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mammary tumor

hello. my 16 y.o dog was diagnosed with mammary tumor. the doc wants to go on with the operation since it's spreading fast(4 inches), but not yet attached to the muscle. the prob is she has an enlarged heart, kidney & liver probs, elevated white blood cells, she might not wake up. if she goes on with the operation she'll have to stay at d doc at least 3 days, which will make her really sad & weaker. the doc prescribed prednisone & antibiotics. but won't prednisone make the tumor bigger? what other options do i have. pls help :(
  starfishsquare on 2006-08-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please start the following without delay

Phytolacca 3x,
1 tablets thrice daily for 15 days.
freeconsult last decade
will it interfere with the antibiotics, prednisone and vitamins that she's currently taking?
starfishsquare last decade
Wzs she spayed? My dog wasnot (meaning she produced estrogen ) and the 'smart' vet prescribed her prednisone. Together they caused breast tumors!

I wish I never gave her that prednisone - it was for skin allergy but didn't help. Instead she got sulphur 12c 5 small globules and was cured of allergy!(I was starting to learn about homeopathy-it was my first case)

Then the vet insisted on surgery for tumors. They didn't grow and now I wish I diddn't agree. She never regained her vitality after that surgery, died 2 years later (now these tumors regrew really big and of course they wanted to do another surgery-but that time we didn't agree).

She was 13 y/o.

Anyway, my advice is: love her and do not let anyone hurt her-vets included! (I'm not biased: my mother is a vet!). Try only natural therapies (phytolacca is grat; I also read in 'Spontaneos healing' by dr Weil about the paste made of BLOODROOT - tumors fell off when he repeatedly applied it on them.

It is scary when itspreads fast but I don't think that they can stop it with surgey=trauma for your dog.
Astra2012 last decade
antibiotics are prescribed to fight infection.
Does she have any infection?
Astra2012 last decade
she wasn't spayed. she gave birth last was when she was 5 yrs old. my question is if prednisone is an anti iflammatory, why does it slow down wound healing? her tumor has 2 infected boils that i've been cleaning with betadine and colloidal silver. what other meds can u prescribe aside from phytolacca? i cant find any here, im in asia. i give her flaxseed with cottage cheese, they say it helps with tumors. i also giv her cordycep & multivitamins. i'm sorry for your loss. i've been crying here i know theres only a few months left :_(
starfishsquare last decade
Then I think she should not be getting prednisone!!! Together with estrogen in unspayed dogs it promothes the growth of mammary tumorsa!

I often wondered why some people are vets without liking animals...

And because there is not much time left (which is awfull; dogs have only one fault-they live too short!!) do not subject have to additional trauma of surgery. Even the visits to the vet will not help her. He/she is definitely very wrong withe prednisone, I guess I would also nott give your dog antibiotics--which kill also good bacteria in her gi tract--it is much better to wash the wound externally: do you have broccoli there? the juice is a wonderful antiseptic.
Phytolacca might be best but if you may try APIS , also 3x-but if you can't get it 6x will be ok too.

I know about Johanna Budwig's diet (flaxseed oilk+cottage cheese)- this is great that you give her!

(I always think it was very bad idea to subject my dog to that surgery!)
Astra2012 last decade
Since she has boils she may benefit from SILICEA 6x (12x would be ok too) one dose every day for not more than 3 weeks ,or until boils are healed. (i.e. if they are really healing after 2 weeks just stop it)
Astra2012 last decade
cold pressed flaxseeed oil is best, or freshly ground flaxseeds
mixed with lowfat cottage cheese

