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Gum problems, and fatigue

I am a 43 yr old female I have been sick for about 18 yrs I was diagnosed with a lot of stuff which I feel they just didn't know what to tell me so they told me I had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and a lot of different diagnoses. The only thing I believe is what test can show which was CMV,EBV and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I had a lot of muscle weakness and pain and fatigue. I have tried a lot to get better over the years and have improved a lot no more muscle pain, lower back pain is not as bad and I don't sleep all the time. I could sleep for weeks I went from 156 lbs to 123 lbs in 2 weeks when I first got sick. Now I went and had all my teeth removed Dec 2019. I had several teeth that were bad and also had mercury fillings(I didn't know about the mercury fillings being harmful until right before I went and had them removed)and I can't remember when the gum abscess started but it was atleast 11 years ago. I thought they were gone but always small spots where they had been I have 1 on my upper right side which now after having my teeth pulled is like a large hard knot nothing comes out of it and no pain but I can see 2 white spots on it and on the left side i have 2 small round flat spots no pain and nothing coming out, 1 small white spot right in the middle of lower gums no pain nothing coming out. The ringing in my ears went away after having my teeth pulled and now it is like a distant ringing in my head. I want to work so bad and feel normal again and it really bringing me down that I cannot get well enough to. I only leave my house once a month to go to my doctor I have been on Adderall for 16 yrs for the fatigue and I take kratom powders to help my back and to help me not feel so bad. I have tried several remedies but nothing seems to stick made I am not doing them right please help.
  Mlost318 on 2020-01-23
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anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thank you for replying. I don't understand about taking sulphur 200c? And do I just take the nux Vomica and calc fluor 30 mins apart? Thanks
Mlost318 3 years ago

anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I am having some really bad issues taking the nux Vomica and CALC FLUOR not sure which one is causing the problems. My feet hurt so bad I am getting to where I can't walk. The back of both heels feel like they are raw and my feet just ache really bad. My hands are really dry and cracking and my legs are swelling. And I am not having any bowel movements and i don't have the feeling of needing to go but don't feel bloated.
Mlost318 3 years ago
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Ok thank you
Mlost318 3 years ago
I am feeling worse and nothing else has changed.
Mlost318 3 years ago
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
I don't know what that is where do I buy it?
Mlost318 3 years ago
Hi anuj- USA does not have number 28 anymore.

I suggest she google hylands bioplasma ( all 12
Cell salts) and order that online.
simone717 3 years ago
Everything has become worse after taking Nux Vom 200
Could you please give present condition? Don't skip anyone. Give full details. Take time to mention all of your sufferings.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
After taking nux vom 200c on the night I took it when I went to go to sleep it gave me the fear of going to sleep I felt like I was going to suffocate. I have been taking Adderall for about 16 yrs for my fatigue it helps but not always and now after taking the nux vom I feel like it won't work at all. I am a very laid back person and enjoy been around people. After nux vom when I wake up I feel like a major bitch moody don't won't to do anything or be around anyone. I love to work and that is something tha drives me crazy that I am not able to. Before taking the nux vom I was able to push myself and do things around the house but after all I want to do is lay in bed.I don't won't to depend on anyone. Before nux vom I had a light ringing in my head after nux vom it is loud and very annoying. I have been constipated before nux vom and still am. I just feel very irritable and depressed and i hate it.
Mlost318 3 years ago
I forgot to mention the things going on in my mouth with my gums still has not changed.
Mlost318 3 years ago
I would suggest you Coffea Cruda 30
In pill form (Not in liquid or pallet)
6pills before going to bed at night.

You may try this before going to next step of your present prescription.

