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The panting can partly also be due to the hot weather here. I iwll try to check by placing my ear against the left side of her chest, and see if I hear any irregularities.

Now her pupils are not dilated -this was at the very onset when it burst. Fear I doubt as we especially I pamper her enormously-in fact she bullies us !

I shall mention to my doctor if it persists-but as I said the pupil dilation has gone down and panting is also much less.

I shall lower the zinc given as advised by you. I am noting all you say on a word doc and then copying it and trying to follow it to the letter.

Selenium I did not in fact give her yesterday...

I shall begin two tablespoons of cod liver oil a day.

Wheatgrass I shall buy today-was debating if to get fresh ones or tablet?

carrot juice she now seems to like given in the dropper so yesterday I would say quarter cup was taken-I think it makes her feel like a baby !

But this morning again she seems a little low-my husband has photographed the area and will go to a vet who is a little friendly to us-but only thing is he is so anti alternative remedies!
But at least if he offers some diagnosis...
I am also hoping to consult a vet who is supposedly a cancer specialist-only she hates vets and can know a mile off so I do not want to subject her to this. So I just hope he does not insist on seeing her.
Thanks again and now I'm off to do all the things you said
since yesterday I am also giving her some time in sunshine-she loves it.
gitamadhu last decade
Re wheatgrass,fresh or tablet. If you mean by fresh the kind that is potted and grows like grass- that is excellent for your dog to graze, at will.Leave it where it is easily accessible. The tablet form of wheatgrass may be crushed and added to the carrot juice, broth, or mixed in a little broth and given with an eyedropper.At least four tablets every 8 hours. The tablets can also be greased with a little butter and popped into your dog's mouth.

You are still giving your dog the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese combination, are you?
orian last decade
Re wheatgrass fresh or tablet. If you mean fresh that it is potted, it is excellent if left for your dog to graze from, at will. As for wheatgrass in tablet form, consider giving at least four tablets,every eight hours. Greased with a little butter and popped into the mouth, or crushed and mixed with a little broth and given with an eyedropper.

You are still giving your dog the flaxseed oil and low-fat cottage cheese combination, are you?
orian last decade
I maight try to grow wheat grass if it is not too complicated ( she often eats grass on the roadside and then pukes-I don't know about now but she has always done this once in a while). It is possible to find it fresh as in sold growing in organic shops nearby ...
To be on the safe side I shall also try to get it in tablet form,

She is relishing the broth ( form the recipe you gave).

I am still giving her the flaxseed oil and low-fat cottage cheese combination-3 TBSP of cold pressed FSO and 6 TBSP home made cottage cheese twice a day...
Hoping to get conium today...
My husband took the photo of the affected area to the vet who saw her when it was un burst-at that time he just made a grim face and sort of retreated after remarking on my choice of alternative treatment.
Even with my husband he is not venturing a diagnosis but has said now nothing can be done and to apply a solution he has given:
chlorinated Lime and Glacial acetic acid!
I really don't think she should be licking such things! So I am not going to do this.
I am very low in spirits now-as no progress is there.
But on the other hand no really bad downward trend either-so keeping my morale up.
BTW I want to ask you if I may add into her drinking water: Kali phos, calc phos, kali sulph, CALC FLUOR, silica (biochemic in 6x)?
gitamadhu last decade
Re the flaxseed oil/low fat cottage cheese combination- the amount of low-fat cottage cheese should be at least one-half cup,the amount of flaxseed oil, 2-3 tablespoons. Whipped together very well. Given every 12 hours.

Are you increasing the amount of vitamin C you are giving to 500 mg every eight hours? Are you giving carrot juice? How much?

As for the other homeopathics you have mentioned- Kali phos, calc phos, kali sulph, CALC FLUOR, silica (biochemic in 6x) were these cell/tissue salts prescribed by your homeopath specifically for your dog's tumor? A couple of them should affect your dog's emotional disposition. Usually, cell/tissue salts are dissolved on the tongue to take full effect. There is a chance,if dissolving them in the water bowl that the recommended dosage may not be ingested fully in the course of a day or that too much may be given.

