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PDD/Mild autism/Speech Delay in 3 year old dd

+ Toilet trained but - wont tell me, will do it herself. - When we go out, we have a problem coz she wont tell me that she wants to use the potty. + She recognizes the word potty and says it too and also the words for pee etc.

- Does not cycle yet.

She has started coloring and drawing a circle as she saw it in one of her favorite tv programs yesterday. Did a perfect circle and said - circle. Loves saying names of colors and using them.

- Difficulty mixing with other children. She wont go up to any kid and make friends or acknowledge their presence.. + Sometimes, she likes older kids and would approach them or copy them. Other kids in school call her name and want to play running catch etc, with her but she wont join.

– Given the opportunity, she would rather be with me or my family at home than with a bunch of kids at a party. Probably because she has been with us all throughout and no friends or cousins or neighbors her age. Now I am taking her out to the park etc. She is also getting to like the teacher at school but still wont listen to her all the time. No attention when she asks her. NOT naughty, just acts as if she cant hear.

– Wont express her needs like I want to watch tv etc. Just takes my hand and leads me up to it. Earlier, I would just KNOW and do it for her, now I make her ask. She still wont say it herself, but I make her repeat.

- Little eye contact most of the time. Sometimes, when she is in a good mood.

– Echolalia. Repeats every word I say like: Whats your name? Reply: whats your name.. My name is Dana. Reply: My name is Dana.

– Does not like cuddling except with me or my family. Does not like crowds and new faces. She takes long time to get used to a place. Now she has gotten used to school.

+ Fantastic memory. Knows all her abcs and 1 to 20 and backwards. Anything that interests her, she would remember like a hawk. Repeats conversations without missing a word from her favorite tv programs like Dora or Barney. Knows all colors and shapes and recognizes them too. Smartest cookie in class compared to peers but wont talk. Remembers places and directions too; when I am near the park, she starts getting exited!!!

+ Eats with the spoon well. Still confused as to which hand to use, but uses both well.

+ Says one syllable or two syllable words whenever necessary like open the door, lets eat, keep tv, lets go, come on, see ya later, see ya tomorrow, I'm okay, thank you (appropriately) etc.

I am being assured by everyone that she is just a late talker and will suddenly start talking. She is sooo intelligent. But she wont speak in sentences. I know she can talk coz she repeats every single word that she hears Dora or any of her TV pals say. She does not watch a lot of TV but for some reason is living in TV land and repeats only what she sees on her favorite programs. Again, not everything on TV, only her stuff.
I keep calling out her name and she wont even look up. Sometimes, she would as if saying - Ok, what do you want? That really bothers me coz I wish I could talk to her and explain things. She is probably listening but does not react or reply. She can hear pretty well coz if I say - Dora from 100 miles away, she comes running.

She repeats everything I ask her to say. I make her talk now like - Say, I want to drink water. I want to use the potty. She would just do everything herself. If I dont feed her, she wont eat!!!!

I think I may have been over protective and giving her everything before she asks or that she is a lonely child. She has just started preschool and is happy there but still does what she does at home.

I wish I could hear her chat to me and say her friends names and tell me what happened in school.

I was working until April. I am a SAHM becoz I think I can make her talk?! Please help!!!!!!!
  Danmom on 2006-06-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Problem is almost certainly due to vaccination - read up on the Mercury content of vaccines.

Best bet at this time is Baryta Carb

Use one dose of 30c, 1m , 10m on sucessive nights -- 24 hr intervals.

Wait 3 weeks and advise .
walkin last decade
PS some facts on vaccines!

If you look at the harm to the immune system precipitated by Thimerosal-
preserved vaccines (that has been clearly elucidated in some recent
papers) given before, or at the same time as the MMR and/or chickenpox
vaccines, it seems obvious that natal and post-natal exposures to
Thimerosal at levels down to below 0.03 ppm and/or to INORGANIC mercury
at similar levels are known factors in poisoning their developing immune

The recent reported cases where fetal abortion occurs shortly after the mother
received a Thimerosal-preserved 'flu' shot clearly shows that the dangers of
vaccinating a pregnant woman with a vaccine containing an unnecessary human
TERATOGEN that the 'healthcare estab-lishment' clearly knows and the papers
that have clearly established that the current human 'flu' vaccines are NOT
effective in preventing the spread of the flu, clearly show that the worldwide
'healthcare establishment' seems to be engaged in practices that fatten their
financial interests by knowingly harm-ing the most vulnerable, the unborn and
our children.

