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Thanks nineclouds. You made a great suggestion with the Ant Tart.

For anyone reading who wants to learn more about homeopathy, especially using it for your babies and family, I *highly* recommend Miranda Castro's books - specifically Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and your Baby's First Year and The Complete Homeopathy Handbook. Either one of these are a great way to get started in homeopathy and/or learn more about finding a good fitting remedy once you are already familiar with it. I have many homeopathy books and these are the two I use most frequently. In fact, they're worn thin and the covers curl from so much use! :)
busymominme last decade
Sorry for so many posts!

You may want to try Dulcamara or Lycopodium. These are for snuffles in new babies and 'nose blocked' also with symptoms of common cold.

Dulcamara can also have hives or lumpy rash, diarrhea (yellow watery) in teething babies. And possibly, but not always, eye inflammation. These colds are sometimes brought on from the start of autumn.

The 4 to consider are Dulcamara as described above,

Nux Vomica which typically is blocked at night but runs during the day. Breastfeeding babies may find it difficult to feed, particularly if sensitive to what the mother eats. Also may have hiccups and/or indigestion/colic.

Lycopodium: common cold, nose blocked, dry, sinuses blocked, mucus yellow if it does come out. Nose is blocked so sleeps with mouth open. Nursing infants cannot breath. May also have: constipation, hard stools, may sleep well at night but cry all day, worse around 4-8 p.m. These are angry babies, irritable and have tantrums if contradicted. Generally difficult to live with. Sleepless in daytime but sleeps at night (babies that don't nap well).

Lastly Pulsatilla Nigricans:
worse at 4:00am, mid-morning, at night; mucus is thick, green, yellow, alternating with profuse clear watery. Blocked painful sinuses, worse in stuffy room, better in fresh air. Affectionate, sensative babies, gentle, yielding, mild, highly emotional and cry easily, clingy and whiny particularly when sick.

See how each one has a different 'picture' but all have similar blocked nose symptoms. Does one match your baby better?
busymominme last decade
Oh, so much to respond to.

Ok, first...I believe he did get the HepB vac at birth. He was born three weeks early by emergency c-section. I was induced because one of my legs swelled up unusually large and my doctor was worried about a blood clot. After almost 48 hours of being induced my water was broken by my doctor and within a half hour we had a prolapsed cord issue (cord slipped through the canal, along with fingers) Oh joy! Anyway, I was rushed off for an emergency c-section and Rowan ended up in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for twelve days. He was put on heavy duety anti seizure meds (Phenobarbatol sp?) although he never had a seizure. He was also put on blood pressure medication as well although I don't remember which medication it was. I pumped breastmilk the entire time so he has never had formula, although the first day or so I believe they had him on the glucose solution. He was taken off all medication within 24 except the phenobarbotal due to side effects if you take someone off of it too quickly.

When he was in the NICU I was with him every day and would hold him 90% of the time I was there. If I would've been able to sleep there with him I would've but at least he got a lot of moms touch during the day.

When he came home from the hospital he remained on the bottle with breastmilk due to nipple confusion and the fact that he would always fall asleep nursing and began to loose weight. At 8 weeks we took the plunge and struggled with getting him back to the breast. After two weeks of pure hell he was strictly on the breast.

At this point it really doesn't seem like he has a cold, he's just still really congested. The congestion is still heavy in both his sinuses and chest.

He is teething, he's cutting one bottom and one upper tooth at the same time, ouch. When these two new teeth are fully in he will have a total of four teeth.

I do have a sling but he does not care for it. I also have an Ergo Carrier which he loves and spends quite a lot of time in. One problem now is that he is getting to be a big boy now and loves to grab everything in sight making it difficult to get things done, even with the carrier.

When we would give the Camilia, he would get it daily before bed and sometimes during the day as well. With the new remedy we have stopped everything else to see how he reacts. No Hylands teething gel, no teething tablets, no tylenol and no Camilia.

His sleep has been rough at least until we get into bed with him. We have his crib set up in a side car method next to our bed. So last night he was up every 15 minutes to an hour at the very longest until we got into bed. Once my husband and I brought him into bed with us he seemed to sleep soundly. When he did wake he would nurse to sleep easily. The oh so frequent occasions when he won't nurse back to sleep he generally wants to get up and play. I don't think he's ever had a night of waking and just being generally unhappy.

