol for another 3 cycle.
Apart from that Take Natrum Sulph 6x 4 tab 3 times daily with lukewarm water for a month.
Feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 2 years ago
Some Homeopathic medicines which cure dandruff :

1. Thuja occidentails
2. Natrum muriaticum
3. Kali sulphuricum
4. Graphites
5. Phosphorus

These medicines have been known to cure dandruff. It is advisable to consume only after prior consultation with an experienced homeopathic doctor.
Aditya Rane 8 months ago

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