Are you able to locate hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent or food grade, topical solution for disinfecting wounds, etc? It is possible to either use full-strength, or dilute 80/20(or 60/40 to start if your dog finds it too irritating at first) with boiled(then cooled) water to disinfect the tumor.Consider starting by applying with a clean cotton ball soaked in the solution and eventually work towards pouring the solution right over the whole area. The solution may fizz once applied. Do this many times a day. As long as the hydrogen peroxide is food grade, it is fine if your dog licks the area once the solution has been applied.
orian last decade
'low-fat cottage cheese one-half cup,the amount of flaxseed oil, 3 tablespoons. Whipped together very well.'
-this is the amount for each helping given and I am giving it roughly every 12 hours.

vitamin C (500 mg) she is a bit averse to-since the past 2 days I have tried to put a pinch of the crushed tablet in everything given. will step it up from tomorrow to the level you mention.

carrot juice -1 small cup per day

Kali phos, calc phos, kali sulph, CALC FLUOR, silica (biochemic in 6x) were not prescribed by my homeopath -I read about them tumors? I was wondering if I could add any of them or all as they may be like a tonic to her?

I will buy the Hydrogen peroxide tomorrow and begin applying.

She has become quite reluctant to move in the last two days-it fluctuates...
She is still alert at most walks-stool is good-passes urine normally...Appetite normal.

Thanks again for walking me through this.
Wheatgrass powder begun for last two days-it says 1 teaspoon a day for humans...So I am giving her 1 teaspoon a day mixed with her main meal which is a about a cup of boiled meat (I have thought over the raw meat thing and do not consider it safe in this climate) and a bit of raw veggies (carrot and celery).

She had a slight loose motion once and I added one probiotic capsule's contents with her FOCC that day.
gitamadhu last decade
Re wheatgrass, consider giving 1 teaspoon every 8 hours.

As for the other homeopathics you mentioned, ie, kali sulph, CALC FLUOR, etc, several are for ulcerated skin conditions, but two are also for emotional disposition. They could be supportive.

Re the hydrogen peroxide/boiled(cooled) water combination. Consider starting with the diluted combination to start and work towards a less diluted combination if there is no irritation felt and as the condition improves.

Re the carrot juice,consider dividing the one cup dosage to one-half cup given twice a day and increase the amount given, if you can.

Do you have access to Bach Flower Essences?
orian last decade
So I will give wheat grass powder 1 teaspoon every 8 hours from today.

She is digging a lot on the sofas etc-even bare floor-but she has always had days when she does this...

The bichemic-how many pills would you suggest? as you say it gets stronger if I mix it in the drinking water... Maybe I could give 4 pills of one crushed mixed with a little water? Homeopathic I put into the side of her mouth...

I could only find a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution but it also had boric acid or something-my husband will try at other places.

I will give half cup carrot juice twice a day and increase.

Out homeo clinic has Bach Flower remedies-which ones would you suggest?
gitamadhu last decade
She used to be very aggressive until some years back-probably due to her life experiences as a stray pup with terrible injuries who was taken into a house and then thrown out...
In the past five years she has become very feminine-loves being patted a lot-she becomes very passive and will indicate with paw for us to continue if we stop.
She used to vomit a lot and have a bad tummy quite often-in the past few years all this has reduced.
gitamadhu last decade
She is willful and will have her way-pulling us this side and that on the road (now of course in the last few days she is too tired and just does her 'business' and back home it is.
She is going into hiding quite often...
The ulcer has less of the white stuff but the skin around the edge is a little bright red...
On Friday night a bit of bright red blood came out of it-otherwise there has not been much or any spotting. But some ooze is there which I see settled on the insides of the back legs.
gitamadhu last decade
Dosage for tissue/cell salts is usually 4 tablets four times a day. They can be used more often in acute situations. You don't indicate the size of your dog but you can usually be very flexible with the doses depending on the circumstances.

