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Nesha_India, please help with allergies

My husband has chronic allergies with dust and cold. He gets up in morning and starts sneezing and remains congested rest of day with symptoms like normal running nose cold He especially gets worst time in April.
He has tried following and I know whatever you will tell will only work on my family so please suggest something.

1. BC6 for 10 days (3 times a day)
2. Ferrum Phos 6x for 3 days 3 times a day
3. Bacillinum 200 3 doses for 3 consecutive daye
4. Nux Vomica 30x 3 doses for 5 days

Nothing seems to be helping him, he is having such a bad time.
Thank you in advance.
  karishma on 2006-04-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
As always updating it just to get your attention Nesha_India :-)
karishma last decade
Arsenum Album 30 may help.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you Kuldeep,
We will try this as well.
karishma last decade
Running nose:

Is it thin watery
is it thick..greenish -yellow?

Any headaches? where/which part of head??

skin eruptions? burning of skin?/

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I think Kuldeep has suggested Arsenicum Alb.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
We tried Ars Alb 30 for 3 days..no effect..
It is watery nose and no headache that time.

Any other help please?
karishma last decade
Sabadill 6c,5 drops in a little water thrice daily for atleast 7 days can help.

sajjadakram635 last decade
I have had remarkable success with Bacillinum 200 which is taken in 2 doses 3 weeks apart.

The violent sneezing usually stops on the day after the first dose when the patient is relieved of the coryza.

Please note that this remedy may not be used on a regular basis as it is a nosode and its use must be carefully controlled.
Joe De Livera last decade
'karishma' :
Apologies for the late response, Nesha-India was travelling (and this time not to ShriLanka).

For your hubby :
1. Silicea-6X (Bio-chemic Triturated tissue salt) 4 tablets every 3rd hour till symptoms persist. Continue further for many more weeks. DO NOT use potencised homeopathic Silicea.
2. Aconite-30c, liquid (and strictly not pills), 1-2 drops on direct on tongue, every 20 minutes, immediately on getting up from bed in the mornings ONLY. Total 2-3 doses per morning.
Highly safe.
3. Take Glycerine (available in medical shops).
- a) Apply Glycerine with a cotton-ear-bud stick INSIDE both the nostrils at bed-time (this might harmlessly create a momentary smarting-sensation inside the nostrils, but is highly safe). DO this daily, for many weeks.
- b) Do again, in the morning, just before venturing out of the house, in the open.
THIS WILL REMOVE TENDENCY OF DUST ALLERGY, leading to cold & sneezing. Literally no other medicines, of any field, has capacity to take care of the dust allergy. A 'YOGA' excercise called 'PRANNAvYHAMA' (deep breathing and exhaling powerfully-forcefully will also help, tentatively)

DO ALL ABOVE 'simultaneously' and NOT otherwise. Tentatively, discontinue ALL other homeo medicines, BUT may continue with other allopathy or ayurvedic medicines he MAY be taking.
Do post your response, over here, on the effect of the above therapy on your hubby. Any confusion, let's know.

Incidentally, is your hubby balding a bit on the crown of his head, sleeping direct under a fan or wind source and likes acidic foods like tea, coffee, cola drinks, spicy foods, sort of obese, having a sedentary life style / habits and literally no exposure to sunlight. Kindly confirm / comment.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Oh Thank you so much for coming back safely. I was trying to buy both medicines (silicea 6x and Aconite 30c)from abchomeopathy but could not understand which one i need from
1. Aconitum Cammarum
2. Aconitum Ferox
3. Aconitum Lycotonum
4. Aconitum Napellus (can not wait that long when it will come from India so buying online).
and answer to your questions..
1. No he is not loosing hair or bald anywhere on his head(38yrs old).
2.No he does not sleep under any wind source.
3. He likes tea but no spicy food and yes we all have tendency to gain weight.
4.He excercises regularly but yes his job requires him to keep on sitting on his desk.
5. we live in califorinia which is known for it's sunlight but yeah he does not specifically go out in sun light for walk etc.
Please help.
karishma last decade
If you ever wish to go to sri lanka. Please do not forget me.

