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For our dog


Hoping someone can help our dog. She is a 4 year old Standard Poodle. Back in May her poop started very yellow and in few days she had oil draining through her rectum. We did her blood tests that showed slightly elevated liver enzymes (ALT) and low Amylase (slightly).

I have been working with local Homeopathy practitioner and Thuja helped for few days, but the symptoms returned. And so, we did go through a round of antibiotics and dewormer.

Both antibiotics and dewormer didn't help much. I also started adding supplements and probiotics. She has lost weight

And today, her poop is better, still oily (not as bad as it started out).

Have tried the below remedies and that helped:
Arsenic Album - 30 C - only given 3 - 5 doses
Sulphur - 200 C for a week, twice
Nux Vomica and Nat-Sulph - 30C both for a week twice in a day
Phosphorous and Silica - 30 C for a week twice in a day

That did not help:

Current Symptoms
1. Her poop is bit oily
2. Food particles undigested
3. Not drinking plain water, had to mix a bit of buttermilk or something.
4. Always looks for me, not willing to go for walks with my husband
5. While walking, she has slowed down. Does not seem to be in any pain, just seems unenthusiastic
6. Weight loss
7. Poop light yellow to dark yellow or sometimes has a grey coating

Could someone please help me.

Thank you.
  June on 2019-10-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try Aloe 30 for 3 days only.

Aloe 30: 3 drops+ 100ml water
Shake the bottle 12 times for every dose
Give only 5ml from the bottle in the morning

Give feedback
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freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hello, Thank you for your suggestion. Can we use dry pellets? Not able to find mother tincture in Amazon.
June 3 years ago
It is not mother tincture.

Aloe 30 potency.

You may use dry pallets.

2 pallets+half cup water
Let them dessolved by their own. Mix it with a spoon. Give only 5ml from it for a dose
3 doses in 3 days.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Thank you very much, will try and will let you know the progress.
June 3 years ago
Hello freehomeforall,

I just got the Aloe today and have given her first 5ml dose, will report after 48 hrs of finishing the last dose. I am new to homeopathy and quite fascinated about it, i am just curious as to how you concluded that Aloe would help, could you please share, if you don't mind?

Thank you.
June 3 years ago
Oily or watery poops, Sulphur and Nux brought a result.

Please give feedback. We may use Sulph too.
Hope no need to apply another.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Thank you very much, sure will report. Also, i am giving her pancreatic glandular supplement (for a week now) and eliminating starch completely in her diet, seem to have helped as well. Just thought will let you know.
June 3 years ago

What did her vet say about her liver and pancreas?

If something going on around these areas, then homeopaths need to know exactly what's happening, otherwise, just treating her 'oily poo' and ignoring where that's really coming g from will not give you a good outcomes.
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Tui and freehomeforall,

THANK YOU very much for both your attention and help. Have given her second dose of Aloe.


Yes, we took a complete blood panel test back in May as soon as it all started. The vet did not see anything alarming and i am listing some of the items marked in red in the report -

Platelets - 126 - marked low
MPV - 14.5 marked high
Creatinine - 1.9 marked high
ALT - 140 marked high
Amylase - 464 marked low

Also they did urine analysis and found Struvite crystals. So antibiotics were given for UTI . After 2 rounds antibiotics, the very oily poop returned. Though her fecal tests were negative, was asked to take de-wormer and that was given too.

Currently, her situation is that, she does have a bit of oily poop, but no oil oozing out of her rectum, which was scary.

Homeopathy, diet change and supplements have seemed to help and I feel her absorption has become better, as she is not constantly begging and better energy for the past few days.

I am planning to take her for another round of blood test after she becomes bit stable with her poop situation (which is my only gauge) and i am watching her weight as well. if she drops anymore, will be taking her right in. We did not check her for pancreatitis or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency or IBD.

I am looking to get advice from this forum to help her long term. We moved from Midwest to South last summer and the past 2 summers have been bit stressful for her.

