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, Pyr.

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Pyrites

Bapt > general
In whatever position the patient lies the parts rested upon feel sore and bruised. (Lach., Pyr.).

Anthr > general
Septic fever, rapid loss of strength, sinking pulse, delirium and fainting (Pyr)

Anthr > general
Malignant pustule black or blue blisters; often fatal in twenty-four or forty-eight hours (Ech, Lach, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Dissecting wounds, especially if tendency is to become gangrenous; septic fever, marked prostration (Ars, Ech, Pyr)

Anthr > general
If the swelling changes color and red streaks from the wound map out the course of lymphatics (Ech, Lach, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Septic inflammation from absorption of pus or other deleterious substances, with burning pain and great prostration (Ars, Ech, Euphorb, Pyr)

Anthr > general
Bad effects from inhaling foul odors of putrid fever or dissecting-room; poisoning by foul breath (Ech, Pyr)

Pyre-p > general
Pyr. p. "has bitter tonic properties like those of Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis).

Pyre-p > general
and is a popular remedy in slight fevers (whence the name 'Feverfew'). The smell of the whole herb is said to be particularly offensive to bees" (Treas. of Bot.). Some popular "insect powders" are made of the dried flowers of Pyrethrum roseum. Radix Pyrethri, or Pellitory of Spain, which is used as an irritant and as a toothache cure, is the root of Anacyclus pyrethrum. The roots of the genus have a hot taste, whence the name Pyrethrum (πΰρ, fire). One observation has been recorded with Pyr. p. A boy, 3 1/2, took 50 minims of the tincture. It nearly proved fatal, causing diarrhoea, convulsions of a tetanic nature, twitchings, loquacious delirium, restless, rapid, and weak pulse, and profuse sweat at night. Some observations of Cooper's will be found in the Schema. Cooper has also cured cases of subacute rheumatism with P. roseum.

x-r > general
Compare the Calcareas, Caust., Hepar, Med., Nat. mur., Psor., Puls., Sili., Sulph., Thuya., Tub., for its power to reproduce old or suppressed symptoms and conditions Act., Lil., Laccan., Plat., Sep., Pyr., for nervous reflexes and neuralgic conditions from ovarian of uterine irritation.

Anthr > relationships
Antidoted by Apis, Ars, Camph, Carbo v, Carb ac, Lach, Kreos, Puls, Rhus, Sil, Sali ac; Pyr in malignant septic conditions

Psor > relationships
Compare Cham., Jalap (sick babies, fret day and night); (happy all day, scream at night) (Lyc.) cry all day, sleeps at night; nervous effects of electric storms (Phos., X-ray); Gels., Lac. d., Kali bi. (headache preceded by dim vision and dark spots); Anac., Kali phos. (headache with hunger better while eating); Mel. (headache relieved by nose-bleed); Baryt. c., Lyc., Sars., Tub. (plica polonica); Kali mur. (offensive cheesy balls from the throat); Cal., Nat. mur. All symptoms better by lying down and keeping arms stretched far apart; (Ars., must sit up and lean forward); Phos., Tub. (cough and affections of the respiratory tract worse mornings on walking, and evenings lying down); Graph., Hep., Sil. (eruptions and slight injuries of the skin easily suppurating); Dig. (drinking worse cough); Bry., Nat., Mal. (earthy, sallow, greasy face); Puls., Tub. (erratic shifting pains worse from fats and pastry worse evenings); Sang., Tub. (sensation as if tongue were burned); Ars., Bap., Pyr. (sensation as if parts were separated, Ars. body at waist, Bap. the brain and limbs); Kali c., Pyr., Tub. (profuse sweat during convalescence); Amb., Caps., Cin., Lauh., Op., Val. (lack of susceptibility to best selected remedy); Gels., Kali iod., Sab., Cin. n. (hay-fever); Cina, Chin. s., Ign., Lyc., Sul., Tub. (hungry at night, can't sleep until they eat).

Ust > relationships
Compare Mel., Med., Mez., Psor., Vinc. m., in crusta lactea and other scalp affections of childhood; Bry., Ham., Mill., Phos., in vicarious menstruation; Agar., Mur., Sep., in bearing down and uterine collapse; Helon., Lys., Natr. h., Sec., delayed subinvolution; Malan.., Sec., affections of the hair and nails; Act., Caul., Thuj., Sul., Vib. o., in left ovarian pain; Bov., Elaps., Graph., Ham., in intermittent flow; Sang., Urt. ur., pain and rheumatic affections of right shoulder; Sang., left inframammary pain extending to scapula; Lac c., Kali bi., Puls., erratic rheumatic pains; Sul., faint all-gone sensation at 11 A. M.; Cob., backache and seminal emissions; Bov., flow midway between the periods; Canth., Pyr., Sec., in expelling foreign bodies from the uterusp

Nux-m > relationships
Compare Myristica sebifera (boils and suppuration). Hysterical temperament, Ign. (Nux m. has excessive dryness of mouth). Rheumatism of left deltoid, Mg. c., Ferr. (right deltoid, Sang.). Prolapsus uteri, AEsc. h., Sep., Plat., Lil., Murex, Nux, Pod., Pul., Sep. All ailments accompanied by sleepiness, Ant. t., Op. Loss of memory, Anac., Lac c., Lyc. Does not recognise well-known streets, Can. i., Lach., Camph. bro. Dry mouth, Agar., Lach. Dry throat without thirst, Puls. Soreness of parts lain on, Bapt., Pyr. Distress in stomach while eating or immediately after, K. bi.. Epidemic in autumn, white, fetid stools, Colch. Leucorrhoea in place of menses, Cocculus. Physometra, Bro., Lyc., Lac c. Sudden hoarseness from walking against wind, Euphras., Hep. Cough during pregnancy, Con. (of menstrual period, Lach.). Effects of getting wet; damp weather; lying in damp places, Nat. s., Rhod., Rhus; of cold, moist winds, Ars., Calc., Dulc. (cold, dry winds, Aco., Bry.). Effect of riding in carriage, Coccul. agg. Lying on painful side (Puls. agg. on painless). Pressure and pushing towards genitals, Nat. m., Bell., Sep., Sul. Head tends to fall to left (Lac d. to right). Faintness during or associated with evacuations, Apis, Pul., Spi., Ver. (faintness with scanty stools), Crot. t., Dulc., Ox. ac., Pet., Sars., Sul. Drowsiness with headache, Bruc., Gins., Gels. (difficult to keep eyes open), Heracl., Sul. Sinking immediately after meals, Ars., Cin., Lyc. Bar sensation, Haematox. (across chest. Nux m. has removed "Sensation of bar across abdomen, with ends projecting out at back like a bar." Arsen. has also acted curatively in a similar sensation). Bloody sweat, Nux, Lyc., Calc., Lach., Arn. Cannot sweat, Staph. Nipples retracted, Sars. agg. Working in water, Calc. Drink = cough (Caust., drink amel. cough). Nausea on raising head from pillow, Bry. Throat dry without thirst (Merc. mouth moist with thirst). Fainting, Mosch. Grasped heart, Cact., Lil. t. Causation.

Nux-m > general
Soreness of parts lain on, Bapt., Pyr.

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