As Dr. Wakefield hypothesized, IN SUSCEPTIBLE CHLIDREN, the live measles
virus in the MMR shot is 'mishandled' by the immune system and causes death,
or, for those who survive death, seizures, encephalopathies, and other central nervous system and gut damage, which may lead to a diagnosis of 'regressive autism' with 'gut dysfunc-tion.'

Hopefully, you may see that, except for a small percentage of the 'autism'
diagnoses that are clearly genetic (in the sense that these cases have identifiable
gene abnormalities (usually on chromosome 2, or Fragile X or Rhett's), MOST (>75%)
seem to have underlying mercury poisoning that, coupled with the cases' diet, disease
and medicinal exposures, leads to a diagno-sis of 'regressive autism' or other 'autism
spectrum disorder,' which, once identified, can, to some extent, be mitigated by appro-priate corrective interventions (dietary,supplemental, and medicinal).

In the area of allopathic medicine, the most effective 'curative' treatment, at present,
seems to be the use of Lupron to reduce the excess testosterone level mercury poisoning causes into the normal range for a given sex and age (because high testosterone levels seem to interfere with the chelation process and to keep the patient in an overly excited state), daily chelation with oral DMSA to remove the
mercury and other heavy metals that are poisoning the individual, and a daily oral
'complete' multivitamin/multi-mineral dose to replace the 'good' metals chelated out as well as to ensure the child gets the proper levels of vitamins needed for health. [Note: ABNORMALLY high testosterone levels also seem to shut down
bile production (an underlying factor in many 'gut' problems).]

When properly implemented, the preceding protocol seems to help all those who, by complete differ-ential diagnosis, have been proven to have been mercury poisoned -- whether it be by:

a) a genetic predisposition to NOT excrete heavy
metals as efficiently as 'normal' children (true
for about 1 in 5-7 children), or
b) overwhelming mercury exposure from continuing
exposure from mercury from their mothers' amalgam
fillings and/or multiple injections of Thimerosal-
preserved sera (the Rho products) and Thimerosal-
preserved vaccines, or
c) medical treatments (like antibiotics) that block
the body's ability to excrete the mercury (usually
from vaccines) to which they are exposed while
being so medically treated, or
d) diets severely deficient in the biological precursor
biochemical compounds (e.g., cysteine, the B vita-
mins, and vitamin C) needed to produce the biochem-
icals used by the human body to intercept, bind, and
detoxify the body from the dietary and environmental
mercury to which they are/were being exposed.

On the 'nutritional'/'dietary' medicine front, diets that remove milk and glutens improve the 'gut' problems associated 'autism' and 'dietary supplements' (like
alpha-lipoic acid, algal products, N-acetylcysteine) have been reported to be mitigatory and curative.

Realistically, medicine needs to learn to work with nature in all areas rather than to continually ignorenature.

In this vein,
a) the emphasis should be on making sure that
pregnant women have proper nutrition,
b) all deliveries should, whenever possible,
be natural (with the mother 'squatting' or
otherwise using gravity to aid delivery &
the baby left below the placental level
until after the cord is cut,
d) the umbilical cord should NOT be cut UNTIL
it collapses to ensure that the neonate's
body gets as much of the placental blood
and circulating maternal immune factors
as possible,
e) mothers should be encouraged to nurse
immediately (to give their babies the
high-protein, anti-body-rich 'colostrum"
[produced for the first few days by the
breast] needed to prime and protect the
intestinal digestive, detox, and immunity
f) mothers should be encouraged to nurse for
as long as possible (preferable 2+ years)
to continue to provide maternal immunity
factors while the child's immunity systems
are maturing, and solids and 'adult' foods
should not be introduced into the baby's
diets until the child begins to 'cut' teeth,
g) all NECESSARY vaccinations should be
postponed until after the child stops
nursing or the child reaches at least 2
years of age (whichever is later), and
h) vaccines for diseases that are benign in
children (e.g., chickenpox and mumps) or
rare in children (e.g., hepatitis B) should
i) optional and NOT a part of any UNIVERSAL
vaccination program,
ii) postponed until the child is a pre-teen,
iii) ONLY given to those who, after testing,
have no evidence of exposure to these