Also just a side note, he was diagnosed with slight low tone. It not significant but I do see how it effects him in certain ways. Such as he's been doing the commando crawl for about 2 months now and he seems to favor one leg and often kind of drags the other. I have spoken to his pediatrician about this and she is not concerned at all and says it's not uncommon for babies to favor one leg over the other when learning how to crawl. Just fyi, she is very open to homeopathy and herbal remedies. She will vaccinate but does not push and is definitely geared more natrapathic.

Continuing on, his head does not smell sour today but it did seem to smell a bit sour yesterday. I remember because it was very unusual for him. He had cradle cap very very slightly when he was about 2 1/2 months old but a little bit of conditioner in his hair and light scrubing took it right away.

When all of this came up with his congestion my mother in law made a comment that this was a very interesting effect because she felt he's almost always sounded congested but sometimes you don't notice because it's so constant. She has also made other comments (not related) about how he is a perpetual motion baby. She said my husband was very active but nothing like Rowan. He is litterally always moving in some fashion.

I think that should be it. I've made a list of all the remedies and I'll head to the store later today. Hopefully if there's anything else I need to pick up you guys will catch me before I leave.

Thank you everyone, for all your imput. I can't express how much our family appreciates the help.

RenaLittauer last decade
Hi Rena,

You go woman!!! What an awesome mommy. :) That's some hard work right there.

Thanks for the great info. So we see it is really a much more complicated case than just a passing cold. This is definitely a chronic issue you are dealing with as a result of all he went through and possibly the HepB vax at birth which is a HUGE insult to the not yet even developed immune system.

I am going to review the info you have given and give it a little thought. In the meantime, pick up Arnica as well and give him a dose of Arnica from a water bottle as I describe earlier.

In the meantime, I'm going to think on this tonight.
busymominme last decade
I don't know if they carry this one in the stores or not but look for Cypripedium. It's main complaint is overstimulation which may cause chronic sleeplessness. This is for restless babies who wake to play at night. Because it has been happening, the baby eventually becomes hyperactive and difficult to manage because they are so chronically over tired. This is not the 'constitutional' remedy but may be a good substitute to get him back on track for right now.

I may have some other ones to consider. Probably will have to be ordered online.
busymominme last decade
Just so I'm clear, since so much has been discussed...what should I give him next?

RenaLittauer last decade
What great moms. Always enjoy meeting great women and mothers.

thanks for the books titles.

Hope you are all around when I have kids.

Keep learning about homeopathy and visit the brand new and great website

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Pat2006 last decade
Hi Rena,
I was thinking the same thing tonight when I was getting my little one to bed - which one will Rena give? :)

If you were able to get the Cypripedium, give him that. Give him 3 pellets dry if he will take them. They'll usually chew it or swallow it which is fine. But you will want to create a water bottle with it in case you need to repeat a dose. It is best not to repeat a dose of the same potency of any remedy as sometimes this can antidote the remedy.

If you could not get the Cypripedium, give him a dose of the Nux Vomica. Just one dose.

Let's see how he is tomorrow and then we can re-assess. If he doesn't sleep well after the Nux Vomica, try a wet dose of Arnica before nap time to see if that helps. I don't usually suggest Arnica for sleeping but it seems to be helpful to many others on this forum and it may help address past trauma from his birth.

I'll check in tomorrow.
busymominme last decade
I too just got Rowan down. It took about an hour. I'm beginning to hate sleep time. Everytime we need to put him down it's a struggle. For some reason my husband seems to have better luck than I do but it still takes him a while to get Rowan down as well.

Anyway, I was able to get all the remedies discussed except the Cypripedium, go figure. I had the homeopathic pharmacy special order it for me. She said it would take about a week. So what I did give him before bed was the Nux Vomica 30c in water. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this works, helps, something.

On the upside, he did nap for three hours straight today. I know you're probably shouting 'success!' Don't be so quick. He will always nap well if I nap with him. After yesterday being such a horrible sleep day (two twenty minute naps) and his cough I figured he really needed the sleep and obviously he did.

