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Autistic son

Hi everyone,

My youngest, 7yr old boy, is autistic. He has been under homeopathic treatment since a baby and has progressed quite well until he relapsed 1 year plus ago. Since then no clear way forward regarding his treatment can be seen.

Some facts about him:
1. 7yr old boy, non-verbal. Youngest child.
2. During pregnancy, his mother's blood pressure was slightly low but not to the extent that she had to be hospitalised.

However, my wife was and is very affected by the fact that her father married a 2nd wife many years ago. She will cry if she talks about it remembering how her own mother (father's 1st wife) and the children (her and her siblings) was treated before the 2nd marriage and after the 2nd marriage.

My wife comes from a big family (11 siblings) and was brought up by her grandmother so she is not very close to her father and mother but still calls/contacts her mother from time to time. She says "I haven't called my dad in a long time, but if I do, I don't know how or what to talk to him about".

3. Previous homeopathic treatment has brought him to the stage that he is able to maintain eye contact for a short while and he seems to understand some of what is said to or around him.
4. He was successfully potty trained 2-3 years ago but since the relapse he has started to poop in his underwear. The cause seems to be that when we visited his grandmother, he needed to use the toilet but was not allowed by his aunt who thought that he wanted to go in and play with the water (shower). He poop in his underwear and continues to do so until today (almost 1 year later). We thought that we would hide his underwear thus forcing him to use the toilet but he used his sister's (9yrs old) underwear instead. After poop, he would go into the toilet, drop the poop into the toilet bowl and try to wash the underwear. However, he uses the toilet when he urinates as per normal.

He loves water. Can play in the bathroom for up to 45 minutes with the water running. He would take a bar of soap and soap his front and the toilet floor to make it slippery then lie on his tummy on the floor. This is his "bath". He does this up to 4, 5 times a day.

5. He is very restless and moves continuously around in the house.
6. He cannot bear to have his nails cut or his teeth brushed but now is able to bear having his hair cut which I do myself using a hand held electric clipper. He can also brush his teeth himself under supervision.
7. Sensitive to high pitched noise whether its songs, the whine of the vacuum cleaner or the food blender or other things - he tries to distance himself or uses his hands to shut his ears.
8. He is very destructive - tends to break or take apart anything that takes his interest. He is currently in the habit using his teeth to break open his sister's color pencils length wise so that he can take out the lead from inside the color pencil. He will leave bits of wooden pencil all over the house.
9. Likes to make a "cave" for himself under the coffee table. He would put down and arrange blankets and pillows under the coffee table and then drape other blankets over the coffee table making a dark completely covered up space for him to lie in. However he doesn't spend that much time in the cave, maybe 10 to 15 minutes then he is walking around the house again.
10. He used to bang his forehead against the wall, door or any person near him when angry. When he was 3, 4 yrs old he used to bite but has since stopped biting. Now he hits his forehead or head with the base of his palms or he bangs his forehead against his knees. He does this when he is angry and when he is excited. I would tell him "stop doing that" and he would smile (if he is doing it because he is excited), stop for while and continue doing it again. He also moves his 4 fingers in a "come here" motion fast and repeatedly and in such a way that the tips of his fingers would brush past a surface usually his knees or thighs, table top or the back/top of his head.
11. He likes to push his face near or against his sister's or mother bottom. When mother/sister gets angry he would just laugh and run away. Recently he has started to touch and play with his penis.
12. He also likes to smell hair/head. He will go up to a person put his nose against the head/hair and sniff.
13. Recently he started playing with his saliva. He dropped his saliva onto a page of a magazine his mother was reading while she was reading it. When the mother got angry he would laugh and run away. When drinking he would drink until his mouth is full and then spit the drink back into the cup or glass, then repeat the process.
14. He likes to watch his mother cook. He would climb up and sit on the counter next to the stove and watch his mother cook. Now he is already holding the spatula and trying to flip or stir whatever is cooking. He will drag my by the hand to take pandan (screwpine) leaves from the garden which he will then put into the rice cooker.
15. Spends most of his time with his mother since school is closed due to covid. Before he started school he was undergoing therapy (Intensive Intervention Program and Occupational Therapy) twice a week. Since covid he was not allowed to go to school as he does not understand social distancing.
16. Since most of his time is spent with his mother, he likes to do what she does. He likes to play with the cooking utensils, baking utensils, iron and ironing board and washing machine. He has learnt to turn on the iron and has burnt holes in several pieces of clothing in his attempt to iron. We have to turn off the cooking gas when not cooking to avoid him trying to turn on the stove.
17. Picky eater. He does not like mushy food except for a very select few. Likes toast spread with margarine with crust cut off, fried eggs. This year he has started to eat raw food like raw rice, raw spaghetti etc but only dry raw foods. He will eat cooked spaghetti without the sauce (not mushy or wet). Also likes to eat pepper (powder) and salt. He will sprinkle it on his palm and lick it. He usually gets hungry late at night around midnight and will go to kitchen, take out the frying pan and put it next to his mother to show that he is hungry.
18. He also eats play sand, paint off the wall (he peels it off using his nails), bits of plastic, paper, earth etc. He likes to put things in his mouth like pen caps, toys etc. Once he pushed a small bead up his nostril and he came to me, took my hand and put it on his nose. It fell out thankfully as it was not too deep inside.

