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Can anyone help me please?

Hello respected homeopaths,

Please help me.

I don’t know why I can’t stand my husband. I always tend to fight with him. No matter how he tries to please me I get so furious at him in small things. My head is so hurting and congested. It feels like something is squeezing my head.
Before, I was mad at him because he wasn’t being responsible and doing any job and now he has a job but I am still so indifferent towards him. It seems like I gave up on everything about him.
I feel like I have gone through so many negativity in life, since my childhood. Half of it was after marriage. I was never satisfied with this marriage because of him and now, I am so indifferent towards him and I don’t trust that I can have a good or better life anymore. He used to give me troubles so shockingly. I still am scared that he’s gonna give me another hardtime sooner or later. I just don’t trust him anymore, no matter what he does.

He is 56 and I am 44 years old. I am not interested in having a physical relationship with him anymore. He wants another child but I am scared as he was never there for me for my daughter. He was not a responsible father to my daughter so how can I trust him for another one ? My head is so congested and achy.
I can’t express and share my feelings with anybody as everybody tends to Judge me. I am not a happy person here. I am depressed and sad most of the time. Moreover, I argue a lot and fight a lot with my husband (verbally).
I am not having my periods on time these days and I don’t feel hungry that much. I am bloated all the time.

I believed my symptoms show the remedy towards Sepia. So I already took 2 doses of Sepia 200 3-4 days ago. But I only feel like 10-15 % okay. My head is too congested. I am too irritated with him all the time. He does not show any kind of common sense in anything which makes me more furious. He just fights with my 12 year old daughter. He does not know how to behave with her, which is another reason for me to be mad at him. I always have to act as a mediator between the two.

Please help me. I don’t want this anger inside me all the time. I want to be calm. I try my hard to remain calm but I can’t control my irritation, anger and frustration.

Please help me. Did I pick the correct remedy? I took 2 doses of Sepia 200 which is not helping me calm my nerves. I am mad all the time. This is not giving a good example to my daughter. My mom was like that too and I suffered a lot. But I don’t wanna repeat the history.
Please help me. I know only homeopathy has the solution for my condition. Please help. And please don’t judge me.
  depression1 on 2021-08-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Aconite 200 05 drops in water / 04 pills take it once you feel that congestion in your head
The remedy will act almost instantly
Post the feeling what You get after taking Aconite for further advise
Sepia is for people who are indifferent towards their own but you are not indifferent you are anti
Any other health issues
Any peculiarities in your thoughts and behaviour
How old is your daughter?
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
Thank you for your response. I am sorry I logged in late due to some circumstances and did not get chance to see your response before. I apologize. Please see my update below and please suggest if you think I should still take a dose of Aconite ? Or do I wait for more time ?

I think I was having a strong aggravation (for 2-3 days)from the 2 doses of Sepia 200 I took a week ago. It’s been two days that I am feeling better than what I was experiencing before. My irritation has been subsided by 40-50%. My head congestion has improved by 30-40%. I am less irritated with my husband now. I am less shouting at my husband and my 12 years old daughter. My anger has been subsided now by 30-40%. There is 50% less tightness in my head now than before

I still get angry with my husband when he acts dumb or does not use any common sense on solving minor things in life and depends on me for solving every little things. I still feel overwhelmed with things when somebody puts more responsibilities on me.
I have moved to a different place now with my husband and I don’t have a job yet.

I do not have any other problems. Physically I am healthy. Mentally I am disturbed. I have these anger towards my husband for about 10 years. I have been married for 15 years. For the first few years I tolerated all of his immature behaviors (even though he was in his forties). But later on his behaviors were intolerable. I happened to leave him once too but instead of calling us back to his life he left me and my daughter and stayed separated for 5 years.
I tried to have him back in my life again as my daughter was too little and there was no help around. So I had to beg him to come back in my life. He he did come back. But again he was very irresponsible person and he never cared about his health and his eating and drinking habits. So after a year of his comeback he had a stroke and was half paralyzed. Again, I had to suffer a lot. That’s why I never developed any hopes from him. I have become too indifferent towards him. I started hating him for putting me into hell.