For now we will wait and see. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. :-)

RenaLittauer last decade
Hi everyone,
Wow, this post is going and going! Well we finally have a break through with my 5 month old! I had a consult with a homeopathic MD in Marin. She told me to stop feeding the solid foods, just keep breast feeding until Jonah is 6 months. (We had started solids the same time he got sick 28 days ago!) She also told me to try puslitilla. I haven't even tried that yet, what I did try is working! Thank God! I read somewhere that breast milk helps congestion! Well I expressed my breast milk into a bottle and then took a dropper and put it in my son's nose. It made a noticable difference in his congestion!!!! Much better than saline. And then I rubbed a little Vicks Baby Rub on his chest. (DO NOT USE REGULAR VICKS VAPOR RUB) We also have the window cracked to get some fresh air. Well, after 28 days of waking every 90 minutes to 2 hours, he finally slept 3 1/2 hours!! That was two nights ago. And last night, with a little sleep training, he did two three hour periods. I only nursed two times...And tonight...wow..I put him to bed awake, he smiled, grabbed a toy and when I left the room silence! No crying!!! I think he is asleep!! He is getting back to his regular self!!! I am really wondering if it was the solid foods!!!! I guess we'll see what happens when we reintroduce them.

Thanks everyone
p.s. The homeopathic MD takes phone consults for $55 for 15 minutes. The name of the practice is Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley, CA. The doctors are all MD's so they know Western Medicine, but choose to practice homeopathy. I am not allowed to post urls on this forum, but you can do a search for them.
jonahandjacksmom last decade

I'm so happy to hear that you've had a break through. I too have heard that breastmilk can help to clear congestion in the nose, although to be honest I had forgotten until you mentioned it just now.

As far as I know everyone including the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babys are to be strictly nursed until the age of six months. Until the six month mark (and sometimes longer) their digestive systems just aren't mature enough to handle food.

Regardless, I hope he continues on the path to good sleep. I have my fingers crossed for you.

RenaLittauer last decade

I just had to put Rowan down again after just 90 minutes of sleep. It took about a half hour to get him back down and through the screaming I realized a couple things that I thought would be important to note.

I mentioned earlier that he when he wakes up he generally wants to play or interact. I realized this is only true when he wakes up and won't go to back to bed when he's already sleeping with mom and dad. I would say that this only happens three to five times a week. All the other wakings are due to one of two things.

One is that he just doesn't know how to get himself back to sleep. Two is that he just wants to be with mom or dad. If I lean into his crib and let him hold on to me he's fine, it's just when he's not in direct physical contact with me or my husband that it's a problem.

Like I said earlier he does get to sleep with us but it's those four or five hours having to sleep by himself in the crib that it's a killer. Honestly I think my husband and I would both love to see him be able to sleep on his own through the night. He loves to move all over the place in bed and even though he does sleep better with us we don't sleep all that well.

Just thought that info may help and I had to get it out while it was fresh, ;-)

RenaLittauer last decade
you have pointed out the solutions yourself. i am learning from my 5 month old and will write what i have observed so far. with our elder son we could never teach him how to put himself back to sleep. we were inexperienced parents, didnot know that babies too can sleep thru the nite. with this one, we r the tough ones. every since he was 6weeks old he sleeps in his room. till he was 4months old, someone slept in the room as well....either on the ground or the sleeping bag...so that he could be fed when he woke up. but when he turned 4months, we let him sleep by himself...and he was fed when he woke up until one day we realised he is just not hungry anymore, but wakes up nevertheless just to see us or be reassured.

we stopped feeding him thereafter. from then everytime he woke up, he cried for a while and went back to sleep. we kept our ears open but did not go into his room. first couple of nights were tough coz he cried longer. but eventually he was able to put himself back to sleep by his own.

my routine is to keep him awake as much as possible during the day time. and after 5pm strictly no more naps. he goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up between 5-6am.

Now, if he is sick, its a different story. he wakes up more often, cries longer and is understandably fussy. thats when the holding/cuddling comes along and thats what the baby needs so be there for him. once he gets better you can set a routine.

i hope this helps. it is merely what i have learned from my baby. every baby is different, so what works for me might now work for you. hold on there, i know its tough. i will be happy to write more if you have any questions.
nineclouds last decade
Hi All,
It's so funny - last night my 13 month old became congested and I pumped some milk to put in her nose and immediately thought... duh - why didn't I suggest that to the forum! (And I know this might gross some out, but I put it in my nose and it helped fight off the cold we've been fighting this week). There was a great article about this in a recent Mothering magazine.

