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Ok, just got home with the Phytolacca 30C. I dosed the Pulsatilla last night and this morning. Last night he did a stretch of almost three hours without the oils burning in the room. When he did wake up from that stretch he was doing the ouch this is really painful cry. Even though he did do the three hour stretch he had a rough time sleeping, tossing and turning and just not wanting to go back to sleep easily without nursing.

Eating is slightly better. The rice cereal mixed with breastmilk he would only eat for about the first month he was on solids, then he lost interest. I did give him the Organic O's cereal but no matter how small the pieces were we were have choking issues. He didn't and still doesn't have the mashing with gums thing down yet. I haven't tried the baby puffs cereal nor have I seen them at the market. Granted we only shop at Whole Foods(the organic natural foods supermarket). I can try the organic rice puffs, I'm sure he would like those. I have tried teething biscuits but we've had a couple scary momments with those as well because he bites off huge pieces and I have to frantically scoop it out. My mother-in-law keeps telling me about the Zweiback toast but we aren't giving him wheat until he hits one year. I have tried to find other little things he can self feed and he's seems really happy with that and therefore seems a bit more willing to handle the jars.

I don't think he's proving the chamomile oils because he was even worse with the sleep before starting the oils. Also I don't know how much of a difference this makes but it is a combo of the Geranium and Chamomile. I know often the synergy changes the individual properties. Last night he slept without the oils and I'll make sure to avoid as long as we're on this journey.

I have not tried dairy free for myself. I'm such a big dairy person. I know, I know I'm sure many are cringing but especially with breastfeeding I crave it like crazy. I don't know how much of a difference this makes but the majority of the dairy I eat does contain live cultures which is much better for digestion and the immune system. Of course if I need to I will hold off.

So now that I have the Phytolacca what is the next course of action? Give him a does of that tonight? Dry or wet? If dry I think he'll just end up swallowing the pellets.

Let me know. Thanks.

RenaLittauer last decade
I'm so glad you could get it! Make up a water bottle of it because I'm sure you will need it ongoing for the teething. Give him one dose (1 tsp.) after succussing 5 times.

I totally understand about the wheat thing. I think that is probably very smart especially given his propensity for eczema.

As for the milk... usually if you crave something it indicates it is a problem. (Trust me on this one - I ate gluten, casein, soy, and corn free while I nursed my son! UGH!). I know it is especially hard when you are nursing because you get hungry too. But... sulphur children have a tendency to be sensitive to dairy. And given he has eczema, I would place a large wager it also bothers his sleep. But I understand completely if it isn't something you can do on top of everything else! You are already going the extra mile(s)!! Hopefully, the sulphur will help him overcome it if it is an issue.

So try the Phyt. tonight. Don't give him any other remedies. Let's see what happens tonight. I'll keep my fingers crossed here! (I'm in Maine! :)
busymominme last decade
That 1 tsp. can be one sip off the bottle. :) Label and keep in fridge.
busymominme last decade
P.S. Have you tried avocado? I cut it into small pieces for my daughter and she loves it!

bananas (although these bother her so be careful - high in phenols)
applesauce (Mott's makes a yummy organic version)

She actually loves brocolli cooked soft and cut into small pieces.
busymominme last decade
Hello there,

Ok, gave Rowan the Phytolacca last night, he did a 2 hour 45 minute stretch right off the bat. He was so easy to go to sleep, easy to transfer into his crib. At first we were thinking this is great, maybe he'll just keep sleeping but once he woke up he was up about every 20 minutes until we went to bed as well and brought him into bed with us. After that he slept decently.

This morning I was trying to heat myself up some left overs for breakfast. I mention this because you think ok, pop something in the microwave, that's fast right. Well not fast enough, within two seconds he was at the baby gate to the kitchen pitching a fit. Mind you he does this every morning or everytime I go into the kitchen without him.

Now for nap time. Yesterday was wonderful!!! He was down in 10 minutes, 10 minutes I can handle. This was shortly after he got the Pulsatilla. Now today has been our usual nightmare, possibly even a bit worse. He nursed to sleep I go to put him in his crib (because it's the safest place for him) and oh, he's wide awake and screaming his head off before he's even touched the crib mattress. I've apparently just committed the worse crime ever in baby land. I JUST DON'T GET IT! He was asleep, it's a nice soft cozy crib not a bed of nails and I'm right there sitting next to the crib rubbing his back, stroking his head, anything to try and calm him. Nothing works, he's screaming, he's so upset he's now sweating and broken out in hives all around his poor little eyes.