But now, after 15 years of marriage at the age of 56 he’s got his first job I don’t know what my reaction should be. I am not as happy as I should be. I don’t care whether he has a job or he has money. I am still scared thinking What if this is for a short time. I am sorry I can’t trust him anymore after all those years of suffering.
I don’t want to be mean to him. But I can’t help myself saying mean things to him sometimes. I hurt him verbally. I take out all my anger on him. I blame him for all my misfortune. I never liked him as a husband but I can’t think bad for him either.
I can’t think of going away from him, may be because I am too scared to be alone and lonely or I will feel bad for him…I don’t know.

I have gained a lot of weight in the last 2-3 years. I used to weigh 97-98 lbs but now I am 120 lbs. i am not able to reduce my weight no matter what.

Please note: I haven’t taken a dose of Aconite yet.

Please suggest what should I do next.

Thank you so much once again
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depression1 2 years ago
K will probably tell you wait and see how long Sepia effects last for-you May have even better effects coming.
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simone717 2 years ago
If you have made a choice that you will stay together then by losing temper you are torturing yourself
Follow what Simone has said
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

I am sorry I couldn’t understand. I just wanted to know whether I should take the dose of Aconite 200 or not. I am not any better. I still fight with him. I am still irritated with him in every aspects. I yell at him all the time.

In my view My household condition is better than before now so I am supposed to change my view towards my husband and support him instead of yelling at him. But my irritation and head burning is not letting me think wisely and not helping me think positively. So I am hoping homeopathy will help me in this regard. I know homeopathy works. For that I need proper guidance from you.

My head is congested and burning. So does this mean I should take Aconite ?

I need guidance
Please suggest and please help
depression1 2 years ago
Take Aconite and post the symptoms
What time zone GMT+- do you stay
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
As per your advice,
I took a dose of Aconite200 two days ago. I am feeling better now. I don’t have any complaints right now.
There is just a little bit of head congestion remains, which I am expecting to go away soon. Can I just wait and watch for the effects of Aconite ? Please suggest.

Thank you for taking my case and helping me.
depression1 2 years ago
Do not take anything and wait for the symptoms to improve further three four days
If there is aggravation post them
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

hope you are doing well.
I have explained so many things about me randomly. Please see.

To update you on my mental status, I have been feeling frustrated and irritated lately. I am fighting with my husband for small reasons. I used to work when I was in Texas and was confident and empowered then. But now here in Virginia,it's been 3 months that I am staying home and being a housewife. I am not actively looking for a job here because my 12 years old daughter is home and she does not have any friends yet so I am giving her a company. I am waiting for her school to open. My husband also doesn't want me to go to work yet. He wants me to take some training first in IT and then look for a job. I am feeling like I am wasting my time being a housewife. I can't concentrate on my training. I don't have confidence that I can do any IT job as it is stressful and too much learning and studying. My brain is not as sharp as before when I was a school or a college student. Now, I can't easily remember what I study. I can't memorize things. I was a very good student when I was back home.
I feel so restless, thinking that I am wasting my time now. I feel like I could have done so much more in my life but my low memory power, my depression and this head congestion are on my way to success.
Besides, my husband always irritates me. He relies on me for every little thing. Which I feel is too much for anybody to bear. He ruins everything. He does not use any common sense in anything which irritates me a lot.
Furthermore, my mom and dad never get along. They are in their 70's and still fight a lot. They always have complaints about each other. Here, I freak out thinking about how I am gonna cope if they die and they are so busy fighting. I had a heated argument with my mom last week and since then I have not talked to her.
Sometimes I feel like I only know how to fight with my husband because of my mom. I feel like I copied her. I never saw her being nice to my dad, so maybe I don't know how to deal with a good and happy environment and thus I always tend to look for negative aspects in every situation. I have never seen my mom talking in a good manner or being polite to my dad. So I don't know how to be polite to my husband either, I never learnt. My husband has given me so much of a hard time before but I think I should change my behavior towards him now as things are not as bad now, but I still am so frustrated with him, being rude to him and yelling at him, which I sometimes feel is not good.