Rena, I think there are two things at work here. One is Rowan's behaviors have been reinforced, as you have recognized. I think nine clouds gave great advice! The only thing I would be cautious of is trying to keep him awake as much as possible during the day. This may, in some children, lead to being overtired and the inability to settle down and sleep soundly. It is much harder to get them to sleep if they are overtired. While it seems this isn't a problem for nineclouds little guy, it could be for yours, especially since he is so active. It sounds strange but sleep begets sleep. A regular routine is key. It might follow the pattern of bedtime at 7:00p, wake at 6:00a. Nap from 9-10:30 and then nap again from 1:30-3:00. Babies this age need about 13-15 hours sleep total. The key is to get them down *before* they are tired. Put him down as soon as you see the first sign of tiredness (rubbing eyes, yawning, rubbing hair, pulling ear). As soon as you see that first sign, put him down to sleep. By the third yawn, it is too late, they are overtired and it will be hard to get to sleep. It's like when you are watching tV and kind of drifting/sleepy. If you then wake up and try to go to bed, you might have trouble getting to sleep and be wide awake.

90 minutes is one sleep cycle so it is typical for babies to wake up every hour and a half or so. It is one complete cycle and there is a lull there where they get restless. Usually they should be able to get themselves back to sleep in between cycles.

Once he is feeling better, you can try to help him learn to sleep on his own. If he wakes at the same time each night, go in about 1/2 an hour before that time and wake him gently, just enough so he is slightly roused and then leave. I know it sounds nuts but you will disrupt the cycle and it will reset.

If that doesn't work, if he cries, go in and comfort him. Then just go in and put him back to lay down but don't pick him up. Just rub his back. Don't say anything. Speaking just reinforces.

Eventually, you could try just sitting in the room while he is in the crib and not looking at him or saying anything. Just close your eyes and let him know you are there.

If he is still bad, you can then sit in the doorway so he can just see you. Eventually, he will learn to go to sleep himself, without you there.

*If* that is your goal. Some people like co-sleeping, some don't want them to sleep by themselves. It's all in what you want. I think babies are highly adaptive and do fine either on their own or with their parents.

The whole notion that breastfed babies can't sleep through the night is a myth. All three of mine started sleeping through the night around 6-8 weeks old. We ran into trouble like everyone does, but then were able to get them back on track. My 3rd was the hardest and latest to sleep through the night for two reasons. She was in our room because we didn't have a 4th bedroom and she was starving but didn't want baby food! At 10 months when she started eating solid foods, that was that! I also figured out her constitutional remedy and a pattern she does. First she'll need calc carb, then mag mur, then finally mag phos. Phew -- took some time to figure that out!

A few more questions...
Is it possible he is afraid of the dark? Is it also possible he is hyper-alert and therefore can't drift off by himself? Is he easily startled awake? Would you say he is nervous and/or easily startled by sudden noises like a sneeze or vacuum? Does he wake up screaming? (I know he has now but is that because he is sick? or is it a semi-regular thing?) Is he particularly irritable leading up to a poop and then changed dramatically after being cheerful immediately aftewards?

Would you say he is impatient? Does he sweat on his head? Or anywhere else?

Sorry for so many questions. I am trying to determine what his constitutional remedy may be. I have it narrowed to two. (By the way, did you buy Sulphur and/or Borax?)

If you can, try not to give him any more remedy. See if we can get a true picture to emerge over the next few days.

Let us know how he does tonight.
P.S. Vick's vapor rub will antidote homeopathic remedies.
busymominme last decade
Correction... one sleep cycle is 45 minutes. One and a half hours is 2 sleep cycles. So waking would occur at roughly 45 minute intervals.
busymominme last decade
Rowan's Progress:

I have very good news to report and very bad news to report. We'll start with the good first...Last night and the night before last he slept for 5 1/2 hour stretches. I couldn't believe it, it was amazing. Now if we could just continue to stretch that out we'd be in wonderful shape.