Regarding food. He's at about two jars of food a day now which I'm trying to step up to three jars a day. He also gets little bits of assorted fruits, broccoli, spinach (we'll he used to get spinach before the scare), yams and many other little bits that don't end up in his lap. I always forget about avocado because my husband and I don't like it so it's not a regular in the house. I'm still trying hard with the food and we are getting better, slowly but surely.

The eczema on his face has continued looking a bit better but there are still some stubborn patches on his chest, back and around his neck.

Also I'm going to try very hard over the next couple days to avoid dairy. We'll see how that goes.

Oh also you mentioed about him possibly being hungry. Even with him being a tough guy I generally don't worry to much because I produce soooo much milk. I can produce anywhere from 5 to 8oz. in two hours. I usually produce so much he will nurse from just one side per feeding. Just thought that may be good information to share.

Anyway, you know more than I but I was wondering how he would do if I gave him the sulphur tonight and Pulsatilla in the morning, seeing you said they compliment each other and seeing that he napped so nicely on the Pulsatilla. Who knows I'm reaching.

RenaLittauer last decade
OH! So frustrating! Poor little guy - poor you!

OK, we know two things... the Phytolacca helped him sleep well at first. And he slept well after you went to bed. So the Phytolacca did help -- maybe you can try another dose tonight and if he wakes up, give him another dose? But I would only use it if you think his teeth are bothering him as that is what it is indicated for.

As for the Pulsatilla and the Sulphur, while they definitely complement each other, it really should be one remedy. I think he is a Sulphur based on your information but he also does have some Pulsatilla traits. Sometimes it is that they need Pulsatilla followed by Sulphur. Your description of rocking him and getting him to sleep and then him waking up as soon as you put him down leads me to believe this is the case.

But typically you would not give one and then the other. You would pick one remedy and stick with it for a time until it is clear he needs the next.

So, if you haven't dosed him yet tonight, here's the suggestion. If he is still miserable from teething, give him a dose of the Phytolacca. If he is just being his usual self with regard to sleep, give him a dose of Pulsatilla. Then let's wait and see what happens.

Let's try that coupled with the Sleep Lady ideas (if that works with your philosophies) - see below. Also, can you get the Pulsatilla and Sulphur in 9c or 6c? It seems like he may need daily dosing and it's probably better to do that in water with a lower potency. He is getting a lot of remedy.

I think the sleeping thing is behavioral. I just heard a good report on a similar baby that worked really well with the sleep lady. Check out www.sleeplady.com. The technique is basically what we talked about - when baby cries, pick him up but don't talk. Then sit next to his crib. She said the first night she cried for an hour while she sat next to her but then went to sleep and slept until 4:45a. Then went right back to sleep. The second night she didn't cry but tossed and turned for 45 minutes with her next to the crib,then went to sleep. The third night, went right down and went to sleep! Although she isn't in a cosleeper, she is in another room with a sibling so the mom was bringing her into their bed in the middle of the night. She was doing the same things your little guy is.
busymominme last decade
P.S. You have the food thing under control! :) I wouldn't worry too much about it. He'll eat the table food when he's ready. As long as the nursing still works for you, it works great for him! :)
busymominme last decade
On second thought... skip the 9c or 6c idea... I think he is fine with the 30c for now. :)
busymominme last decade
Well, maybe we need to try this. How do you put your youngest to sleep? My problem is that Rowan will cry for two hours, no joke and then when he does finally fall asleep he's up twenty minutes later. That what the cry it out method gets me. The curtains in my room are heavy so it does block out most of the light, they aren't black out but they're close I guess. Something must change with his sleep and we just don't know how to go about doing it. He fell asleep tonight by 6:30 because he only had one nap and that one nap to two hours of crying to get there. By the time he woke up it was time for the second nap of the day which just wasn't going to happen. Obviously that's just not enough sleep for him, so he went down at 6:30. We'll see how the night goes. I think tonight we will work hard to keep him in his bed and not co-sleep and not nurse throughout the night. Maybe just maybe it will make him more willing to eat solids during the day and also be more willing to nap easier. Guess we'll have to see.

RenaLittauer last decade
You will cringe when you read this... I hand my 13 month old her pacifier and bunny, kiss her on the cheek and lay her in the crib. She waves at me and I walk out and shut the door. She goes to sleep. :)

But ... it wasn't always like this. We were exactly where you are in April when she was 9 - 10 months old. It didn't matter what method I used - she was an obstinant little cuss - she would cry and cry and cry! One night she cried until 4:30 in the morning! The problem was I was in the same room with her!

