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Severe bowel problems after total colectomy a few years ago and another surgery for hernia repair 1 year ago.

Does anyone takes new cases?
I need help on treating my problems .If anyone is willing to help please respond.

  liliant on 2021-04-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Sorry I didn't see your replay earlier. I looked a few times and no one was responding.

I'ma a 52 year old female, one child at 23( C-section) menopausal, taking cortef as my cortisol was almost 0 on tests and attivan to help with my anxiety. I also was on antideoresants and estrogen and progestrone but not anymore. I'll try to do my best to explain what happens to me.
I know that when I was a child I had intestinal worms, also everything wend vey bad when I lost my father about 13 years ago.. Couldn't cope with that, could not ho to the funeral( I'm in Canada, he was in Romania.) Coud not go just becouse it was to much for me to see him dead and all the pain around, my mom, my brother.

My history is along story. I'll start with that and what I did by myself(good or bad) until now.

About 1o years ago I had my entire colon removed as I could not have bowel movements anymore. Sure it did not help but at least somehow it was easier to move them.
2 years ago I had a big surgery on the hernia that formed over previous surgery and removal of bowel adhesions. That didn't help eider.
I started to look into homeopathy by myself as I had no other place to go. I went a few years back to a homeopath but it didn't work and after a while gave up.

So long story short, after much reading I discovered that I'm a Calcarea Phosphorica person. Coudn't cope with bad news, fear of death ( of anyone, not just mine), heavy periods with alot of cloths my entire life, very bad migraines every single period my entire life with sensitiveness to light, noise, any smell, vomiting for about 2 days until the migraine was gone, could not eat or drink anything during all this time.
This was happening a few days before the period and after about 1 week again, coming back every single month.

After the first surgery my vision got so bad and I was sleeping most of the time, just from walking , mostly bed driven. I had this before surgery too. Severe weight loss, eating sweets, couldn't drink water(tasted bad) do I hat sparkling water( all my life I liked sparkling water ). No sleep at night, sleeping during the days for years. About 5 o'clock I was going to bed and sleep most of the day.

So I took last year CalcPh starting with 12ch up to 200 and I was doing better mentally and the fear was gone some good improvements happened. In this period I lost my puppy so since then everything went down. I could take care of him to the end so that I think is because of CalcPh, otherwise I don't think I coud cope with that. I don't think I need calph anymore.
I had to go for iron infusions as I had severe anemia. This was happening all the time so I went like about every 8 months until I started CalcPh. After I didn't need it anymore. I got menopausal too so maybe that helped.
After calph I tried Chincona but it didn't do much, either I didn't know how to take it or it wasn't the right remedy.
After all these trials and error I started to have end of boned pains, elbow, also the ond of bones on my hands, heel pain( this pain I used to have it years ago).

So next I started taking RUTA, righ now 9ch. I was having some pains on the right side about the liver, there was a spot where everything vas like getting strangulated in that spot, coud not bread, had to press really hard on it to get relief and take some ativan, lie on my back was helping because on the same time I was having a very bad pain on one spot on the back upper left shoulder.
Right now:

My joints on my hands feel like they get stuck, Mu thumb on right hand the joints and the bone that goes to the wrist are sore, elbow end of bones, point sore all the time. Also right heel even if I'm not walking, very tire to the least effort( had this before too),. Right ankle sprained like over 20 years ago still fell it sometimes. After CalcareaPhosphorica started to have bad cramps in my legs in the morning and stretching alot( I remember to have these while pregnant). So far it helped with the pain on the right side by the liver and the one in the back upper left under the shoulder.

Also have some old pain in the left wrist that is gone . It felt like a bit of improvement on bowels too, but not much. That is my big problem, poor memory, anxiety and depression( that improved after CalPh but not all gone). Also I have to tell you that I had the appendix removed at about 25 years. Also had a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis and they told me that I had my intestines attached to the abdominal wall in 3 spots, exactly where I used to complain that my bowel gets distended and nothing is passing through.

I'm so mix up as all the story that I told you so please sl me if is more needed for you to know.

Thank you so much Liliana
liliant 2 years ago


anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I have to take these for one day or more. I'm very sensitive to remedies. I tried nux30 and prove it in a few days.
I have Nux I have to get the other 2, just let me know for how long I should take them.
liliant 2 years ago

anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I know it only has been a few days, but I'm not feeling good.
I took the remedies for 3 days now and everything is worst.
I'll try to describe you what's going on.