My head is so congested, it feels like everything is blocked and trapped inside my head..

My characteristics:

I hate being with my relatives, especially my in-laws. I don't talk much. I don't cry. I am easily depressed, I am easily offended, I don't like anybody. I am not social. I just want one person whom I can rely on. I don't need too many people around me. I like to be alone with my favorite person.

I am not easily pleased. Nowadays, I have complaints about almost everything going on in my life. When I was working, I wanted to be a housewife and now I am a housewife, I want to go out and work. I am feeling like I am a servant being a housewife. I have no value because I am not earning. I clean the house and in 5 minutes it gets messy, I clean dishes and in 5 minutes there will be dirty dishes in the sink. People in my house think that I am there to take care of all of the chores and they just can be carefree. I find this humiliating. So I fight with my husband. When I was working, I managed to go to work and do household things as well but in our culture, the men in the house think if they work outside, they don't need to do anything else at home.

I don't know where my satisfaction is. The only good thing about my husband is he's got a career now(at the age of 56). But I am not really happy about it as I don't feel this relief will last long. This may be my fear only. I had gone through a lot of bad experiences before so I don't want to believe that something good can happen to me or will last long for me.

I have a lot of negativity and confusion in my mind. Please help.
Thank you.
depression1 2 years ago
Where are located for knowing the time zone
Have a dose of Aconite like you had earlier
I feel you are over reacting to your situation
You ll get a job once your daughter settles down in the new place
Hope everything else ok with your health and you are having a good sleep waking up fresh good appetite

Post reply to this for further advise
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
I have been doing little better since yesterday morning. There is a significant decrease in head tightening.
I don’t have hatred for my husband and I am not fighting with him for now. But I still have a mild head congestion. It seems like, I was having an aggravation from the Aconite I had for the first time. Do you still want me to take the second dose or you want me to wait for little more time ? Please suggest

I am in the Eastern time zone. (Virginia, USA. )
Yes I sleep well, but when I wake up I feel like time is running out and I haven’t done anything significant in life. I feel like I am wasting my time. I feel like I am trapped inside something. I worry about my parents too. I think about them as soon as I wake up. I fear of any bad news.
My apatite is not so good. I feel bloated most of the time. I eat a little at a time. I eat 2 meals a day but very little amount. I like salty food than sweet. Eventhough I eat a little, I am gaining weight.
I don’t like winter, I don’t like gloomy and cloudy days.
Yes you may be correct. I might be overreacting on my situation.
I have gone through a lot of bad happenings in my life so by overreacting I might be trying to say “No more troubles, please” or may be I am trying to find somebody who can block all of the troubles to reach to me. I may be trying to find a mother or a father who can just hug me to protect me from any odds. I might be looking for some securities in life as I don’t want to go through any more of the difficult situations again.
I just wanna feel normal. React normal even in difficult situations.
Thank you for helping me.
Please suggest if you want me to wait for sometime before having another dose of aconite 200 ?

I appreciate your help.
depression1 2 years ago
You take another dose after 24 hours of the first dose
Show your last post to your husband
I am sure he will understand you better after reading this
You need some other remedies too
I ll post later
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
Could you please help me ?
My uncle is about to pass away who was very close to us and I am having this anxiety. I just took a dose of Ignatia amara 200.
I am not able to stop my mind from getting this overwhelmed feelings of his memories. I brood a lot when I experience any bad situation or sad situation. I was in urgent situation so I didn’t have time to consult you before I had the dose of Ignatia. I hope I picked a correct remedy.
I always get anxiety when some close ones die. I get this unstoppable thinkings in my mind as soon as I hear the sad news. My head is burning and is congested too much. I have a headache too. I am sighing a lot. Please guide me further.