Now for the bad news...His naps have been horrible. No sorry let me correct, HORRIBLE!!!! Like I would rather stick hot pokers in my eyes than put him down for a nap. Yesterday it took two hours to put him down and than he only slept for twenty minutes. Now here's the thing, my husband and I really do try to practice attachment parenting and do not use the cry it out method to put him down but I had to do something different. I let him cry, I felt horrible. I also feel the need to say, wow does my kid have cry stamina. He really will go for 1 1/2 to 2 hours if you let him, but I figure, hopefully at some point he will learn to put himself to sleep.

Ok here's the answers to the questions you asked...

I don't think he's afraid of the dark. He's always slept better in the dark at night than for naps.

I do think he is hyper-alert, very hyper-alert. How much this affects his ability to fall asleep, I don't know.

He is easily startled awake.

He is not easily startled by sneezes or the vacuum. In fact, he loves the vacuum and always cracks up when he sneezes.

He doesn't wake up screaming but if we don't respond in adequat time he will scream.

He is not irritable before BM's. That never seems to bother him.

He is still coughing and seems to have heavy chest congestion still. The cough is worse at night and almost disappears during the daytime. Also his eczema which is usually very mild has gotten much worse.

He hasn't had any remedies since the Nux Vomica. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,

RenaLittauer last decade
Anyone considered Bismuth?

I'm not a professional homeopath but I've used it for over 20 years. I heard Bismuth was a good remedy for children who hate to be put down or hate to sleep alone.

ruth45 last decade
Hi Rena,
Oh, good for the nighttime sleep - bummer on the naps. OK, I think his remedy is Sulphur. Sulphur babies are very active, always on the go. Generally very happy-go-lucky, wtih winsome personality. Very bright, and will scream until desires are fulfilled! :) They also have eczema and congested chest which is worse at night and while lying down to sleep. They may wake sleepy and so will catnap during the day. They have little need for sleep and wake up often during the night many times after the 1st four hours of sleep.

You may want to try Sulphur, 30c., 5 pellets in 4 oz. of water in a baby bottle. Label it and keep in fridge. Bang bottle on the palm of your hand 5 times before dosing. Give him one dose (a good sip or 1 tsp.) in the pm before bed. And then repeat dose in a.m. Then wait. You do not want to give too much of this remedy as it could aggravate the eczema.

But I think what is happening is his body is developing more symptoms of sulphur as it is trying to tell you in every way that is the remedy. ;)

Keep us posted.
busymominme last decade
Interesting, I'll have to look for more information on that. I have only heard of Bismuth remedy for suicidal ideation.
busymominme last decade
Ah yes, Bismuth has fear of being alone, clings to the mother, wants to take the hand of the mother. However, the other physical symptoms don't match - vomiting, vomiting from drinking cold water, acute stomach pain, and diarrhea.
busymominme last decade
Those symptoms sound just like Rowan. I'll pick up the sulphur today and let you know how things have gone tomorrow morning.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

RenaLittauer last decade

I hope you've had a good past few days. I thought I'd give you a break and also give Rowan time and see what transpires. So here's the update...Regardless of anything that may have possibly worked he's teething so badly one would not be able to tell. He must be sprouting 4 or 5 teeth at the same time because he is just miserable!!! He is biting down on everything in site which really means mainly me. My husband looked over me tonight to find bite marks all over my arms. I know he's not doing it to hurt me he's just trying to find some relief in the opposing pressure. I really don't know what to give him to relieve his pain. I've tried the Camilia again and I've tried Infant Tylenol as a sure fire pain reliever.

Sleep is still horrendous, naps are very short but putting him down did get a smidge easier, not hugely but better enough so I didn't want to throw myself out of a window. Due to all the sleep stress I put myself on Rescue Remedy, that stuff always works miracles on me. I've also been taking the Olive which has also been wonderful.

Thinking back, he seemed to do really well those two nights after the Nux Vomica. Remember he did those amazing 5 1/2 hour stretches. I don't know if his teething has gotten significantly worse over the past several days but I wanted to remind both of us about that lovely sleep. Any thoughts on that?

In addition, his congestion seems to have cleared.

On a side note, I was reading in one of my new homeopathy books that Essentials Oils will antidote remedies. I burn Roman Chamomile and Geranium in the room every night to help calm him. The book did not clarify if you have to ingest (such as mint in toothpaste) or just simply burning will antidote. Do you know anything about this? In the mean time I've held off on buring the oils in the room and the last two nights that I haven't he seems harder to calm and get back down to sleep.

