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Anuj - Please Advice - Suspected Coronavirus Symptoms

Dear Anuj,

Hope you are fine. Actually Maheeru prescribes me regularly but now a days he will be away from forum for some days, therefore, i request you here if you could please advice me.

I am very worried , i suspect that i may having early stage CORONA-VIRUS Symptoms ( Married Male 32 Age, Punjab,Pakistan.) because I am having continuously following symptoms that are more prevalent from last 03 days.

1-Main Symptom is continuous feverish Feeling like 100F and body feels hot like feverish ( BUT as per thermometer there is no fever i.e. temperature is around 97F-98F i have noted various time in last 03 days)

2-Headache Continuously from last 03 days, alongwith Heaviness in head, sometime ots like having headache in nausea.

3-Mild Burning eyes as usual in fever.

4-Mild Body aches (feel need to stretch and pain specially in back and in legs), fatigue/weakness that makes me to lie down and rest.
5-Loss of appetite and thrust.
6-Severe Anxiety due to above symptoms.

-No diarrhea yet.
-No sore throat yet.
-No loss of smell/taste yet.
-No flu or runny nose yet.
-No continuous sneezing yet (or very little sneezing 3 or 4 in a days)
-No dry/wet coughing yet.
-Difficulty in falling asleep due to anxiety /worry that i may have corona and i feel that i am in early stage of Corona.
-i suffered from Dengue fever 2 years back and recovered.
-No heart or Sugar or any other disease history even in family.

I am just taking Paracetamol tablets -3 times a day for feverish feeling (though there is no fever as per thermometer) Headache, body aches but have not felt any permanent Improvement yet.

Please advice and anything else to strengthen immune system.
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  ahmad88 on 2020-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Bryonia 30 and Eupatorium 30 five drops of each three times a day in addition Nat Mur 6x five tabs three times a day.

Feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj Sr.
Thanks for considering and advice.

I have started as adviced , Bryonia 30, Eup 30 amd Nat Mur 6x and have taken these from last 2 days and still continue.

I am Feeling Improvememt in Feversih body feeling, burning eyes and Headache.

However, still having fatigue/weakness and Body ache specially having pain in lower back, in legs and in heels (though i have legs and heel pain issue from last sometime but intensity has increased without walking or standing).

Right now i am monitoring temperature 3 times a day, and observing symptoms.

Please advice further.
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ahmad88 3 years ago
continue for 4 days and give a feedback.

describe your leg and heel pain in details for selection of appropriate remedy.eg Extremities; pain; legs; calves; extending; heel, to
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anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thanks Anuj Sri for reply.

I will keep continue for 2 more days and shall update thereafter.I will note down and describe legs and heels pain symptoms in detail.

I want to update you that from yesterday night i am started to having following:

-- Sore Throat.i.e. feeling pain while swallaowing ( but no yellow/green secretion started yet).
-- Again from last hours start feeling Feverish feeling as we generally have in fever.
-- Hands and Feets are Cold mostly m But remaining Body i.e.face, chest and legs are hot like fever and temperature on thermometer is 98F checked 3 times)
-- Weakness and fatigue

I have not taken cold or hot thing or any spicy food. But taking steam as a precautionery measure from yesterday.

Kindly advice to address above issue.
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ahmad88 3 years ago
Hi Dear Anuj
It is to update that i am taking suggested remedies.

Yesterday full day i was having Feverish feeling as we generally have in fever with hot body (noted temp is 98F) alongwith body aches and severe fatigue/weakness, and the last night was also in a feverish feeling.
There is no cough, flu or sneezing.

Kindly advice
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ahmad88 3 years ago
How's your thirst?
Quenched by frequent small sips of water or want to gulp it?
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Hi Anuj,
Thanks for reply.

As of now Thrust is looking normal like drink half/full glass when required.

Now having following symptoms:
-- Headache has also started like heaviness in head and got 3-4 sneezing today.
-- Body is feeling hot, But Hand and feet mostly are hot but sometimes cold too.
-- Severe Pain on the outer sides of Both Heels (bottom outer side of bones of Heels) and due this Feet feels heavy and hot and full feet feel fatigued and in pain. I feel need of massage in feet and heels. Usually my feet and hands are cold, even i wear socks at night for comfortable sleep.Once Heel pain started feel overall fatigue and severe tiredness.
-- Fatigue/tiredness in leg calves.

