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Please HELP me. Anxiety + Palpilations + Acid Reflux + Burping + Vagus Nerve Iritation

Hello guys,

I am a 25 year old male, 193 cm, 90kg.

I have my problems from 2016 September. I had a panic attack because my nose was bleeding very hard and long. I ran into Emergency Room because of that, with very high blood pressure than (180/120). I was very panicked without a reason (it was a simple nose bleeding).

I was very unhealthy then, not worrying about my health till then, eating everything, drinking alcohol a lot, i was 100kg. My liver enzymes were slighly up. But for me it was time to do some change, because I worried that I will die from heart attack. At that time, I developed my phobia from sudden death and death from heart attack.

Its nice to add that, personally, i think that i developed my phobia when my father's best friend died suddenly from a heart attack without any symptom. Just like that. Boom.

After that, my blood pressure was 145/90 constantly, so in my opinion that was a high blood pressure and I started googling my symptoms like hell, i was occupied with my health, drinking healthy juices, eating healthy. And with all that stress I imposed to myself, I got gastritis, hietal hernia and arhytmia (palpilations).

I have been in very hospitals, doing holters and such, I had about 1500 PVC's in 24h, diagnosed Acid reflux, gastritis, GERD, esophagitis and everything. My doctors told me that my heart is ok, that my trigger is stomach but they never heard of vagus nerve irritation. Nevermind, I tried normal medicine but Omeprazole gave me even more palpitations. My heart rate is high also. I have 90 to 95 when sitting, more than 115 - 120 when walking or standing.

So I tried Homeopathy. I was skeptic but I tried. I was desperate.

My first constitutional remedy was Sulphur, so at 08 January 2018 I took my first dose, Sulphur 30C. When I took that dose, I felt nothing but nervousness. I was very nervous that day, even angry, mostly because the remedy didn't work immediately. BUT, the day after, ALL symptoms were GONE! Not even 1 palpilation, my stomach was very ok, no burping, no acid in my esophagus. NO NOTHING! I was amazed. I couldn't believe it. It was miracle for me. I was happy and relieved once again.

It was just one dose, because my homeopath told me that one dose is enough for 1 month. I took my second dose at 08 February without any symptoms. After one week, my symptoms were coming back day by day. At 20 February, i have some palpitations, the next day more, the next next day even more and than I was again with my all old symptoms.

My homeopath told me that I should take Sulphur 30c more often, so I took it, i was good for 3 days, and then the symptoms were back. Again i took it, maybe i was OK for the next 3-4 days again and symptoms back.

SO, after a follow up, my homeopath told me that is time for a Sulphur 200c, and if not work, i should take Arsenicum Album 30c.

I took the Sulhpur 200c signle dose, and i was good for 2 weeks. After that, I was feeling some fears again, some throbbing pain in my heart area, so I called my homeopath and he told me that is time for the Arsenicum 30c. I was thinking (imagining) that i have some blood clot that hurts me and travels into my heart, so i will die, so my homeopath told me that i am in Arsenicum constitution now.

I took the Arsenicum 30c signle dose, and guess what? After 10 minutes I was DYING from my old symptoms. I had a very bad aggravation, my palps were here, my stomach was flaring acid, i my legs had electrical shocks, i was SHAKING, i felt FEAR, i was stressed like dead man. Pins and needless at my whole body at random places.

I called my homeopath again, told him about new situation, he told me that my vital force is not healed, that i am too sensitive, and told me to have my sulphur 200c again. I stressed even more when I read that Arsenicum can give you fast death. ( I don't know is it true still )

When i took my Sulphur 200c, i was relieved immediately after 5 minutes, i was hungry and yawning again. I was calmed down.

I was so-so the next weeks, so I booked appointment with my homeopath, he analyzed me and told me that I should take Lycopodium 30c now. My symptoms were worried about health, palpitations, stomach feels like deranged, burping but without acid reflux, after sunset and whole night till the morning. When sun goes up, my symptoms are gone. And i felt symptoms flare up every other day at evenings.

