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freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Main sufferings :
• Hallucinations ( auditory & visual )
• Delusions ( almost all the time)
• Uncontrolled thoughts
• Severe anxiety, tensed ( about studies) dissatisfied , forgetfull , regretfull , irritated , jealous .
• Conscious ( about face - complexion, feature n look)
• Bad thoughts about opposite sex (especially at night)
• Difficulties in concentration
• Laughing when alone ( in washroom)

Age - 23
Weight - 53
Gender - Female
Occupation - Student

Cannot Relate the time , because some symptoms have developed after passing time.
But depression , hallucination , and delusions are from almost 7 years .
But it took me a long time to realise .
Earlier i had other symptoms , you can see my previous forum .
Diabetes n BP = No

Routine :
I get up at 7 am . Travel for 1 n half hour for college . I usually return at around 4: 30. I rest n use phone , listen to music or sleep till 7: 00 .
I get up n study. I go to bed at around 11:00pm.

No i don't have any weakness. But my forhead pains a lot.But after returning from college i have weakness , which is obvious.
Constipation - almost everday.
Smell - My body smells just the next day , when i do not bath.sometimes my mouth also smells ( not always).
I drink a lot of water , it is a habit of mine. I do not eat breakfast before going to college . I eat it at 12: 30.
I feel more hot than cold.
I have a lot of pimples when i was 13 yrs old.
Sometimes they are painful , and they bleed .
Many things make me conscious like my face , complexion , features .
I become very conscious when someone ignores me, i observe them n it irritates n depresses me.

Yes i had taken medications:

Aurum met 10M
Russium met 30
Pulsetilla 200
Nux moschata 200c
Platinum 30c
Crocus sativa 30c
Hellaborus niger 200
Hyoscamus 30c

You can refer to my previous forum and can get more details.
Maria Khan 3 years ago
It is a difficult one. But lets start with natrum mur 200c .. 4 drops once only in the morning 10-11am is the best time to take the remedy. in a separate disposable glass with some water in it. no more no repeat. only one dose is enough.

at night try Kali.Mur 30c .. 3-4 drops in a separate disposable glass with some water in it. you can continue it for 2-3 days only. no more no repeat. take after two hours of dinner just before going to sleep.

Do not use salty, spicy, salty, deep fried, junk foods or outside foods etc. do not use microwave oven, broiler chicken, old aluminium pots specially with black dots at the bottom inside, dirty water, and fruits ripen from chemicals. If you want a permanent cure do not use above things.

Kindly tell me about your sexual life ? masturbation and your dreams as well .. what kind of dreams you see ? happy dreams ? nothing or fearful dreams etc .. you can update after 3-4 days.
Gentle1 3 years ago
Hello doctor....
Thank you for your reply .
I am a single young girl. I do not have any physical or any other relationship with anyone.
Whenever i go to bed i get myself entrapped into bad sexual thoughts for anyone or some particular persons.Which brings some sort of pleasure .
But it escapes as soon as i get up in the morning, also i regret for the same.
I usually do not see dreams . But when dreams come they are like nasty and dirty about menses blood , stool , lizards ,etc.
I forget dreams after waking up.

I have one query , that in how much water shall i dilute the medicine.

Sir , if you don't mind i would like to know your profession , n where are you working at what position n all, so that i will get satisfaction to start the medications from forum.
Maria Khan 3 years ago
In only 2-3 sips of water. each remedy in a separate disposable glass as a rule. I am a professional homeopath. for more you can click my name below the post and read profile and other details.
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Gentle1 3 years ago
Thank you sir for your quick reply.
Maria Khan 3 years ago
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freehomeoforall 3 years ago
freehomeoforall .. what does that mean ? you always spoil a case wherever I give suggestion you jump in and without knowing anything you start doing your stuff .. what is that ?

You always make the person confused by doing that. Is it even a sensible behavior ? The last time you did in cold, cough and reoccurring fever thread .. I was dealing and you jumped in. eventually the lady without taking your suggestion or prescription what ever you call it left the thread and made a new one ... And you said to her almost the same thing that if you have problems with my suggestions you can take gentle1's guiding. Stop doing this. You are making people confuse a lot.
Gentle1 3 years ago
Hello Doctor ,
Sorry i was not able to connect due to some unavoidable circumstances.
I have completed the doses one day ago.
Please advise me after how many days should i report??
Maria Khan 3 years ago
Hi Maria,

Gentle is no longer on the forum. Perhaps free homeo
Can take up your case.
simone717 3 years ago
Is there any development after Nat Mur?
Or any change?
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
wht changes exactly (if remebr) after hyoscyous?
please clarify statement
(….no significant change...)
wht exactly ocured after hyos? (no matter how small /seemingly unimportant)
John Stanton 3 years ago
You should try Platinum again, this time in 200 potency.