Dogs love cheese!
If these are her last days (and maybe not! I know about dogs living 20+) let her have lots of love and care at home -not stress and isolation in strange place and among strangers.
Astra2012 last decade
tnx. itz good to hear from someone who understands. even her vet trips are so stressful to her. she'd be shivering even in the car on the way there :( ive been giving her MSM and wobenzyme together with half the dosage of prednisone. the vet said prednisone is the only solution. how can i explain to him that it further makes the tumor grow! :( he firmly told me he doesnt believe in herbal meds. btw, there's no APIS here either. would cat's claw work?
starfishsquare last decade
u can safely start phytolacca there would be no interference with antibiotics
freeconsult last decade
I am very touched to read the messages of starfishsquare and Astra2012.
I love my dog daughter in a way few can understand. She's above 10years old now and has recently developed a large lump on her udders. The vet to whom I went reluctantly looked at it and sort of shook his head0he is not too keen on me as I merely want a diagnosis-I will not put her through the conventional treatments if it is cancer or whatever.
She has gone through a lot in life as she was run over and left for dead when she was a pup.
I rarely get to visit my homeopath as I am house bound because of her. He had given calc fl 6x, then lac can and sil.
The thing seems to be growing and while it didn't seem to bother her earlier I can see that it is maybe bleeding a bit now an d she has restless sleep.
I would like to know what happened to starfishsquare's dog and what I should expect.
She may not like flaxseed...
I only have phyto 200...can I give her one dose?
gitamadhu last decade
Gitamadhu,consider adding vegetable juices to your dog's canned food, especially carrot juice.Start with carrots(70 percent) as the basis,then add piece of celery, half a radish, a small spinach leaf or two,a piece of tomato,etc.You will need a juicer for this. Don't buy store-bought or reconstituted juices. Start with a couple of tablespoons and increase from there to one-half cup or so a day.

Consider giving vitamin C(not chewable or time-release) at 250 mg a day increasing to 500 mg every 8-12 hours or so. When decreasing giving Vitamin C do so gradually. Animals manufacture their own vitamin C but when sick or elderly they don't manufacture the amount that is needed. If vitamin C is stopped gradually the pet will resume manufacturing vitamin C even though it may be a small amount, if stopped suddenly the pet's body does not have enough time to start doing so again.

Consider also giving your dog this combination- one half-cup of low-fat cottage cheese. It has to be low-fat. Add 4-5 tablespoons of cold-pressed flaxseed oil(keep flaxseed oil in the dark and refrigerated or it will turn rancid). Flaxseed oil is available at any health food store. Buy the best quality you can get. Whip together until the combination is very well mixed. Give once or twice a day.If giving twice a day space it out to every 12 hours. Most dogs will lap the mixture right up with no problem because they like the taste.

Even if you are house-bound, most health food stores and some grocery stores will deliver supplies to you at a nominal fee or even for free.
orian last decade
Thank you so much for the detailed reply.
I have been able to buy a few things:Flaxseed oil and colostrum (I found one web link with a through schedule of supplements etc)-quite expensive but then she is too dear to me...
My husband came home from a work trip in between and so I could go to my homeopath who is really good. He has given some things and the growth has lost its dark red look-it is also less turgid. I am crossing my fingers.
I have bought a juicer-I presume we have to give the juices in the raw form? I wonder if she will have it? Shall I then try putting it into her mouth with a syringe?

I have 2-3 types of Vit C at home-will see which one is not chewable or time-release-any thoughts on how to administer?

I am planning to make low-fat cottage cheese- I think it is what we call paneer in India-we split the milk and drain the whey?
cold-pressed flaxseed oil-there were 2 brands-one from US and one from Australia -th eshop man said the australian one was better.

No one does home delivery here in Malaysia! Had I been back home in India it would have all been much much cheaper as well as one can find so many homeopaths all around. Also so many natural products for many diseases.
I am house-bound for Molly dog's sake -in this condition I do not want her to feel sad-and she is very silly and attached to us. She cannot bear being away from us so I can only go out if my son baby sits.
I am going to be positive-I do not expect miracles only that I should have the strength to serve her with love and that she should be as comfortable as possible.
Both my dogs when I was a kid passed away at home with their heads in my mom's lap.
And poor mom died of cancer far away form me all alone at the last moments.
gitamadhu last decade
My dog's growth on her udders has opened and it is now smelling bad-i was applying calendula tincture diluted with boiled cooled water but had stopped as my son said it might not be a good idea.
I am again not able to go out till Monday and I have lost my homeopath's card-I searched for his number online and I think I have it and will try and phone him also later in the day but in case I can't get through please advise me what i should do about the infection-very bad smell-appearance white like pus-she is going on licking it and hiding away.
I have started the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.
gitamadhu last decade
Perhaps the very knowledgeable people on this site may be able to help you with additional information. Meanwhile, consider giving the flaxseed oil(keep in a cool place or it will turn rancid) and low-fat cottage cheese combination(whip it together very well)twice or so a day(every 12 hours).

