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Can anybody tell me what is the cause of hysteria disease?
  loko on 2019-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hysteria is not a diseas. It is just a state of mind. You may call someone hysteric when he/she is acting out of propotion. And the cause can be varied from peron to person.
Tui 5 months ago
But what is the cause of this mind state?
loko 5 months ago
Lack of awareness.
You don't know why you are here on the earth and you don't know who you are.
Tui 5 months ago
What? I didn't get you?

As far as i know hysteria is caused by sexual deprivation.
loko 5 months ago
Google things first. What you wrote is something
People thought in the 1800’s, and now considered
Crazy. People do “hysterical” behavior reactions
Upon seeing a mouse or a bug, or hearing bad
News- it is a reaction not a disease.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-08-08 14:52:37]
simone717 5 months ago
This is not extracted from google
.Hysteria was the first mental disorder attributed to women.How do you say it is only a mental state?

Hysteria causes mood swing,hallucination and other psychotic symptoms.

Cause:- You are craving for sex but you are unable to get it.As you didn't get that's why you have the chances of the disease hysteria.

Do you know the remedy?
loko 5 months ago
Do your research- yes, hysteria was called
A mental disorder for women - in the Time
Period of Queen Victoria!!
In the same time period , they used leeches
To drain “bad blood” if one took sick.

Today- hysteria is not a “ Cause” of anything.
Look the word up in the dictionary.
simone717 5 months ago
Now a days many people having the problem sexual deprivation and they get the disease hysteria.

For example:- an unsatisfied woman get hysteria.

There are varities form of hysteria like sleep hysteria,cyclothymic hysteria etc.

Everything is caused by problem with uterous or sexual frustration(deprivation).
loko 5 months ago
No- sorry you have bad information and
Ancient information that has been disproved
For decades.

Your best hope is to see a dr or some educated
Person that can explain things in person.
simone717 5 months ago

I think you are trying to understand your condition and trying to self medicate. From your question, what I think is---you are scratching the surface. You need to read and understand plenty before you could use such shallow pointers for self-medication.

You either find a great homeopath to deal with your case, or need to read plenty and understand---on topics of ---Psychology and mind treatment with homeopathy.

Most members here are not doctors or qualified people. But even amongst qualified people there could be hair-splitting arguments regarding subjective labels like hysteria---the label has become obsolete and what you need to look for is somatization disorder :) The labels and definitions will keep changing in medical science and some times the definitions will go out of fashion for some time and will be back after a gap in a different guise.
maheeru 5 months ago
Loko -

You think cause of your depression and mood swings are from sexual deprivation?

Well, I've just read some of your previous posts and you said you have been depressed and having mood swings since you got rejected from your girlfriend? and you have not had any relationship since then?
So you have not had sex with anyone for the last 10 years?
If so, your cause of problem is 'rejection' = sexual deprivation, isn't it? or am I missing a point?
Tui 5 months ago
Exactly sir(Tui)...

You are correct...

You got my point.

I wanted to have sex with her but i didn't.

Instead, she was having with her boy friend and i started crying crying crying....

Started self herm.

Completely broken.

And started swinging mood from depression to happiness.

And gained inferior complexity in me.

My thought was .... i am not well student,i am not intelligent and that's why she rejected me and i didn't get the love or sex from her.

Thank you sir you got my point....(tui)

Thank you very much sir...(tui)

I am really greatful to you(tui)
loko 5 months ago
Yess sir ( Maheeru )

I am trying to find my disease.

It is either hysteria,cyclothymia or bipolar.

Anyone of this three.

Sir i have consulted lot of doctor but the do business with my disease.

Today i came in this forum thinking that good,honest and qualified doctors will be available here.

I don't think about money...

I think about cure..

But every doctor misuse or convert my honesty into business.

I am ready to donate money to this forum but i need proper treatment and right remedy for disease.
loko 5 months ago

From your description it seems it was a case of unrequited love. You say the girl was in relationship with another guy and she was also into a physical relationship with him. There's no mention whether she was your girlfriend in the past. If she was not, then it's more than likely that you tried to cross her way than she rejected you and preferred somebody who was better than you. One can not expect a self-respecting girl(esp. belonging to the subcontinent to accede to a new boy's sexual request[unless she is very liberal this would have been very in-your-face lust invitation than something based on love] while she is in another relationship.

Nat. Mur is a good remedy to deal with unrequited love. So it should have been given more time esp. after you started the medicine. And it would have been worth to try other potencies and then move to another medicine based on the change of picture.

Tui is qualified, you may want to proceed with him(Tui please correct me if I'm wrong with your gender). I might have taken your case, but you see it's not possible humanly to attend to all cases that we may like to take up.

If you are interested in being a private patient, you can check members' profiles/and their earlier work on forum and see who you may connect with on a personal level and proceed with them. But it won't be a significant change over a few days, you and your homeopath will have to grind through over a period of time before you can see full recovery.