Take it Once and observe changes
Zady101 3 years ago
Present complaints :

In morning i feel a very heavy pain in head which is almost in all parts of head.
At night i feel a cracking sound in my head while turning the head .

My mind is constantly running of thoughts. I am stressed, thoughtful, depressed, dissatisfactory...etc.
Even when everything os going fine i would think of some uncertain think that could happen to me and get stressed. I am very thoughtfull about my future.
Delusion and hallucinations are always there, worst when i am in a bathroom or toilet .
Everyday is full of delusion, which has taken me apart from the real world.
I have delusion of my marraige. I imagine as if i am married and have kids. Thoughts change with time .
I am least social . I become quite conscious about my words, specially when i am speaking to a stranger. Although i rarely speak to a sfranger .
I have never been diagnosed with Schizophrenia . But my previous history can illustrate the major symptoms of schizophrenia.
Maria Khan last year
There is sudden mood swing . It depends on situation whether the other person reacts to me normally, then the delusions would be a positive one. When someone scolds me the delusions become negative. Delusions persists with my ongoing activities, whether i am studing or even when i am washing utensils. I would percieve someone around me always.
Maria Khan last year
I am currently taking Ignatia Amara 200 , since 1 week
2 drops at night.

It is my humble and kind request to all the doctors to please prescribe me medicine. Please i need help.......
Maria Khan last year
Stop Ignitia and report symptoms after two days
U are a student how is your concentration and comprehension ?
Do you concentrate properly in the class and while studying?
Do you understand what is being taught and whatever you are studying?
What is the most peculiar thing about you?
Kaps last year
Ok i will stop taking Ignatia Amara 200 .

Well in studies i cannot concentrate properly, because delusion is always there throughout the day.
I however try to concentrate, but many things skip while listening.
I cannot grab each and every thing taught.
Sometimes i cannot even get simple things due to aggravated delusions and hallucinations. But the moment it slows down i anyhow get things. But delusions never end.
I am very forgetful, i cannot tell you what i learned 1 week ago, for sure. Even if i had read it several times. Sometimes the situation is like i forget as soon as i close my book.
I understand things, even in this situation i understand things .

The most peculiar thing about me is that i cannot talk to people normally. When i was a child i used to become very afraid and could not even have an eye contact. Now i talk but become very conscious to what i am saying and become nervous . I cannot talk to people in the way i talk with my family members . I am afraid of dealing with people and getting out of home.

I think delusion and hallucinations are troubling my life.
It has taken my far away from reality.

So i need to get out of it.

Hope you are getting it. Please check my previous history also from page 1 wherein i have written everything briefly.

Thank you.
[Edited by Maria Khan on 2021-05-15 07:29:27]
Maria Khan last year
I have gone thru
Ignitia shud help that is why I told you to stop u have had enough so it’s time stop and see if there any effect
Do you have easy accessibility to the remedies
How long does it take for you to get the remedies ?
Kaps last year
Hello doctor
Actually i have a small stock of medicines at my home .
There are around 55 dilutions and 16 tinctures.
Due to corona it is difficult to get medicine easily.
[Edited by Maria Khan on 2021-05-15 09:03:56]
Maria Khan last year
OK wait for two days and see
Kaps last year
I m not a doctor so please don’t say it again
Kaps last year
Ok sir
Maria Khan last year
Hello Sir/ Dr Anuj

I have not taken Ignatia Amara 200 for 2 days as you told.
Previously i was taking this medicine after watching a YouTube video of a Doctor.

Now also delusion is there.
[Edited by Maria Khan on 2021-05-18 08:00:46]
Maria Khan last year
Is there any change in the symptoms have gone mild of strong has the frequency gone up or down After stopping Ignitia Please post the list of remedies with you
Kaps last year
The symptoms have become strong.
The frequency is also high (specially delusions).
Also i feel cracking sound in my head while turning my head up and down, right and left which had stopped on the 1st dose of Ignatia.
I feel severe headache sometimes.
Symptoms are same .
[Edited by Maria Khan on 2021-05-18 10:09:29]
Maria Khan last year

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