CALC FLUOR is good for the tendency to ulcer, Silicea for the tendency to suppurate. Consider giving those two a little more often than the others,possibly 2 tablets of each every 15 minutes(alternating) for 5-6 hours to kickstart the process, and then every hour(alternating the two) for several hours, then four tablets of each 5-7 times a day (including the night).

BTW, calendula diluted with boiled(cooled) water is excellent for pussy wounds so you may wish to alternate this with the hydrogen peroxide/boiled(cooled) water mixture when disinfecting the area. Again, the peroxide has to be food grade -3 percent, USP 10 volume, strength 30mg of hydrogen peroxide/ml or very close to that.

As for the Bach Flower Essences, Crab apple is excellent. 5 drops on the tongue every five minutes to start, then on an as-needed basis. Non-toxic so it can be used often. Centaury, Olive, and Holly are also excellent. 5 drops of each mixed in two tablespoons of boiled/cooled water stored in a dark bottle. Swirl gently before using. Combination can be given also every five minutes to start, then every 15 minutes, every hour for several hours, then every couple of hours or as-needed.

Because you are giving a series of homeopathics during the day, try to leave a space of at least 10 minutes between each different homeopathic to give it time to assimilate before giving the next one.If you kickstart the homeopathics mentioned above at the same time you are kickstarting the BFE there may not be enough time to do this. Instead, consider kickstarting the one until you are at the point of giving it every hour, which should leave enough time to start kickstarting the BFE every 5-15 minutes to start inbetween time.
orian last decade
My dog is about 15-20 kgs -she is some 24 inches in height and about 30 odd inches in length.
Would you like to see a photo?

I tried putting the biochemicals in a bowl of water but she does not like it. So now I tried putting two pills in her mouth-she spits it out...

I have been applying calendula diluted with boiled(cooled) water about once or twice a day -now I will alternate it with the hydrogen peroxide/boiled(cooled) water mixture ( I have a 60% solution which is used for gargles...am diluting it as half glass water to one dessertspoon of solution)-very anxious about her licking it still.

Thanks for the names of the Bach Flower Essences...

I feel the smell has reduced and the white stuff is less ...Don't know what to expect!
Vit C she really does not like _I wonder how to manage to give the amounts you mention...
gitamadhu last decade
Food grade hydrogen peroxide is ingestible(within reason) and also can work internally with beneficial results so it's safe if your dog licks it off.

Re the tissue/cell salts, the Silicea and Calc. Fluor are of more benefit in dissolving the tumor than the others you mentioned so you may wish to leave the other t/c salts for the time being and concentrate on just those two.

It is possible to either place them in your dog's mouth and hold the mouth shut for a minute or so until they dissolve, or place(without touching them)them in a tiny amount of water in a small glass container and drop them into the mouth with an eyedropper. Adjusted dosage- 3 Silicea pellets, once every hour for 6-8 hours then 5-7 times a day. Calc Fluor, 3 pellets, once every hour for several hours, then 5-7 times a day.Alternate so that you are not giving them at the same time.

The external look of the tumor is only half of what should be of concern. You did not mention whether or not the tumor may be cancerous and there is also concern, when dealing with cancerous tumors, that they may metastasize. Hence the need for vigilent application of the homeopathic and other remedies mentioned.

Echinicea and burdock root are also extremely beneficial. Look for echinicea, if a tincture,without an alcohol base if you can. 1/8 tsp or so of the tincture twice a day. Burdock root can be found as a powder. Two to three teaspoons or so each day.It's almost tasteless so can readily be mixed in the food.

As for the vitamin C it is of crucial importance. Is it not possible to grease them with a little butter,lift your dog's head up, pop the tablet at the back of the mouth, keeping your dog's mouth closed until the tablet is swallowed? It should easily be swallowed by that method.

As for not knowing what to expect. In that case, why not expect health and healing for all of your efforts! It has happened for others, why not for your dog.

