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IT IS GOOD TO KNOW THIS - Homeopathic aggravation

If you are resorting to self medication in homepathy it is good to know this.....

In homeopathy there is something termed as "HOMEOPATHIC AGGRAVATION".

Let me explain this: once you start the process of taking the medicine(s)you might notice some thing happenning like a skin-rash appearing somewhere on the body or a sudden onset of cough, even it can be a slight fever or a headache. May be increase in the intensity of the itch etc. etc....this only means that the toxins are being forced to move out from their preferred hiding places.

Such aggravation may appear briefly and will die out on its own in a few hours to 2/3 days. Yet, such onset is a sure indication for a homeopath that the medicine is working.

The outlet for the toxins is the skin. Hence....appearance of a skin rash is significant. If the medicine is working , the rash will subside on its own.

(If the aggravation is severe, it is advisable to skip some doses of the medicine).

For this specific reason ....it is not advisable to take very high potencies of any medicine on your own .....such as 10M and higher, unless your knowledge of homeopathy is vast and honed over the years.
It would be difficult to control the reaction of the "homeopathic aggravation" on your own in such circumstances.

  PANKAJ VARMA on 2003-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
HI there, mm k dunno if this is the same
wel i was taking Shulpur 200, on its own, as mu skin on me nose tends to go red alot and is oily.

I started taking drops withing 2- 3 days my nose had gone more red, so was taht a sign of what you stated above that it was working or was it that it was just not reacting and it was making it worse?

P.S is 200 Too much i don't know much about these numbers other then that i had and only could find a 200 bottle


qamz last decade
This one is for QaMz.....


200C potency for SULPHUR is okay.

Infact, using it for two/three days at a stretch will be sufficient. Repeat after a week or 10 days as the symptoms demand.

If your itch is going away for a couple of hours then it is a sign that the medicine is working.

With a red nose, red ears, red in the white of the eyes, reddness in lips, throat in bad shape, also headache>>>>>>you should be looking at BELLADONA 200C or 1M potency.

SULPHUR can continue to be the inter-current medicine.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi thanxs for your reply Pankaj, fast reply too :)

hehe well i have stopped taking it at the moment as i tend to worry a lot if i was taking it wrong or too much hehe :) well i am about to start a new medication treatment :) dunno wat it is yet my father has got the information of my homeopath, when he comes i will order them, lets hope this is better well apparently this is a stronger potency then i was taking before i think [p.s the shulper i decided to take on my own by using hte remedy finder],

but b4 i was using [given by homeopath]

* Rad Brom 200 [to be taken once a week, every week]

* Shulper 200
* Bellandona 30
* Kali Bromatum 30
* Gunpowder

3 of the above are to be taken 3 times a day 10 minutes after one anohter, once in morning, afternoon and night expect on the day that Rad Brom 200 was taken..
But the reason there are 4 but i only need to take 3 is cos iwas given only 3 to take but i lost the note with what 3 they were adn my father did get a retake on each medicane, but apparently he had got one more now i am not sure which one of those 4 is not my one, adn the other 3 are mine :P hope u understand? lol sorry if i haev confused u,

i think that shulphur is one of the 3, leaving 2 more from the 3 left, which i am nto sure aobut mm hey wait u said bellandona so that has to be one of them 2 so if correct
bellondona and shulpur are 2 of them leaving one more, out of the 2 left so i don't know wether hte last one was gunpiowder or Kali Bromatum 30?

qamz last decade
So should you take a new remedy for the symptoms of the homeopathic aggravation, or just keep taking the original remedy?

I heard that if you are taking the wrong remedy, your symptoms will change slightly; is that the case? If so, how do you distinguish that from homeopathic aggrevation?

Thanks in advance!
Philip L last decade


Skip a few doses >>> if more doses have been advised to be taken.

After that,if you notice that the aggravation has subsided and the improvement has begun >>>> continue with the medicine. If you see no improvement in two / three days, the medicine needs to be changed.

Meanwhile, keep a record of any changed/new symptoms that appear and tell your homeopath.

Some times a good work initiated by one medicine has to be finished off by another medicine. A good homeopath is aware of all that.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

It is good to know this, repeating so that you may not ignore !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I just brought it back to the front burner....since we were discussing "homeopathic aggravation" on other threads..!!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Ahh Pankaj, good to read some precise good directions to those who just cannot stand any discomfort even if getting well. After the response, another remedy is chosen for the new (old) symptoms and it takes time.

I have tried to write you but there are so many safe guards after typing your email address, I don't know that many computer discriptions and always get kicked off.

Thanks for your welcome back. Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra !

My e-mail id is the same and now there is 100mb space from Yahoo....so e-mails don't bounce back because of lack of mail box space.

Hope you are keeping good health and the new computer is giving you some cheer!

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Brought this up again on 'front burner' fo all to see.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pat 2006 !
You have insinuated me on 'Homeopathyandmore'...that
I donot inform people about 'homeopathic aggrevation'.

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

I started this thread in 2003 and kept bringing it up again and again for people to see. Last was done in June 2006.

