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Help ! Chronic brain injury/memory loss worse or menopause ?

1. Age - 51

2. Sex - female

3. country- Canada

4. climate - spring - massive temperature fluctuations each day lots of rain wet cool

5. current complain-from how many days- BRAIN ISSUES, MEMORY, EXHAUSTION, PAIN, WEiGHT GAIN

6. current medicine you are taking - none (some vitamins , Gotu kola

7. sign & Symptom of disease. - memory loss short term , can’t thinks straight or remember to complete tasks, jump from
One thing to the next , brain gets jumbled , must make lists , dull , head buzzes, can hardly get out of bed some days , other days are fine , joints ache especially legs - weak , pain , 20 lb weight gain in 1 yr 120-140 lbs, bloated , stomach hurts and burns . Never before had weight gain , homebirthd and healthy pregnancies , no problem losing weight .

8. Slight back history
Was healthy and actively fit multitasking 5 yrs ago , gym, karate , roller derby and homeschooling my kids, growing garden - juicing , micro greens , could do many things per day happy healthy . Then had brain injury from being run over by a horse (no helmet ) and I was tossed back 5’ on the ground . Smashed my head on ground . Have had multiple head injuries over the years - car, horses, sports but this one was different . Did not go to hospital thought it would go away and it did but now I believe all my problems began after this accident .

9. family back ground Mother died at 52 of lung issues (never allowed an autopsy but fibrosis Type ) . Father was obese until the last couple years and he died last year at 75 from heart Attack we think ,(alcoholic many years ago but gave it up ) , siblings with major menopause and emotional issues , depression , hep c , uterine issues , alcoholism , one took allopathic route of many many meds etc the other one lives a healthy lifestyle , grandparents one grandfather had TB, , one grandmother had alcoholism and one grandfather was said to be child molester (never met him)

10. qualification of patient
I don’t know what this means ?

11. Nature of working
Homeschooling mom to 1 remaining son . Look after family hobby farm and all holistic care for some 60 animals but getting more difficult as I can’t stay focused one remember all that I have learned in 20 yrs

12. desire and aversion of food - something happened last year , virus? I became ravenous . I have always felt way better when I don’t eat - juice fasting leaves me feeling amazing . I ate super clean and health for 15 yrs - no bread , no dairy , no junk food , no caffeine or sugar . Now I crave meat, sugar. Fat , food of any kind after lunch is when it is worse . But I eat 3 helpings all the time . Can’t eat breakfast or I need to go back to sleep .

So I am now averse to veggies (I use to eat 90 percent raw plants) and crave cooked fatty food

Stomach burns and feels sore , liver or gallbladder sore when I eat. Need to lay down often after eating .

13. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and

- all of these !!

so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not ,

I don’t enjoy public speaking , I love talking one on one especially about health although this last year I have become reclusive . I don’t enjoy the company of others . I am negative and find fault in people and speak poorly about them
In one breath but then tell my kids not to judge others . I have always been the kindest most thoughtful person who did everything for everyone and helped so many people with their health . Then I got resentful and bitter because no one really wants to be friends they just want you to help them . Very very busy running children and animals to apppintments , work and sports plus running house and farm and trying to make all meals from scratch, mow lawns , gardening herbs , dog training . Husband travels for extended lengths of time .

you can describe all the detail about behaviour,love and affection.

I went from a wArm fuzzy caring compassionate mom to cranky , bitchy , strict, yelling , non affectionate , non loving , no fun , very rarely laugh , swear all the time (I never did that before ), apathetic to most things , want to be left alone , just want time to myself , don’t want to listen anymore , I don’t react much to bad things unless it’s a sad story about a poor animal then I want to cry. Can’t cry - I haven’t cried since my mom died 20 years ago . I get angry instead . I just learn to toughen up and deal with life etc I don’t understand emotional people that cry all the time . I am the opposite . No libido , no hugs , am exhausted most of the time and feeling like there are too many things that have to get done , don’t know where to start , can’t keep up , stressed out . House is a mess , no one does their chores , no one listens (can you blame them ? Uggh) not enough hours in a day to do all that needs to get done (bookkeeping - garden needs to get filled and planted , have animals with health issues (bushings/metabolic disorders , a dog with cysts and a pregnant goat that isn’t mine ), mounds of laundry , meals to be made , and 30 places a week to get kids to , but can’t find the energy most days to be productive .. I manage a little of everything but forget to go back to where I was and complete a task and it goes unfinished . Once in awhile I have an amazing day where I can think super clear and multitask and I work sunup to sundown and get many things done . Then can’t move or think the next day . I worry about everyone even the animals every day :-( try to fix myself but get sidetracked and can’t be objective .