You may try this for 3 days and give feedback.
* I'm sorry to enter in the topic. Just want to have a way to help having relief of sufferer.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
It is ok I don't mind I need all the help i can get and maybe someone will see something that the other person doesn't. I have tried coffee cruda it didn't help at all. I had never been into drugs before I became sick and it took me 2 yrs before I would give into doctors and take the adderall and pain meds. I was on pain pills for years and finally got off of them and now just use Kratom powders. So much happened around the time that I became ill that I have no clue what caused it. I had a great job and loved it. I was in a relationship but also going through the divorce from hell. I had left my husband because he was unfaithful and love can really make u blind. I didn't see what others saw him doing to me. He was trying to take all my friends and family away and limited me on where I went and what I did. I think that was so he would know where i was so i couldn't catch him cheating. I found out through a credit card bill that he was cheating. I left and never looked back. I had 2 kids and no money but I knew some how I would figure things out. I moved back with my parents and got a job. Oh my husband's last words were u will need me . He did everything possible to try to make me lose my job and he almost did when he took my daughter for a month and wouldn't let me have her back. I had a real bad lawyer that didn't tell me the laws. He finally let me to come see her and that is when I grabbed her and threw her in my truck and took off and got her back. When all this was happening I became very depressed I went to work everyday but someone could just look at me and I would cry so i went to the doctor and he put me on Paxil. I was on it about 2 yrs and didn't like how it made me feel and it made me gain weight so I just dropped off of it . My doctor never told me that it could cause me to go through drugs withdrawals. Back then I didn't have a clue about drug withdrawals. Well let me tell u they are hell. I had read somewhere years after that Paxil withdrawals are like Heroin withdrawals bone pain muscle aches fatigue anxiety. It was a nightmare especially since I had no clue what was going on and no doctor could tell me either. I constantly kept having either UTI'S or Vaginal bacterial infections. I went from 156 lbs to 123 lbs in 2 weeks. I could sleep constantly. I would get up go to the bathroom and back to bed. I am bad on when exactly everything happened but I also had a miscarriage. I had a root canal and not sure if that is where one of my mercury fillings were or not. I had a accident on a 4 wheeler and was flipped off and landed on my neck but got up and said I was ok . I had been drinking when it happened and I didn't know about it for years until my boyfriend at the time was telling it to someone. When I first became sick I remember when I would go to take a shower and raise my arms up to wash my hair I would almost pass out I would either have to sit down in the shower or just get out and lay on the bed. It would really take a lot out of me. My doctors always told me my blood pressure was low. The only test that ever really showed anything was that I had Rocky mountain spotted fever, CMV, Epstein barr virus and streptococcal. Not real sure on the streptococcal it was strep something. Whenever I became pregnant with my last child which is now 11 yrs old I would constantly get boils everywhere I mean tons of them. I haven't had problems with then now for several yrs. I don't leave my house but once a month and that is to just go to the doctor and get my meds refilled and back home. I don't watch tv and don't have friends over or really even talk to anyone. I think that is because I hate letting anyone see me like this and can't stand to always tell people no I can't because I don't feel well today. Before I became sick I was always on the go I love the outdoors and being with people. I will bend over backwards to help people if I can and don't expect anything in return except for them to be happy and better themselves. And since I am unable to work and take care of myself I live with my mom and our relationship has never been great. I have to hold so much in because I have to depend on her for everything and let me tell u she can really push my buttons and I think she likes doing that to people especially when she knows it bothers me and she loves that she has the upper hand. She has been depressed and unhappy for yrs when my dad was alive they always would fight and I never understood why they even stayed together and I have asked her and she never can give me an answer. My dad died of meningitis. My mother likes to throw in my face this is my house and my rules. Like I was cleaning and trying to get this house organized because it is horrible and all she does is sit in a dark room and does nothing all day. Well my daughter had come over and we were talking about a china cabinet I had cut several pieces of glass to replace some broken windows in it( I have never cut glass before) and was getting all the china back in it and my daughter ask how I was going to get all of it to fit because there are a lot of dishes I was trying to do it as we were talking then my mom walks in and says that if she doesn't like how I put them in there she is going to change it. Well that ended that she can finish it since my way isn't good enough. My mother has her favorites like I have 3 children a 25 yr old son, 21 yr old daughter and a 11 yr old son . My oldest son can do no wrong in her eyes but my other 2 kids do everything wrong. My mother took over raising my oldest when he was a baby and I never understood why until about 6 yrs ago when I got a message on Facebook from a woman saying that she thinks her husband is my brother. Talk about a shock especially when ur parents have made u believe all these yrs that they had only been with each other. And when I became pregnant with my oldest my mother made it out like it was the worst thing in the world because I wasn't married. Long story short my mom had had a baby before she met my dad and gave it up for adoption. Then we find out my dad also had a child but we have never met her. So i think that is why my mom is the way she is with my oldest son . She is trying to fill that void. Also when I had my youngest son she would keep telling me I needed to give him up for adoption even yrs after he was born and that was before I found out she had given a baby up for adoption. And that will really upset me when she says it . She has also had the nerve to say it where my son can hear her and that is just wrong. I feel so trapped because I am unable to get well enough to work. She likes to throw up well ur in my house it is my way( talking about how I raise my son) or else u can just get out because she knows I have no other options. She is very mean to my youngest son. She was the same way with my daughter and my daughter doesn't even like to come visit when she is home. Like they say misery loves company. I try not to let her bring me down but it really gets hard at times. And with the Adderall it has been the only thing that help with the fatigue and depression and when I don't have it then I am in bed all the time. Oh also about two years ago my period just stopped and after I had all my teeth pulled which was at the beginning of Dec 2019 I had a light period again but haven't had one this month. Sorry it is so long but I am really tired of being like this and maybe something u read will help. Thank u so much for all ur help please feel free to ask me anything
Mlost318 3 years ago

You have a complicated case and it is going to take many months of remedies.

First, you have to understand how homeopathy works.
Nux vomica is often given to flush out other past
Medicines , because the western meds Suppressed
Your real symptoms. Often, a lot of old past issues
Will appear and then release.

Freehomeo was suggesting coffee cruda to offset
Your complaints about nux vomica.