And one more thing---homeopathy does not care whether you are hysterical, hypochondriac, psycho-somatically disordered, bipolar or whatever label you are, it has to be a holistic treatment given your symptoms are emotional and mental, and the treatment should give you gradual relief.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-08-09 17:31:08]
maheeru 5 months ago
Nat mur does not work on mood swing...
It only works on depression.

If i take nat mur...
It will trigger mania or more depression.

Generally in the case of bipolar antidepressants or any remedy which cure depression is given....depression cure medication is avoided...

Only mood stabilizer is given like Ignatia,crocus sativus,agaricus mascu,moschus,valariana etc...

Along with this one of mood stabilizer antidepressants like nat mur,sepia etc is given.
loko 5 months ago
depression-in-patients-with-rapid-cycling-bipolar-disorder/ " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.bphope.com/antidepressants-shown-to-worsen-depre...

See the treatment guidance....

Many homeopath does not know this.

Treatment of antidepressants is completely avoided whether you are depressed or not.

Only the medication is given which stabilize the mood.
loko 5 months ago
Ok Loko, best of luck finding mood stabilisers in homeopathy. In my view, it's a futile search, but still won't discourage you.

Like simone said earlier, you have certain assumptions and wrong ideas about homeopathy.

I had said you could go for a good homeopath or do a self-study on psychological problems and mind homeopathy. I'm not confident about the second option now. So your best course is to visit a good homeopath in person, pay the homeopath well(if money is not involved there won't be self-discipline), and stick to the advice and give homeopathy plenty of time to work on your constitution.
maheeru 5 months ago
List of mood stabilizer....


Crocus sativus...

Agaricus mascarious...



Tarantula his...


These are not mood stabilizer but it has the effect like mood stabilizer and easily control mood swing.

List of antipsychotic...


Cannabis indica...



Coffea cruda...

These can control mania...or manic episode of bipolar or work as antipsychotic in the brain.

List of anticonvulsant...

Crocus sativus...

Agaricus mascarious...

And more..

List of anti seizure...


Caprum met...



List of anti anxiety...


Argentum nitricum...

Kali phos...


List of anti depressants....

Aurum met..

Ignatia amara...


Nux vomica...

Actea realmosa...

loko 5 months ago
You only have about 10 percent of right information.
No one on here is going to agree with what you
Are saying.

It is like if you went into the surgery center at
A hospital and had some odd book with
Partial info and told all the surgeons how
You wanted your operation to be done. They
Would tell you , No, and explain why, and you
Would still be telling THEM - you know better.

You should put the name of the Book or the website
Of where you are reading this stuff. Because
The info you got is missing huge parts and
Not how homeopathy really cures.
simone717 5 months ago
I am not going to argument....

But you have zero percent knowledge on how bipolar or mood swing is treated...

No medication should be used which treats depression.In the case of bipolar antidepressants or any medication which treats low mood or depression it should be avoided.

This is the first disease where there will be pain but you can't use the medication of pain.It should be treated with some other medication bro...

Nat mur works like antidepressants.It improves depression or low mood.

That's why you can't use nat mur alone otherwise it will make depression worse or it will triger mania.you have to use nat mur with some other medication which stabilize mood.

Ask any psychiatrist he or she will tell you the diagnosis method of this particular disease BIPOLAR.

Near about 99% homeopath does not know this.

They treat according to symptoms and according to patient complain.

But treating bipolar is totally different.

Please ask any psychiatrist it's my request.
loko 5 months ago

I'm not sure what you want. I thought you are looking for someone to help your condition but you seems to be just going around around in a circle with the same story.
I guess, you went like this with many other homeopaths....?

I was going to suggest some remedies but not sure what to do with your case.
Tui 5 months ago
Please suggest me sir..

I am ready to take your medication and obey your advice.

I will go according to your suggestion.

Please tell me sir...
loko 5 months ago

Psychiatrists can only talk about what they know. They can not possibly know about homeopathy!!

Homeopathy is different and a specialisation that is very different to that of allopathy and or Psychiatry!

I had a look on your other thread--where you had interacted with Simone. I withdraw my endorsement of NAT.MUR from what I have read there. Homeopathy is about individualising complaints, symptoms, the individual way how the vital force expresses those complaints and symptoms.

To me N.Mur, Ign, Crocus are only partially indicated.

It's futile to talk about which remedy fits your individual expression in my perception. You are not going to appreciate the remedy choice, or the thought process that goes in choosing a remedy, or how homeopathy works with mind symptoms-- instead you are going to be fixated on 'mood stabiliser' and 'depression' which is not going to lead us anywhere.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-08-10 21:34:27]
maheeru 5 months ago

Take Hyoscyamus niger 200c, one dose a day for 5 days and report back in 10 days.

1 dose is 2 pills or drops.
Tui 5 months ago
Thank you sir...

I will let you know soon after being on hyoscyamus.
loko 5 months ago

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