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very important - pcos and its treatment

Dear Doctor

Recently my elder Sister underwent USG Screening for Pelvis and PCOS was detected. (Age: 25yrs, height: 5'8'', status: Single)

Pls advise me as to how she can get back to her normal healthy self.Also the point to note here is that she does NOT show any typical symptoms of this disorder

a)Her periods are REGULAR and the flow is NORMAL, ALWAYS, she faces NO MC problems. Her cycle is after every 29-31 days regularly, NO pain during MC.
b)She has NO acne problems, her skin has always been crystal clear
c)NO cloths in her MCs
d)She does NOT feel tired or experience ennui, she is very much active and busy with studies
e)She has NO thyroid.
f)She has NO hair loss

Just that she has developed some superficial hair on the legs and chest and stomach, which earlier was not present.

Her weight is 69 Kgs, has put on weight in the past 6 months...(is this okay fr her age and height).

Currently she is NOT taking any medication She strongly believs in homeopathy since Homeopathy removes the problem from the roots and she really wants to get back to her original healthy self. She eats a balanced diet, infact she is a very cheerful and positive person but after receving the PCOS report she has become a little irritable and upset.
Her sleep pattern has been a little disturbed over the past 6 months due to studies and PCOS tension. She does regular search on the net, talks to people, reads books to find the cure and i am also helping her out.

More about my sister so that you can prescribe the MAGICAL medicines for her, both to reverse the internal(cysts etc) as well as external effects of this disorder(supeficial hair)

1. Age - 25 yrs
2. Sex - Female
3. Status - Single
4. weight - 69 Kgs
5. country - India, Climate - Humid
6. Diabetic or non Diabetic - NO family history
9. Desire sweets/sour/salt - She eats a healthy balanced diet
10. Thirst - Normal
11. Tongue - Normal
12. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) - NO BP history
13. How do you feel ? She was quite happpy and cheerful and healthy until PCOD was detected, she wants to get back to her healthy self, she wants to reverse this disorder
14. How does this affect you ? She has become a little depressed
15. How does it feel like ? same as answer 13
16. What comes to your mind ? She is desperate to reverse the PCOD since she has always been healthy, till date she never ever faced any health problems.
17. current medicine you are taking - She is NOT taking any medicines currently
18. family back ground - NO history of diseases
19. qualification of patient - Student
20. Nature of working -she has lots of work being a PG student

She has a few queries for you, kindly address them
A) How serious is this disorder.Given the fact that she does NOT have
any menstrual problems, flow is normal ,occurs at regular intervals.NO white discharge, NO cloths.
B)Is this disorder 100% curable.Will the ovaries be rid of all the cysts and become normal as they were before, both in structure and function?.
C)Can Stress/Tension alone lead to the occurance of PCOD?.
D)Is it possible that inspite of having cysts in the ovaries,PCOD
may not be present and vice versa, wherein inspite of having normal ovaries women may be detected with PCOD?
E)Also what should be done by the patient apart frm medication to alleviate this problem at the earliest.And also what should be avoided by the patient who is facing this disorder?
F)Does PCOS affect the ability to conceive in future.
G)What homeopathic medicines do you suggest to reverse PCOD effectively? How long will it take in Homeopathic treatment to reverse PCO disorder.

Our Parents have NO medical history, we all are very healthy touchwood.

Also please see below my Sister's report fr your reference:(quoted text)

CLINICAL PROFILE: - Stress oriented Hirtuism

Realtime USG study of Pelvis has been perfomed.

Bladder shows normal contours. No intrinsic mass or calculus is noted. No cystitis.

Uterus is anteverted; measures 63 * 37 * 54mm in size and shows normal echotexture. No focal lesion or fibroid. The endometrical echo is thin (5mm) and central.

Ovaries are bulky; show rather echogenic stroma with multiple immature follicles arranged at the periphery. This is consistent with Polycycstic ovaries. Right ovary measures 39 * 29mm while Left ovary measures 38 * 30mm in size.

No adnexal mass or cyst is seen.

No evidence of free fluid is noted in cul-de-sac.

Cervical and vaginal echoes look intact with normal endocervical canal.

Kidneys show normal size and echotexture. No calculus or hydronephrosis noted.

Both adrenal regions are clear. No hyperplasia or mass noted.

No evidence of ascites or lymphadenopathy is noted.

Aorta and I.V.C look normal.

Scanning of upper abdomen shows normal echo-appearance of spleen, pancrease, empty gall bladder and grade-I fatty liver.

IMPRESSION:- Findings are consistent with Polycystic ovarian disorder.

Awaiting your valuable guidance and advise.I am really very concerned abt my sister since thru her entire life she has always been very healthy and all of sudden this report has send shivers down our spine.

Dear Doctor pls guide us.

Good Day.

  homeoseeker on 2006-05-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Homeoseeker,
I studied ur case.First of all let me show you some details about this disease and it will solve your queries...
The disorder is characterized by the formation of eight or more follicular cysts of 10 mm or smaller in the ovaries, a process related to the ovary's failure to release an egg (ovum). PCOS is one of the most frequent causes of infertility.

Symptoms may include various menstrual problems, hirsutism (excessive body or facial hair), endocrine abnormalities, acne, obesity, infertility, diabetes with insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia. Even if specific symptoms are not causing an immediate problem, PCOS can have significant long-term effects, including diabetes, heart disease, and endometrial or breast cancer, so seeking treatment is critical.

PCOS treatment decisions depend on symptoms, age, whether or not the patient wants to become pregnant, and the degree of ovarian, adrenal and androgen excess. First line management includes diet modification, weight loss and stress reduction since obesity and stress can contribute to androgen excess. Other management and treatment approaches are directed at addressing specific symptoms (i.e. acne, excess hair growth, menstrual problems, infertility) and at preventing long-term complications, given that PCOS can begin in adolescence or earlier.