Had my 13 amalgams out 14 yrs ago and my previous memory problems went away with all the detoxing and work I did . Although I had head injuries as a kid too and a tetanus vaccine at age of 22 which I think is what turned my health even worse . As a kid I was sickly . Never wanted to walk anywhere slept all the time was on many antibiotics up until the age of 2 . Was covered in eczema and tests showed many deficiencies . A my parents took me to a homeopath who fixed most of my eczema then they took me to a naturopath for nutrition etc . I did however spend my 20’s working 80 hr weeks smoking and drinking . Turned life back around after mother died .. then 20 yrs of no drinking smoking only healthy lifestyle .

Worse for damp , worse for eating , afternoons are worse , bread make it memory brain and fatigue the worst . Fasting would fix all this but this is the first time in 19 yes I can’t seem to fast. It used to be easy now I feel like I MUsT have food - I try so hard but I crave food :-( stomach burst and is bloated .

Crave cigarettes and alcohol these days . I would never smoke again but have had a few drinks here and there but. It to excess . I do crave it though .

If any secret thing or can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on your any forum doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.

14. Aggravation & amelioration

See above

Better from
Outdoors and fresh air (but avoid it because I have so much to do inside )

better for sun (but feel guilty to sit in it doing nothing )

Better for peace and quiet

Better from abstaining from food
  wendypape on 2019-05-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The forum does not have any homeopaths
Or homeopathic md’s on here at this time.

You need to see the dr. And get a scan - as your complaints match
Those of people who have had head injuries.

I would also request CBC , liver enzyme blood panel
And your thyroid levels checked.

See what the real facts are first.
simone717 4 years ago
Thanks . Even with a scan there is nothing they could do. I have 3 friends with severe brain trauma from car or sports accidents . The worst one has been told to not have any more falls or bumps to his head . The other 2 ladies have been to multiple MD’s with zero progress and zero support .

If there isn’t a homeopath or enthusiast here to help me narrow down the best remedy . I have looked at arnica and nat mur as possibles ... but with my brain the way it is I have trouble with follow through and keeping accurate records / dosages , progress etc

Can you recommend someone experienced in this you can refer me to that is accepts long distance patients ?

Thank you
wendypape 4 years ago

Yes, 3 people I trust.


Lia Bello-homeopathic teacher and nurse- head
Of USA nurse homeopaths association .She will work by phone,
You can google her and email a basic intake form.
She works out of her office in New Mexico.
I have referred people with emergency to her,
She understands the allopathic and homeopathic
Viewpoint, decades of experience.

Mary Aspinwall- homeopathic teacher and decades
Of practice- will work by phone. Her office is in
Santa Barbara, California.


Dr jitesh sharma- jiteshsharma2007 at gmail.
Dr jitesh and his father have helped on here
For years, time permitting. They have a homeopathic
Hospital , jds hospital dot com.Dr Jitesh will do a Skype consult or
Email consult- He prescribes and takes cases
Similar to the above homeopaths.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-20 22:50:30]
simone717 4 years ago

I can look into your case. Brain injury is something i have worked with. I may be slow in communication but my response turn around time will not exceed 96 hours. So if you don't find any of the above options clicking for you, you can ping me.
maheeru 4 years ago
Hi Wendy,

You can click Maheeru’s name and his details will
Come up(email) past threads. He is a very good
Prescriber, nice that he responded.
simone717 4 years ago
Thank you Simone717 for your nice words. Personally i see myself as a facilitator than a prescriber and my ideas as advice rather than prescription.

I also strongly believe that whether one has experience or not with a particular condition/disease, if one has a grounding in basics and is willing to see beyond therapeutics ---using tools like materia medica and repertory, one can independently handle any named or unnamed disease condition.
maheeru 4 years ago

I think that is true, except for lack of education
On the physical body - which is why famous
Canada homeopath Andrew Saine requires
People to have some type of health degree or
Already be a nurse, chiropractor etc.

Recently, on this forum, some people present
Long , long histories of diseases and symptoms.
I think this is very difficult to have the confidence
To assess the case well.And for most non homeopaths
They will just be prescribing on a layer of symptoms
And do NOT have the knowledge that some
Remedies are going to be very wrong and harmful
To the person - because they just do not know
Enough about health education. And
Will think things like they have to clear out
Someone’s brain from some substance they took
Once 5 years ago - or they will prescribe a high
Potency of arsenicum not realizing the person
Is elderly and frail. One has to know what you
Do not know and be respectful of that.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-21 19:27:24]
simone717 4 years ago

A new methodology in homeopathy is evolving if i'm right it's named sequential therapy where remedies are given to remove substances that were given to the patient from now well into the past in a reverse order. A lot of homeopathic doctors also follow this method.

Elderly and frail can really be spared of high potencies. Not only ars. alb. they can also do well without high potencies of any deep acting remedy. But if there is a need one can go high after strengthening the constitution. There is a cautionary note one can find across the literature about using high potencies in structural diseases and those who have weak constitutions including the aged people.

