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Tinnitis and Anxiety

Hello Doctors

I am suffering different diseases from many years and i want to get homeopathic treatment.
First of all my symptoms started from mind, when i was child i lived with my aunt and didn't want to leave her but my parents took me another place because of my father's job, where i often weep and feel grief. My mind symptoms started from grief/Anxiety.
Now i am suffering from Anxiety/OCD from 15 years and took Allopathic medicines. I feel depressed, fear of disease, fear of hearing loss, I feel there are two powers/wills inside me one is evil and another is good. I cannot decide about anything. I always think about only one topic, one sided track, I always think about my health and i fear something going wrong to me. I feel happy in open cold air and happy in alone. I don't want that someone disturb me while i am working. I feel irritate and angry when there are burden of work in office.
Second problem is headache. Headache from left side which goes to left ear and nose. I feel pressure on head when i get up from seat and there is darkness before on my eyes.
Thirdly i am also suffering from nasal allergy without sneezing, nostril are red, dry nostrils not runny nose, blocked nose on left side. There is polyp in my right nostril, post nasal drip.
Fourth I have problem of constipation, dry dark color and hard stool, external hemorrhoids which bleeds. fatty liver with grade-1.
I have issue of cervical spondylitis.
Fifth currently i am suffering from tinnitis (whistling in ears)and mild hearing loss. Hearing loss started from 19-Sep-2017 when i have cold and took antibiotics which affects my ears. I can hear very low voice, can hear birds and others sounds easily, but feel difficult human voice. I have problem on 1000 & 2000 k frequency.
Feel difficulties in understand speech in noisy environment. I mostly used earbuds/hand free for music. I think it;s due to the damage of cochlea/paralysis of auditory nerves. I am very upset and depressed from hearing loss and want to get my hearing normal. When i started hearing loss then from that time i have tinnitis (low whistling sounds in ears, not all the time but sometimes just for some seconds hear whistling sound in my ears.

I am very sad and upset due to these diseases and want cure. Please advise me homeopathic remedies.

I tried Anacardium Orientale 200 and 1 M, Ignatia Amara 1 M and Kali Phos 200 but not seen any improvement. When i take Anacardium then my symptoms get worse. Kindly help me.

  anacardium1 on 2019-04-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sorry i forgot to tell about gender and age. my memory is not well its very poor.
Age: I'm 38 years old
Gender: Male
Status: Married

Headache and hearing loss started after my marriage. I got married in june 2016.

anacardium1 4 years ago
Hi Anacardium,

Please know this forum is Not a clinic and there
Are no drs on here. Only one real homeopath
Right now, who has a few cases.

Your case is very complicated. You need a real homeopathic
Dr. They will have to decide what area to work
On first. Childhood trauma is difficult to handle-
It requires long term treatment and usually
Counseling along with it to educate you how to
Work with your own self, besides remedies.

Any person on earth who joins this forum is
Allowed to suggest medicines - and it
Will probably not turn out well - they simply do
Not have the education to do a case like yours.
simone717 4 years ago
Dear simone717
I have given treatment from my local homeopathic doctors but I could not recover from these diseases so that i explore it to on this forum because there are different people from different countries and experience. So please don't disappoint me and try to recommend me homeopathic remedies.
Please!!!! I think you all can understand well my condition.

anacardium1 4 years ago
Hi Anacardium

First of all forget what you have read about homoeopathic remedies. The way you are giving your symptoms it seems like I am reading a proving of a remedy!

Write again your symptoms without delving into the 'cause' of it in connection with remedies.
Write the way you want. Write about your problems the way you see,feel and know it. After it I may ask some questions.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
Hello Soul_spirit

Yes you are right. I took Ignatia Amara 200 and 1 M, Calcarea Carb 200, Kali Phos 200 and Phosphorus 200 for a long time. I want to give all details about my symptoms. Can you please give me a format that i would fill and answer the questions in details so that it can be easy for you. what do you think which is the remedy that are proving?

anacardium1 4 years ago
Dear Soul_Spirit

But it took these remedies in 2011 and how that's possible these affect my health after 8 years??? I'm confuse about it. As i mentioned above that currently i am suffering from Tinnitis and mild hearing loss. And it's may be due to damage of cochlea (Inner Ears) / damage of auditory nerve or hair cell due to loud music and earphones.
Please advise. I am waiting your reply.
anacardium1 4 years ago
Anacardium you got me wrong. I am not saying you are proving any remedy. Its just that the literature on these remedy(which you read) is affecting the way you wrote your symptoms. Well forget about it.

