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External Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy

Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Diagnosed: External Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy
Can not raise her head, can not talk, can not hold anything in hand for long, can not sit, can not stand, Vomits after epilepsy, all parts of the body is convulsing during epilepsy, epilepsy occurs most during sleep.
Critical situation was created during birth, did not cry after birth.
Applied: Silicae 30, Cicuta 30, Cal Carb 30, Hell 30, Cup Met 30, Cal Phos 6X, Ignatia, Absinth Q, Amyl Nit Q <br>She was good by Ignatia, Absinthium Q, Amyl Nit Q, Cal Phos 6X, Kali Phos 6X,
But One time condition became very bad. Nux Vom 30 was given for 2 days. Condition became good and fine after giving Nux Vom.
But After 20 days, condition became very bad again.
Please prescribe anything.
Can I give Nux Vom 30 again?
  jannat.lackey on 2019-06-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This epilepsy is she getting after hydrocephalus ? Or before she get the attack?
priyanka sharma 4 years ago
When her age was 8 months only, her all body was loose. Can not raise her head, motion is very low. But she can move all the parts of body. CT Scan Report was taken at the age of 8 months. Report Showed "External Hydrocephalus". But there was no "Epilepsy". Homeo treatment was started. Physical therapy was started with heat therapy. One day, when her age was 2.5 years, her mother brought her to give hir "Ceragem Heat Therapy". After 1 hour of Giving "Ceragem Heat Therapy" huge foams come from her mouth, then convulsion was started. Now it is not stopping. Please be helpful to save her life.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
"Epilepsy" is stared after "External Hydrocephalus"
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
Details should be always given with complaints. Cause and other significant details about the patient.

Don't you have a near by homeopath who can see the child and prescribe?

Why do you think you stopped Ignatia and Nux v after they showed positive results? Were they aggravating?

This seems a complicated case with scant differentiating details. While you can wait for what Priyanka sharma has to say, I'd let you know my tentative remedy choice for what you have described. It may be tried and if there is improvement ---it can be persisted with. It would be Causticum in 30c. Initial dosage may be once or twice a week.
maheeru 4 years ago
Thank you so much. Can I continue Nux vom 30 for long time? As after giving nux vom30 (only) epolepsy was gone and she slept a fresh sleep and she seemed very good.
A local homeopath told me to not to repeat nux vom for a longtime. So I became afraid and stopped it.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
If she did well on Nux 30 and felt good generally then continuing it is not a problem--- in fact that would be desirable. Just watch out if the medicine stops working or aggravates or gives new symptoms. In that case either a new potency or a new medicine has to be employed.

In her condition sometimes a medicine will have to be continued for some time beyond general restrictions. But it depends if it keeps the generals of the child in good shape. Like you mentioned it affected epilepsy positively, then she slept well other general may be--- appetite, thirst and energy levels.

Did your local homeopath said why he was discouraging nux v 30?(except not to continue it for long term?)

Any ways give her remedy for two weeks on a stretch, then leave a week or two then resume N Vom 30 again if you are going to resume Nux v. 30.

Alternatively you could give sulph. 30 after 2 weeks of N vom for four consecutive days then leave one to two weeks gap before resuming N. vom 30. N. Vom works well when it is given a hour before going to bed. Sulph. needs to be given early in the morning.

What relation are you to this child?
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-07-03 16:18:16]
maheeru 4 years ago
My only daughter. I forget everything seeing my daughter's smile. But when her condition becomes worse, my whole life seems torn. Her age is 7 years. But can not hold her head, can not sit, can not stand, can not talk. She tries to say papa, mama,and tries to play with child. But can not. When her epilesy comes, my heart breaks into pieces.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
You are her father?

Can understand your pain. Sometimes life throws such difficult challenges. Please keep patience and put your trust in God.
maheeru 4 years ago
Is not there any remedy to cure external hydrocephalus? as epilepsy is for that and her all symphtoms is for External hydrocephalus.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
There are some remedies for hydrocephalus. Taking it into account I suggested Caust. But when you said Nux did good work, I had suggested Sulph. in addition to Nux. They both(Sulph. and Nux) work well in tandem. Sulph. also can work for hydrocephalus. Nux is not that much indicated for hydrocephalus.

It's early to predict if it can be cured in your child's case but definitely an attempt must be made---actually external one is more benign than the internal one---many times external hydrocephalus resolves on it's own by 2 years but it has not happened here on the contrary, it has become complicated. Treatment should have been done from the time of birth because you said at birth she had some critical situation and she did not cry.
maheeru 4 years ago
Take Apis Mel -30/5pills thrice a day...
& Apocynum -3X/ 2tab with lukewarm water thrice a day...if 3X is not available then take the mother tincture of apocynum ,20 drops with normal water thrice a day
priyanka sharma 4 years ago

You have got three recommendations one from me, one from priyanka and the third from Anuj. I have given 2 advices. One about Causti., another is Nuxv+Sulph ---not to be followed at the same time.