You cannot be taking Kratom and expect homeopathic remedies to work correctly. Remedies need to match many things,
And when they do? The body will see the remedy as
A SECOND similar disease. The body will amp up
Life force. The life force will kick out the remedy and
Then start to RELEASE the real cause. Causes in
Your case included getting side effects from adderall
And Paxil etc. what will happen is the side effects
Will start to Appear and then release. So this
Will not be a comfortable process- along with side
Effects the actual real problems will appear also
And then release.

Anuj prescribed the cell salt biochemic( 12 salts)
To begin to strengthen your system. Cell salts(
There are 12) are the ingredients that make up our cells. When one is deficient in a salt or the cell is out of balance , the cell
Salts replenish and get your basic system running
Better. They are not like taking a specific remedy.

I would start with the cell salts.
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-01-30 19:26:37]
simone717 3 years ago
I suspect most of your symptoms are coming from Adderall. You are probably aware of this;

Homeopathy can help you up to a certain point, but you really need help to get off from this med.
Tui 3 years ago
Thank you for your reply Simone. I didn't know I couldn't take the Kratom when I was taking homeopathic. From what all I have read I thought homeopathic helped you to slowly come off of anything you were taking. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get better. I can't say I understand stand homeopathic it is very confusing especially when your mind is not well anyway that is why I am here. I know that homeopathic works just need someone to tell me how to use it. So if I need to stop taking the kratom and the adderall I don't have a problem stopping them. I have the tautopathic for Paxil in the 30c but have never taken it because was unsure on how to take it. If someone is willing to work with I will very much appreciate it. Thanks
Mlost318 3 years ago
I know that adderall is not ever going to cure me but I know it didn't start all of my problems because I was never on it before I became ill. I don't have a problem going without it ( I don't crave it) I just sleep all the time like when I first became ill. Even when I take it I don't have problems sleeping my problem is trying to stay awake and sometimes I can't even do that with adderall. I don't have anxiety. I am clam and would say just dull I don't really have feelings or get excited about anything. I hate laying in bed or sitting all the time I want to be up working getting stuff done. I feel like I have lost half my life to this illness. Homeopathic has brought me to where I am today thank god but now I am stuck and it is weighing heavy on me because I don't know what to do and I will not give up.
Mlost318 3 years ago
The tautopathic approach is not really homeopathic
And does not have a good success rate.

You want to be free of western meds and
Things like kratom so that your real symptom
Picture will show up. Then remedy choice is
Based on matching the mental, physical,
What makes things better or worse, weather
And food preference etc and things like never
Well since.... etc.

If you click the link for adderall that Tui gave,
There is a chat box live at the end( don’t know
If this is someone trying to get you into a “program”)
But maybe they can give you some helpful advice.
And ask your dr how to withdraw safely.

Tui is a homeopath with a practice in NZ.
Maybe he can help you with your next step.
But it is important to understand that western
Meds Suppress symptoms. Even wrong homeopathic meds
suppress symptoms. That is not cure.
The correct homeo meds and dose and potency
Trigger the body to release what has been suppressed,
And release the original causes. Things show up,
They stay for some hours or days, then they finally
Are gone for good.
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-01-30 23:45:33]
simone717 3 years ago
I don't have withdrawals from adderall I have stopped taking several times over the years. Yea I don't trust medical doctors and asking a doctor here their answer is to put you on 3 more meds to get you off of 1. I tried the rehab thing when I was getting off of all the pain meds they had me on and the rehab almost killed me by giving me 2 meds that should not be taken together. That was scary. Medical doctors here are real drug pushers. If someone is willing to help me I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the old me back. Thanks
Mlost318 3 years ago
You had applied Coffea Cruda but no significant result. Every remedy should be applied in time. Now it is time to apply I think. Please take for only 3 days and see if it helps. I think you may be helped.
Best of luck.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-01-31 03:15:38]
freehomeoforall 3 years ago

Of course, your problem did not start by taking the medications. Most health problems start from being under tremendous and/or continuous stress; emotional, physical and chemical/environmental stress.
So I can imagine that your health started to deteriorate from the time you were going through a divorce and other stressful events. That's why your body had to adjust to this new stressful situations and adapt the way it could survive. This is called ”Dis-ease”, unhealthy adaptive response to the environment. And on top of that, all the meds have given you even more problems. I see this in my clinic every single day.

I've put the link above to see how your current symptoms match to the long term use of Adderall as if they are talking about YOU.
What you are experiencing now is a result of using the med for a long time. 16 years on and off is a long time and you are sleeping for many hours that's because you are so fatigued and lethargic. This is one of the effects of long-term use of that medication.

I'm not telling you to stop taking all the meds and I'm not in a position to tell you that, but just trying to raise people's awareness, and not just accepting and saying things like, yeah, I know that but all meds come with side effects..
[Edited by Tui on 2020-01-31 02:29:23]
Tui 3 years ago

I didn't see the chat box and yes, they are probably trying to get you into their program or who knows what.

And Anuj has been helping so he can continue with the case. I just wanted to point out that med she is on is a real problem and will be hard to get off, although she seems to be unaware of it...
Tui 3 years ago

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