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Potency Question

I have seen a lot of posts with question and answer for potency and I read most of them and still I do not get it.

So here is my question. I have 30 C medicine. If I add one dosage of medicine to following:

A. 6 tablespoon of water
B. 12 tablespoon of water
C. 20 oz. of water

Are all these liquid still 30C?
  val0822 on 2006-04-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In all cases it is not exactly 30,and in all cases effective.

sajjadakram635 last decade
So why it's not a common practice to use the dissolved solution.

It will cut down the use/cost of medicine so much.
val0822 last decade
Succuse it too - don't just add it.

But yes, you could do that if you wanted.

If you are going to do this, you're better off using the liquid forms rather than the pills. You then have to store the mixture, and perhaps add alcohol to it as a preservative. Ideally the water you add it to should be distilled too, and the sealed storage vessel steam sterilised.

It comes down to convenience and how much you value your time at. Homeopathic remedies are not really expensive - you don't need much anyway, and if you figure how much time you'd spend messing about with it, it's probably not worth your time.
monza last decade
hello val

I understand that in India it is always used in water.

I personally have to take all of my remedies dissolved in water otherwise I get no help from them whatsoever.

Joe Delivera normally tells people to use the wet dose which is 3 pellets in a 500 ml bottle of store purchased spring water. Then drink a teaspoon daily. This make the 3 pellets go a very long way and it is not only more effective but more economical.

The bottle is shaken 6 times very hard prior to taking a teaspoon out of it.

Might want to consider doing some searches on here for Joe De Livera.

I found a link for you that explains one of his methods to avoid aggrevation.

Pat2006 last decade
I have found that I have to pour out a teaspoon otherwise it gets spoiled if I drink directly out of the bottle.
Pat2006 last decade
I have a question regarding potency. Is it fine to be taking a dose of medicine everyday of 200c? My friend has been advised to take the dose everyday for her nonfunctioning thyroid. I told her that everyday is too much. Am I right? What is the maximum number of times a 200c potency can be taken? Can you please correct me?
mohini last decade
unnecessary dosing..not wise..

as is - also non modified subsequent dosing...in in this case continued monitorization of prescribing doc required..if not well--let that tell you if doc legitimate or not---and to follow knowing this--then whom is unwise..
John Stanton last decade
thanks John. Can this dose be taken in liquid form? I know the potency would remain same but effect might be more. What about alternate days or once a week?
What 200c would be advisable?
mohini last decade
There are no hard and fast rules about frequency of dose viz. a viz. potency.

I.e. rule for Antim Crud will be different vs. rule for Sulphur and Psorinum........coz some are long acting remedies and some are not.

I wud only say....little knowledge is a dangerous thing !!

Study each medicine and its dosage and frequency seperately...also its inmicals and anti-dotes.

Homeopathy is a life time study....each day we are learning new things.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
this is what is meant by unnecessary dosing..to repeat any subsequent dose when any eeffcet at all has occurred--whether a betterment or worsening of symptoms as well as any new (never occurred in life before) SYMPTOMS-REMEY I TO BE STOPPED..

if betterment--then no need repeat dose til symptoms return..

if only slight betterment allow 3 days without any remedy dosing and access.if bettement has stalled and no new symptoms have occurred then repeat same remedy in modified potency (which i wil explain in moment)

if aggravtin occur,the stop remey allow aggravtion to settle.allow 3 days to settle-if getting worse and no new symptoms have occurred-then wrong potency ;if were using C potencies then use LM 1 to tame...if no response to LM to tame then need take that group of symptoms that are agravte and prescribe remy just for those symptoms-this some call antidoting--but more of a call mitigation of diseaese from over respnse..

if aggravtion procees to settle and setles longer tan 3 days then allow to settle in own pace..once settled but not cured yet and no new sympptoms have occurred,then repeat same remedy modified potency..

if no response to first dose then justified repeat remedy in modfied potency..in this case if started with 30c then take sinle dose 200c..if started with 200c then take 30c--wait 3 days--observe--if no reponse still;then 12c-wait..if still no response retake case and access from there..

modified potency...it is premise that no dose is to be repeated without modification of potency--{{some dis agree--i do adhere to this -as hahnemann tells in organon}}--start with single dose 30c ..one time only...note response as mentioned above --allow 3 days..by using criterion above....if need repeat..if bettement by en of 3 days then follow above as mentioned..when ready to repeat dose take single dose of 200c--follow same thinking..wait...observe...once ready to repeat--either go single dose 1M or (2 pellets of 200c in 20 tablespoons of water--in clean water bottle-shake with vigour---teaspoon dose) -- and this you may take daily til get response---same as mentioned above--shake strongly before each dose..

basicaly --be observant;stop and go method...any new symptom which arises and remains-tells new remedy is caled for..