Be good and do good and keep the flag flying.


sajjadakram635 last decade
'sajjadakram635' :
Thanks for the offer of joining me to my next trip to SriLanka. I go to Srilanka, twice in a year, my next 10 day trip tentatively being in October-2006. Let me know your schedule so that we can visit miscellanous Stores in Srilanka, specially those owned by static 76 year olds with BP of 120/80 & Pulse of 65. (and then maybe be candidly obtain a free dose of fizzing Arnica).

sajjad'bhai, you said to me 'Be good and do good and keep the flag flying.'
Allow me to tell you something : Professionally, I do NOT want to be good and I do NOT want to be bad. Professionally, I'd prefer to rather be a strict professional. I don't practice 'ESCAPISM' in the guise of being 'CIVIL'. Hope you understand. AND for some people, (that's unprofessionally), I'd rather be 'Dennis the Menace'. Hope you understand, again.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
'karishma' :
By Homeopathic default Aconite is always 'Aconitum Napellus" (unless otherwise specified) and should be easily available in California or Florida Homeo shops.

Please do the complete therapy as suggested earlier, & let's know.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you so much. I will update you after a month(15 days for getting the medicines and 15 days after taking the medicines).
karishma last decade
Hello Nesha,

You gave me quite a giggle with regards to Joe.

You are quite a good hearted soul.

You haven't been around much lately so I haven't had a chance to get to know you.

Thanks so much for a much needed smile and giggle.
Pat2006 last decade
May be one day she will take monkeys to Sri Lanka to attack there, like Rama did. Or probably she is already in the mid way.
kuldeep last decade
'karishma' :
Meanwhile continue with the Glycerine therapy. This alone should give lots of relief. BTW medicines reach CA (USA) by courier in less than 3 days from Mumbai-India.

'kuldeep' : My remote mythological anscestors left a whole LOT of monkeys in SriLanka. That's where the monkey prescriptions are orginating from. I can smoothly achieve & arrange to do all and more just by sitting in Mumbai-India, REMOTELY by Internet, as you can see, is evident.

'Pat2006' : That Srilanka sentence was designed to make readers giggle and thanks for the confirmation. You can also consider reading the following link, if you are looking to lighten up your top floor. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/55158/ (Laughter is the best Medicne). Please do contribute for others to benefit.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
As I am getting medicines from India I was hoping if I could get some help for my older son as well from you.Please advise.
My 10 years old son has allergies and often get cold cough, in addition to that he gets itchy eyes and sometimes yellow discharge as well. Recently he is so sensitive to water that even when water touches his eyes his eyes become red and a white discharge starts flowing and his eyes remain swelled up for couple of days. I tried giving him bellodona 30 and it felt like it is helping him in not getting the situation worst but I really want to treat his eyes now as how long he can avoid water touch to his eyes and keep on suffering from allergies.
karishma last decade
Nesha-India, My son needs relief with his burning eyes..eye allergy relief gives him temp relief. Any biochemic or homeopathic medicine to improve his immunity or resistance against allergies?Please advise.
karishma last decade
'karishma ' :
Your son's constitution seems to be Acidic. And as well he would be allergic to many other things, most prominently allergic to dogs. Kindly confirm.

1. Psorinum-1m, one drop liquid, every Sunday night, for total four doses. This will help reduce tendency of cold and cough. Give feedback to me on this one.
2. Homeo Eye drops 'Euphraisa' (OTC), a drop in each eye every 3 hours for intial few days will help him.
3. Keeping ice (wrapped in a plastic bag ...) on the eyes also would help him.
4. Try increasing the potency of Bellodona to 200c, 3 doses per day. For a week. Try giving Bell-200c alternating with Aconite-30c 3 doses per day. Likewise 'Hepar.Sulph" is also indicated in such cases. (the case is not clear to me)
5. Get a complete allergy test done on him including detailed food allergey test.
6. Is the child afraid of something, like dogs or ....., school or neighbours or .....
7. The bedsheet, pillows, towel, hanky .... should be checked and disinfected appropriately.
8. The water element should not a problem to cause such allergic reaction, there is something else to cause such flare-ups. Check for detergents, bath soaps, hair oil or gels, lotions or creams, talc powders, perfumes ..., Change or discontinue for a few days and check accordingly.

