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Sleep problem for 2 month old

1. Age - 10 weeks
2. Sex - female
3. weight – just over 12 pounds (fairly chubby)
4. country – Canada
5. climate – northern moderate
6. List of your complaints first
a. Baby cannot sleep in daytime without motion. She sleeps in the car, in a baby swing, but not in her bed.
b. If laid in a bed, she will wake up within a couple of minutes and fuss. She continues to fuss if left to herself. We can settle her down, but she will continue to come awake again and fuss 5, 6, 7 or more times. We have only a couple of times got her down to actual sleep, after repeatedly having to go in and swing her bed. (She has an “Amby” hammock bed for babies.)
c. If she is laid on a flat surface that doesn’t move, we cannot settle her back down once she wakes up.
d. If she wakes up at 5 in the morning for a final nighttime nurse, she will end up staying awake…
7. What exactly is happening ? – she sleeps well and soundly at night, waking at about 1 and about 4:30 and then for the day between 7 and 8 usually. Then during the day, she can only nap when she’s in motion… otherwise, she wakes repeatedly and fusses and if she isn’t in motion can only be consoled by nursing. In fact, she often wakes up quickly after falling asleep even when in motion – but the motion usually gets her back to sleep.
8. One situation that had a big effect on you ? – She was born at home without any assistance. This was unplanned! My labour was very short, and the midwives didn’t arrive quickly enough. I laboured on my feet, and my husband literally “caught” the baby. She retains a marked fear of falling.
9. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ? – She sucks on her hands a lot. In fact, she will wake herself up at night if she isn’t swaddled with her hands securely away from her face. If she gets her hands free, she will wake up much more frequently to nurse, and sleep much less deeply. However, if she wants to fall asleep, the first thing she does is stick her hands in her mouth.
10. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. Any confidential and private matter to be discuss by email. – a VERY easy baby otherwise. Very sunny personality and very slow to get really upset. Cries little. Very social baby – loves to interact and to giggle and smile.
30. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases) – problem aggravated by daytime, stillness, laying down. Made better by motion, nighttime, sitting up (reclining).
  Monique on 2006-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have given very good presentation of your child sickness but you have forgotten to mention about her stool , its colour and all and how many times she use to do.How many time you use to feed her do you feed her lying down , do you give her bottle milk,do she put every thing in her mouth.

Dr.Deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
what meds usedin child's life so far?anything at all


stool /urine characteristics?

child solelybreast fed --hen need to know about mother..

solely breast fed? what is mother's state of health?
what meds/drugs mother use?reason?
mother's age?weight?

what is exact typical diet mother use?please tell all--also mention cravings that existed during pregnancy and cravings that exist currently....how is mother's thirst?
John Stanton last decade
Baby's stool, its colour and all and how many times she has a movement -- she usually has a very soft, unformed mustard-coloured stool every day or two. She no longer seems to have bowel movements in the night-time hours.

How many times do you feed her? I feed her "on demand"... I don't keep track but it's about every couple of hours, with the exception of the early eening when she is feeding fairly steadily before she goes to sleep, starting at about 5 or 5:30 pm.

Do you feed her lying down? Not usually. Perhaps once in the morning in order to get a bit more sleep.

Do you give her bottle milk? No.

Do she put every thing in her mouth? She will mouth something if it is against her mouth, but only actively puts her own fingers in her mouth.

what meds usedin child's life so far?anything at all... No. Only Bach Flower rescue remedy.

vaccinations/immunizatins? None.

stool /urine characteristics? Urine has good volume. Due to unbleached diapers, I can't comment on colour.

child solely breast fed? Yes.

What is mother's state of health? I am 45, and generally fairly well. I've just seen a homeopath and have been through testing which indicates I need to take care of my thyroid/parathyroid and I have a chronic liver weakness. My gallbladder was removed when I was 20 which is 25 years ago.

what meds/drugs mother use?reason? Domperidone for increased milk supply. Nothing else.
mother's age?weight?45 and 185 pounds

what is exact typical diet mother use?please tell all--also mention cravings that existed during pregnancy and cravings that exist currently.... No particular cravings but had to change diet from "low carb" because of cravings for carbs when pregnant. I still seem to need more carbs to feel satiated. Eat a reasonable variety with fruits and vegetables both cooked and raw. I avoid dairy and gluten.

