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Melissa Officianalis, Melissa Officinalis, Meof, Lemonbalm, lemon balm, Mel.

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HPUS indication of Melissa: Insomnia
Common symptom: Sleeplessness..

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We have no Materia Medica information for Melissa

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Melissa

Psor > general
Religious melancholy; very depressed, sad suicidal thoughts; despairs of salvation (Mel.), of recovery.

Psor > general
Headache always hungry during; better while eating (Anac., Kali p.); from suppressed eruptions, or suppressed menses; better by nosebleed (Mel.).

Psor > relationships
Compare Cham., Jalap (sick babies, fret day and night); (happy all day, scream at night) (Lyc.) cry all day, sleeps at night; nervous effects of electric storms (Phos., X-ray); Gels., Lac. d., Kali bi. (headache preceded by dim vision and dark spots); Anac., Kali phos. (headache with hunger better while eating); Mel. (headache relieved by nose-bleed); Baryt. c., Lyc., Sars., Tub. (plica polonica); Kali mur. (offensive cheesy balls from the throat); Cal., Nat. mur. All symptoms better by lying down and keeping arms stretched far apart; (Ars., must sit up and lean forward); Phos., Tub. (cough and affections of the respiratory tract worse mornings on walking, and evenings lying down); Graph., Hep., Sil. (eruptions and slight injuries of the skin easily suppurating); Dig. (drinking worse cough); Bry., Nat., Mal. (earthy, sallow, greasy face); Puls., Tub. (erratic shifting pains worse from fats and pastry worse evenings); Sang., Tub. (sensation as if tongue were burned); Ars., Bap., Pyr. (sensation as if parts were separated, Ars. body at waist, Bap. the brain and limbs); Kali c., Pyr., Tub. (profuse sweat during convalescence); Amb., Caps., Cin., Lauh., Op., Val. (lack of susceptibility to best selected remedy); Gels., Kali iod., Sab., Cin. n. (hay-fever); Cina, Chin. s., Ign., Lyc., Sul., Tub. (hungry at night, can't sleep until they eat).

Ust > relationships
Compare Mel., Med., Mez., Psor., Vinc. m., in crusta lactea and other scalp affections of childhood; Bry., Ham., Mill., Phos., in vicarious menstruation; Agar., Mur., Sep., in bearing down and uterine collapse; Helon., Lys., Natr. h., Sec., delayed subinvolution; Malan.., Sec., affections of the hair and nails; Act., Caul., Thuj., Sul., Vib. o., in left ovarian pain; Bov., Elaps., Graph., Ham., in intermittent flow; Sang., Urt. ur., pain and rheumatic affections of right shoulder; Sang., left inframammary pain extending to scapula; Lac c., Kali bi., Puls., erratic rheumatic pains; Sul., faint all-gone sensation at 11 A. M.; Cob., backache and seminal emissions; Bov., flow midway between the periods; Canth., Pyr., Sec., in expelling foreign bodies from the uterusp