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Help - Husband with insomnia and chest pain

I am not sure insomnia is my husband main complaint, but it seems to slowly deteriorate his ability to cope with life:
He was always a restless sleeper, he moves to different places to find comfort during the night. His mind is busy with stressful thoughts. He just cannot find rest.

Until now he (and the whole family) has been under the supervision of classical homeopath. For about 4 years now. We lost our faith in the classical approach, although we did observe changes in me and my older daughter - it was minimal. I must say, my husband was never a believer of homeopathy, but I thank him for trusting me and take what the homeopath recommend.

He was on Nitricum Acidum for the past 4 years, started at daily dose of 30c and he reached 50M . I don't know if it means anything since through out this time he refused to stop his daily coffee. He also eats mints and mint mouth wash. I think the main reason for Nitricum Acidum was the sense of revenge he was feeling. I must say that this (sense of revenge) is almost gone from his treatment. My husband would say it is gone from growing spiritually and maturing and not from the treatment. I don’t know who's right.

My husband suffers from psoriasis - but keeps it under control with EXOREX (contains coal tar). He has psoriasis on knees, elbows, crotch; on his head.
He had psoriasis for at least 10 years.

One of his main problems is his stomach/intestines. He was diagnosed diverticulosis (little pressure pockets in the sides/lining of the intestines that can get inflamed). Stool passing is a daily problem. He takes fiber every day to help him. He describes his stool as 'being there, but he can't push it out' if it does come out - it’s thin and long. He spends a lot of time in the bathroom.
He has from time to time episodes of pain (like inflammation) in his intestines area (around naval or to the right of naval).

My husband is very 'medical'. He will easily take over the counter meds. Antihistamines, cough syrups, aspirin, he once called a local doctor and requested that he will prescribe him antibiotics over the phone (with out seeing him). Of course he got the antibiotics. He bought a home blood pressure device and when he feels his blood pressure is high he measures it often.

My husband has been on xanax for years (a very small dosage) which he uses to help him fall asleep (it doesn’t!).

He has a very strong fear of flying and fear of heights. He needs to drug himself to be able to get on a flight. The phobia is very strong.

He is strong and muscular; he works out and lifts weights. Working out has always been very important to him. He quit cigarettes several years ago, however he smokes cigars occasionally.

He sometimes has high blood pressure, about 140 / 85 or over 90

He is always stressed; he has tons of stress at work. He works so hard; Part of the reason he doesn’t sleep at night. He doesn’t have patient for slow things, or for a crying baby.
He is always worried about life!
He carried guns and feel he always need to be on guard and protect him and his family. Like he can never realy relax.

When he listens to music he listen to very loud rock music.

He is very efficient, moves fast and finishes tasks very quickly. Very sharp in thinking; very social; thrive on company; very affectionate to his family. Very open with strangers; always approaches people with no fear. Amazing communications skills. However he had episodes of anxiety attacks in the past when he needed to speak in front of people; mostly when it’s a large crowd – like stage fright.

Lately he has been feeling chest pain. He did not get it checked. Last time he had everything checked (heart; blood test etc. was at least 2 years ago, everything was fine and the doc said chest pressure is from anxiety).
He has (also in his family) very high triglycerides. 2 years ago it was in the 800’s (!!!!) since then he was on RED YEAST RICE which dramatically lowered his triglycerides to normal level. He still takes daily Red Yeast rice.

He craves sweets. Must have every day. Eats lots of doughnuts. He is also a meat lover especially red meat, loves steaks, also love chicken. He doesn’t like starchy food like pasta or rice. Does not like pizza. He loves brussel sprouts and in general love fruits and vegetables.
At the moment he suffers from some kind of allergy. Lots of sneezing (that come several sneezes in a row) . also very congested. We live in an extremely polluted area.

He loves mountains and the desert.
He does not like water or the ocean.

My biggest worry is his chest pains he has at the moment, I am sure it’s anxiety or stress related. But I am worried.

Please help

Worried Wife
  LovingMom on 2006-05-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I was thinking arsenicum album, But what do i know ? I am not an expert.

I was hoping experts in this forum will offer their help.

Thank you!!!