John Stanton last decade

I agree that taking homeopathy without knowledge is not a good idea whatsoever.

Different homeopaths have different beliefs about this and I feel a very strong need to learn more about antidoting

My homeopath for one believes in letting people suffer until they end up in the hospital He never once mentions aggrevation to his patients and it's looking like other homeopaths like to keep people in the dark also.

Can you refer us to some reading material to learn about ways to antidote?

I thought I read somewhere that certain remedies also come with instruction about another remedy that helps antidote. I thought I read one of John Stanton's threads where he told someone to take palsatilla.

I have not been able to find reading material to help me with this method.

I think the more methods we know about the better.

I believe this is a very important subject to study up on. I also see few discussions on this subject here at this site.

I often read that there are no side affects to homeopathy but a strong attempt is not made to let people know about aggrevations.

Thank you very much for your help with this very important subject.
Pat2006 last decade

What are inmicals? Have never heard of this word.

any reference material to learn about this also?

Thanks again.
Pat2006 last decade
Hello Pat !

When two meds are given one after the other and they cause a negative impact on the system...then the second med is inmical to the first med.

Like Rhus Tox is inmical to Apis Mel.

There is a complete study in homeopathy on 'Drug relationships'
best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade


I already found a website by using those terms.

I notice homeopaths also keep us in the dark about vocabulary so we don't educate ourselves.

Thank you

Best wishes to you also.
Pat2006 last decade
the correct spellings are : Inimicals.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks a lot Pankaj and John. What would you say about thyroidinum200? can this be taken daily to activate the gland?

I had never heard about inimicals and it sounds interesting. You mean in such cases the ailment aggravates?

Another thing, is it necessary for the pain to aggravate if the medicine suits you. I thought it should give you a relief within few minutes after having taken the medicine. I have plenty to learn. In that case one should always keep 30c and also 200c of the same medicine. I thought for a lay person who has little knowledge of homeopathy, one should experiment with 30c only.

Thanks for writing in so detail.
mohini last decade
You can get aggrevations from 30c.

And remedies can work against each other as well as with each other. I just learned this today after Pankaj's post.

Homeopaths use different methods for antidoting.

Like Pankaj said, it is best to learn as much as possible.

Do some learning on the internet. I have already found some very interesting articles.

Always be aware of your body and keep reading and learning.
Pat2006 last decade
John, a remedy should be taken for 3 days on trial basis and then the potency should be changed. So, if you begin with 30 then after 3 days switch to 200. This 200 can be taken for a long time, but cant 30 be taken for a longer duration?
In the meanwhile one gets new sets of symptoms so totally change the medicine? or one can take the earlier medicine and after a gap take another one keeping in mind the inimical factor?
mohini last decade
smae water dose 30 and use as mentioned above--instead of 200c

John Stanton last decade
you can use daily -as long as each subsequent daily dose is modified-by shaking ---when down to last mix 2 tablespoons or so) then add 18 more tablespoons of water..if repeating daily--be observant and folow guielines explained earlier...if after 3 days of taking daily no response --either go up to 200c or retake case...

John Stanton last decade
that means thyroidinum200 can be taken daily in a wet dose?
Pat, even I surfed on the internet for inimicals.It was very interesting.

John,when the medicine bottle is about to finish, dont I add 2 drops of medicine or 3 pellets and fresh supply of water?
mohini last decade
no dont add any more pellets--just add water (20 tablespons ) when just about 2 tablespoons left in original mix....then use as directed..
John Stanton last decade
How long do I keep on adding 20 tablespoons of water?
Similarly for thyroidinum200 as well? just add 2 drops of medicine and take it once a day, when finished put 20 tablespoons of water? Do I understand correctly? In that case we dont need to buy big bottles of medicines!
mohini last decade
yes ---but ought not need take that long any remedy without seeing some effect --as mentioned--if bounces good an bad--up and down symptoms --then remey only palative and is only partial hooeopathic to case--but usually will se some new symptom by then--so be observant...

homoeopathy is a fair cost sort of treatment--excluding money paid to prescribers...some are worth every cent...good one set one price and treat you forever--it only fair patient give donation to prescriber or some charity--sort of share the health/wealth type of eal...give what we got...
John Stanton last decade
maybe i make myself clearer--or more to point---thyrodium more likethn not prescribed--because of thyroid condition---i never advocate repetitive use as for this condition---without addressing underlying illness -if in fact even curable (not knowing the case)....so i recommend for patient you speak--take single dose 200c dry (2 pelets) and wait and see responce)---take it from there....it sounds either you self prescribe or dumb homoeopath prescriber....either way--be observant---no pipe dreaming when come to health..
John Stanton last decade

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