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Help - Husband with insomnia and chest pain Page 3 of 3

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
HELP. we need help.
This is not good.
All my husband is taking is Arnica 30c wet dose twice a day.
again last night at 11 pm, I gave the remedy to him. He was calm but couldn't fall asleep.
At 12:30 am he took xanax. from that point the night turned into hell.
he had scary very vivid dream. where he has huge fears of different situations but helpless to help him or his family.
he was up between dreams, sweating an unblieveable amount (his pillow was dranched wet). his mouth and tongue so dry, but wasn't able to get himself a glass of water. he had fast heart palpitations. I don't understand why but he didn't wake me up to help him through out the night.
this morning I woke up at 6 am. he was up and sobbing like a baby. he is tired and scared. he is afraid of homeopathy and what it did to him.
he is the only provider to our family. he says - 'this is not the right time to do this. I can loose my job' .

Help us. I cried with him together. I don't think he should or able to go through that at the moment. is there a way to anti dote the arnica. help , he is not well. I need an answer fast.

he doesn't want to take any other remedies.
Although I am a true believer of homeopathy, I tend to agree with him.

Please answer fast,
Worried wife
LovingMom last decade
Hello Lovingmom

I am not sure Arnica would cause this sort of reaction.

Mint like gum is known to antidote. You can give him that.

Homeopathy is known to be completely safe.
Pat2006 last decade
I would like to reassure you that it was not the Arnica that aggravated his condition.

I believe that this response is due to his not using the Xanax that he has been using and perhaps the change in his usual high protein diet.

If you wish to antidote the Arnica you can use Nux Vomica 200 in just one dose and this should put him back to square one.

I would recommend that he has his Blood pressure checked as in the event that it is very high he will have to be on medication which I cannot suggest with Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade

I personally cannot take any allopathic/prescription medications because they give horrible panic attacks.

It sounds like he had a horrible panic attack like the one I had when my sister gave me a tiny little pain pill.

I am not a cryer and no one has ever seen me cry but after I took that little pill I called my sister and couldn't stop crying.

She had me drink milk and it did the trick.
Pat2006 last decade
cut the crap!--reaccess case-no more dosing til know enough to prescribe homoeopathically--

life style is obvious in conflict---if not refraining from all acids/spicy foods..etc... this will give rise to such type of characteristics...no other meds--husband need resolve this---dont take anything at all and attmept sleep--xanx complicates....no middle road...
John Stanton last decade
Hello lovingmom

The reason I cannot take allopathic/prescription medication is because I have symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. My body has too much poison in it and by taking more chemicals, I get panic attacks.

This was not always the case. I was able to take allopathic/prescriptions med just a few months before. I was taking regular pain pills every 4 hours for severe pain as a result of s serious injury without any problem whatsoever.

As a result of my injury, I got fibormyalgia (poison) and I cannot take any allopathic/prescriptions med of any sort without getting this horrible panic attacks that make me cry uncontrollably and give me the most horrible feeling of death. (prior to this event, I had just return from the ER for a panic attack from taking prescription med)

In the short time I have been here, I have not seen these many people on this forum agree on one remedy.

Nux Vomica 200

I have to agree with them that your husband needs to be detoxicated. I hope that you can convince him to take this remedy or find some way to help cleanse his organs.

My sister is very intuitive and she knew that I got poisoned with the little pain pill she gave me and that is why she had me drink milk. Milk is used to detoxify in this sort of cases or like when a little kid eats a plant.

Hope your husband is feeling better soon.
Pat2006 last decade
to John Stanton,

He didn't goto work today. he is in bed now - but I do not know if he is sleeping. I don't want to check on him, because he is such a light sleeper that if he is asleep I will wake him up for sure.

He seems depressed. have fear of life. like anxiety.

don't you think giving him mint to antidote would help ?

he took another xanax this morning trying to calm down.
Did the arnica brought up symptoms that were there suppressed and now its all pushing out ?