Were the preceding practices to be followed, then, except for the vaccine makers and thosepaid to promote or deliver vaccinations, the emerging problems with the current 'universal vaccine programs' would be stopped.

Hopefully, you can help your nation awaken to the preceding realities as the US has been so propagandized that most of the preceding truths have been co-opted by greed-driven 'modern' medical practices that are at odds with nature.

As you know, historically clean air, clean water, enough food and basic sanitation have done more to limit the incidence of all diseases than any vaccine that has been developed, including the vaccine for smallpox, whose propensity to cause
harm was realized in the United States when the use of a 'new, improved' smallpox vaccine was supposed to be given to 500,000 first responders, but 'was stopped' after vaccination of 38,000+ had KILLED 3 and seriously harmed the health of hundreds of others -- producing death and harm at 100-times the vaccine maker's and the government's touted/'predicted' rates for 'adverse events.'

After all, who wouldn't want a vaccine that had:

a) ONLY a 1 in 10,000 risk of killing them and
b) A '1 in 100-250' risk of causing them serious
long-term health harm
to provide them less than 100% protection from
a disease, smallpox, that has been claimed to
have been eradicated but, because 'research
stocks' were preserved and disseminated, have
allowed 'rogue' nations to develop 'weaponized'
mutated-smallpox-virus delivery systems (so-
called 'bioweapons') with which to threaten
the world!

Hopefully, along with the articles posted on:http://www.mercury-freedrugs.org/docs/, thisinformation will be helpful to you in your efforts in India and elsewhere.
walkin last decade
Thank you. I am seeing a good homeopath here and he has given me something called 123. He says its a mix of many which he feels is the problem with Dana. I trust him completely but was wanting to know if this is unusual or normal.

Since you are sure it is the MMR, which I was sure of too but people keep telling me otherwise, please tell me that this can be undone.

She had a severe allergy all over her body after the MMR shot and it took me 3 months to cure. It was like she had chicken pox for 3 months. She stopped talking and behaving normally after the shot.

Also, I had premature contractions in my 5th month of pregnancy with Dana. Doc had given me Yutopar which I took for many months.

I had a normal delivery but the umbilical cord fell off on the first day (due to the negligent staff at the hospi) and she got umbilical granuloma, which had to be operated when she was 3-4 weeks old!

I really wish she would remember the children in her class or the people we meet often etc. She is only familiar with our family.

Thanks again, Danmom
Danmom last decade
Your daughter sounds exactly like my son. He can sing and repeat things from all his favorite shows. I recently tried to take away tv and play some children's cd's and he can sing those songs, too. He makes no effort to communicate with us. I have also been trying to hold out on giving him things if he won't ask, but it is leading to frustration and tears for both of us.
How did you make out with the stuff they gave you for your daughter? I am so frustrated and sad. I recently had my son evaluated for speech delay and they have recommended preschool with speech therapy but I am afraid the problem goes deeper than that. I do think that the shots may have done this to him since he seemed ok before he was 2. Now he doesn't address us anymore. He can repeat what I say, but it is not communication. If something works, let me know. Good luck!
SoccerMomof3 last decade
Dear Soccermom

I had Dana evaluated with a developmental specialist and she has been diagnosed with PDD / autism. This is regression that is taking place and its only goes backward. Yes, the MMR is a big reason and I am going to start MMR antidotes.

