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Pains - Please help


I have these pains which is making my day to day activities miserable.

Pains 2" Below both the ear along the sides of the neck till the base of the neck till the collar bone. Along with this there is pain on the top of the head, eye sockets and below the eyes along the cheek bones. (Presently gets a relief by applying pressure and massage. Also applying a pain relief gel gives me some comfort)

Pains along the bottom of the rib cage (the last rib) on both sides and pains and swelling along and below the collar bone on both sides. At times there is left hand muscle pain and pains on the base of the left thumb and tingling on the left hand.

A diaphragm block on the left early and occasional nose blocks because of which I need to breathe through the mouth.

Presently taking Bryonia 30C 3 times but it is not giving me the much needed relief. I have enlarged prostate for which I am taking Chimaphila MT 10 drops 3 times.

Please advise. In case further information is needed, please advise.

  pimathew on 2021-06-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Mr Matthew
Give you got your spine checked or sinuses checked it appears that there are issues with both there is some thing wrong in the cervical portion of the spine which is disturbing the nerves and that is why the pain and the tingling
Hypericum 200 05 drops in water/05 pills once a day
Acid Phos 30. 2-3 drops thrice a day in water or 3 pills thrice a day both for three days
Revert after three days
Get your spine and sinuses checked
Kaps 3 months ago
Thanks very much..

I would like to go for a check up, unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, am scared to go the hospital. The lockdown probably would eade by 16th.
pimathew 3 months ago
In the meanwhile try the remedies they are nerves only
16 June is not far away
I read some of your previous posts
Post the total symptoms you have now it will help me selecting the right remedy
Kaps 3 months ago
Thank you so much.

The above link refers to my earlier post. I have come out of great illness thanks to wonderful persons who contributed to my well being from this forum. I thank all of them who responded to my post and supported me in their best possible way.

Besides the above posts on my pains, I suffer from enlarged prostrate and a swollen cyst on my right kidney. I was advised Chimaphila MT and Apis Mel 3X. Presently taking Chimaphila and Bryonia for the pains.

At present I need to go couple of times during the day to pass urine. The flow of the urine is not a thick stream. Also after passing the urine completely when I tuck it into my pants, a few drops fall out.

I drink around around 3-4 litres of water till 4 pm and then I drink water to take my medicines. Once I go to bed by 11.30 pm, I get up around 4-5 AM once to pass urine.

Frequent urination along with a weak stream and the pains are my current concerns. This about sums it up.

Please let me know if any further details are required. I will add and let you know.

Thanks once again.
pimathew 3 months ago
Stop Bryonia and chimephila
Sabal S 30 2-3 drops thrice a day in water
Causticum 200 05 drops once a day in water for three days
In Additon to the previously posted remedies
Revert after three days or as and when u feel difference in symptoms
Kaps 3 months ago

Almost a week since I'm posting.

Got Xray done of my neck. C4 - C7 there is swelling surrounding it. The Ortho specialist suggested pain killers nerve remedy and Vitamin B12 and sleeping without pillow.

The pains along the neck has reduced drastically. Besides I have removed my pillow and sleeping on a slightly raised make shift pillow.

About the prostate and urine part, there is no change. The restricted urine and increased urge to urine has increased in the day time ie upto almost my sleeping time. Once I go to bed, I pass urine only once and then around 6am when I get to off the outside lights. Another thing is that in case I get a severe urge to pass urine and if it is delayed for some seconds, urine drips out and wets my pant.

Today since morning, am clearing my throat couple of times. Am also coughing to get any phlegm out.

Please advise.
TIA & best rgds
pimathew 2 months ago
Good to know about your neck
There are no disc issues I hope since it is swelling let us wait for the symptoms to subside or otherwise
How many times u get this strong urge or every time you have urge is urgent
Can you sit and pass urine whenever you have to if you do so for about 6 months your prostate and half the urination issue will go away automatically
I advised this to a MD he said so
Causticum 200 2-3 drops thrice a day for three four days
Carry on with Sabal 30 too
Post symptoms after three four days of ther is not improvement then we ll chahe the remedy
StoBal syrup by SBL OD gewt for the cough related issues
Have it as printed on the bottle
Five Phos 6x 4 tabs thrice a day finish the bottle
If your neck pain does not get cured in a week post symptoms
Kaps 2 months ago

Whenever I need to pass urine I should sit on the WC and pass urine. Is that the way?

In a day, till the time I go to bed, around 10-15 times. The strong urge is through out, but the volume of urine passed is less and also it is a weak stream. I need to stand for a long time to complete and then again in another 30 minutes roughly I again get this strong urge to pass. It becomes very difficult if I have to travel long distances. It's almost 3 years since I had this enlarged prostate and suffering from it.

pimathew 2 months ago
You need to sit on your haunches and pass urine
Got it ur symptoms
Kaps 2 months ago
Hi Kaps,

I don't have Indian closet installed in my bathroom. Just an European closet only. If I have to sit on my haunches, then I would need to pass urine on the bathroom floor.
pimathew 2 months ago
I understand that will exercise your knees too flush the bathroom floor with some water
Kaps 2 months ago
Strong urge to pass urine
Cantharis 200 05 drops in water one dose only
Post symptoms after a day or so
Kaps 2 months ago
Me Mathew
Did you try Cantharis
Kaps 2 months ago

Long times since I posted.
Got my 2nd dose of Astra Zeneca (Covishield in India) a week back. Tired, body and joint pains and an itchy throat.
Have tried Cantharis 200C on several occasions.