Here's a testimonial on the beneficial use of food-grade hydrogen peroxide(note:if you have the 60% strength you would have to dilute it down by fifty percent. Hopefully this is not the h.p. you mentioned that contained boric acid If so, it should not be used):

'My sister in law's cat was a very butch 'husky' male. Long hair, gorgeous. He suddenly lost half his weight and became very docile. SIL basically left him to die, but I had a soft spot for him, and took him to the vet. Liver cancer, he's got 6 weeks at best. Surgery was possible, but would cost $$$. SIL would never bother. I made a jug of water, 4 litres water and put one oz of 35% food grade H202. Put some of this solution in his drinking water daily. He began to throw up daily, but kept gaining weight! His fur became thick again, one happy fat kitty. I believe he was 'throwing up' the cancer in a healing crisis. Whatever he was throwing up, it didn't look like his food, and it was nasty. This was 6 months ago. He's now well again.'
orian last decade
The hydrogen peroxide seems ot be helping ! As all the things you have suggested!

The bad smell from the ulcer is much reduced-almost nil.
The white stuff is also much much less-hardly any.

She has barked today! In her sun bathing session in the courtyard she walked till the gate to see what the neighbours dogs were barking about and contributed her opinions-a weak voice still but so good to hear her after so many days!

I have got all the Bach remedies you prescribed as well as conium 6x (finally!) and burdock root powder
Now to begin giving her all these things..

Before the mammary tumour bursts what is best to give?

Thank you many times over!
gitamadhu last decade
Oh dear! My husband has bought the tincture of conium 6x-how ought I to give it in this case?
gitamadhu last decade
Re conium, it would be best to give it in tablet/pellet form not tincture form.

The tumor may not burst, it may just dissolve which is what should happen if you are giving your dog everything I have mentioned.

What is of crucial importance is the carrot juice, flaxseed oil/low fat cottage cheese mixture, wheatgrass,Vitamin C,and Vitamin E.

Silicea, CALC FLUOR,silicea, Floressence, burdock root, echinicea, as well as the Bach Flower Essences are supportive.

Conium is excellent if you can find it in pellet form.

Disinfecting the tumor area with the hydrogen peroxide/boiled(cooled) water mixture alternating with the calendula/boiled(cooled) water mixture is also needed 5-7 times a day.

Also very important now is nutrition. Rich meat broths, raw vegetables(not onion) finely grated into the broths, perhaps some cooked brown rice(4-5 tablespoons) mixed in. Not too heavy on the meat content for now.
orian last decade
Note: Vitamin A stores in the liver. After five days, decrease the amount of vitamin A given to 1/3-1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

You may also wish to add several raw egg yolks or several boiled chopped eggs(no raw egg whites)for a little added protein,either once a day or once every other day to the room- temperature broth you are giving your dog.
orian last decade
MOlly seems to be markedly improving every day.
1. Bad smell from ulcer hardly/not at all there.
2. White stuff in ulcer hardly/not at all there.
3. Mouth of ulcer seems to be closing up.
4. She is enjoying her walks again and barking at other dogs as usual and LOL back to humping my leg (her way of thanking me). She is alert to the world around her again.

The homeo clinic told my husband to buy some sac lac and put in the small bottle and add 3 drops of the conium 6x liquid and do all that shaking etc. ( I used to do this when I worked with my homeopaths in Delhi. BUt I have yet to start.

I have noted down what you said about Vit A.

Vit C is finally almost up to 1000 mg (two 500 mg tablets are broken into pieces and given with broth fat at various gaps in the day)Should I aim to give one whole tab at one go and the other after 8 hours ?

Wiping alternately with dilute hydrogen peroxide and calendula being done at least 3 times each.

Doctor has given silica 1 m again to be given once a day. Ars Alb was to be given once a day for 3 days and then stop for ten days...So today I restarted ars and gave one dose of silica ...

Wheat grass powder being given and also carrot juice. Raw meat she is not eating as such -I have to grind it up with a bit of cooked meat and then she eats...so far I had mixed with wheat grass powder -today I shall see it plain.

Vit E not too regular- a few drops from the capsule ever alternate day or so-rest is dumped in cold broth.

Have yet to start biochemicals ( will start tomorrow)-Bach remedies had given one day-will restart.