Heels and legs fatigue issue is from last some months but has been aggravated with current suspected symptoms of Corona.

Background of Heels Pain and Fatigue in Legs calves is that in start there was just Heels pain which usually get starts after prolonged Walking or Standing and even when get up in the morning. After some months a severe fatigue/tiredness started in legs while climbing Stairs.

I had detail checkup/Lab tests/X-rays from various Orthopedic Specialist doctor and as per doctors there is No Uric Acid Issue , No issue of Heels Bone or No Bone Spur. They concluded Heels Issue is Plantar Fasciitis and advised vitamins tablets , pain killers and some stretching exercise. And further says that fatigue/exhaustion in leg calves issue is associated with Heels Pain.

I am observing closely the symptoms and will keep u update. As of now i have taken Bryonia 30, Eupatorium 30 and Nat Mur 30 for 3 days and still continue. If further infrormation is required please let me know.

Kindly advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-05 13:38:51]
ahmad88 3 years ago
I had suggested NAT MUR 6X And not 30.

Start Belladonna 30 five drops three times a day.

Stop Bry and Eupatorium.

Feedback after 2 days.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Hi Anuj
Its just typo error in my last post, i am taking Nat Mur 6x tissue salts tablets from last 3 days alongwith other remedies.

Will start Belladona 30 and shall stop today Bry and Eup.

I am continuously having feverish feeling and hot body alongwith Severe Headache and heaviness in head.

As per my history my usual average body temperature is around 96-97, so i feel that i am having Fever, though thermostat temp is less than standard 98.6F. The same feverish feeling is from last 6-7 days.

PAIN in throat is mild yet as was yeterday, and no mucus/phelgum yet.

Forgot to add that today i also got two Canker Sores, one on inner side of lower lip and other on innerside of right cheek.

Now Mouth feels dry and feeling more thrust.

I am observing symptoms and keep u updated.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-05 20:48:45]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Hi Dear Anuj
Thanks for advice.
I have taken Belladona 30 for 2 days also with Nat Mur 6x tablets.

On 2nd day of taking Belladona 30 i.e.Yesterday, i felt Improvement in Feverish feeling/hot body, Headache, Weakness and in Sore Throat.

However, from today morning i am again having following symptoms:

- Pain in throat while swallowing alongwith whitish mucus discharge in throat;

- Headache and heaviness in head like in nausea ( i am having blurred vision issue i.e. from a normal distance from last months and as per eye doctor everything is good just .25 eyesight is weak, But i sometime feel that headache issue is connected with vision issue which has not been compeletly detected)

- Got 3-4 sneezings yesterday and today.
- Fatigued

- No improvement in Severe Pain on the outer sides of Both Heels (bottom outer side of bones of Heels). After some walk/standing pain starts and and due this feet gets hot and fatigued/pain. Due to this also having fatigue/tiredness in legs especially while climbing stairs.

Kindly advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-08 13:47:17]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Rhus tox 30 three times a day .Feedback after 3 days.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj
Thanks for reply.

It is to further update that right now i am again having feverish feeling alongwith mild Nausea type feeling and headache/heaviness in head.

Considering the threat of Coronavirus i am updating symptoms.

Please advice , in the meanwhile i will start Rhus Tox 30.
ahmad88 3 years ago
In addition have Bryonia 30 also.Mix both and have every 60 mins.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thanks Dear Anuj for prompt reply

I Will take Bryonia 30 every hour (till i got relief from fever and headache.)

ahmad88 3 years ago
Dear Anuj

I have taken almost 06 doses so far of Bryonia 30 and Rhus Tox 30 as advised. Just after taking 03 doses (with 1-hour gap) felt Improvement last night in feverish feeling, Headache and throat pain.

BUT today again now in the evening I am again having Feverish feeling (noted temp is 98F), hot body (feet are cold) with light headache and Throat pain while swallowing (no mucus, no cough).