Sorry for this to be so lenghty I just wanted to bring you up to speed on things. Hope to hear from you soon.

RenaLittauer last decade
Ah, the dreaded teeth!

OK, so it looks like one important thing is his congestion has cleared! That has been an ongoing thing for him so hooray!

Have you dosed the sulphur since you stopped burning the essential oils? How is his eczema? Any aggravation? How is the restlessness? How is the clinginess?

For the time being (until the teething improves), I would try Phytolacca Decandra which is indicated for teething: painful in children, better for biting gums together hard. Teething babies have an irresistible urge to bite their teeth and gums together hard - on anything and everything (Miranda Castro).

Buy him a few chew toys! :) So he can stop nawing on your arm! :(

Yes, smells can antidote the remedy. Not just mint.

Nux Vomica is not indicated for teething and it doesn't seem like much of his picture fits but... you never know. It does cover insomnia and toothache. As with anything... this is just one person's opinion. You know your son so you should try what you think will help. I know how bad it is when you are so exhausted and just want him to sleep. You could try a single dose and see if it helps.

A few more questions... How much is he eating? Is he getting enough to eat? Will he take the baby food now? If not, have you tried grown up food very small pieces? My 13 month old skipped baby food altogether and went right to solids. What is his sleep routine now? Times, etc. Can you keep a journal each day for a few days to see if there is any pattern? I think he is perpetually overtired and so can't get to deep sleep. (Sorry if that is an obvious statement.) Perhaps you are waiting too long before putting him down? I know part of the problem is actually getting him down, too. Now that he is no longer congested perhaps you can try the console without talking and sitting next to his crib without looking or talking until he goes to sleep trick.

However, he may not sleep much until those teeth come through. I think perhaps the remedy has helped those teeth blossom up all at once. That is the same thing that happened to mine.

Because the congestion has improved, I would not abandon the remedy yet. I think the teething is confusing it and perhaps he needs the temporary remedy for the teething.

More questions:
Are his cheeks hot and red? Pale and cold? One red, one pale? Does he have diarrhea with the teething? If so, what color?

While you wait for the Phytolacca if you have to order it, I might try a dose of Pulsatilla at night and one in the a.m. and see what happens. Pulsatilla covers clinginess and teething, restless sleep and insomnia.

I look foward to reading your responses. Hang in there!
busymominme last decade

I have not dosed the sulphur since stopping the essential oils but his eczema seems to be doing much better. There are still some light visable patches but very mild. The restlessness seems to always be there, he really is just a constant movement child. The clinginess seems just slightly better but is still there, especially when he's tired but I guess that goes without saying. Also I've noticed when he wakes up in the morning, within an hour he's yawning sometimes right away but he will not go back to sleep.

He has a ton of teething toys but if it's not within reach at that exact second the couch a pillow, anything will have to do.

I did give him another dose of Calc Carb to help push out those painful teeth. The night I gave that remedy was a tough one, he was up every 45 min to an hour.

Eating is still tough, for some reason he'll eat for everyone, anyone else but me. Very frustrating! My husband (who works crazy hours, sometimes 18-20 hours a day) got him to eat two jars today. I seem to have an easier time getting him to eat things he can pick up on his own and self-feed. Fruit is also easier than veggies, unless I make it. At this point he's 10 months now, he needs to eat more solid food.

He may be perpetually over tired but if he isn't completely exhausted it will take forever to put him down. Up to two hours, regardless of congestion. You can't let him cry himself to sleep, you can't walk around with him, you can't nurse him, nothing.

His cheeks are slightly pale but we are white white folk so it's hard to tell, lol. His cheeks do not seem particularly hot or cold. No diarrhea with teething or fever just a lot of pain.

I've started burning the oils again because he sleeps better with them. Should I stop while giving the remedy? I only put one drop of Roman Chamomile and one drop of Geranium in the burner so it's very mild. I have a small skin care company that is based on the therapeutic properties of essential oils so my house always kind of smells flowery, I hope that's not too much of a problem. I think he's just used to it.

Should I dose the Pulsatilla first thing in the morning or wait until tomorrow night and then follow in the morning?