Thank you again and looking forward to hear from you.

June 3 years ago

You have already changed her diet so she will improve gradually with time, probably without giving any more remedies but if she doesn't or you feel the progress is too slow, then I suggest you start giving Chelidonium 30c 3 times daily for 7 days and repeat when necessary.

The easiest way to give the remedy to an animal is;

Dissolve 5 pellets into a 200 ml clean water bottle ( spray bottle is the best), shake hard 8 - 10 times each time before spraying into her mouth.

1 dose is 2 sprays or if you are just using a regular bottle, give 1 tablespoonful as 1 dose.

All the best.
Tui 3 years ago

We treat both; the diseases and the patients. They are equally important!

And if you haven't read Burnett, please read. He treated many difficult pathological cases, using organ specific remedies with much great success.
Tui 3 years ago
HI Tui,

Thank you very much. Do you see any alarming signs in her numbers?

As this has been going on for a while since May, I did give her Chelidonium 200c 2 doses for 2 days back in July. As i did not see any drastic change, i stopped. It was combination of Sulphur, Nat Sulph, China, Nux and Phosphorous showed some results. Few times Thuja worked, but results didn't hold for a long time.

Nat Mur was tried as well, as we moved to a different city, she missed her friends, thinking grief and stress could play a part in the health. Didn't see any noticeable difference.

And now, she loves homeopathy medicines, she just opens her mouth as I take the cap close to her mouth :-)

As I started with Aloe per freehomeforall 's suggestion, will finish the dosage. And will have the Chelidonium remedy in my pocket. I am just hoping that she would maintain her progress and gain the lost weight. As you already noticed, have tried quite a good number of remedies and it has taken a while to come this far. Still, not fully recovered. Fingers crossed.

Thank you again for your attention.

June 3 years ago

I don't see any alarming signs but I would keep an eye on her liver and kidneys so I would still like to suggest Chelidonium, not 200c just a few doses, but 30c 3 times a day for 7 days. You do this every month for the next 3 -4 months.

Also, Sulphur is a good remedy too so you can give that with low potency like 6c once or twice daily until she is very much better.
Tui 3 years ago
Hello Tui, Thank you. Will do that as well.
June 3 years ago
Hello freehomeforall,

I have completed 3 doses of Aloe. The difference i see is that, she is pooping much lesser than before. Does that mean her digestion is getting better ? The oily poop is still there, not a very bad situation, maybe 20% recovery still to happen. Wanted to give you this update. Thank you again for the suggestion.

June 3 years ago
Hello Dr Tui,

Requesting for your help again. Our dog is having loose stools for the past 2 days. I am bit terrified. I have been trying to feed her raw and she did well. The only new change happened in last week, i fed her raw egg and law lamb ribs once over the last weekend. Not sure, if her IBD is flaring up again because of the bones.

Could you please help. Will Ars Alb help ? I have been giving Sulphur 6c for the past 2 weeks. And gave Chelidonium for 7 days last month. Yesterday, fed her homecooked food - brownrice, chicken, sweet potatoes and kale (slow cooked)

I gave her one dry dose of Aloe last night and that does not seem to help this morning. Looking forward for your advise. Thank you very much.

June 3 years ago
Is she still having oily stools?
Is she in pain?
Is she vomiting?
How is her appetite?
How is she in general?

It's very difficult to suggest a remedy just for 'loose stool'. and the cause of loose stools maybe just from changing her diet.
Tui 3 years ago
Hello Tui,

No vomiting and pain. I fasted her yesterday and gave only boiled chicken after 24 hrs. Her mood and appetite seems normal and no change. Her loose poop is not oily, but it became very yellow, very bright. That's how it all started the previous time before the oily poop, and that made me panic. Her usual diarrhea because of any food change does not seem to be this yellow...