how is mother's thirst? I tend to be a bit thirstless in general, but am drinking more fluids now and have more thirst since the baby is born.
Monique last decade
mother use any stimulants?coffee;tea;tobacco/any soft drinks at all..etc

what sugar products exactly mother use?

when exactly was Domperidone started? any supplements/herbs or natural products?

how was mother's sleeping pattern during pregnancy?any complaints
John Stanton last decade
Good heavens....!

mother use any stimulants?coffee;tea;tobacco/any soft drinks at all..etc ... no

what sugar products exactly mother use? limited xylitol which is birch tree sugar

when exactly was Domperidone started? any supplements/herbs or natural products? Domperidone started during baby's second week

how was mother's sleeping pattern during pregnancy?any complaints... I had insomnia in the night starting between 1:30 to 2, going to about 4 or so, sometimes 5 am. No problems with daytime napping. My nighttime sleeping is resolved now but wasn't completely before the baby was born.
Monique last decade
I forgot -- I'm taking red raspberry, blessed thistle and fenugreek for milk supply. I take olive leaf for overall health and stress. I take a kelp supplement for my thyroid. Baby's sleep pattern predates the kelp supplement.
Monique last decade
insomnia during pregnacy?what reason give for waking at those times?pleae explain--thoughts...etc

how many pregnancies in life?any miscarriages?any other complications?

what illnesses in family history of mother and father of this child?please explain
John Stanton last decade
I don't know the reason for waking at those times. All I know is that I would come wide awake and would be unable to go back to sleep... No particular thoughts that I remember. I did notice that I would feel too warm often.

As for illnesses and miscarrages, etc., I'm wondering if this really has bearing on my daughter's sleep problem?... I was hoping that the symptoms were distintive enough to point to a remedy... given the fact that she does sleep well at night and has this strange problem with sleep in the day....
Monique last decade
well i dont dish easy prescription without knowing--all info...when mother brest feeds that is childs' health -affected through milk--and maybe not know it but mother's health status is determination factor in such cases (breast fed)...but ill let yo uget easy prescription from someone else --i have no time any more to haggle--get good free advice form me--go pay for it somewhere else...
John Stanton last decade
i remove myself from this case
John Stanton last decade
No offense was intended... I was surprised by the level of detail . I didn't realize breastfeeding created the need for more detail on me.
Monique last decade
ok--for child sake --i take this serious--maybe too serious--chidren -i feel important to initiate into thi sworld wih out complications of modern meds/vaccinse and such..

must understand age of mother and thyroid affected in some ay--that gives info as to what may occur genetically with child--just knowing background helps decide ..we wilstar with obvious--but i think sulph or carcinosin will be needed--not knowing anymore than

start treatment with single (3 pellets)dose chamomilla 200c--no repeat--mother is to avoid all acidic foods and driks (coffee;tea;alcoholic beverages;vinegar;pickled foods;fruit and fruit juices;..etc)MPORTANT

post back --with response or lack of response
John Stanton last decade

no other remedies/medicines--also stop all that milk flow enhancers---you seem into natural ---so simplify and we will include back into diet as see need..otherwise interferes..with clear accesment
John Stanton last decade
Dear Monique
You can try Calceria carb 30 and take it for one month continously and see the result.

Dr.Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you John and Dr Sharma. One piece of clarification for both your suggestions -- do I take the remedy or do I give it to my daughter? (Given the breastfeeding connection...)

John -- I don't at the moment feel comfortable to stop the milk enhancers, as I did have a problem at the beginning with not having enough milk. I am in the process of slowing weaning off these things, and seeing if there is any effect, but it will take time.
Monique last decade
well if had problem from start with milk flow that in itself symptom---what coincidenc ewith sleep complaint and starting milk enhancers (herbs and med) has been noticed?

well no mater what meds/remedies -emotions..etc you experienence is passed to child through breast mik...it is advocated to treat mother when treating child--both MUST be considered when treating...

well youdecide your course of action --just let known exact what you do --so as canbe accessed with some clarity...also i dont advocate unnecessary remedy dosing --single dose of ritght remedy will get path to cure started..and evaluated from there..then modify dose change remedy or whatever comes up--depending on response ---right remedy you'll see reponse less than 3 days after 1 dose--this enought o guide prescriber cours of action...anyway...keep in touch
John Stanton last decade
I'm mulling over what to do...