Answer the following questions:
1) How you see yoursef in your childhood.
2) Your main problems in chronological order. When it started and how its affecting you.
3) Any previous illness.
4) Any recurring dreams and typical thoughts,sensations.
5) Thirst.
6) Are you a hot or chilly person.
7) Remedies you have taken and when and its effect.
8) Any important events that occured in your life before the problem started which you think has some connection with you problems.

Answer the above after it I may ask some more questions if I want.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-19 09:19:44]
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
9)Anything else you want to tell or add.

Answer the way you want.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-19 09:05:59]
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
Thanks sir I will try my best to provide all details in my words. It takes time. Thanks again helping me.

Best Wishes
anacardium1 4 years ago
Take your own time. There's no hurry.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
Dear Anacardium,

I am happy Soul/ spirit is helping you and he is
A good person to offer you advice.

When you first posted, there was no info about seeing other
Homeopaths. Many times people have not tried
Real drs and come on here- and end up getting
Prescriptions from people who have no idea
Even what the materia medica is, they post
Strange prescriptions out of books, etc.and
Many other bad advices have gone on here.

One can click user names and see past threads of
Who you are talking to. Soul/spirit is an informed
Prescriber, but usually people start working with
Whoever responds first because this forum has reputation
Of a clinic with real drs and homeopaths( not true)

Best wishes for your health -
Simone 717
simone717 4 years ago
post delete
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-20 23:31:37]
simone717 4 years ago
Hi Simone

Well what I will say now is not of much importance but I thought I should say. Don't take it otherwise.

If I were you I would not judge a person in a such a short span of time whether he is a good prescriber/person or not. People spend a whole life understanding others and themselves and at the end of the day they find an altogether different thing. Your intentions may be good but don't judge because a time may come you might have to say otherwise. Understanding an animal is easy but understanding a person is near impossible. And here on virtual world more then impossible. I don't want to elaborate on this. I just gave an allusion to the illusions of mind.

Take care.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
Post deleted
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-04-19 20:12:41]
simone717 4 years ago

I ain't patronizing. Its the job of the moderator to intervene under such cases. I hope he is well versed in Homoeopathy. Its his job as a moderator to conduct the site in safe and orderly manner.

Its good to hear you intervened and'saved' that child. But where were you when likes of Kadwa, Anuj etc, keep prescribing loads of remedies without 'any' result whatsoever. Will you intervene when someone on the verge of death. I don't know how much homoeopathy you have understood but prescribing like the peoples I just named and names I missed is just deteriorating the subtle make up of the person concerned. And you were there 'projecting' them. Projection was going on there not from my side.

Its too easy to judge. And too hard to bear the consequences. You were judging loosely for a long time SO I intervened. Everyone is free to intervene as you said!
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
perhaps you do not understand- the moderator
Allows those people and anyone to prescribe
Any way they want to. He willNOT intervene.

You have not read the forum past years- I have.
Many people objected to Kadwa ‘s recent years
Of prescribing , I used to have online fights with
Anuj, I have posted probably 300 times telling
People not to overdose on homeohelper prescriptions.

Do you want the job to take over every bad
Prescription on here - day after day?
That is not my job and it is why many of the people
Objecting ? In vain? Have left and I am close
To leaving myself.

The set up Allows this to go on- and I have spent
Hours over the years ( not just me) asking the moderator
To change it. He says no.
simone717 4 years ago
Well if the moderator intervened even a couple of times a month things would have been different. People have different ways of prescribing, many ways work but there should be a limit when things go south and the prescriber becomes a loose elephant. And the moderator words even once or twice would keep things in check. People respect authority and the authority here is the moderator. Hope he gets active a meager twice a month.

For Anacardium:

I am really sorry that I will not be able to look into your case or any case because of personal reasons. I will only entertain the few cases that I am currently active in because I don't want to leave it in the middle. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope someone else look into your case. Everything will be alright.

Take care everyone.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
The moderator allows anyone to say any advice on healing -
He says people are smart enough to figure out bad advice.
I have never seen him intervene in a prescription ever-
He leaves it up to members to object to the prescription
And fight it out. Many times the patient insists on following
The prescriber no matter what is said by others. There is no
Sheriff in town here, and there never will be.
simone717 4 years ago
If only people were smart enough to figure out everything!
Well Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Take care.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago

You can scroll thru the forum and click prescriber
Names.. if you prefer someone you can use the edibutton and ask for them in your headline.
simone717 4 years ago
1) How you see yourself in your childhood.