The medicince mentioned by walkin DID work and she has a bit more attention than before. She responds to her name 7 out of 10 times now and sits to hear me out sometimes. Please try it on your son too as it wont do harm if no good.

Please do rigorous speech therapy (I have started recently) and also the GFCF diet. It seems to work wonders for many affected by the MMR vaccine. It is hard for you and him to suffer, please take all steps to alleviate your sadness and lead a happy life. As I am trying now.

Lots of love and concern, Danmom
Danmom last decade
Dear Danmom,

My son 3 years 10 months old has exactly the same symptoms as you had written. Your post sums up what I would like to write.

Can you please let me know how your kid is doing now? I would like to follow your steps for my son also.

Thank you and God bless you.

novaccines last decade
Dear Novaccines

My darling is doing great now.. she is changing every minute for the better. I stopped homeo and every other medicine. Just concentrated on teaching her with patience. Now NO ONE believes that she had an issue and when I go back to reading my 1st mail, I cant believe it myself.

Things I did:
1. STOP cheese and many dairy products. Gave supplements for Magnesium and Vitamin B called KIDDY SIROP

2. STOP TV or atleast restrict it to 1/2 hr a day. NOt repetitive stuff.

3. Be very patient with potty training and talking talking talking about it all the time. About how good kids are when they go on potty and praising and kissing.

4. LOTS OF TLC and LOVE. Gets frustrating when things dont work but u have to be patient and keep loving.

5. Gave her gluten free stuff like Orgran pasta and Nature's Path cornflakes, Quinoa etc.

6. Read lots of books on HOW TO PLAY with kids in a way they would learn. I bought a lot of material from Different Roads to Learning. Best one is New Language of Toys.

7. Used the book 'let me hear your voice' as my confidence booster and used ALL the exercises given at the back of the book. Made a diary of things to do each day, few things, and ticked completed when achieved - for eg: going to bedroom and bringing me the blue pillow from the bed. Specifying on all rooms, things, explaining what they are for, how we use them. She would act bored but I KNOW she was listening.

NOW, she is the smartest in her class and remembers everything that I told her and her teachers are amazed at her intelligence. It is a miracle and it will be for you too. DONT WORRY. Just need to work a bit harder than others.

DONT COMPARE WITH ANYONE'S KID. Your child is soo much more better than many others.

If you need anymore help, pls write to me. God bless.
Danmom last decade
Hello Danmom-

Thank you for sharing. Your story gives me great hope. My child (who turns 4 next month) is very much like your son (from 2 years back). I will try what you did and hopefully we'll end up to be as lucky and as happy as you.

I'd like to ask if you changed his diet to GFCF? Or did you just remove dairy and gluten from his diet?

Thanks in advance and warmest regards.

MommyMommy last decade
Hi again-

I apologize, I kept referring to your son when, in fact you have a daughter.

MommyMommy last decade
Hi DanMom-

My son has just been diagnosed with PDD also. Was your daughter in a special ed class? My son is in a regular preschool right now and he's enjoying it very much. We're hesitant to pull him out of this school and move him to special ed. We're thinking of starting language therapy sessions for him in addition to the regular preschool to help him with his language difficulties.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

MyOnlyOne last decade
Yes you do make normal friends age range slow because you are autistic.
I autistic to.
My biggest fall back is socializing.
That is perfectly normal.
The more critical the autistic is the longer it will be before you get a boy friend.
I know she needs more friends not boy friends.
I have had maybe 50 friends in my lifetime. I'm still looking for my first girl friend 32 year old male.
Hows that for autistic.
I would have been 16 if I were normal guarenteed.
DanielLegend last decade
Hi Danmom,

Thank you for your post. I have found it very inspiring and gives me much hope. My DD is 3 and sounds just like yours was: speech delay, limited eye contact, limited communication, echolalia. I have turned off the TV and am already seeing improvements. How is your DD doing now? have you had her reevaluated? Is she recovered from PDD/mild autism? Can you advise books approach for CFGF diets?