Thank you.
depression1 2 years ago
When did you take ignitia
Post any changes due to that
It is your reaction you have to make an effort to control the feelings
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

I have this huge anxiety always, when I hear anything bad is about to happen to my closed ones. I feel like I will collapse, I run out of breath and I get head congestion and head tightness. I feel so helpless and weak. My mind stops working. I cannot divert my mind to something else. I do not cry but brood. So I always reach out to some remedies. I feel the only option I have to survive is the remedies.

Yes, I took a dose of Ignatia 200 the day (6 days ago),I heard from my mom that my uncle ( my dad’s eldest brother, who is 85) was very sick and may leave us soon.
When I hear such news, I panic than being sad. A feeling of void bothers me a lot.
I took the first dose and waited for your response but since I didn’t see any response from you till next day, I became more restless and was still very anxious, I took another dose the next day and waited. But I felt Ignatia was not helping me at all. Then from day 3 I started taking Nat Mur 30 every 4 hours. I took about 5-6 doses so far.
Nat Mur helped me a bit (about 20-30 % only)but not significantly. I was so scared and restless thinking about someone’s gonna give me a bad/sad news soon. I was so reluctant to take any calls and also was avoiding any talks with anyone. I was trying to save myself from bad news.
I never tell anyone about my anxiety and how I feel.
Today, there was a call from my mom again. My heart was pounding but I somehow gathered some courage and took he call. But I was already kind of shivering.
When my mom said my uncle is better than before now, I was so relieved, I felt like somebody took off a burden from my head. I am light headed than before now.
I don’t know how will I react later but for now I am little better.
I have this head congestion (aftermath) and headburn.

I have a very deep connection with my mom, dad my brother and my uncles from my dad’s side. I can’t hear anything bad about them. I just wanna save them from dying. I know this is a childish thinking but I can’t help myself. I don’t want to face realities. It’s really hard for me to cope with the bad news.
At the moment I am a housewife so I tend to think and brood about any bad happenings and get anxious more. The last 7 days were not pleasant for me. I couldn’t concentrate on my training as well because of the anxiety.

Please help me get rid of this anxiety.
depression1 2 years ago
Take a dose of Aconite 200 and post how do you feel
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
How are you.
As per your advice I took a dose of Aconite 200,
3 days ago. I didn’t know whether to report you immediately or wait for few more days ?
I am like 60-70 % okay now. My head is not congested and burning anymore.
I am not as restless or anxious like before but still try to avoid any bad news. Still I don’t want to hear any bad news from back home. My uncle who was critical before is doing better now. So this may be one of the reasons that I am better now.
I always tend to run away from difficult situations rather than facing them. I want to keep myself safe inside my shell.
I don’t like to talk to any of my relatives. I don’t want to be social. I think there is no use of making and keeping people happy as they were not there for me when I was going through so many hardships before.
So my mind just says like “please don’t bother me, leave me alone” I don’t need nobody and I feel like I don’t need to please anybody else because my daughter was the only one with me as my strength during those difficulties. I don’t trust anybody anymore. I know this is a full of negativity but I just want to be with people who have real feelings for me and I don’t see no one yet.