Worried Wife
LovingMom last decade
In the meantime, get him on Joe De Livera's wet dose Arnica. A sip at bedtime to help him sleep.

Nat Phos 6x is used for digestive problems.

Get a hold of Joe De Livera's previous threads or him.
Pat2006 last decade
Here is one of Joe De Livera's threads on Arnica.

Wet dose:

This is made by inserting 3 globules in 500ml spring water bottle and agitating the liquid by shaking it 6 times.

Pat2006 last decade
Recently, I have started passing out Arnica 6c and people have reported that just after one dose they get a really good night sleep.

It's worth giving it a try. It's better than the meds, you're husband is taking.
Pat2006 last decade
Joe De Livera,
Pat2006 recommended arnica 6C . is that what you recommend also for my husband's case ?

Pat2006, thank you for your replies. after 4 years of homeopathy , I am a little cautious as to how we proceed. I hope you don't mind if I wait for Joe De Livera response. I hope he'll respond. If not by tonight, maybe I will try it for one night.

Thank you all very much,

Worried Wife
LovingMom last decade
Oh no, I don't mind. I would prefer that you talk to him directly.

Always keep an open mind so you have a lot more options. As the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat. That saying applies to homeopathy in a very big way.

Take care and be well.
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Loving Mom,

You are really a loving mom...and a loving wife...

Give your stubbourn husband the following:

1. Nux Vomica 200 at night.

2. Sulphur 200 next morning.

3.After 24 hours start with Plumbum Met 6C ....one dose every four hours of awake time.

When he sees improvement in his Bowel movement and reduction in abdomen pain ...reduce Plumbum to 3 times a day....and gradually to twice a day.

No harm if he takes Arnica 30C along side this treatment as long as Plumbum and Arnica are spaced...atleast one hour gap.

On the days you give him Nux and Sulphur ..no other med.

Post feed back.

Tell him not to play with his condition...as it can lead to heart problem.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
To Lovingmom

Pat has already indicate the remedies that I would use for a case like your husband's.

I note that he is addicted to coffee and it is absolutely essential that he STOPS drinking it. It is possible that if and when he does stop that half his problems will also cease.

He must also stop using all drugs and other medicine and only use Arnica 6c in the wet dose taken twice daily with the last dose just before sleep to ensure deep sleep which he obviously lacks.

The Nat Phos 6x will help his hyperacidity immediately and constipation. He can use it 3 times daily. Please make sure that you get the BIochemic type as the Homeopathic type cannot help.

I shall try to treat his other ailments after we address the chief problems that he suffers from, Gastric and Mental.
Joe De Livera last decade
Diet...tell him to eat only easy digestible foods as he has an intestinal blockage....foods difficult to digest like red meat, doughnuts, pizzas,,,irritate the intestines further.
Also drink lot of water.
Porridge, soups etc preferred diet.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Joe De Livera,

Thank you so much. we will start immediatley.
what is Biochemic remedy and where do i get it ?

Thank you so much.
Dear Pankaj Varma,
I will go with Joe De Livera, we need some immediate relief. Thank you so much for replying and willingness to help.

Thanks to you all,

Worried wife.
LovingMom last decade
I concur with Pankaj's recommendation that your husband stays away from a rich diet especially now with his BP which is obviously due to his eating habits of red meat and other hard to digest food. Fish is easily digestable and is recommended as is a daily exercise routine. He will have to go easy about his outlook on work and he must obviously have more time for you and the children to take his mind off his work.

You can warn him that he has no option in this matter as he is heading for a heart attack. I would advise him to have a blood test done regularly to see how the new regimen has helped him.

I shall prescribe a remedy later to help his mind to relax but not immediately as I would like to observe how the Nat Phos 6x will help his hyperacidity and GERD. This remedy can be got from the ABC or from the nearest Health food store in your city.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Lovingmom

I suggest you print this thread out and put it somewhere where you can look at it to remind you of other options being offered here.

You may find that one remedy offers you some relief and then another will offer some more relief and another some more relief, etc, etc.

Glad you got some pros here to help you. They are great and caring souls.
Pat2006 last decade
Dear Joe De Livera,
should he stop with the RED YEAST rice ?
LovingMom last decade
Do I refrigirate the bottle of water with the 6C arnica ?
LovingMom last decade
He is OK with the Red Rice which has a red outer covering which is high in protein. We have this same rice in Sri Lanka where I live but we do not refer to the red skin as yeast.