A good point to talk about health education. It gives an edge to understand the body, nature and progression of a disease. But in my view assessment of a case does not come from health education alone, for a major part it comes from homeopathic philosophy and basics. Well you raised a valid point and i get asked by readers now and then if i have any recommendation to learn about anatomy, physiology and pathalogy. This is for those who haven't and can not do a nursing degree in future and are interested in homeopathy as lay people. Books to read are: 1) Dictionary of domestic medicine by J. H. Clarke 2) Black's Medical Dictionary 3) Gray's Anatomy 4) J. Yasgur's dictionary for homeopathic terminology 5) A pictorial handbook of Anatomy and physiology by James Bevan. BIH British Institute of Homeopathy has got a couple of parcel modules that constitutes Human Science program course: 1) Anatomy and physiology 2) Pathalogy and the Nature of the Disease.

maheeru 4 years ago

Thanks for the info. Yes, there is so much to know.
I am fascinated by reading real cases ( hopefully
Not made up! Outcomes)

For instance, dr Andrew Saine, who takes and
Cures “incurable” cases , spends up to 3 hours
For the first interview. He then finds the one remedy
To restore the vital force. Of course, if the patient
Has some acute or strong illness like a wound
Or pneumonia , he treats that first with remedies for that.

In studying, over the years, I have sent people to
Homeopaths who are well known, and they do not
Prescribe according to the methods in their books
Or in their published book cases. Or in line with
What their website says. Very strange-but a regular person would have no idea really, that what they preach and what
They do is not the same.

Sometimes , this works out- as a case on here
Of urethral stricture of a young man - damaged
His urethra from squeezing it in childhood due
To long bus rides holding urine in. He had the operation
Which made it worse. He had taken some stricture remedies
One at a time. Nothing worked. I sent him to a classical homeopath in India - online , who did a lot of Stricture cases - advertised
In the classical way-
The actual prescription was about 6 months,
And very complicated directions of just about
Every stricture remedy and some others with
Gaps. After a month, he was doing better. After
3 months he was almost 100 percent well. I
Had encouraged him to go ahead, even tho Was very surprised by the prescription. He got his life back( was becoming a hermit)
And getting made fun of at work. When I last
Spoke with him, he was enjoying his life, friends
And getting ready for marriage.

Thanks for being on this forum, and the education
And experience you provide.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-05-22 14:20:26]
simone717 4 years ago
:) Welcome, Yes that happens all the time. People don't walk the talk and under the cover of 'doctor' they are not accountable for such deviations. That's precisely why i always request people to look for less styled(read as h'paths who market themselves less) h'paths who may stick to basics and are transparent rather than who go overboard in marketing themselves or their way of homeopathy. The deeds are important than what they or their PR spin says.

This is a risk in referring people to doctors/h'paths based on how they style themselves. This is one reason i shy away from recommending specific people.

Mr. Murthy in the past used to discourage patients from taking help on here and to go and see real doctors. I used to tell him that there is no guarantee that the doctors in the real life are any better and any ways people come here after exhausting other options and we never know where they are destined to have help. Atleast in the case you mentioned the patient got relief after all the merry-go-round experimenting :).
maheeru 4 years ago

Wrt your comments about Andre Saine you may find his article "Some Interesting Anecdotes about Case Taking and Case Analysis" interesting if you have not already read it. Here is a link to the article.


JS123 4 years ago
Hi JS,

Thank you- very interesting article.
simone717 4 years ago

It was a nice re-read. Read it a long time ago. Yes some homeopaths take that much time to make sure what they are doing is right to the last detail. I can remember reading a top surgeon telling the interviewer that if he was given only three minutes to do a major complicated operation, he would spend first two minutes to analyse the situation and plan about how to go about the whole thing and would only spend the remaining one minute to execute the plan.

Even a little less time will do in simple cases and some time could be saved in this age with computerised repertorisation or searching hints about any medicine for a particular situation electronically--skimming books can comparatively take more time. But some doctors say when they have a couple of hundred patients they can't give so much time. But they will have to do homeopathy the right way, otherwise the results would be mediocre leaving both the doctor and the patient frustrated. This is reflected when patient says we went to so and so doctor or this/that famous doctor but yet we did not get results.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-06-10 20:50:11]
maheeru 4 years ago

As a patient/client I obviously prefer the skilled homeopath that takes more time to select the remedy than the homeopath that does not take enough time but as you have pointed out the key is the skill of the homeopath. The unskilled homeopath may take as much time as he/she wants and never find the correct remedy (or series of remedies). I assume technical advances such as homeopathic software will help but as the saying goes "garbage in, garbage out". I also wonder how many homeopaths check the materia medica to confirm the remedy selected by software programs is correct.

I realize if the homeopath has many patients the homeopath has to use the available time wisely.

JS123 4 years ago

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