Some PCOS symptoms (acne, menstrual irregularity) may affect body image and self-esteem, and may be of concern, especially in adolescent girls. Education and support are important in helping young women cope with the physical and psychological aspects of PCOS.

Hope this will help you to treat your sister.
Now on Homeopathy part we have medicine for this condition and wll be treated succesfully.
You give Rhus Tox 200 one dose weekly.Tell me results after takes 8 doses.
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Doctor DineshJi,

Thank you for the prompt reply and guidance. Sir , as stated earlier my Sister does not show any symptons of the disorder, i have a few queries on her behalf:-
1) The medicine 'Rhus Tox 200' which u have suggested, in what form do u have to take it, with or without water and how many drops.
2)Are there any side-effects of this medication
3)You have asked her to report the results after 8 weeks, i mean does she have to undergo Scanning to verify the same and pass on the report to you, is my interpreatation correct Sir?.
4)What should be her weight given the fact that she is quite tall...5 feet 8 inches.

Thank you once again for your valuable guidance. Any other information u need to know about my Sister, pls let me know.

Awaiting your Respnse.

Best Regards
homeoseeker last decade
Dear Homeoseeker,
I advise you to give 4 drops of medicine in 5-10 ml of drinking water.Do not take anything for next 30 minutes.
There is no side effect of Homeopathic medicines.
You are right after 8 weeks reply me with sacnning results.In the mean time if any thing happens contact me on mail or here.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Doctor Dineshji
Thank you so much for the immediate and prompt guidance, will definitely report my sister's progress after 8 weeks, hopefully by then things should become brighter

Thank you once again, in case we need more help or clarification will contact you

Best Regards
homeoseeker last decade
Dear Homeoseeker,
Always welcome.

With best wishes.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Doctor Dineshji,
My sister has started taking Rhus Tox, but she has one more question, after taking the medicines for the prescribed time, her ovaries will be rid of the cysts right and also their structure and size will be restored

Kindly answer the above queries and she feels much confident now after seeing your posts..

Thank you for the valuable guidance.
homeoseeker last decade
Dear HomeoSeeker,

Well with treatment it will be restored to its healthy state.But its a slow process.So have patience and do not worry.
As you said she will feel improvement but it is not necessary that her cysts will be over in 8 weeks but she will be relieved and slowly she will be cured.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Dr.Dinesh ji,
Thank you for the prompt response. Also my sister sounds a little more worried than usual because she will be getting married soon another 6 months time..so here main cause of concern is whether PCOS will be reversed in next 4-6 months also the effects like unwanted hair will be controlled and reversed with RHUS TOX right.And what precautions should she take in future so that PCO never ever re-surfaces.Please guide her on this

Awaiting ur valuable advise

Thank You so much
homeoseeker last decade
Dear Homeoseeker,

Well Rhus Tox will take care of every thing but its very difficult to revert it back in 6 months .It needs time to get vured as I told you it will be a slow process and you will be cured.

What can you do for PCOS?

There are several things that an individual can do if they have a tendency towards developing some or all of the elements of PCOS. Much of this involves lifestyle changes to ensure that your weight is kept within normal limits (BMI between 19 and 25).

In addition, because there is a likelihood of developing diabetes in later life and a slightly higher risk of heart disease, low-fat and low-sugar options should be considered when making choices about what to eat or to drink.

Weight loss, or maintaining weight below a certain level, will have the short-term benefit of increasing the likelihood of successful treatment and the long-term benefits of reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So low fat and low sugar diet and maitain your weight.It will help you.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
Dear Dr.Dineshji,
Thank You so much for the valuable guidance,I will keep you posted on my sister's progress.

Also will mail you in case i need further guidance.

Thank You
homeoseeker last decade
Dear Doctor

I have been diagonosed with pcos, and have been married for over 7 years. i have wanted to have a child and have never been able to concieve i have been given medication for my periods, and only have a period when i take the medication. i am very worried can you help.
i hope to hear from you soon

Shaheen Ali
heyholetsgo last decade
Dear Saheen Ali,

Well mail me all the details of your case at my mail add. You can get my mail address in my profile here.

Dr.Dinesh Sharma
drdineshsharma last decade
dear doctor
recently i was diagnosed with mild pcod with bilateral ovaries...i heard that people with pcod cannot conceive...but i did conceived but could not continue with the pregnancy also i don't have any symptoms of a patient of pcod. am 23 years old with a healthy lifestyle and when i consulted my gp in uk she told me there is nothin to worry about as i already conceived and the tests were taken months after conceiving...
awaiting reply thanx
nashra last decade
Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out. The indicated remedy may help you both at physical and mental planes.
kadwa last decade
hello dr,
i am 30years of age, married 4 years ago, height 5'2'and weight 65kg.
i am suffering from pcos and unable to conceive.i had tried dufasten the allopathic medicine.but as i leave the medicine my periods stops and since three monthe no periods are coming. my thyroid,testosteron levels are normal but i am a bit overweigt.
kindly suggest me what to do.
nitti last decade
Dr sharma help me
raj24 9 years ago
Hi raj,

That dr. has not been on this forum since

His email is listed if you click his name
and want to see if that email works.

Otherwise- if you want help on here,
make yourself a treatment thread.
Look above forum first post, click
Post New Topic button and create
your own thread, Someone will help you.
simone717 9 years ago
I m suffering from pcos for 10 years..have tried many homeopaths with temporary relief only. Now taking Sepia 200 every 3rd day 2 drops and thuja 200 every morning 2 drops as self medication. Need guidance.
kiranzia20 6 years ago
Kiran make a new separate post .. or you may click my name and email me.

healer21 6 years ago

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