I took the Lycopodium 30c at the last Wednesday 25 April, but nothing happened. I had the same symptoms, nothing better, nothing worse. Palpitations at evening, burping like hell at evening ( after sunset and after midnight till the morning). My upper stomach feels bloated and deranged, I think that my stomach touch my heart or my vagus nerve is inflamed/iritated and i have palpitations. I feel every palpitation that i have, its so frustrating and worrying for me. I think that i will die.

I don't have acidity or burning in stomach or esophagus now, I am not that much anxious, but only frustrated and desperate. I am depressed too. Nothing makes me happy anymore. Not any materialistic stuff, NOTHING. I just want to be healthy, without any symptoms.

I read that it's wrong to have lycopodium after sulphur, the right thing is to have calc after sulphur and then lyco. But there are guys who prove that is not a strict rule. I phoned my homeopath, he told me that is still early and i need to wait. I am impatient to wait. I read that sulphur is OK after lyco, so i am thinking to have sulphur again. But i don't know which potention, 30c or 200c. What do you think?

Basicaly, i am introverted guy, i dont want to hurt anybody, i dont want to insult anybody. Yeah, maybe i am philosopher, i read politics a lot, i am interested in spooky things like thinking about the meaning of life, about death, about universe and aliens and such. I am not afraid to stay alone at home. I don't want to bother anybody with my problems, I want to hide when my flare ups are here, i want to be home when that happens. I am very much shy guy. I feel sorry about my friends, family and girlfriend that need to look me like this. I am depressed, i was a happy guy before this, I wanted partying with my close friends. Now nothing makes me happy, I am happy only when i am good without palpitations and other symptoms. I am not selfish, i want to share things. I don't enjoy life anymore, I don't have plans anymore, my disease took me up. I don't have self confidence in my life. I think that my heart will stop suddenly if the palpitations continue. When i have anxiety and palpitations, my mind can't work, i cant talk, i cant think.
I am restless also. I shake my legs/feet, i am scratching my head, my hand is often next to my heart, i can't sit still.
I dont have food cravings, if i had to choose salty or sweet food, i will choose salty. I want simple foods, i want salads, i want omelettes and chicken soup. I like alcohol also. Moderate drinking, with friends makes me happy. Not destructive or angry at all. I want to smile.
My stool is normal. I go to toilet at morning when i wake up. I sleep good, i have never problems with sleep or insomnia, but often i experience sleep paralyses. Eyes open but cant move my body and extreme fear. I scream when that happens. Often I dream vividly, mostly nightmares.
I feel sorry and very sad when someone dies. When anyone dies actually.
I think that I am smarter guy in my surroundings. Often i have ringing in my ears. But not constant.
I sweat a lot at hot weather. I don't want to be sweaty, too much sun makes me dehydrated and dizzy. But I love summer because of bathing and longer days and also i love winters because the cold weather. I take my socks off every evening. I take my feet out of my blanket a lot.
I love to bath a lot, taking a bath relaxes me and calm me down. I dont want to smell bad, i always do my deodorant and parfume. I listen to music a lot, also playing piano at home.
I have long hair and i take a lot of time to make it good. I dont want to go bald.

I was at Emergency room and random doctors and specialist too many times at the past, too many ECG's, everything's fine, just my mild gastritis. They told me that i should not care, that my palpitations are benign but that is impossible. I am occupied. They started to look like I am retarded, so i don't go to hospitals anymore. I menage the symptoms myself, but I am losing the battle and I want to be healthy and good again.

Can you help me?

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  WoriedOne on 2018-04-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Belladonna 30c, just one dose and see how you feel after that.

You seems to be very sensitive to a homeopathic medicine, so put 2 pills or drops in half a glass of water, mixed well then take just 1 teaspoon ( 1 dose) from there. In this way, you can minimize any aggravation.
Tui 5 years ago

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