Should I just wait for couple more days and update you about my condition again. Please advise.
depression1 2 years ago
Repeat one dose of Aconite
And after 24 hours Sepia 200 one dose
Post symptoms after three four days
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
Thanks for your reply. Please go through my recent update:
Before having another dosage of Aconite yesterday, I heard a news from a relative from back home "there was an unfortunate event that happened in our family". I couldn't dare to ask him what happened but started getting so upset that my Uncle(my dad's eldest brother" who was sick before passed away. There was no other possible unfortunate event that could happen besides my uncle being passed away.
I was so apprehensive and disturbed thinking too much about that unfortunate event. I was so upset, so anxious. I was so restless and was out of breath because of the anxiety. I took another dosage of Aconite 200 then. But it didn't help my condition yesterday. I didn't want to talk about it with anybody. I was so scared to get the confirmed bad news from my mom or my brother or from my husband. I was so scared to call them and confirm who Passed away. I switched off my phone to avoid getting calls. I was so depressed and my head was congested and hurting a lot. I was trying to get air inside and was sighing a lot.
I was struggling the whole day and in the evening, I took out some courage and texted my brother to confirm that the unfortunate event was about the death of our Uncle. He texted me back saying "No it was not our Uncle, it was our Dad's Uncle who was 90 years old Passed away.
I was so relieved by this news because it was not my Uncle who was close to me
It was somebody else whom I was not close even though he was in our family. I never met that person so the news of the demise of my dad’s uncle was not affecting me at all. I was so relieved that I still have my uncle with me, he didn’t leave me. After hearing that it was not him, I felt like I was saved from a disaster. My head is so congested because of yesterday's struggle for survival or fight with anxiety.
I want to be anxiety free. I always think ahead and think negatively.
I think I can't handle grief but I don't want to talk about it with anybody. I look strong from outside but I am so vulnerable inside.
Please help me get rid of this feeling. Please help me handle the grief first. The real scenario may happen(demise of any loved ones) again. I want to be strong enough to tolerate bad news. Help me handle grief.
Please help me with this situation and please let me know if you still want me to take Sepia after this recent and current condition. I still feel the anxiety of the aftermath.

Thank you for your help
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depression1 2 years ago
Any one or any thing that takes birth on this planet has to die no human has lived forever
If a person dies after fulfilling his or her responsibilities a bit early or a bit late there is no cause for grieving the way you feel and tend to grieve
You are 44 then your fathers eldest brother maybe around 75-80 years
So he has lived a full life and hope you believe that life and death is as per the will of god so why take tension on something which is beyond you and your control
Have Aconite it shud relieve you of the congestion in ur head
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

Thank you for your help.

The dose of Aconite I took has eased my congestion by about 80%..

I understand what you are saying about life and death. But I get anxious
hearing about the death of any loved ones. I understand no one can live forever. I know the reality of life but I don't have control over my mind. I can't stop the apprehensions and I can't stop the anxiety telling my mind it's gonna be okay.
I am afraid of bad news. These are my weaknesses. I can't accept reality easily.
And I know homeopathy can help me calm my nerves in those kinds of situations as it has helped me many times before as well.
I am not trying to stop what is going to happen in the world. I just want help with my anxiety at certain times( with bad news and sad news). Since I am alone at home most of the time, I tend to get anxious too easily. I just want to calm my nerves when I get anxious because of bad/sad news.

Thank you for your advice and help.
depression1 2 years ago
Calcarea Phos 6x
04 tabs thrice a day post the symptoms pertaining to the anxiety about bad news after a week
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
I hope you are doing well.
I am so sorry for the late reply. To be honest with you, I thought you would never help me again as I was kinda explaining my situation in my last message.
I get anxious when somebody does not reply to me or stop replying to me, thus I was avoiding that anxiety and did not check the forum.
So I was detached from the forum in frustration and tried to focus on some other things thinking that that would help me ease my mental condition. So I did not know you prescribed CalC phos 6X for my anxiety. I am so sorry. I hope you will forgive me taking into consideration my mental condition. I promise I will be regular from now on.

Regarding anxiety about Sad News and Bad News. I am not bothered by that at the moment. Everyone is fine back home. But I have some other problems going on I would appreciate if you could help me on this:

Could you suggest any remedies asap based on my mental condition as below .
---I have a huge head congestion
--always irritated
--i have a fear of Insanity
---My nerves are too jittery so I can't tolerate when my husband says something. I feel like he annoys me a lot and irritates me a lot and I am too sensitive to tolerate his nagging.
HERE what I expect is I want my mind to realize that "some of the things are beyond anybody's control, I should be used to his behavior by now and not get annoyed, no couple is perfect'. I should be able to handle these things with wisdom but my jittery nerves are getting on my way.