Our dining table is situated right outside the door to his room. His habit is he would take a plate of food from the table, go into his room, sit on the bed and eat. Only when told to do so will he come and eat at the table. Almost all meals will be like this unless he is told to sit and eat at the table.

Now he wants his mother to hand feed him certain types of food like rice even when he is able to feed himself.

19. Likes to explore or scavange - he will open up drawers, suitcases, closets to look for anything that might interest him. Nothing in the house is safe as he is able to find the keys or to find hidden things sooner or later.
20. Likes to go out of the house into open air. Since he can't go out of the compound he would sit beside the fence and look at the people, cars, bikes passing by. If he is angry about something I would open the door and sit in the garden and he would come out walk around for a bit and then calm down.
21. He also likes to cut things using scissors (eg. paper (into small bits) or cloth (holes)) or knife (eg. onions, garlic (into small bits)) but this habit has reduced recently.
22. He is not afraid of the dark nor of any animals.
23. He sleeps about 5 - 6 hours then he will wake up. So if he sleeps at 9pm he will wake up at 3am. He will fall asleep again at about 6am and wake up late. His usual bed time is 2am and will wake up about 8am. If he is tired for any reason he will sleep at about 8pm and wake up about 9pm in which case he will only sleep again at about 5 am. this disturbs the sleep cycle of everyone as he starts to make noise and actively move around and disturb everybody.
24. When we visit his grandmother and his cousins happen to be there as well, his sister will be playing and running around with the cousins. He will watch and then run around with them as well laughing and trying to join in but since he is non-verbal and he doesn't understand the games they are playing, he cannot fully participate. In the end he is just left alone to wander around the compound. His cousins would sometimes accompany him walking around or playing on the swing set. At home, he only has his mother and sister.

That's all I can think of for now.

He is taking Tarent hisp 10M now (starting from 200C) but there has been no change to his head-banging or his potty training.

He has been given Tuberculinum from 1M up to CM over the past 12 months but still no major changes or improvement.

Hope that someone can give me some suggestions on the way forward whether regarding remedy or potency. Thank you.
  someone1 on 2020-11-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You need a real homeopath with experience to take the case.
This is a forum where Any person with no health or homeopath education can join.

Child’s case has to be retaken. You can Email drjiteshsharma at live dot com and ask his opinion. He is a real dr with a homeopathic hospital.
Dr Jitesh does take cases on this forum. Any user name can be clicked to see info on that person and their past threads.
Know who you are talking to.
simone717 3 months ago
Thanks simone717. I have just sent him an email and hope to receive a reply from him soon.
someone1 3 months ago
Yes simone. I think you better know everyone who is a real homeopath or not. In every thread you are calling jitesh sharma. Good. Not bad. I think you may block everyone to post a reply except jitesh. Why is needed to call specially? I am not underestimating jitesh sharma. But your behaviour seems not good to me. I think not only to me. You will show now different logics I know. Think at first with this issue. If you say that, the moderator/site owner can judge only, nothing to say.
freehomeoforall 3 months ago
why don’t you post your Email in your bio?
Then I could ask ppl to email YOU as well?

We have had some people on here who are giving a prescription
When they do not even know what potency is or materia medica- and I think it better to have patients connect with a homeopath at the get go.

New patients mostly think this is all drs or homeopaths on here.
They can suffer from ignorant advice.

Anyone is allowed to post whatever they want on here unless rude.
often your Translation gives you wrong ideas-
Put up your email .
[Edited by simone717 on 2020-11-11 20:40:05]
simone717 3 months ago

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