The diet change I made was that, as she lost weight and looked thin and that her poop was getting back to normal, I increased her ration. Also, added hoomecooked food for a day - chicken, sweet potato, kale and brown rice. I had eliminated all fat and carbs, reintroduced carb to see if it will help her gain her lost weight.Will I ever be able to feed carbs again?

Will see how it goes today after the fast. Thank you.

June 3 years ago
Hello Tui,

I took her out this morning, the poop is better solid than yesterday, but oily. And also, she had yellow liquid (bile ??) Oozed out of her rectum last night.This morning poop also had green mucous lining...

This is how it all started back in May this year. Nat s and Sulphur 200c in the morning and Nux 30 c in the evening helped. Should I continue that? I do have IrisVeriscolor 30 c. Is it her pancreas acting up? I also had supplemented pancreas glandular support, finished a full bottle and didn't continue as her poop became normal.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you
June 3 years ago
Yes you can continue with Nat sulph, Sulphur and Nux-v until she is better.
Tui 3 years ago
And she also needl iver tonic, such as carduus marianus mother tincture and chelidonium mother tincture to support her liver, spleen, and gallbladder.

Try search online and see if you can find herbal tincture for animals.
Tui 3 years ago
Hello Tui,

Just wanted to update you, I gave our dog 2 doses of Nat-s 200 c, Nux v 30 C and Sulphur 200c. Her poop is 95% back to normal. I could not find a mixture of Carduus and Chelidonium for dogs. Instead, I found a liver detox with Milk Thistle and dandelion and have been giving her for past 2 days as well.

I do have few questions, if you don't mind me asking -

1. I do not give her any conventional fleas or tick medications, i see fleas on her and have been managing with ACV and essential oils and frequent baths and vacuuming the house. I did read somewhere that Ledum and Psorium could help with fleas. Your thoughts ? She is itching and i see red rashes. Is there any homeopathic remedy that can help her.

2. This is out of curiosity about homeopathy. Is there a constitutional remedy for her, would finding it help her with overall healing ?

Thank you very much for all the help and kind attention.

With gratitude,
June 3 years ago
1. You can try Ledum 30c up to 3 doses a day for a few days and see if she stops itching. but you maybe need to comb her more often to get rid of fleas.

2. I have no idea how to find a constitutional remedy for animals as we don't really know what's going on in their mind, although, some pet owners claim that they can tell what their dogs or cats are feeling or thinking...

when I'm treating animals, my approach is simple. Just target the affected organs ( often use herbal tonic as organ support remedy) plus give general remedy which covers existing symptoms. I may also give another remedy for acute flare-ups. This is called stage 1 homeopathy where you can only tell the affected organ(s) and a few symptoms. Constitutional prescribing is called stage 3 homeopathy where you can see clear connections between mind and body. In such cases, I usually prescribe one remedy at a time and often wait and watch for some weeks...
So there are many ways to prescribe homeopathic medicines.

I can't help you to find a constitutional remedy but you can create a new post and ask about it. Some other prescribers may know something about how to go about finding it and we can all learn from him/her.
Tui 3 years ago
Hi Tui,

Thank you for your insights. But a setback for last 2 days. I had stopped the remedies since I wrote to you last time as she was getting better. She was on protein only diet (cooked chicken and ground beef) which seemed to have helped. But she was very lethargic and was not gaining weight. I cooked rolled oats and gave her 1/2 cup and that has triggered very yellow, mushy, soft stools again.

And she was itiching and had hot spots as well. I gave her a dose of Rhus tox 30 c today and now she is not able to move as soon as she gets up. I see she is in pain and stiffness in her rear left leg. Is she proving Rhus tox? Gets better if she keeps moving.Should I antidote her with Sulphur or watch for few days?

I am worried if I have messed up anything, should I take her to the vet like by tomorrow?
June 3 years ago
Wanted to add, her hot spots disappeared and less itchy. Her limping in the rear legs as she gets up and her mushy stool because of carbs are worrying.
June 3 years ago

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