--Feels like being controlled in everything by my husband (which is partially true)
(he wants me to do things according to his version, he doesn't trust me in making decisions, however I make better decision than him) Her first does things according to his will and when the things don't go good then he wants me to fix them. Why can't he just let me do the things in the first place ?

--My cousins want me to keep in touch with them by phone but I am not a phone person. I rather text them and keep it short. I don't like to talk a lot. They don't understand my nature. I expect them to accept me for who and how I am . I am very quiet in nature even though my mind is always struggling. But I don't want to share everything with them and they don't understand what I am going through. So they are kind of rude to me.
I just argue with my husband as a defence, because he gets on my nerves but for others, I am a quiet person. I can talk to a person for a long time, who is very close to me.
I avoid meeting with people and talking to them. I rather stay home and watch TV.
I hate gossiping. I hate copying others. I hate parties.
I love nature, I love dogs, I love serenity, I love to live free.
Sometimes I feel like I should be living in a jungle and not in the city.

Please help me.

P.S. We are trying for another baby. I hope any remedies wouldn't affect this.

Also I took a dose of Sepia 200, 2 days ago but no improvement.

thank you for listening to me
depression1 2 years ago
You do NOT have to apologise to me as we are all doing voluntary work.
It’s my problem with the forum too that people do not respond properly.
I feel sad for you not annoyed as you are not making use of the help but wallowing in your mire
I am happy that you approached me for help again.
I want you to do two things
1. Change your user Name from depression1 to something very positive and address your query as FOR KAPS

2. Post the list of remedies in your stock as
Remedy. Potency. Pills/ liquid

How long does it take for you to procure the remedies

Also if there is some thing you do not want to share on the forum my mail is is there on my profile

Till I prescribe anything you must not get too bothered about others’ behaviour too much, eg., you are not a phone person but a msg person so similarily other person is not a msg person but a phone person it is his/ her choice you must respect that as you would like that they shud respect your choice
Take care you would get well completely
Now reply soon
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

Thank you for taking my case again.

I tried to change the name to something else but the website does not have option to change the name but others. But I will try to find another way, again.

I don’t know why but I really am reluctant to meet people or talk to them. It’s like a punishment for me. Specially after I have gone through so many difficulties in the past few years(I was handling everything by myself for 5 years)
I just feel most of the people don’t have real feelings for others. They just show off or Bragg about things.

I have a long list of remedies (in pellets) that I have at home.

In 200 ck potency I have:
Lac Canninum
Lithium Carb
Calc Phos
Magnesia Phosphorica
Anacardium OR
Argentum Nitricum
Ars Alb
Rus Tox
Nat Mur 200 and 1M
Arnica Montana
Kali Bromatum
Aurum Metallicum
Aloe Soc
Hyoscyamus Niger
Apis Mel
Coffee Cruda
Nux Vomica
Calc Carb
Phosphoric Acid
Hura Brasiliensis
Kali Phos
Nitricum Acidum
Tarentula Hisp 200X
Kali Bromatum
Buddleja Davidii
Viola OD

Potency 30 C
Anacardium OR
Nat Mur
Ignatia Amara
Ars Alb
Hyoscyamus Niger
Mercurius Solubilis
Agnus Castus
Arnica Montana
Kali phos
Apis Mel
Nux Vomica
Calc Phos
Burberis Vulgaris
Kali Carb

Potency 1M
Phos Acid
Nat Carb
Nat Mur
Ars Alb
Lithium Carb

If it's a popular remedy and is easily available it takes 2-3 days to reach me if I order online. Otherwise, it’s really hard to find sophisticated remedies .

Thank you for your help.
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depression1 2 years ago

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