Thank you
susb99 last decade
Regarding the 'Mix' that your homoeopath has prescribed - this is in violation of one of our most basic priniciples, the Single Remedy. You need to ask them why they need to use many remedies when only one will do, and why they cannot make up their mind about which remedy IS the right one. Ask them to explain why they are breaking one of the 4 basic rules of homoeopathic prescribing. If they dismiss these principles, or do not know what you are talking about - well you do not have a good homoeopath I am afraid.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello Danmom,

My son is 19 months old and have similar symptoms and we are worried. Could you please give your contact details to get more info on Speech Therepy?
patbell last decade
my child was diagnose with pdd and is almost 3. he receiving tuduring at home and in a aba day care. he improve greatly. I play with toy now instead of throwing or banging. He acknowledge his name, know his body part, sat when prompted. He says hi and bye. Also, Count some number and say some abc. he play with other kid but does not communicate to make friend. i constantly order dvd to improve his speech. he improve on his behavior from aba daycare. i used to push and knock over his little brother and step on him like he wasnt there. now he hands thing to his little brother. it has been an emotional process and i have little or no family support. he has alot of energy and run back and forth. i believe the many vaccine affected him such as mmr and flu shot. can anyone share anything encouraging. i reply on church and paying tithes to get me through emotional. i want a another baby but im scare that child may come out with special needs
deshawn4026 last decade
Your child vaccinated, or unvaccinated?
sadeqahmed last decade
Dear Deshawn,

Please go for genetic test for your kid to see if you can have another baby with no issues. Your state can provide it if you are in USA. Please provide ABA therapy and constantly expose him to children.
patbell last decade
You might want to see the book Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky, Phd. who has written extensively on her son's cure of autism with Homeopathy.

She has her own homeopathy forum.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Danmom can you plzz give me your email address?? my son is in the same boat and it would be great to communicate with you.thanks
confusedmom 9 years ago
Dear Danmom can u please give me your email address? it will be great to communicate with you more about what i am going through as a mother.Your forum is very insprational and make us realize our mistake.
hope to hear from u
luv and bless
littleangle 9 years ago
Dear Danmom, You have given me and my family lot of hope and encouragement. Let me know if I should give Homeopathy medicine to my kid?

Regards, Venu
[message edited by nekkantian on Sun, 31 Jul 2011 11:26:44 BST]
nekkantian 9 years ago
hi Danmom, I am so depressed right now.. My lovely 4 year old boy is exactly like urs and his new school teacher suggested to visit a psychologist and I did.. the doc needs to assess him for 3 sessions and will let me know.. but, now that i am always online looking for stuff, i am sure that he has mild autism.. so devastated now.. Before visiting the psychologist, whenever he does silly things, I get angry. But now, i run and cry whenever i see him... He is the victim of bullying all the time. really horrible.. even had thoughts about suicide rather than looking all this happening to my little boy. But, i love him and he loves me more than anything in this world.. ur posts gives me some hope.. keep posting how ur kid is getting along.. thanks in advance..
amluamlu 8 years ago
Hi Danmom,

I have a 3 year old with exactly the same symptoms.Let me know about the what homeopaty you followed and also about the way you did potty training for your daughter. Did she picked up on speech.

Thanks in advance
ahujamona 8 years ago
hi everyone ..
great that danmom's daughter progressed so well.. can i ask other moms here a question? novaccines, mommymommy, myonlyone - did your child progress the same way as danmom's child ? or is it just danmom's case was a miracle ?? i have a soon to be 3 year old with PDD.. same exact symptoms ...

please reply even if your child did not improve dramatically ..

thanks all in advance .. wish everybody all the best !
dearmommy 8 years ago
Hi Danmom,

I don't even know if you are still following this email chain, but i will take my chances.
My daughter T has exactly same symptoms that you have mentioned about your child.

I have cut down milk / yogurt and cheese for two days now and see that her words are back. But still all her conversations are one-sided.
Please if you read my email, do share all the remedies in detail. I am almost loosing my mind finding solutions.

Was she in preschool? How is she doing now. Is she still off dairy products?

Please Please share.

Best wishes,

T Mom.
tsmom 7 years ago

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