The child's case is not very clear for my understanding to prescrib accordingly. Try detailing further with diet, food aversions & cravings, moods, thoughts .... other activities.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you so much for your help. If my son's constitution is acidic then would not he be prone to many other ailments in future, Please advise what needs to be done, I already take care that he does not eat acidic food and sugar things.
No food aversion but he loves eating almost all kind of food, very happy and healthy in general, very intelligent and caring and loving kid, can crack the jokes all day, teachers just love him but tendency to gain weight and lie down and read for hours, play outdoor and indoor both and reads and write a lot. I would check all the things you mentioned above. Every Sunday night I give him Thyroidium 200 as well so would it be ok to give Psorinum-1m with that. What is Hepar.Sulph? Please tell me the full name so that I can get it from India.
I love you slogan 'Remain Healthy & Happy' people like you only deserve to be doctors who can heal while prescribing the treatment..
karishma last decade
...My remote mythological anscestors left a whole LOT of monkeys in SriLanka ....

Here Nesha is mistaken. It is the rediscovery of Sanjivani Herb there.
kuldeep last decade
'karishma' :
1. Kindly confirm about the allergies mentioned earlier and other allergies which you would have to identify yourself, unless if you can manage to get him tested for the entire range of food and dust allergies, which please do so at the earliest.
2. If you are giving Thyrodinum-200c every sunday night. please arrange to give him psorinum-1m, say every wednesday night for 4 wednesday nights ONLY (that's total of 4 doses and then stop and give feedback to me). Psor. takes a long time to act and you will see reduction in frequency of cold & cough over a few weeks.
3. Get the Homeo eye drops, it will help. And do the Ice application as well. It will reduce local inflammation and reduce mucous secretion.
4. Did you check the bedsheets ......... (as described in point no. 7 & 8 of the last post. Please do it throughly and identify
5. Normally, human health constitutions cannot be changed, BUT can be well maintained, with appropriate natural foods, plenty of sunshine and moderate exercises. This alone is sufficient for the mind and body to keep itself & 'Remain Healthy & Happy'.

* NATUROPATHICALLY, for easy management of Acidic constitution, SWEET LIME JUICE (Indian name = Mosambi' about 200 ml, two times immediately after meals, is sufficient to neutralise all acidic related problems. Fresh extracted juice and not canned or preserved whatsoever without any additions of salt, sugar, spices ....
* Hep.Sul. = "Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum" (Please look at the extreme left side (top of page) and find the name (where you see the sign BUY). Get this about 10 ml in 200c potency for your medicine chest.
* All homeo medicines are availble in CA, please try to scout around, instead of the agonizing wait of getting medicines from India.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

'kuldeep' :
'Sanjivani Herb'. Is it a mythological herb or is it real. IF real, please give name of the herb or equivalent in Allopathy or Homeopathy or Ayurvedic or Unani or ...... AND OF COURSE, where is it available, besides SriLanka.
Would it be that the 'ARNICA" itself is the Sanjivani Herb, and that the 76 year old has psycically DISCOVERED it secretly. If possible, Kindly confirm.
Maybe, the 'Sajjivani' herb can be bottled as a fizzzzzing drink (dose). A single fizzing dose and all the 76 year old's start gyrating to Michael Jackson's 'Beat it....'
Nesha-India last decade
Will do the needful and update you soon.
karishma last decade
Oh finally I got my medicines last week.
Changing bell30c to 200c gave almost instant relief to my son from his eye allergies. On bottle of Euphraisa it says it is for Conjunctivitis so not sure while my son recovered almost fully should I try this or not?
May be as summer is appraoching fast my husband is not sneezing that bad but still will continue with both Acconite30 and Silicea
and update you may be after 2weeks.
For younger one who is suffering from eczema (very small bumpiness/dryness on his stomuch) I initially gave him NatSulph6x (as initially he used to scarach when undressed)which kind of helped but not anymore so thinking of giving him Psorinum-1m once a week as will give it to Older one. Does it sound ok?
For reducing fat , taking lemon with sodabicarb everyday and sometimes it gives the feeling of like you got loose motions but later gives great feeling of lightness.
Thank you. Thank you.
karishma last decade

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