Thanks a ton for getting back to me on a Saturday. Have a wonderful weekend.


RenaLittauer last decade

There are a few things that confirm sulphur is a good fit... the fact he is still sleepy in the a.m. and that his eczema is responding (as did the congestion). I would not dose the Calc Carb again.

Were you able to get the phytolacca? This is the remedy most indicated. If your local store doesn't have it, you can order it online. It will probably come in handy quite a bit. It covers pain from teething so that baby wants to bite down hard, restlessness, interrupted sleep.

In the meantime, if you don't have the phytolacca give him one dose of Pulsatilla as Puls and Sulph compliment each other.)

For the first dose, give him 3 pellets dry if you are comfortable with that. Otherwise, give him one sip from Pulsatilla water. Bang it on your hand about 10 times before giving it to him. Wait and see what happens.

As for eating... have you tried any cereals? How about the Baby Puffs cereal that is fast dissolving? You can find it in the baby food section. Will he take rice cereal if it is not too mushy? How about organic rice puffs which are softer than rice krispies. Have you tried the biter biscuits yet? What about Zweibach toast? This could help with teething, too. They love to knaw on them. Part of the problem may be that he is hungry but sulphur types can be nibblers, they prefer drinking and do not eat a whole lot.

Is it possible he is proving the chamomile oils? Even too much chamomile tea can cause the symptoms of the 'chamomile type.' It's hard to say if the smells are antidoting or if he is used to them or if he is even proving them. Smells can definitely antidote. If you can, I would stop them for a little while to see if it makes a difference. I know you said he sleeps better with them so it might be too hard.

Another reason for not giving the Nux Vomica is that Nux and Sulphur antidote each other. So the positive effects of the Sulphur could be undone.

Have you tried a 'dairy-free' trial for yourself? It would be great if you could do 2 or 3 days dairy free to see if it effects his sleep. Many sulphur children have difficulty wtih dairy. Dairy sensitivity can definitely disrupt sleep. Could you just try it for 2 or 3 days and see if it helps? This would include cheese, yogurt, milk, icecream, etc.

So, to sum up: if you have the Phytolacca, give him that. If you don't have the Phyt. yet give him one dose of Pulsatilla. Wait and respond back.

Hope things get better soon! You can give it to him this afternoon before nap time (but wait 15 min. either side of eating.)
busymominme last decade

Ok, just got home with the Phytolacca 30C. I dosed the Pulsatilla last night and this morning. Last night he did a stretch of almost three hours without the oils burning in the room. When he did wake up from that stretch he was doing the ouch this is really painful cry. Even though he did do the three hour stretch he had a rough time sleeping, tossing and turning and just not wanting to go back to sleep easily without nursing.

Eating is slightly better. The rice cereal mixed with breastmilk he would only eat for about the first month he was on solids, then he lost interest. I did give him the Organic O's cereal but no matter how small the pieces were we were have choking issues. He didn't and still doesn't have the mashing with gums thing down yet. I haven't tried the baby puffs cereal nor have I seen them at the market. Granted we only shop at Whole Foods(the organic natural foods supermarket). I can try the organic rice puffs, I'm sure he would like those. I have tried teething biscuits but we've had a couple scary momments with those as well because he bites off huge pieces and I have to frantically scoop it out. My mother-in-law keeps telling me about the Zweiback toast but we aren't giving him wheat until he hits one year. I have tried to find other little things he can self feed and he's seems really happy with that and therefore seems a bit more willing to handle the jars.

I don't think he's proving the chamomile oils because he was even worse with the sleep before starting the oils. Also I don't know how much of a difference this makes but it is a combo of the Geranium and Chamomile. I know often the synergy changes the individual properties. Last night he slept without the oils and I'll make sure to avoid as long as we're on this journey.

I have not tried dairy free for myself. I'm such a big dairy person. I know, I know I'm sure many are cringing but especially with breastfeeding I crave it like crazy. I don't know how much of a difference this makes but the majority of the dairy I eat does contain live cultures which is much better for digestion and the immune system. Of course if I need to I will hold off.

So now that I have the Phytolacca what is the next course of action? Give him a does of that tonight? Dry or wet? If dry I think he'll just end up swallowing the pellets.

Let me know. Thanks.

RenaLittauer last decade

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