I am realy scared. can you offer help ? Pat suggested to go ahead with the nux vomica , but we can't take the rocky road anymore. at this moment I just want him to be able get through a day.

Thank you to all the others: I appreciate your suggestions, your point of view and definitley your care.

worried wife
LovingMom last decade
nux vomica is a possiblity but if husband has sensitivity to remedies--then #%&# will hit the fan with nux-v---seen this --not nice at all...

has he experienced this type of symptomolgy before?please explain
John Stanton last decade
Hello John, Pankaj, joe, etc,

Can that be the case with low dose of nux-v? Can he start with 6c?
Pat2006 last decade

Has he taken homeopathic remedies before including in low doses like 6c?
Pat2006 last decade
yeah it can be the case with low potency--may npot but i am going dig deeper before i start guess work here-------i see this all the time and most goes un noticed---getting away with guesswork..when aggravtion come --all run for the hills--THERR IS NO EASY WAY n longterm chronic diseases --never..but like religion people are plagued with false hopes and fears...and here is where the charlatan exist--feding from fear..and the ever hope of an easy solution---life is easy--we jst live--quality of life is to be earned--''karma baby''
John Stanton last decade

If you FEEL (intuition) strongly about giving him mint, then do it.

Always trust your intuition.

If after you give him mint, it seems to help him then let everyone here know. It will help them to know how to proceed.
Pat2006 last decade
My intuition tells me to go with John,
He helped my baby. she is so much better. I am going with him.

You asked if he expirienced symptoms like that before. he did. he had panic attacks before, (but I don't think he had many since we started clasical homeo. where he was on nitricum acid. for the past two years. maybe one or two). I also saw him in a deep depression several time before. but he never cried like he did this morning.
I am realy scared.

he is on xanax for several years. xanax is known to create depenency/ insomnia dn depression. I guess he is addicted although it gives him no relief. A usuall night before we started arnica 2 days ago would start with xanax and then he sleep for 2 or 2.5 hours then he wakes up and suffer through most of the night until he can fall back asleep . usually changing beds, on floor, on carpet, other rooms, trying to change ac temperature etc.

it looks like he will need to take a week vacation to do the nux-v and withdrawl from xanax.

what are your suggestions ?
LovingMom last decade
yeah --xanx not going to allow effective treatment occur...cold turkey and we prescribe for symptoms as they arise..not yet --we will dig in get info--prepare for the opening of the lid...yet as in pandoras box --though let out myriad of ills--whatlay on the botom was HOPE...

explain thoroughly symptoms leading to xanx use...
John Stanton last decade
That is a bit of extra self praise.

Gud luck

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear John,
At some point he will need to jump in and communicate with you as well. you need to get his prespective. also I am sure he is going through things that I am not aware of and could be important.
I will talk to him about it.

I will also talk to him about scheduling a week from work when we can do the 'cold turkey' thing.

before xanax he was on prozac. not sure for how long. for anxiety, insomnia, stress etc.
I think he is asleep now because he is quiet in our bed room for the last 2 hours. I know sleep will make him feel better.

I will try to get him to answer you as soon as possible today. If not, I will do the communication with you.

John, I thought of taking the arnica 6c wet dose that everyone recommend around here for myself. should I do it ?

The whole family's health is always on my shoulders. Now, I am not complaining. I am always mentally very strong, and always get good night sleep even when I am worried. even if I dont sleep (up with the baby) I am strong during the day. So should I take it ?
LovingMom last decade
My husband is now 45 years old. He started prozac at 27
started xanax at 30 there were several years that the 2 meds use overlapped. on and off. but stopped prozac at 35 and continued only with xanax.

He started prozac at 27 because he was going through extreme mental anguish. I wouldn't wish my worst enemies what he went through. That lasted several years. I am not sure he wants me to post details about it.
My profile has my email address. If you need the details of what happened. I will need to email it privately to you.

LovingMom last decade
ok this too personal for forum---i wonttreat on the forum --email me if wish continue --this case is going be deep--no easy solution--think it over and email me--no way wil i do this here..
John Stanton last decade

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