Every once in a while she will go down fine and then cry until I go in (I usually don't wait more than 10 minutes) and I go in, hold her for a few minutes and then kiss her and put her back down and that is usually it.

For us, it was a combination of things that worked. I realized nursing at night just wasn't working for either of us - she was still hungry! And I was exhausted! So that is when we stepped up the food. I also made sure she was getting plenty of nursing time during the day. I decided to stop nursing her when she woke up at night which at first was awful! :( But once she started eating the food made a huge difference. For us, she didn't really want the baby food - she went right to the big food. And she literally began sleeping through the night that same day.

Also, we found out her remedy (calc carb) which helped her get to the point where she could sleep undisrupted. Also, when I went in to go to bed, I would be *so* quiet so I wouldn't wake her. If she woke, forget it!

But after that, it was never a problem.

The thing about Rowan is that it is part of his constitution - both Pulsatilla and Sulphur have disrupted sleep and difficulty falling asleep on their own as a part of them. The remedy should help him overcome this.

The other baby I was talking about is also a Pulsatilla with some Sulphur qualities (where I think Rowan is Sulphur with Pulsatilla qualities). The mom reports the Pulsatilla is definitely helping but needed to be used in conjuction with the sleep method. I might not have describe the sleep lady method all that great. I think there is a forum on the site though that might help.

I'm not a big fan of the cry it out method. I liked the Baby Whisperer idea in that as soon as the baby cries you go in and pick him up. This reinforces that if he cries you will be there. I used it with my first two and it did work. The first night it was 100+ times of picking them up and putting them back down as soon as they are settled! Oy! The second night around 80 times, the third night about 3 times, usually worked by the 4th night. All three kids I could eventually put down awake, kiss them goodnight, and walk out. It also worked at times when the separation anxiety kicked in.

But like with anything, no two babies are alike. And with little guys like Rowan, the crying is only making him worse and it gets him at his core - the fear of abandonment. The nature of the Pulsatilla - the reason he resists sleep and cries when you put him down after he's fallen asleep is that it separates him from you. He wants the mom!

6:30 is perfect! Babies should be in bed before 7:00p. It follows their natural circadian rhthym (oh how badly did I spell that?). There is a wonderful book about that called the 7:00 o'clock bed time. Most sleep experts agree a baby and most children should be put to bed before 7:00p. It has to do with the sleep cycles. Right now the 'average' pattern (whatever that is) is nighttime sleep from about 7:00p - 6:00/7:00a and then two naps around 9-10:30 and 1:30 - 3:00p. which in the next few months will gradually become one nap of about 2 hours but the nighttime sleep shouldn't change. Then around age 3 or 4 they phase out the nap but the nighttime sleep doesn't change. My 9 year old still goes to bed around 7:00p although she doesn't fall asleep until about 7:30/8:00p now and sleeps until 7:00a. (Of course that is just mine - but sleep research shows this is the average).

We also know he has sulphur tendancies and sulphurs do not require as much sleep. They are catnappers as well.

I hope my sharing this is not overkill. I share only in that hopefully something in the information will help you figure out what is going to work for Rowan. :)
busymominme last decade
I thought about the nursing thing... even though he might be getting tons of breastmilk at 10 months old, their nutritional requirements are changing. He is very busy during the day and just like older kids and adults, a liquid diet will eventually not be enough to give him the energy he needs. (Ever try a liquid diet? MMM - hungry!:)

I'm not saying give up nursing - no way! But try to get enough in him during the day so that he doesn't have to nurse at night.

If the nursing is more of a pacifying thing... another question... does he have a lovey? Something that stays with him when he sleeps? My first never had one but I started off rocking and nursing her to sleep - ugh! My second two had a special lovey they always had in their cribs (baby safe of course). It's a security thing. Maybe you could try to give him one if he doesn't already have one? It might take a little bit but if you put it in with him every night eventually it might work. (Just a thought - it's not for everyone.:)
busymominme last decade
Not overkill at all! I would love to be able to just put Rowan down to bed or nap like that. I know as he gets older things will change but for now it's a a killer. You know it's funny, he just woke up again and I went in there put my hand on his back shhhhed him back to sleep. This only works at night, I think the trick is that he can't see. During the day when he can see me forget about it. Also if he knows we're in bed, Rowan says no shhhing allowed bring me to bed guys. He's funny and strong willed and knows exactly what he wants and exactly what he doesn't want. Tonight we will try not nursing him and not bringing him into bed. Wish me luck it'll be a rough night.