Very sensitive to light.
Rectal pain on the right side of the spine base that goes to the heal, worst when laying my back, better when moving slow.
Had 1 bowel movement in 3 days, had to press on the lower side of the belly and lots of straining . After a few hours had another small bowel movement with lot of straining and belly pressed too. Felling worst after the bowel movement, it feels like the intestines after the content is gone are getting constricted in same spots as always have. As long as my bowel is fool I feel better, as I have a movement feels like there are empty spots that get distended and the bowel is pressing on the rectum on the right side. I think I didn't told you that when I had the colon removed I had a rectal intussusception fixed too. Feels like the food is accumulates on the right side of the rectum and I have to lift my lower belly and press hard on the right side to have a bowel movement.
Worst if I eat fruits, have some coffee( even if I always have decaf only), I think is all that has acid in.
Cold feet and hands, worst in general by cold heat and humidity - had this all the time, same with the bowel movements. Eyes blinking, pain on sternum on the right side worst, pain by the liver worst, in front and back, feels better if I press with my hand on my back. When the bladder is full right side of the ureter is painful, like same the rectum. When I'm typing right now I'm switching letters ( instead as I'll type sa, kind of like dyslexia - had this before too. Also I have a chest sight lately , even before taking nux. My mind it keeps going on and on about everything , it's like I keep talking to myself and narrating my symptoms ( had this all the time when I wasn't feeling good). Starting to get depressed.
Please advise,

liliant 2 years ago
Also very dry deep inside my nose and on ear canal, everything worst on right side from head to toe. Dry mucus in nose, have to pick my nose and ears all the time.
When I feel better I want to do all the things around the house that I can't usually do, plan on doing new things, as soon as I'm not good everything is gone don't want anything anymore, just laying in bed or when nervous going outside and smoke.

Hope that helps.

liliant 2 years ago



anuj srivastava 2 years ago
A'm waiting for ALUMINA,
I don't know if it helps but I think my pain in ends of bones it's I think called condyles pain, not only elbow, legs, worst on hands, palms, knees.
liliant 2 years ago
Continue having the cell salts.

Give a feedback after having ALUMINA.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Hi Anuj,
No help of Aumina, my constipation is very bad, end of bones pain also bad, mind, everything. Don't know what to do anymore. Sweating by the neck, sometimes palms, head around the hair line , itching( like scabs of dandruff) around the hair line front and back, sweating of breast bone and itching when sweating because I have lots of breakouts between the breast and under the breast, they are like skin tags some, some like moles, some light color some dark. They all get itchy on I get hot and sweaty.

The bowel seems that is not moving where I had the adhesions removed( and I had them in 3 places, worst on the right side the intestines were attached to the abdominal wall) on the intestine, is moving very slow and everything accumulates in the rectum. I had a rectal prolapse fixed and I know from an x-ray that my rectum is very wide so everything accumulates in there and is very hard to pass, lots of pain and straining with piles getting very painful.

liliant 2 years ago
In addition Silicea 6x five tabs three times a day and Verat Alb 30 three times a day.

Stop Alumina.

Feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I'll let you know how everything is going as soon as I'll get the

I don't know if this is of any help but I am worst by washing, always been, can't get in the shower because I'll pass out or feel like I will. The steam it makes me feel like it. Most of the time I have to wash myself in the sink with a washcloth. This wasn't so bad when I was younger but it got worst in the last 10-15 years. Also have to eat lot of fat to have a bowel movement but, mostly fat sweet and something raw like fruits or vegies, salads, like fiber with the fat to go through. I like sweets a lot but I'm worst from sweets, coffee, anything that could act like diuretics o matter if it's food or liquid.
liliant 2 years ago


anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I took Sulphur now for 2 days, no bowel movements at all, cold hand and feet, sensitive to any kind of draft, worst from cold, can't sleep well, tossing and turning all the time. I had a little burn on my thumb and it become red and swollen( usually I heal very well when I have scratches or little burns). I have some lump on my left breast on the upper side and I kind of feel them and the left nipple. It's not a pain more like I fill they are there. Started to get a little swollen on my hands, like water retention, not bad but wasn't there before, eyes blinking all the time like spasmodic closure of the lids, didn't eat much these days, less than usual but still need the creamy sweet, not craving very sweet things, kind of light sweet but fatty, any foo d same thing has to have some fat in. Walked up in the morning with my palms like frozen, numb on the little finger side( had this before it used to be frozen up to my elbows sometimes- this was years ago). Sensitive to slightest touch on my skin.