Once again thank you so much! It is so good to see mischief in her eyes and to see her more sprightly again.
gitamadhu last decade
Wonderful news.Thank you for the update.

Vitamin C is flushed out of the system after 8 hours so that's why it needs to be replenished. The way you are giving it is fine.You may wish to increase the amount given to 2 1/2-500 mg tablets spaced out over 24 hours.However,if the bowels become loose then cut back to what the amount given was before the bowels became loose.

Silicea,yes,is excellent.

Re disinfecting the tumor with the 3% hydrogen peroxide mixture alternating with the calendula mixture- it needs to be done at least once or twice during the night.

As for the food given,once again, not too heavy on the meat for the time being. Switch to eggs(cooked) as protein added to the broth along with some raw vegetables(not onion)finely grated into the broth after it has cooled for some of the meals.
orian last decade
The mouth of the tumour seems to be closing up. The skin around the rim which was quite an angry red is turning pale. I had a slight fear last night that the tumour is again building up but not sure...

Today I gave the whole dose of Vitamin C in one go with the fat from the broth-she has not had loose motions but she puked a little after soon after some carrot juice and a bit of the fat came out with a lot of funny white stuff and a wee tinge of carrot juice. After eight hours I shall give another whoel does of 500 mg-maybe carry on with this for a couple more days and then step up?

Silicea 1m and ars alb one dose each given with sufficient gap-today I hope to start on teh biochemics...

Will begin disinfecting the tumor at least once or twice during the night. I have a 60% solution only but am diluting it-so far she is ok with it.

She is more involved now with her seasonal 'romantic ' mood and licks the tumour area less and less.
gitamadhu last decade
Re the Vitamin C. The way you were giving it at first(breaking off and giving pieces during the day rather than one whole tablet)was fine and preferable over giving the one whole tablet every eight hours. Maximum dose of 1,250mg over a 24-hour period. That would be approximately 315mg every 6 hours or 250 mg every 5(approx) hours.Yes,a dosage given during the night.

Don't give too much of the fat from the broth. Just enough to coat the pills.

BTW, because Vitamin A stores in the liver it's possible to overdose by accumulation, thus the reduced dosage of Vitamin A mentioned.

Re disinfecting the tumor, try saturating the area with the hydrogen solution alternating with calendula solution rather than just moistening the area a little or dabbing at it with the solutions. Then just wipe off excess from around(not on) the area and let it air dry. You may also consider, at least once or twice during the day, pouring the full-strength hydrogen peroxide on the area, wiping off the excess,etc.
orian last decade
Thanks for telling me how to give the Vitamin C and to reduce the fat from the broth to give the pills.

Vitamin A being given in the form of liquid cod liver oil seven seas...1 tsp 9small ) twice a day-will reduce it after a total of five days?

Burdock root powder begun...

Late last night I saturated the area with the hydrogen solution -got a little worried as she seemed to react to it-left her first Bed ( her crate has been made into a bed) and went to her second bed ( one shelf in our clothes shelf! But she seems ok...will continue as you explain.

I am so tired but so elated as she is so playful and lively and back to her old self -hope the tumour will also vanish and I can once again kiss her tummy.
gitamadhu last decade
I think I put too much hydrogen peroxide again today in trying to saturate the area. It was right after her meal of mashed meat and wheat grass and she puked the whole thing out-so it was green, white (?), some bit of carrot from earlier...very slimy. I had put two small cap fulls into half a bowl of water...

Another thing: 250 mg every 5(approx) hours of Vit C-will now bring the dosage down from yesterday-I hope these fluctuations are ok...

The biochemicals -it's a big mess-there is no way to give without touching the remedies! and she spits it out! Even the homeo pills (fairly tiny) seem to fall out of her mouth. I wonder if there is some simple way that I need to learn.

I'm so sorry to keep bothering you...
gitamadhu last decade
Hydrogen peroxide was mentioned in three ways.

1.) Diluting it with boiled(cooled)water and disinfecting the ulcerated tumor. Alternating with the calendula solution of calendula diluted with boiled(cooled water). Five to seven times a day.If you cannot just pour it over the area(which is the most sterile application) and wish to apply it with cotton balls,etc, make sure that they are sterile otherwise you are adding bacteria to the area which is not conducive to healing.

