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Follow Dr kaps advice.
Also you should try BACH FLOWER remedies for good mental health.
Take Cherry plum and Sweet chestnut.
Mix five drops each in half cup water and take twice a day on morning and night before food.
Sugan veera last year
Hello Kaps,
Few hours ago, about (4 hours)
I took a dose of Aconite 200 at first and then half an hour later I took a dose of Staph 200. I am feeling little bit better than before now.
Will update you more again tomorrow evening.
Thank you.
depression1 last year
Hello Kaps,
I am much more better than before now. May be like 70-80% better. Thanks for your timely help.
Today I got the result of my blood test that I did yesterday. It showed me that I am in menopause. That’s not the result we were expecting. Its been 3 months that I have not had my periods. Can homeopathy help me in this context as well ? Can I be fertile with the help of Homeopathy? My FSH test last year was 14 but yesterday it showed me 89.9. That’s a huge difference. Since last 3 months I have been having just few spots sometimes.
Please let me know if there is any hope with the help of homeopathy?

Thank you.
depression1 last year
See menopause is age related too and some women get it early some late
How many ova / eggs a women is going to produce is fixed when she is still in her mother’s womb. That is nature.
You are about 45 and as per your race Asian etc you shud google average age for menopause you will get your answers.
Kaps last year
Ok Kaps, thank you for your reply.
I understand.

I will keep posting you updates.

Happy New Year to you.
depression1 last year
Happy New Year to you and your family too
Stay Healthy and Happy always
Kaps last year
Thank you. Happy New Year to you and family as well. :)
depression1 last year
Hello Kaps,
How are you doing? It's been a long time since I have written to you.
I was doing okay until yesterday.

My head is a little congested now. I feel like there is a dull pressure inside my head. These days I have noticed, I am not able to tolerate any kind of injustice with anybody I know. I sympathize with them and I take their side in every possible way I can. I had that characteristic before as well but it was hidden and I never reacted this way. But this time the feeling is so strong. I cannot tolerate injustice at any level anywhere. If I think I can resolve the issue, I talk and I raise my voice too sometimes. If it's not up to my reach to solve, then I feel sad, depressed, and helpless.

I am again arguing with my husband over his childishness.
Also, he is so dominating towards my daughter over foolish things, he just acts bossy. which I don't like so my mother instinct tries to protect my baby. (No matter who that is or what that is, if I feel my child is in discomfort, I cannot tolerate it.) and I tend to argue with him.
My head is a bit heavy.

Thanking you.
depression1 last year
If we could do everything as desired the only thing we will for ourselves is hell
Try your best and leave it you just can’t do everything as per your thoughts and justification you can only give it a sincere try and do it without any attachment to the outcome
Take a single dose of Aconite 200 and follow with Aurum Metallicum 200 at bed time for three four days
Post symptoms
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,
I have taken 4 doses of Aurum Met 200 so far. I was doing better.

But yesterday I got bad and sad news and sad news from back home that my Uncle passed away. My mind has been disturbed since then. The remedy is not helping me in this situation. My mind keeps on thinking about how hard it might be for him to die. He was not in good care. I also feel I couldn't do anything for him to make him survive more. He was in a vulnerable condition because of not getting enough care. He was in pathetic condition before dying. It was good for him that he passed away. But I am too sad because of this news. If I am busy I forget about the incident but as soon as I am free, my mind dwells in that sad moment. He was dear to me. He was a nice person. I am trying my best not to be sad and accept the reality but it's really hard for me. I keep on thinking about him and his vulnerability. He was the kind of person who should not have suffered in life. But he was old and fragile so nobody in his family cared much about him. That is very sad. I cannot see or hear about anybody's suffering.
I am very sad to lose such a nice uncle.
My head is so congested and hurting. Please help me overcome this Sadness.
depression1 last year
I understand ur feelings for your uncle
In this world only good people suffer and from what u told he was a good person
You shud cherish his memories and good deeds done by him rather than how he suffered
Think it ilke this for a day or so, I am sure you ll get over it soon and post
Kaps last year
I understand, it was very hard for me, too, to lose someone close to me... but time really does heal.
tommyasde last year
Hello Kaps,
I am 50-60 % better than before. I am not as upset as before, maybe my mind has accepted the reality now. But my head is still congested because of the aftermath of the anxiety and sadness I had earlier. I am trying not to remember my uncle anymore, if I do, the memories will take me to sadness. Sadness doesn't lead me to cry, rather I get depressed and anxious which I cannot control. I bear the depression and anxiety quietly, I never share my sorrows with anybody.