If feels like I have the same symptoms like I had when I took CalcPh, like nothing changed on my bowel, my mind got better after CalPh but the higher I got into potency the worst my bowel got until I started to get depressed probably from to high of a potency. I wonder if all these end of bones pains are not from that too. Is it possible to need a low potency of CalcPh to remove the deposits( at least that's how it feels they are, always same spots on the intestines and chest) over the intestines and upper chest, somewhere between the mid sternum going down to the right side towards the liver. Also there is a spot above the navel that gets constricted too and nothing passes on that area unless is food with fat. The only remedies that I tried and did not got me depressed were CalcPh and ruta so far. I started to take ruta when my end of bones started and I had like a dim vision usually on one of the eyes at a time that was getting better by wiping the eye of with my hand, and also because of my known fear of snakes and when depressed fear when I see a knife. Also I had I would say after the first surgery burning of the tip of the tongue and my vision got so bad in like 2-3 months.
I don't know what else I could tell you. Everything got worst I think as I got closer to menopause, used to have pains like as the period pain on the upper right side( by the liver) every single time I was getting my period and low back pains, abdominal pain above the uterus and heavy clothed long lasting period all my life. As the hormones went down everything got so tight on these spots ( always same spots) that nothing goes through unless I eat all the time food that has fat in, if food passes and I didn't eat anything it gets so tight that it gets strangulated, I turned purple few times when I went for some tests and they asked me not to eat or drink from midnight. They barely managed to put an IV on me to get me back. I would've die in few minutes probably, coudn't bread and my skin turned purple. That vas not an anxiety attack, it was my bowel getting strangulated. Now is not happening anymore because I know how to prevent it, and at the time I wasn't taking cortisol, found out later that it was almost 0.
Thank you for your help, I really need it.
liliant 2 years ago


anuj srivastava 2 years ago
No improvement after LACHESIS, same symptoms, got some blisters in my mouth, aphthae, left corner of mouth felt like I was going to get a breakout( I usually was getting this if stayed to much in the sun, only on the left corner and upper lip close to the corner). No improvements in anything.

I tried CalcPh 3x once and I god a bad headache on the right side of the head on the bone sutures for the entire day, so I'm not taking that anymore, looks like id did it's job when I first got it.

So out of desperation after feeling that bad I tried a Chincona again. This time I started with a 20ch as before I tried 30 and 200 and I was getting depressed and a dull pain over my kidneys - something that I used to have some time ago.
I'm taking this for 2 days now, my cold feet and hand improved, sensitiveness to draft improved, sight and eye blinking improved a bit, not too much on bowel movement but the bowel in general feels better, not that bloated and stuck, have like 1 bowel movement a day that with no much straining and no rectal pain, feels more normal. Eating less sweet and no much craving for soda.
I took it 3 times a day but I think if feels like too much.
Do you think I should continue this?

liliant 2 years ago
Continue if it is suiting your constitution by all means.

Feedback after a week.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
I will, thank you!
liliant 2 years ago
I took chincona far a few days and I started to get little fluid blisters on my fingers and on lower left lip - they were painful at slightest touch and not painful at all at hard pressure, also started to get numbness in my hands and crams in legs. That reminded me when I first started calc ph that I had something similar on the last finger on my left hand that was spreading and it got under the nail, little liquid filled blisters that were eating away into my nail until it got about half the normal size. This got away after calcarea ph and it did not return, my nail is back to her size, normal as is used to be. So I started again calc ph first I took a 20 , the blisters disappeared but it felt too much as I started to get acid reflux, had to sleep with my bust high so the acid is not getting up.( I used to sleep like this years ago for the same reason) So today I went down to 12cH, hopefully it's a better potency for me. I think when I first took Calc Ph I went too high too fast and I got worst and worst, together with the death of my puppy it got me so depressed. For the last 2 days I had 2 bowel movements a day, not constipated so hopefully this will work.
All I hve at home right now is 12 and 20. If 12 is not high enough should I get a 15 to have it?
Thank you,
liliant 2 years ago


anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Thank you, I will!

liliant 2 years ago
Hi Anuj,
I have some changes to tell you about.
I took CalcPH 12Ch for 2 days and started to get joints and bone pain, my bowel wasn't moving as good as it did wit 20CH so the next day I took 15Ch. All the pains were gone, bowell better. After 1 day no pains on bones and joints but bowel not moving well. So I went up to 20CH again. I'm on my second day of 20, bowel moving better, started to get pains as my period coming when is moving, lower part of the abdomen bloated all the time, still better by pressure when have bowel movements, all that coldness all the time gone, not that much sensitive to touch, still there but not that bad. What I noticed a new symptom is that I started mocking my husbands or my daughter when they say something and I don't agree with them (behind their backs), not arguing or anything, just mocking and let them say what they have to say. Eyes still blinking, not as bad as it was but still there ,started to retain more water on my hands and feet, craving for fruits (allays liked fruits), not that much fat but still need some even if I don't always fell good after, but it helps my bowel to move. Corner of the mouth a bit dry, more left side where I used to get blisters. I have like body pains when I wake up , they get a bit better on moving but not going away. It seems to me that now I might need to get Cinchona? What do you think? I have 12, 20, 30 and 200 Ch at home.

Thank you, Liliana
liliant last year
Also swelling of the upper lip, burning of tip of tongue.
liliant last year
Have a dose of APIS 30.



anuj srivastava last year

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