I'm inclined to Dr Sharma's suggestion as it is a simple remedy to take without dietary changes. Giving up fruit at this point would be a challenge as I already have to avoid cow's milk (and all cow dairy products), soy products and gluten due to sensitivities... So, if Dr Sharma's suggestion does not work, I'll then move to John's suggestions...
Monique last decade
A few thoughts...
I share similar experience and issues with you. My daughter is now 8 months. She is opposite now - sleeping well during day, up frequently at night. Happy otherwise. All the food "allergies."

Here are a few ideas I have come across:

Lac Defloratum for increasing milk supply in mother if generally chilly and exhausted from lack of sleep. Also, what I found really worked was Bach's ELM which is for exhaustion but definitely increased my milk supply during the day.

This sounds crazy but I made my own remedy from my own breastmilk and it has *really* increased my supply. I thought if my milk was causing her issues, maybe it would help her too (like cures like). I have it up to 15x so far. It's doing amazing things for me - more energy, post partum depression gone, etc. Email me if you want more details.

Are you putting her down for her first nap within an hour or two of waking? It sounds like she is perhaps getting overtired and not able to screen out sounds, etc. to sleep during day (but it's quieter at night).

The most she should be awake at any stretch at that age is 1.5 - 2 hours maximum. It seems silly but it really works - sleep begets sleep. She sounds overstimulated during the day.

Lycopodium - don't know if it really fits her picture but has sleepless in daytime (babies) - sleeps at night but is bad tempered all day. Also, belladonna - sleep restless, with sleepiness - grinding of teeth; feels sleepy but is unable to sleep; has nightmares or dreams of falling.

Definitely consider Borax: borax babies hate downward motion and scream on being rocked or put down in their cots. If asleep when you place them in their cots, they wake immediately. They do not like to be thrown up in the air - nervous, easily startled by sudden noises. They may wake screaming from slightest noise or scream suddenly during sleep and wake up for no apparent reason. Particularly irritable leading up to passing a stool and are changed dramatically to cheerful directly afterwards. Also inducates thrush or yeast. Worse for downward movement. Although states worse for riding in car so not sure...

I highly recommend Miranda Castro's Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby's First year. It has been invaluable!!

Good luck! Keep us posted.
busymominme last decade
Oh and for what it's worth, xylitol makes me anxious, jumpy, and gives me insomnia. It also makes me grind my teeth... may want to consider eliminating it to see if it helps.
busymominme last decade
Wow! Some great suggestions, "busymominme"! I appreciate the experience of a fellow parent and breastfeeding mom. I'll try both remedies you suggested for milk supply, and will definitely look for that book you've suggested...

Also, I like the suggestion of lycopodium. Lycopodium could be a remedy for my daughter, as I'm a "liver" type, and she's getting my milk... also, she could be a bit bloated around the middle (although it's hard to tell with babies...)

Also, thanks for the reminder re: getting enough sleep and sleep begetting sleep. I was wondering about her being overtired... I'll start checking to see if she's going down for naps quickly enough.

Will likely check with you re: remedy made from your own milk... VERY interesting!

Thanks again...
Monique last decade
Had a particularly bad night last night... Baby had a "nap" after 5 pm, and I was up until 11 getting her to sleep. I've noticed this before, and we've had a couple of bad nights in a row -- because a nap after 5 or so will result in a very late night getting to sleep.

However, she didn't sleep longer this morning! In fact, she woke up at 6:20, as soon as there was some critical level of light in our room and it's now 7:05 and while she is acting as if she's tired, I can't get her back to sleep. She won't sleep in her bed as soon as there is a certain level of light (oh, there's a yawn...) and is very upset at having woke. However, she is generally a very happy child, even when tired... although she is fussing now. (*I'm not surprised, as she's only had a very short night...)

I guess I'll consider Borax, since it may fit best for daytime symptoms, although doesn't fit at night...

Is there anything which talks about a certain light level making sleep problem worse?
Monique last decade
One other thing... what potency should I use for any remedy I give my child directly? and what potency for the Lac Defloratum for me?
Monique last decade

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