Have you started the vitamin C? The vitamin C tablets can be inserted in a small piece of raw meat or lubricated with a bit of butter and popped into the dog's mouth.

The carrot juice combo- have you started giving it yet? It should help. Alot. Some dogs lap it up eagerly, sometimes it has to be mixed in something palatable.

Conium 6x -5 pellets or one tablet- 3-5 times daily dissolved on the tongue given until the tumor is dissolved.

Wheatgrass(tablets, powder or freshly grown) is invaluable, so is marine(not freshwater) phytoplankton(don't use chlorinated water when using this, they react badly together),a half tablet or so of blessed thistle and chlorella for dissolving tumors. Consider adding some of this to your dog's diet of fresh meat and vegetables(the pulp from juicing can be also be added). Don't overload on the meat-it contains purines- so make it of high quality and the bare minimum. Along with vitamin C also consider adding Vitamin E-50-100IU per day.

I don't know if you mentioned what you are feeding your dog but don't feed commercial pet food. Too many by-products, preservatives,etc.
orian last decade
I have now been giving cold pressed flaxseed oil(kept in fridge) and home made low-fat cottage cheese combination(whipped together in a blender)twice a day for at least a week -I feel it is doing good-so far that is mostly all she is eating.

I started the vitamin C but she does not like it at all -I doubt she will accept it even inserted in meat ( I will try raw meat but am scared of bacteria).

I have not started carrot juice combo yet-I will do it first thing tomorrow.

My homeo doc is giving her
Silica 1m
Syphillinum 1 M
Carcinosinum 1 M-weekly-now I will have to give the second dose
( After the first does of the last the tumour burst).

I am going to see him again tomorrow and see if wha the says-the smell is quite bad-there is a thin discharge and she seems in soem distress and is going on licking it.

Wheatgrass I shall also try and get tomorrow as well as marine(not freshwater) phytoplankton(

She is hardly eating anything besides the two helping of cottage cheese-flax...I cook some mince for her with ginger garlic and turmeric and some veg..

Vitamin E-I was giving for a few days but then read that it may thin the blood ... will resume.

I stopped commercial pet food after all this started -she has begun having some dry food of this sort after we came to Malaysia-otherwise she has boiled beef.
gitamadhu last decade
It sounds as though the tumor has ulcerated and is draining. It's better that it drains than that it internalizes, enters the bloodstream, and poisons the system. Vitamin C is of crucial importance here. So are the other things I've mentioned. Yes, vitamin E does thin the blood and should be eliminated if surgery is an option(is it?)otherwise it is of great benefit in dissolving ulcerated tumors as are the other things I've mentioned,especially vitamin C.

Sometimes pets will go on a fast in order to summon up all the energy that is needed to rid the body of a toxic substance,growth,disease,etc. Digestion takes energy. Having said that,it is necesary to offer some nutrition besides just the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese without overriding the pet's own healing process they have implemented involving fasting.

Consider offering some beef broth. Simmer a meaty bone in just enough water to cover, add a few vegetables such as broccoli, carrots,(no onion)etc. Simmer until the broth is rich. Cool and offer. The fat may or may not be skimmed off. It can also be used when administering the vitamin C(can be crushed), wheatgrass and other supplements if they are not willingly taken. Mix them in a small amount of the broth and administer orally with a syringe several times a day(space out giving the item, yes even in the night so there is not a space of time say, from ten a night until 8 the next morning when there are no supplements in the system because none were given). Also offer the straight broth throughout the day with no supplements should your dog require and desire more. Perhaps an egg yolk or two(NOT the whites) added sometimes.
orian last decade
First of all, thank you so much. I'm coping with this alone and sometimes I'm really not sure how to proceed and it is hard to get answers from people-online or in real time.