RenaLittauer last decade
We tried the lovey thing, it didn't seem to work but he was a bit younger. I'm completely open to trying it again.

Regarding food, I am trying to step up the solids. Today I got him to eat 2 1/2 jars. I think that's the most he's ever eaten.

Since the Pulsatilla worked so well the other day for naptime I'll try it again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have the same luck.
RenaLittauer last decade
Cool... give him a dose tonight if he wakes up! :)

I laughed because ours (Erilyn) was the same way. My husband and I were comical climbing into bed trying to not make any noise.

Good luck - I remember it all too well. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Let's talk tomorrow.
busymominme last decade
Rowan's progress:

Last night was tough, he was up every hour on the hour. Naps were better upon administering Pulsatilla and Phytolacca. Tonight I finally broke down and gave him Tylenol, so far he's been sleeping for three hours and still counting, Thank goodness.

I'll post tomorrow to let you know how the night went.


RenaLittauer last decade
Hi Rena,
How is Rowan? How is sleep going ? If possible, let's re-assess tomorrow where we are. I think he was making good progress with the sulphur and perhaps we should just stick with that. In the meantime, he is getting a lot of remedy. Too much perhaps and it is confusing the vital force.

What are your thoughts?
busymominme last decade

Sorry I didn't give more details in my last post. I have been so overly sleep deprived it's hard to function. I also feel as though I've dipped into a bit of a depression. I'm tired, often hungry, feel like the snot has just been beat out of me. When he does want to be with mom it's just hair pulling, biting, pinching, hitting and being generally a demon baby. But when he's not beating the crap out of me he does seem less clingy. Maybe it's just because I'm refusing to hold him as much because of the abuse.

Naps are still hard and frustrating. I hired a nanny to come in two days a week to give me a break. She put him down for a nap in under 5 minutes, the same for my husband. It's just me he won't sleep for, I think I must have sucker written on my forehead.

He's been teething horribly and I think the tooth that has been causing most of the trouble has just just just broke through.

Anyway, that's the latest. Things have been hard and most moments in the day I feel as though I'm on the verge of tears. My husband and I tried for three years to bring our little munchkin into this world but never did we bargain for such a handfull. My husband is also working his continued crazy hours which means I handle Rowan on my own most of the time.

I don't know if I should be continuing with the Sulphur and how often I should administer. Maybe there's something that can help me as well?

RenaLittauer last decade
Oh! I'm so sorry things have gotten worse! :( That sounds like Belladonna. Give him a dose of Belladonna, 30c (in water) and see what happens -don't wait until before bed. Give it when you read this.

If the Belladonna doesn't help within a few hours, try Chamomilla (not the Camillia).

In the meantime,
Does he pick or itch his nose a lot?
Does he grind his teeth or moan in his sleep?
Are his cheeks red? Or one red, one white?
Is he worse at 3:00 a.m.,p.m., or both?
Is his tongue red or white coated?

I'm going to think some more on this.

He is harder for you rather than the nanny or your husband for two reasons. One because he can be and two he feels safe letting down his emotions with you.

For you, there are several remedies that fit exhaustion from broken nights. And the depression that can follow.

Send me an email (click on my link) with your phone number so we can talk or if you don't want to give out your number, send me an email and I'll send you mine. There are many different things to consider and it would be much easier than trying to type it all out. Or if you want to, you can give me a list of your symptoms and I'll post follow up questions. Either way we can summarize here for the folks tuning in if it will help others.

Hang in there.
busymominme last decade

I did see a difference some changes were good and some were not, but sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good.

We finally resorted to a bit of sleep training as well as the homeopathics. I really believe that the combination did wonders. Rowan is now sleeping for 8 to 10.5 hour stretches. Occasionally he will drop down to a six hour stretch but is generally back on track the next night.

As much as I didn't want to sleep train I really feel this was what he needed as that last push. I feel much more sane and healthy now that we are both sleeping better.

Much luck to you,

Rena Littauer
RenaLittauer last decade
Hi some 1 adviced me passiflora incarnata mt for the same sleeping issue as above for my 12 month's baby..what do you guys suggest
tulika22 7 years ago

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