I was happy and remain always play with friends. There are more friends and i like them and passed most time with my friends and in playing. And I lived with my Aunt. She loves me like my mother and I felt she is my real mother. I felt fear from my father but he loves me very much. I was very social in childhood and was not shy.

2) Your main problems in chronological order. When it started and how its affecting you.

First of I want to tell you that I did masturbation very frequently from 1994(sometimes 4 times in a day) when i was 14 years old and did masturbation till 2016. My anxiety and ocd started from 1996 when my parents separated from my aunt and shifted another place where my father got the job. And I always weep there becuase I wanted to live with my aunt. It's mean it was started from grief. First my symptoms were very mild and with the passage of time its going to severe. I got proper medical treatment and anti-anxiety medicines from 2002 to still now. My mind symptoms are repetition of thoughts, think about my diseases, I always fear that i have more diseases in my body, I am very care about my health, I think only one topic at a time, i am hypochondriasis. Recheck my office work very frequently and think there should not be any mistakes. After the time Sunset my anxiety increases and feel better at the time of sleeping. I cannot make decision. When i purchase something i cannot make decision what to purchase. Weak memory. Don't remember anything. I feel my brain separated from body, Absent minded, Very angry. If my friends make jokes with me i cannot bear it and flare up. When i overburden of work in office i feel headache and at that time i feel very irritation if someone disturb me during work and don't want some talk or disturb me. I feel that i am not in this world and not alive. Lack of confidence. Insomnia. I have to take sleeping pills every night. I take Ativan 2 mg or Rivotril on daily basis. I cannot sleep well without taking sleeping pills. I feel there are two power inside me one is good and other is bad which fights each others. I work in hurry up and remain always in hurry. When i relax then i feel better and my all symptoms go better. Once i feel fear from girls and i don't want get marriage. I got married at the age of 36. After getting marriage there are no fear from girls. Now I don't meet another person, i remain alone in my room and watch horror movies. As i said in my childhood i was very social now i am not social. My confidence improves after marriage.

My Second problem is post nasal drip and allergic rhinitis which started from 2006. There is polyp in my right nose, allergic rhinitis, there is no sneezing, dry nostril. Blocked nostril specially left nose. Allergies from dust and strong perfumes.

I have also problem of external hemorrhoids which are very painfull and sometimes bleeds. After taking allopathic medicines for anxiety and ocd, because these medicine causes chronic constipation. Hard and dark color stool, Dry stool.
Fatty liver with grade-1. very mild. Gastric problem from starting anxiety. flatulence in right side of abdomen.

I have problem of eczema on my right foot from 2011.

I have also a problem of Cervical Spondilytis. Neck pain which go to below back and other vertebrae. Upper and lower back pain from 2017.

I am also suffering from Headache from 2016 after getting marriage. I feel headache in left side which goes to my left ear, eye and nose. I feel more blood flow in left side of head. and when i stand up from chair there are darkness before my eyes and nothing can hear at that time because i feel more pressure in ears.

After getting marriage ( in 2016 ) I am also suffering from Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I have to eat Viagra before intercourse. If i will not eat Viagra i can free before one minute. there are more desire for sex and intercourse but lack of erection and sexual power. Low level of testosterone. Sperm count are normal and sperm motility are very low. Sperm motility are 25%.

In September 2017 common cold caught me and I eat antibiotic then my flu and cold stop at that time and next day i feel hearing loss. I listened music very loudly in headphone and on speakers. i feel tinnitis ( whistling sound ) in ears, I feel pressure in ears, i feel difficulties in noisy place, now I cannot bear loud voice. I am sensitive from loud noise. I feel headache due to anger and loud noise. I can hear all sounds clearly except the human voice. I can hear birds voice clearly, but problem in listening human voice specially in noise. Mild hearing loss at frequency 1000 and 2000 k. And when i took sleeping feel i feel better and listen well. may be it is due to mind or damage of hair cells of ear and cochlea (inner ears) or paralysis of auditory nerves. Please i don't want profound. I want normal hearing back. sometimes i feel water in middle ears.

3) Any previous illness.