Right now, I am focusing on getting a job. Even though I have finished taking the training I am still so scared to apply for a job. I am not confident enough to give interviews. I don't want to approach the interviews. My mind struggles to find proper words to explain things even in daily life. I cannot memorize things easily. e.g. If I did any work 1-2 days back or if I were in any place, I forget the exact day or time I did that work or I was in that place, I get confused whether it was yesterday or the day before yesterday. It's hard for me to keep track of dates and times. Whenever somebody asks me to apply for a job, I get irritated, because I have a very low confidence level. I make excuses not to apply.

I have this heavy head and congestion. Please help.
depression1 last year
Belladonna 200
Once a day for three days
Ignitia 200
Once a day for three days

Practice or keep on repeating the things which you tend to forget
U are to help yourself too all pathya medicines counselling etc are there only to help and not change you
So try harder and work harder
All the best for your hob
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

Update on my condition after taking the remedies.

I took Ignatia 200 and Belladonna 200 for 3 days as per your advice. Today is the 4th day.
I feel like I am about 80 % fine regarding the depression because of the bad and sad news. I am not very much upset regarding the sad incident that happened back home. I am not brooding about it like before. The thought of the incident is not bothering me like before. My head is still congested though.
My main problem at the moment is not having enough confidence about the job interviews. I have an interview coming up and I am kind of tense right now. I am making so many excuses not to give the interview. But everybody here is forcing me to give it a try.
I am irritated and frustrated. I am mad over small things because of this tension
My head is burning, congested, and achy and my nerves are jittery.

please help
depression1 last year
Have a dose of Aconite 200 single dose only
Go for the interview what is the worst outcome you will get rejected but nobody will stop you
From returning home and trying again
Ignitia shud take care of all this
Prepare well if you decide to go do not appear for this half heartedly
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,
How are you ?

I took a dose of Aconite 200, day before yesterday. as per your advice. I have been having a heavy head, headache and burning inside head since then.
I am getting irritated in every single issue. I have been having arguments with my husband.
It seems like my mind is saying “Please don’t irritate me, please don’t bug me, leave me alone”
I am more depressed. Feeling indifferent to everything. Hating to do anything. Being hyper to answer any questions asked by my husband.
It feels like my head is squeezed.

( I also took the interview day before yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was nervous at the beginning but later I was okay.)

I don’t know if this is an aggravation from Aconite.
Please suggest.

Thank you for your help.
[Edited by depression1 on 2022-01-30 02:22:28]
depression1 last year
I am fine thanks
What was the outcome of the interview hope you got thru
Wait for another two days and post the aggravated symptoms
I feel if it is due Aconite it shud wear off
If is doesn’t then I ll think of the remedy
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

My nerves have been too jittery and too sensitive lately. I waited for two more days but the feeling hasn’t subsided. I feel like screaming and shouting over everything to ease myself. I have been arguing with everyone at home.
My head is burning like anything. I have a congestion inside my head.

Please help me ease this strong irritation.
depression1 last year
First post a new topic for change of your use id
Request the moderator to change ur User Id to a suitable one

Aconite 200 2-3 drops thrice a day for one day
Staphysagria 200 2-3 drops thrice a day for three four days
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

How are you? I will try to make new post from another
Email. I will let you know asap.
Kindly see my latest update after the prescribed remedies.
I took 3 dosages of Aconite 200 for one day and then after I took Staph 200 thrice a day for four days as per your advice.
My jittery nerves were not improved even by the 3 dosages of Aconite, in fact it got intense. I was too much irritated and my head was too tight to think anything positive. I was too restless then.
But next day I started taking Staph 200 and slowly I was improving. My jittery nerves calmed down after few dosages of Staph 200.
Yesterday night was the last dose of staph 200 I took.
I am much better now. My head is heavy but I am hoping it will go away soon. I am not irritated with my husband like before. I am not hateful towards him like before. I feel like I am 80-90 % less irritated than before. Thanks to you.
depression1 last year
At times to lay stress I address a person by his/her name
Just tell me what shud I address u as coz calling Depression1 is not in order
No ore remedies now
post after 2-3 days
Do some physical activity even 15 minutes matter
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

I created another account named Sound Mind 2022.

Please check my message I just sent you from that account.

I don’t want to disclose my real name in this forum. You can give me a name as per your choice. I hope you don’t mind :)
depression1 last year

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