2.) Once or twice a day, disinfect the area with pure undiluted hydrogen peroxide poured directly on. Wipe excess from around the area only and let it air-dry.

3.)If you decide to add hydrogen peroxide to the drinking water you are providing for your dog (based on the testimonial given concerning the person with the cat), the hydrogen peroxide you have is 60%. The testimonial was concerning 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in four litres of water and some of the diluted combination put in a water bowl.

You would need to dilute the hydrogen peroxide you have by 50%. Therefore, four litres of water in which 1 ounce of 35% hydrogen peroxide is diluted would work out to 1/2 ounce of 60% hydrogen peroxide which equals 1 3/4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide mixed into four litres of water.

The reason why your dog vomited was because the concentration was too strong. The testimonial did not say to give two capfuls into half a bowl of water, it said to dilute one ounce of 35% hydrogen peroxide into four litres of water. Because you have 60% hydrogen peroxide not 35%, you would have to dilute the hydrogen peroxide still further to 1/2 ounce which equals 1 3/4 tablespoons. That amount would then have to be further diluted into 4 litres of water, not half a bowlful as you have done.

Originally mentioned was 500mg of Vitamin C every 8 hours. You were having difficulty giving that and were breaking up the pieces during the day. That method was fine but you weren't giving the whole 1,500mg over a 24 hour period and seemed to be having difficulty giving the lesser amount you were able to give.

According to your post, when you tried to give 500mg every 8 hours the first attempt was spit up. Since your original way of doing it was working it was suggested to continue with that, breaking off pieces of the Vitamin C tablets during the day rather than attempt to give one whole tablet at one time.Because you also mentioned that your dog's bowels had become a bit loose the dosage was lowered to 1,250mg over a 24-hour period rather than 1,500mg over a 24-hour period.

1,250 mg over a 24 hour period can be given, as mentioned above, either 250mg approximately every five hours or 315mg every 6 hours. Whichever your dog finds the easiest.

As for the biochemicals, it is possible not to touch them. Just tap them out of the bottle onto a piece of white paper folded into a V and tap it into your dog's mouth. If this does not work and the pellets are small and hard, crush them between a piece of folded clean,white paper,and tap into the mouth. If the pellets are soft you may also just tap them into the mouth and hold the mouth closed until they dissolve(which should be about 15 seconds) or, if none of this works at all for you,tap the crushed pellets into a very small glass container,add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of boiled(cooled) water and then dispense it into the mouth with an eyedropper.
orian last decade
I had a real scare for a couple of days as I found that the hydrogen peroxide my husband had bought was far from anything you had specified ( he bought two more bottles which were even worse).
Molly seemed worse -ulcer looked inflamed-she looked and behaved distressed...
I really felt scared and stopped it. I should have paid more attention to what you had prescribed.
But today the tumour looks and feels much much smaller-the mouth of the ulcer is rapidly closing up and looking clean...
A slight oozing is still there ( it had become more in those two days).
She is full of life, brisk and perky.

The second reason why I felt like such a fool was the 'maths ' of the Vit C-maybe fatigue is dulling my brain. I have finally got the hang of it.

Should I give Echinacea root or extract or echinacea purpura? I have located it. I located pine bark extract but it is not written Marine.
I cannot find many of the things but hope to look for them in a couple of more stores if my son will baby sit Molly one of these days.

All these things ( except the homeopathy ) is so expensive-I cannot find distilled water -so I get something called oxygenizer and put a capful in her bowl of water twice a day... Somebody gave us a Phillips water purifier and that is the water she too has -I hope it is ok? I never give her tap water-before we got this we used to boil the water we drink.
Is it alright if I give her a low fat cheese slice now and then?
She has no interest at all in raw meat -I am still grinding a bit of it with cooked meat...
Thanks once agian,
gitamadhu last decade
Here is a picture of the tumour a week or more back.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

gitamadhu last decade

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