As a background (Age:32 Married, 60kg weight, No smoking/drink) I also want to inform you that from last many years Whenever i feel anxious or worry/ anxiety / tension due to some reason I suddenly suffer from following symptoms:
- feverish feeling and Hot body (Cold Hand and feet),
- headache & heaviness in head
- frequent Urine & excess flatulence.
- Loss of appetite & thrust
- Severe Restlessness
- Loss of Concentration

Further below are my main relevant Psychological Symptoms in my personality overall:
1- Perfectionist (Keen observer too) and Restlessness nature (Mental & Physical) and usually I do Anticipate Anxiety.
2- Feel exhausted/fatigued after some little Physical & Mental work and also after having Sex (Married).
3- Feel Better/Likes in summer season, in morning/daylight time, in fresh open environment, in sunlight and likes Lightness everywhere.
4- Feel Worse/Dislike in Winter/cold Season or in Raining or , in Darkness, feel uncomfortable at sunset time in evening.

Currently I am also having some anxiety/tension of catching corona virus as symptoms are not going off completely and i sometime feel that this anxiety trigger feverish/hot body feeling and headache though i still observing this aspect.

Kindly advise.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-09 16:47:22]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Stramonium 1m one dose and give a feed back.

If you have Kali Phos 6x have five tabs three times a day.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj
Thanks for reply.

Just to update that i took further doses of Bryonia 30 and Rhus Tox 30 and feeling Improvement in Feverish feeling and headache but still having pain in throat.

I have contacted nearby local homeo stores and Stramonium 1M is Not Available ( there is supply issue due to lock down situation) , only Kali Phos 6x bio salt is available.

Further i just want to further explain about my symptoms as below:
- That i dislike Darkness JUST in Comparison with sunlight and feel uncomfortable at sunset time in evening , BUT i don't have anxiety at night times , and do not have any night terrors/nightmares, or scared of the dark or scared of being alone (i can stay home alone when family go outside even at nights ) and also not scared by any kind of thoughts about mysterious things. OTHERWISE no issue at night/darkness, just prefer lighty enviorment.

- I just like lightness everywhere in room/office and and feel fresh/energetic and keep having on tube lights etc. Otherwise no anxiety issue at night.

- i am very jolly person at home & office and looks social but usually do not like to have many friends and do not wants to go outside most of the time except to office. I like and feel comfortable with my limited socializing.
- I am very active person in my daily routine and office works and usually walks fast.

If any further information is required, please let me know.

Kindly advice, in the meantime i will continue with Rhus Tox 30 and will arrange and start Kali Phos 6x.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-09 22:00:13]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Will carry out a tailed analysis of your case ones you get over CORONA anxiety.If 1m is not available get 200.

Cont Suggested protocol.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj
I have visited nearby Homeo store and Stramonium 1M and 200 too is not avaialble, please advice some alternate.

I am taking Kali Phos 6x and Rhus Tox 30. Feeling Improvement in body aches but No Improvement in Heels & legs pain, even last night was having Severe Heels pain without much standing/walking.

Further again from today morning i am having following:
- Feverish feeling/Hot body (noted temp is 97-98F),
- Nausea feeling with headache
- Throat pain while swallowing.

Kindly advice.
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-11 12:28:21]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Get hold of IPECAC 30 in addition have five drops three times a day.Heel pain will be taken care of subsequently.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Thanks Anuj for prompt reply.

I just have contacted over call to only one accessible opened nearby local homoe store which usually have some most running remedies in 30 and 200 potencies (all other homeo stores are in main markets which are closed due to lock down from last 2 weeks) and unfortunatley IPECAC 3O is also not avaialbe here.

Is there anything we can do with any other alternate remedy?
[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-11 13:02:07]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Which potency of IPECAC is available?

If available in Q buy it.
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj
I have contacted another homepath store and he will deliver me IPECAC 30 in a some hours. I will start taking it as u advice.

I am feeling feverish/hot body and wearing winter Cap and upper from last many days and using Quilt at night. Even usually in normal days i feel more cold in comaprisons to other family members in house.

[Edited by ahmad88 on 2020-04-11 14:42:19]
ahmad88 3 years ago
Silicea 6x three times a day in addition.And give a feedback.

If the remedy does not affect then Psorinum 200 one dose .
anuj srivastava 3 years ago
Dear Anuj Thanks for reply.

Last night i have took one dose of Brynoia 30 and Rhus Tox 30 as i did 2 days ago for feverish feeling. I got releif from feverish/hot body feeling and pain in thorat.

But today again in afternoon i am again feeling light feverish and light pain in throat while swallowing. And No Improvement in Heels pain.

Today I have received and started IPECAC 30 and Silicea 6x with Kali Phos 6x tablets. I will try to arrange today Psorinum 200.
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ahmad88 3 years ago

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