1. I also feel that the bursting of the tumour seems like a good sign. There was no information I could find about this bursting but on a yahoo group some women with breast cancer ( I have read that there are some similarities between canine mammary tumour and breast cancer)who are self treating described this-they were using Manuka honey applications among other things but the fear of ants is too great for me to go that way. This bursting seems to have coem after the Carcinosinum, silica, syphilinym...
2. Am starting Vit C today and resuming Vit E. Surgery is not an option for many reasons-her age (about 15), the dangers involved and how panicky she will feel, the pain she will endure with all the risks too...The meds she would have to take...
3. Today I gave her an ounce of fresh chicken (but out of fear I dipped into boiling water first...Chicken is the only freshly killed meat I will be able to find-there is also clean pork-but not sure if one can give it. Thanks for the beef broth recipe.
4. She gets about two hard boiled egg yolks a day (not all days and many days she refuses)as my son eats 4 hard boiled eggs almost daily minus two yolks.
Thank you so much once again.
gitamadhu last decade
Giving raw pork is not advisable because of the possibility of tape worm and other parasites in the meat. Pork also has a high fat content. Chicken is fine, however, it too should be lightly cooked(just until the pink colour is gone) to ensure that there are no parasites in the meat. No pork or chicken bones should be given because they splinter. Beef has the least chance of all to contain parasites,etc.

Have you started the carrot juice combination yet? Very beneficial.Even if you can add at least 8 tablespoons of pure carrot juice twice a day to the food or it may be given straight or mixed in the broth.

Also the homeopathic Conium 6x may be added to the homeopathics you're already giving for it's ability to dissolve tumors.
orian last decade
So I shall avoid pork totally.

Chicken I have just begun and am immersing it in boiling water-will make a note of the 'pink' colour to be gone.

Beef/mutton can only be bought on a week end etc as I have to go to the main market-noramlly I buy frozen beef or beef mince imported from India as it is a bit cheeaper than the local stuff. But now I will try to get the fresh meat....

I started the carrot juice -a couple of teaspoons in her mouth and some in her food...will push it up today or try...

Today she is not very keen on anything.

Yesterady the homeopath has added ars alb once a day and hepar sulph also once a day.

Are you sure I can safely add conium? 6x is a rare potency in India and here-we mostly find 30, 200, 1M...

I shall try to buy it which will be embarrassing since he will see me buying it :)

Thanks again...
And I'm so sorry to ask some more questions:
Here is what I'm giving here
as supplements-is it too much?:
FlorEssence 1 TBSP twice a day

Aloe Vera Juice 1 TBSP twice a day)

Vitamin E 2 X 400 IU - twice a day
Esther C 2 X 500 mg twice a day

Selenium ( 200 mcg, one - twice a day)

Zinc (25 mg/ one pill twice a day)

Milk Thistle (2 X 250 mg - twice day)

Colostrum (2 X 500 mg twice a day)

Actually except for the colostrum the other ones are in diff brands so I'm not sure how much to give...
gitamadhu last decade
The vitamin E is quite high. Consider lowering it to 50-100IU once a day. It can be divided into two dosages of 50IU.

The zinc is a little high too-approximately 5-10mg a day should be more than adequate unless otherwise prescribed by your homeopath.

The others seem to be fine in the dosages listed. Milk Thistle, 250 mg a day should be adequate unless there is specific liver concern.Selenium is probably a tad high too- perhaps once a day or half a tablet once a day, unless otherwise prescribed by your homeopath.

Consider increasing the Vitamin C, however, to one 250mg tablet every 8 hours.

Keep increasing the amount of carrot juice given also until at least 1/2 cup is given over a 24 hour period.