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
The laugh is on you Pat !!

You are wearing the right shoe on the left foot and the left shoe on the right foot !!

If you had sent me an e-mail on this... you would have saved yourself the embarrassment !!

This mess ...created by you ...is out in the open.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
If defending myself against unjustified insinuations is 'bashing'....then let it be so !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
this thread is continued at [Moderated: Link removed for being spam. This thread continues here, of course]
Pat2006 last decade
This thread is continued at the following link.

[what? this thread is continued here. Please don't spam, Pat]

Pankaj, if you think I'm bashing you then you don't understand what I'm saying so maybe it's best that yuo don't read anything I write.
Pat2006 last decade
I started taking 'Arnica" for the bruises....hope it works...'without aggrevation' !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
What kind of title is this you chose for this very serious issue?

You're not even serious about homeopathy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have chosen this type of title.
Pat2006 last decade
Next time I am going to call it 'Watch Out...or You will get Bashed !!'
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

How long did it take you to analyze and figure out which remedy to take for your bruises? I hope it took you at least 45 minutes to an hour.

You're the homeopath here who is concerned with your reputation and respect.

You're the one complaining about others when you are doing the same thing.

Why do you want to write to me on my e-mail? You don't understand anything I say.

Don't read anything I write and forget about writing to me on my e-mail if you can't understand what I'm saying.

That is your main reason for coming here to attempt to make me look bad because I won't talk to you on my e-mail.

What do you want to talk to me for when you don't udnerstand what I say.

Let me know when you can understand what I'm saying. Otherwise just ignore me and don't write to me on my e-mail. What would be the purpose?

Do all you want to make me look bad. I don't care. I'm not getting into arguments or fights with you. Go find someone else to fight with. Don't you have a wife or a girlfriend or someone in person to fight with?
Pat2006 last decade
Waste of time !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj,
What if the aggravation stays for months even if the medicine is stopped? What should be done then?
My husband gets an outbreak of dry eczema whenever he takes Rhus. He took only 2 doses when he got eczema? it is more than a month now, but the eczema is still there. He was then asked to take Alumina. That also aggravated a bit. So what should be his next step. He is now applying graphites ointment which seems to help a bit.
By the way this not the first time. In Jsr, he got the eczema, i dont remember what he took, and it went after months of graphites. Rhus also always causes this problem.
maya_hari last decade
Maya...I suggest you ask him to post his symptoms on the Remedy finder here and then send me the link.
Will analyse and get back to you.
Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
pankaj, i cant explain how happy i am that someone finally wrote about aggravation! my 5 yrs went thru homeopathy treatment for 7months but did not get any relief. his aggravation was so severe that i dont know where to start. his skin was burnt beyond recognition and at the end of the seven months he started losing his sanity -- i am not dramatising.....and i cant explain how scary it was to see my own son go mad. we had to stop everything and put him back on steroids. it was agonising but we had no options. today i am convinced that the doc we were going to treated him wrong and let him go thru so much pain. and we as parents were ignorant and naive to let this happen.

i have the same question to ask as maya hari.....even after 2 months of stopping homeo, his skin looks black, is rough and keeps breaking out into rashes. steroids has frustrating side effects and we are paying the price for that as well. we want this aggravation to stop but dont see any light so far. the homeo doc drained out pocket and now conviniently admits that he 'does not know' why it did not work for our son.

i am a firm believer of homeopathy much to the amazement of friends and family. they tell me i am a fool to believe in homeo even after seeing my son's state. but i know, if anything can help him ever, it will be homeopathy. pls write more about aggravation.....not when its for 2-5 days but when its for months with no improvemment.
nineclouds last decade
Respected Dr Pankaj

Not on my own, but prescribed by a Homepathy doctor, I was given over a period of six months various potencies of Briyonia starting from 200 to 10M daily for constipation. The problem did not get solved permanently. When the doc told me to take 3x liq and told me that it is more powerful than 10M, I got suspicious. In my openion, 3x is lower than 3c. I just left out Briyonia and took opium 30c, as found in your posting somewhere and got good relief. I have to wait and see whether it is permanent or not.

Stopping of Bry 10M perhaps caused some problem. I used to be getting headaches about a decade back. Now it has started again. Taking Bry 10M would reduce the headache and leaving it makes it hard. Any anti-dote?????

I am perhaps a case of remedy abuse, Not on my own, but by a doc.
kns_3 last decade
This thread continues at the following link.

Pankaj has agreed or has he to write on aggrevations and antidoting as I believe homeopaths don't make a strong point of making sure people know about this very serious issue.

I have insisted that he write a blur at the end of each of his posts on this very serious matter, but so far he has done so.

But he is going to write something of a permanent nature to be place in plain view for everyone to see at the following link.

Cut and paste the followieng link to your browser.

[Moderated: Link removed for being spam]
Pat2006 last decade
Pankaj needs to start a new thread and give it the title of AGGREVATIONS so that he can refer people to that thread on a regular basis.
Pat2006 last decade

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