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Infant Reflux in a 6 wk old

I have a 6 wk old that was diagnosed with reflux. We have tried Prevacid and he became constipated and in a lot of gas pain but the spitting up stopped. We are now on Zantac and the gas is moving but he is still constipated. Prior to the meds, he had stools in almost every diaper and was fine in that way. It has been 10 days on the Zantac and the spitting up is increasing and still no bowel movements. We've also added pear juice to his daily diet and used suppositories. This has been good for 1 bowel movement and that's it. He is a breastfead baby. I am lost, there has got to be a better way, any suggestions?
  hnb13 on 2006-08-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please stop using the Prevacid and Zantac for your 6 weeks old baby. They can cause untold harm.

Nat Phos 6x can replace both remedies and you can dissolve 1 tablet in milk and feed it to him 3 times daily. This will also help to prevent constipation.

Please report response the day after you give it to him.
Joe De Livera last decade
He is breastfeed, should I pump to mix the tablet or can I take it to pass to him?

Also, I have read alot about silica and chamomilla on this site regarding reflux, what is the best choice to use?
Thank you for your help, I feel like I have been banging my head against a wall.
hnb13 last decade
The tablet MUST be dissolved in milk. He may choke on it otherwise.

Neither of the 2 remedies you indicated can help as well as Nat Phos 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
I understand that HE cannot take a tablet but my question was can I take it to pass to him through the breastmilk?
Also, how many days do you keep up the Nat Phos 6x?
hnb13 last decade
I doubt that the NP can be passed on to your baby through your milk. The 6x potency is too low to be effective in this manner and you will have to dissolve it in some liquid which you can feed him.

If NP helps him you can play it by ear and after he is stabilized you can reduce the dose to 2 tablets daily and then just 1 and then stop.

NP has helped thousands of adult sufferers from GERD and I am confident that it is far better and safer for a baby that the drugs you have given him.
Joe De Livera last decade
So far the NP seems to be doing well. I am using just 2 doses a day. He does seem a little sleepy after the dose, is this normal? How long is it safe to give to him? And does it repair the reflux issue?
Thanks again for your help.
hnb13 last decade
I have had reports that NP does promote sleep from adults.

Since your baby is responding nicely to NP you can gradually reduce the dosage by dissolving a tablet and giving the liquid in 2 instalments or if you prefer reducing the quantitiy you give him by half which is better than giving the balance of the teaspoonful in 2 instalments.

You will see shortly that the NP will not be required any more as it seems to correct the imbalance in his stomach which was the original reason for his reflux for which you were prescribed Prevacid and Zantac which in my opinion are 2 powerful drugs that should never have been thought of by your pediatrician for his reflux.

This only goes to prove the sad state of medicine not only in the US where I presume you live but throughout the world. They seem to prefer to use a bull dozer to move an anthill and it is the poor patient who suffers, in this case your baby, perhaps for life.

I find this attitude SHOCKING !!!

You did not mention about how this remedy helped his constipation which I presume is also now OK. Please confirm.

As I advised you above, keep on reducing the dosage till he is able to manage without it.

You may like to know that NP is absolutely safe in the dosage I recommended and you are advised to keep a stock at hand to be used when necessary in the future and this does not only include your baby. Adults too can benefit from this incredible remedy which at 6x is only 1millionth of the original salt Sodium Phosphate.

You can read all about it on the thread with the same name on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade

Check it out under Natrum Phosphoricum in the Search Forums window on the left.
Joe De Livera last decade
I would appreciate your latest report on your baby's current response to the Nat Phos 6x.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have taken him down to two half doses a day and he is still doing well. He is spitting up but it does not seem like anything out of the normal for a baby. He went from constipation to diarehea for a while but that seems to be improving also. I am a bit nervous about stopping it all together because he does get agitated right before he is due for a dose. Should I leave him at the half doses for awhile?
Thanks again.
hnb13 last decade
Mr. DeLivera,

May I ask what your opinion is on thrush treatments? For myself and my nursing baby. I tried 3 days of Nat Mur 30C (3X a day), but do not really see any results. Does it take a few days longer to work is or is there a better homeopathic remedy? (we are having a hard time keeping it away, I am able to cure it easily with Nystatin but it returns a few weeks later in both of us)
hnb13 last decade
both mother and child are to be treated as oe--and YES-remedies do give efect through breast milk-it is preferred method in such cases..
John Stanton last decade
nysatin use is direct efect of mentioned complaint of child...and as mentined is to be considered mother's state of health in this case with treament..
John Stanton last decade
I am so glad that Nat Phos 6x was able to help your baby. I note that his problem with spitting up has abates to a level which you are comfortable with.