I note that you mentioned Arica 6c but I would prefer the higher potency of 30c for your husband.

You are also advised to insist on his having an ECG done to see how his heart is behaving.

How old is he ?
Joe De Livera last decade
he will be 45 in June
LovingMom last decade
He is already in bed and I just gave him the arnica 30C in water. however - I din't shake the bottle 6 times - . I shook many more than that because the bottle was too full and the water was not not realy shaking inside. I hope its OK..

Thank you all and I pray he will have a restful good night sleep.

Worried wife
LovingMom last decade

You need to empty some of the water out to allow for shaking.

However, he will still benefit from it, and it wouldn't surprise me if his sleep improves tonight.

I am so sorry that he is so young and this sick.

I will certainly pray for him that he takes better care of himself and that he gets well soon.
Pat2006 last decade
I ordered the remedy:
Natrum phosphoricum
C Potency: None
X Potency: 6

It din't specify anywhere if its Biochemic or homeopathic. how can I tell ?
did I buy the right one?
the abc web site did not have it available.

Did I get the right one ?

LovingMom last decade
Hello lovingmom

It has to be Nat Phos 6x in TABLETS. It will cost around $9.50.

See if you can change the order.
Pat2006 last decade
pankaj---is on right track----
start treatment with nux vomica 200c --1 pellet in 4 oz water in drinking glass--stir heavy---take before bed--no eating at least couple hours before....one dose only

here s where you start ..not sure settle insomnia---but will get alot of med use toxins out of system..

tell knock off all acidic foods and drinks--tell him MUST--if has a problem with this -then let him live with problem... NO 9coffee;teas;all carbonated soft drinks;pckled foods;vinegar;fruits and fruit juices;all alcoholic beverages;...)
no spicy foods;and that sort --

knock off cigar use--all smoking...

if posting without him knowing -then results will reflect--

allow 3 days without any other meds after single dose taking nux-v ,,,then do what he will ---but absolutely nothing medicinal in the slightest way is to be used...as well as avoid foods mentione dofr that period...starting day prior to night dose....

for what its worth==pankaj gave best solution--except repetitive dosing and plumbum....so start what mentioned then let the wolves prescribe the million doses of whatever...OR post back.and we take time because husband wants to be envolved....let nux-v sway him or detere him...

have pulsatilla 200c on hand---may get a little bumpy after nux-v ---we'l see
John Stanton last decade
Becos of so many posts on Arnica and Nat Phos ...people are being made to believe that these two meds will cure everything....A BIG MISTAKE.

Many don't know that I suggested to Joe the benefits of Nat Phos in 2004...after which he has been propogating to the whole world. (Anyone can find my posts in the ARchives).

I know very well what Nat Phos can do and what it cannot do!!

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello Pankaj

Thank you for your e-mail. Hope that lovingmom takes note of what you are saying.

I already indicated to her to keep an open mind and to print this post out to remind her of the other options being offered to her.

I know you're an excellent homeopath and hope more people will take notice of you.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks PAT.
They all come back..have experienced it before.
Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj, John, Joe and Pat,
I am confused.
I started with Joe's recommendations because it seems logical to first get my husband to sleep and rest. because many symptoms are not related to his type and are driven from his tiredness. and after that to start the actual treatment.

Do you think I should not do the arnica and the nat phos ?

Joe? how do you feel about Pankaj and John's recomendations ?

I am realy confused guys, how am I to decide?

Pat, you seem to have expirience with this forum, what would you do if you were me. No sure how long, husband will work with me on that.

I gave my husband arnica 30c last night . he didnt take xanax, but then he woke up in the middle of the night and couldnt fall back asleep. so he took xanax.
I gave him another arnica this morning. He is at work - very tired and seems depressed. He didn't have coffee today which can contribute of course to that feeling.
John - He is reading this thread since last night. i printed it all for him.
Also he promised today to schedule EKG and blood tests.

One last question - do i refrigirate the water bottle with the arnica ?

Help me out here, what do I do next ?


Worried wife.
LovingMom last decade

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