I have discussed in details as you can see above. My previous illness Anxiety and ocd. Recently Mild hearing loss.

4) Any recurring dreams and typical thoughts,sensations.

As i take anti-anxiety and sleeping pills medicines so that i have no dreams and sometime i forget. In mostly dreams i see a girl and i intercourse with her. Sometime she was my wife and sometimes other girls. I don't know why i saw these dreams and i don't think about it.

5) Thirst.

I drink 8 to 12 glasses of water without desire. Not feel thirsty.

6) Are you a hot or chilly person.

I am hot in summer and cold in winter. But i am not a chilly person.

7) Remedies you have taken and when and its effect.

I started homeopathic treatment in 2011. My first homeopath doctor prescribed me Ignatia Amara 1 M, Nat Mur 1 M and Opium 1 M on every week. One remedy in one week but no improvement.

When i saw no improvement then I want another homeopath in 2012. He started treatment from Ignatia Amara 1 CM, Anacardium Orientale 1 M. He changed many remedy and took more time. During this period he gave me Allium Cepa 1 CM on monthly basis and many others which he didn't tell me, Last he gave me Medorrhinum 1 CM on monthly basis and I took this remedy very long time without any side effect and improvement. After he died ( May Allah/God give his soul rest in peace) I went another homeopath, I told all symptoms and remedies which i took. He prescribed my Ignatia Amara 200, Kali Phos 200 and Calcera Carb 200 at the same time. Three remedies at same time. I took it long time and after that I left treatment.

In February 2018 i again started homeopathic treatment. I filled a form with my all symptoms and give to my new homeopath doctor. He saw all details and said to me tell your symptoms from tongue. After that he prescribed me only one remedy it is Anacardium Orientale 200 and then in 1 M potency. After taking 1 M potency my symptoms got wosed and he stop the treatment and said to me there are Satan/Black magic on you. May be you believe it or not. But he said me to pray from God and he gave me for readinf something. After that he started again treatment from Anacardium Oriental 200 and 1 M. As i took in 1 M potency i feel headache and more tinnitis and hearing loss. I don't know why my symptoms got worse from 1 M but not from 200. Again I contact him and he said that accoring to my knowledge your symptoms are best matched to Anacardium. So i again stopped the treatment.

8) Any important events that occured in your life before the problem started which you think has some connection with you problems.

I answered this question before. When i was a child (in 1994) and want to live with my aunt but my parents left that place because my father transferred another place where i often weep. One year i regularly weep for my aunt and my old friends. At this time i did masturbate more frequently. After that we again went to my aunt' home and live with her. My anxiety / Ocd started at that time and day by day it increases while i am taking allopathic medicines regularly.

I like cold weather but i wrap myself from blanket in summer too. I like very spicy foods and after eating spicy and salty foods i feel more headache and my B.P is normal. I like to walk in open air in fields. I don't like cold water. I drink normal water.

This was my story. Now you are able to understand my whole picture and prescribing remedy.

anacardium1 4 years ago
Dear Soul_Spirit

I have posted my all diseases with symptoms and i hope you all try to solve my problem specially Anxiety and Hearing loss. Please prescribe homeopathic remedy only.
I will be thankful to you.

[Edited by anacardium1 on 2019-04-20 11:03:21]
anacardium1 4 years ago
Okay I will try to look into your case.
There Might be delay as I have time constraints and some personal commitments.
Soul_Spirit 4 years ago
"For Anacardium:

I am really sorry that I will not be able to look into your case or any case because of personal reasons. I will only entertain the few cases that I am currently active in because I don't want to leave it in the middle. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope someone else look into your case. Everything will be alright.

Take care everyone."

For Soul_Spirit:

Hello Soul_Spirit

Why are you saying that? I came here for treatment, because there are many doctors and they can work together and can handle the complex situations. I am here for hope. and happy to see that you are all doing good job and do it for humanity. I don't know what's going on between you and simone717. But i need your help. you can see my all situation and condition how i am living with these diseases. What's my fault? Why you cannot take my case?
Please think again. I am hopeless if you doctors replied such. I can understand the forum rules and regulations that there are not all doctors. Dear Soul_Spirit I think you can understand better than because you are a doctor.
I shall wait your reply and i hope you cannot leave me in this situation and give positive response.

Take Care.
anacardium1 4 years ago
Sure!!! you can take time. thank you very much.
Sir I shall wait your advice.
anacardium1 4 years ago

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