I think Anuj in his latest post agrees to Apis.

You will have to choose one and follow one advice and one prescriber at a time.

If you choose to follow mine, keep me posted so that I can review in future. No problem if you follow other advice.
maheeru 4 years ago
Sir, I am so greatful having you. I was hopeless. My only daughter is under homeo treatment for 5 years. But no improvement is seen. I will try all of your advice. Thank you so much all sir!
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
Oh! Don't try all advices at the same time. Start with one at a time and if there is a need, take appropriate follow-ups with the person who recommended it.

Keep your local h'path in the loop. Because last time when you used lachesis you said there was aggravation. So if there is some problem like that and if you don't get necessary support online, he may be of use.

If you start on my advice let me know when you start and keep me in the know of how things are progressing.
maheeru 4 years ago
Dear dr anuj srivastava

According to your advice:
Apis Mel 30: 3 drops in an ounce has been given today morning (05/07/2019). I will wait till 09/07/2019. And no medicine will be given at that time.
Please be with me sir.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
Dear anuj srivastava
After giving Apis Mel 30 today morning, epilepsy is seen at night in sleep and is occurring again and again. But she is in sleep.
Please tell me what to do now?
[Edited by jannat.lackey on 2019-07-06 03:04:19]
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
Whole night epileptic attack is seen for about 30 seconds after every 2-3 hours.
[Edited by jannat.lackey on 2019-07-06 03:08:12]
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
Hi Jannat

I thought you were updating for Priyanka.

I have also answered on your other thread where Kaps had answered you.
maheeru 4 years ago
Dear maheeru
As I'm new to this forum. I couldn't understand what to do. As my daughter is in very critical condition and didn't have any improvement from local homeo, I had belief of this forum.
I have given Apis Mel 30 1 dose to my daughter. 3 days left. What is happening I'm not sure. Please give me any suggession.
Please give me any advice to cure her "External Hydrocephalus". As all of her sufferings are for that. Please be kind for my daughter. Please.
Please response me. I'm 24 hours online and checking messages for this issue. I can not sleep for that.
[Edited by jannat.lackey on 2019-07-07 16:06:37]
jannat.lackey 4 years ago

Stop skipping sleep and waiting for responses on forum 24x7. Did you not involve your local h'path? I adviced you to keep him as your support. This is a forum set-up where people volunteer their time and knowledge. They will visit forum only in their spare time and are not available all the time. Only occasionally we'll have qualified doctors here. Most of the members around here are not professionals.

What happened to Anuj's thread? He has responded, wait and follow through his suggestions. At a time you can follow one advice and not mix more than one advice. On that thread you had said that "But all attacks lasted for only 30 seconds. So she did not vomit. 2nd day epilepsy attacked 3 times and all attacks lasted for 10/20 seconds. So she did not vomit. Observing this I may hope 3rd day (Today) epilepsy will not attack.
Should I wait for more?"

Yes the number of attacks have reduced and the time duration every attack lasts has also reduced. Need to wait and also get follow through from Anuj.

This hydrocephalus and epilepsy won't cure overnight. If the cure is possible that would happen slowly and gradually. Even if the treatment is successful it would take a minimum of two years to resolve the problem significantly and would take a year for epilepsy to disappear. So waiting here all through day and night for answers would not help but you can check periodically.

If she is taking any essential allopathic medicines do not stop them. Continue them till she improves.

Alternatively you could show her to a specialist homeopathic doctor or homeopathic hospital if you have one in your place.

I already gave my suggestions. If you are going to stop other suggestions and are going to follow any of my suggestion, then ask me about the dosage and instructions, I will guide you. Until then you can ask doubts but please don't try to involve me on a daily basis. I won't be available all through day and night and sometimes I'm not available for a few days in a stretch. If you want help and support all through the day and night, then you will have to admit your child in a homeopathic hospital or if the situation is critical atleast in an allopathic hospital.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-07-07 18:49:53]
maheeru 4 years ago
Dear priyanka sharma
Can i use apocynum Can Q for a long term? Is it can help to cure external hydrocephalus? I havr used 1 dose of Apis 30
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
how many posts for the same issue have you floated in the forum and from how many people are you taking treatment ?and why are you changing the thread frequently to respond.
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2019-07-12 13:17:51]
anuj srivastava 4 years ago
Dear anuj
I want to have some idea before applying any medicine. As i am not a doctor and i don't know about all of you. After having any prescription, i justify it by online check, by materia medica.
I have applied only 1 dose of Apis Mel 30 you may noticed in my post.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
As dr. priyanka sharma has prescrived me apis mel with apocynum i just wanted to know details.
I have posted same thing by different topic as i have noticed that, you all doesn't give any advice when one prescrives before. Please forgive me for that. My daughter is not only suffering. I am also sufferer. I can not forget your contribution.
jannat.lackey 4 years ago
There are no details to give you.
simone717 4 years ago

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