The neck and shoulder pain is much better. I sleep without a pillow. A little raised clothes is all what I sleep on.

There is no change in the following.
1. The uncontrollable urge. If I don't reach in time, a few drops fall off and then takes time to completely finish.
2. Weak stream. No force for the urine.
3. Too many times in the day within a short while (30-45 min). In the night once or maybe twice.

At times, I go on my haunches. But when it is uncontrollable, I just stand and pass.

Should I go with a single dose of Cantharis.

Please advise.

Thanks a lot.
pimathew last month
What is your control over passing wind and stool
Do you pass irons or a drop of irons or gas when you cough or any other strain on abdomen ?
Stop Cantharis
You have not felt any effect of
Causticum 200
Sabal S 30
Did you take these remedies or not
For your neck and shoulders pain
Arnica 200 2-3 in water / 2-3 pills drops thrice a day for two days
Thereafter Rhus Tox 200 doses as of Arnica
Kaps last month

As for stools, there is no issue. Gastric at times when I take foods & pulses which are gastric. Whenever I feel to pass wind, am able to pass. Another thing is the minute I go to bad and sleep on my left side I release wind.

I don't recall ever releasing wind when I cough.

I have taken Causticum 200 and Sabal Serulata 30C. No improvement.

Have also taken Arnica 200 and Rhus Tox 200. Have not felt any relief on the neck and shoulder pain.

Please advise.

pimathew last month
Arnica 200 and Rhus Tox 200 you may have taken take them now the remaining pain will go from shoulder and neck
Arnica will also address the bladder issues
You must have taken them earlier
Try them now
Kaps last month

From today morning am sneezing couple of times along with runny nose and a scraping in the throat.

Have taken Arnica 200 - 3 times x 2 days and later Rhus Tox 200 - 3 times x 2 days.

The Urinary problem persist. There is no changes in the day problem. Earlier in the night, I used to go once in the night and occasionally 2 times. Now I have to go twice in the night.

Another thing is how do I reduce the prostate size. Can you please advise medicines if any for prostate gland reduction. In case this is not possible, probably will have to go for surgery ( TURP) which I have been avoiding for the last 3 years.

Please advise.

pimathew last month
Hi Dr Kaps..

Forgot to add.. My neck and shoulder pain is manageable. Though not fully cured, the pains are off and on.

Also when I sit or get up, there is a slight pain in the knee joint.

Please review the above post and this post and advise.

TIA & rgds
pimathew last month
Take Arnica 200 05 drops in water / 05 pills once a day for three days
For the balance pain in the neck it may help knees if it is to do with soft tissues

You did not have Hypericum and Acid Phos which I prescribed in my first post

It’s time to take those and then see the effect on your urinary issues
Let all your nerves be better first
Also get a bottle of Five Phos 12 x
Kaps last month
Hi Dr Kaps,

I have earlier taken Hypericum and Acid Phos.
consumed a bottle of 5 Phos 6X also. Should I go for a repeat of Arnica initially and then continue with Hypericum an Acid Phos.

Please advise.
pimathew last month
When did you take those ?
Yes first have Arnica
Kaps last month
Hi Dr..

Hypericum and Acid Phos were the first medicines which I started on your advise. Thereafter you advised Sabal S and Causticum.

Anyway as you suggested, will take Arnica 200 - 1 dose daily for 3 days. Thereafter should I go for Hypericum & Acid Phos. Please advise.
pimathew last month
Have Hypericum half an hour before Breakfast and Arnica half an hour after breakfast
Post symptoms after three days
Kaps last month
Dear Dr Kaps,

Have taken Hypericum 200 & Arnica 200(Hypericum before breakfast and Arnica after)

Neck Shoulder pains is present. On turning the head toward left or right, I can feel a nerve behind the ear getting tight. Now the pain is not on the shoulder or the base of the neck instead it is below both ears. More so when I turn my head.

Re my urine the flow I feel was a wee better on the day I took the medicine. However the urine does not shoot forward rather sort of dropping down. The flow of the urine should increase and should shoot forward instead of falling on my pants.

Today got wet during the drizzle. Now 7.30Pm IST, I was sneezing couple of times, plus sort of a nose block and voice change. Please advise.

Another thing is my 25 year old daughter got the cold. Gave her Ars Alb couple of doses and for her cough gave her SBL Stobal. However there is no relief in the wet cough. Her cold has subsided.

Please advise for my daughter and me.

TIA/ B Rgds
pimathew last month

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