Were you able to locate wheatgrass, marine phytoplankton and the other things mentioned?
orian last decade
Re conium. 6x is a very low potency. At the dosage of 5 pellets or one tablet- 3-5 times daily dissolved on the tongue. No food or water for at least 20 minutes afterward. Continue until the tumor is dissolved. This was recommended by a very famous holistic vet for the dissolution of tumors in pets.

Are you able to locate a product called Transfer Factor Plus?
orian last decade
I have not told my homeopath about the Budwig diet or other supplements.

Have yet to locate wheatgrass, marine phytoplankton and other things.

Conium also I have yet to find-as I cannot move out of the house-besides Conium I shall ask my son to look for the other things.

For Conium I will ask my husband to go on a day when my doctor does not sit at the clinic. As I said I doubt that 6x potency of homeopathic remedies exists this side of the world...

I managed ot buy fresh raw beef this morning( it was killed last night and frozen)-she really relished it! But it is quite expensive for us! A really small piece (bet 100-200 g)cost me more than 2 USD.

Bones bought and broth being made.

Yesterday she seemed a little low in spirits again-hiding away under beds and in cupboards. I spent more time in patting her and then she sleeps.
There seems no pain in the region as she allows me to apply the calendula tincture. There is a thin ooze which stains cloth. not much. She licks it often but seems less now-the licking. The mouth of the tumor has opened wider. The pus or whatever white/yellow stuff that appears now and then is not freely moving-I mean it does not come off on the pad with which I wipe with calendula.
The smell seems less-sometimes...
Earlier she was panting a lot as if under strain and the pupils were very dilated-now she seems less stressed.
I know I can't hope for miracles maybe but if possible I want her to be as comfortable as possible.
Thanks once again for all the help.
gitamadhu last decade
Panting can be a sign of heart disease. If you place your ear against the left side of her chest, do you hear any irregularities-fast or slow heartbeat, skipped beats, irregular rhythm,etc?

Dilated pupils can be the result of a thiamine(vitamin B1) deficiency or a reaction to toxicity from what you are giving her or prolonged fear. If heart disease is present it may contribute to her fear. Mention this to your homeopath. He may adjust the dosage accordingly.

You may wish to lower the zinc given still further to 2-5 mg a day. Selenium can produce a toxic reaction dosage should be less than 1 ppm. 200mcg might be a little high.

Your dog is ingesting the pus,etc, from licking the tumor. Although canine saliva has disinfecting properties the fact that your dog is also ingesting the pus,etc is re-introducing this back into her system. The vitamin C, FlorEssence, colostrum,carrot juice should help to counteract this.Also giving two tablespoons of cod liver oil a day. Wheatgrass would be invaluable if you can locate it, however carrot juice is also tremendously helpful and hopefully you are giving it.
orian last decade
The panting can partly also be due to the hot weather here. I iwll try to check by placing my ear against the left side of her chest, and see if I hear any irregularities.

Now her pupils are not dilated -this was at the very onset when it burst. Fear I doubt as we especially I pamper her enormously-in fact she bullies us !

I shall mention to my doctor if it persists-but as I said the pupil dilation has gone down and panting is also much less.

I shall lower the zinc given as advised by you. I am noting all you say on a word doc and then copying it and trying to follow it to the letter.

Selenium I did not in fact give her yesterday...

I shall begin two tablespoons of cod liver oil a day.

Wheatgrass I shall buy today-was debating if to get fresh ones or tablet?

carrot juice she now seems to like given in the dropper so yesterday I would say quarter cup was taken-I think it makes her feel like a baby !

But this morning again she seems a little low-my husband has photographed the area and will go to a vet who is a little friendly to us-but only thing is he is so anti alternative remedies!
But at least if he offers some diagnosis...
I am also hoping to consult a vet who is supposedly a cancer specialist-only she hates vets and can know a mile off so I do not want to subject her to this. So I just hope he does not insist on seeing her.
Thanks again and now I'm off to do all the things you said
since yesterday I am also giving her some time in sunshine-she loves it.
gitamadhu last decade

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