His reaction with lose stools is symptomatic of NP and all one does is to reduce the dosage to ensure that he is levelled off at a comfortable dosage which can be done by mixing 1 tablet in a bottle of say 20ml of boiled water from which you take half a teaspoonful which you give him after a feed. This will prevent any reflux and also maintain his output at a comfortable level.

This remedy can be used quite safely in the dosage indicated above and is in any case far far safer than the Zantac and Prevacid that you were giving him originally on prescription from your pedatrician. You would be doing other babies a big favour if you will contact the pediatrician and inform him of your baby's response to the Nat Phos which may perhaps open his eyes to the miracle of Homeopathy.

In your secon d post you mentioned Thrush which both you the mother and your baby suffer from.

Please give me more details on the problem to enable me to advise you on this matter. I note that you are taking Nat Mur 30c tds and I would like to know the reason why you were prescribed this remedy and by whom.
Joe De Livera last decade
As far as the thrush:
I have it on my nipples and the baby has it on his rear and a little in his mouth. The first outbreak was at three weeks old and we used Nystatin to treat. Since then, we have had two more occurances of the same. I was hoping there was a treatment that would also help limit the reoccurances.

I took the Nat Mur due to another posting on this forum where it was advised to take 30C, 3X a day for 3 days. It did help a little.
hnb13 last decade
I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday and plan to tell the doctor what we did and how well it worked. I wish they would inform parents of other options.

He started having issues with the half dose so I put him back on two full 6X tablets a day. For what length of time is this safe to use?

Again, you have been such a great help to me and I am sure my baby is very thankful, also!
hnb13 last decade
I do not think that Nat Phos can hurt your baby but I would not like him to be dependent on it for ever. It is far far safer than the Zantac and Prevacid that you were using for him when you first posted his plight a few days ago.

You can try reducing his dosage as I advised.

You can also use other milk like Soya baby feed that may solve the problem and you can alternate the milk with breast feeding.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please help.... my baby's reflux is under control but now we are dealing with constipation and gas issues. Can I use anything with the Nat phos or is there another remedy that would fix both? He is in terrible pain and I am able to massage the gas out but I have tried everything for the constipation that I know, including pear juice, rectal stimulation and glycerin sup. I am worried that if I keep forcing the stool out that his system will get lazy. Please help, he is screaming crying in pain.
hnb13 last decade
Nat Phos 6x is know for its effect on promoting peristalysis and preventing constipation.

I cannot understand how your baby who responded wonderfully to NP could have reacted now with constipation.

I regret that I cannot think of any alternative therapy since the patient is a baby and we cannot use the standard remedies to help overcome the constipation.

I would request other advisors on this forum to please indicate a remedy that can help a baby.

In the meanwhile you can continue to use the glycerine suppositories.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have lived this with my baby and thank goodness found a few good remedies that work.

Here are some ideas see which one is most applicable:

Borax: thrush, both in mouth and genitals; diarrhoea; breasts are painful during nursing, aching after nursing, pain in breast infant is not nursing on, aching in breasts when empty after nursing; baby dislikes downward motion; baby cries in pain when nursing or refuse breast.

Kali Muriaticum: thrush in breastfeeding babies, tongue/gums coated white; indigestion (reflux) with diarrhoea, stools pale. Usually the tongue is coated white if this remedy is to work.

Magnesia Muriaticum: (this one does wonders for mine) this one is good if the diarrhoea is green and if he is worse after nursing; colic pains, cramping, sore, indigestion, sleep unrefreshing - he may be over sensitive to noise and not able to fall asleep.

Also, consider:
Calcarea Carbonica if his head smells sour and he is sweating on his head, undigested food in his stool and it smells sour. While not for thrush, this one is good for colic and constipation followed by diarrhoea, and indigestion with heartburn and bloated pains in the belly.

I would guess Borax right now given both of you have thrush. Use 30c. Take 3 pellets under the tongue for your first dose. Dissolve 3 pellets in spring water (you can keep it in a baby bottle in the fridge - just label it). Hit the baby bottle on the palm of your hand 5 times before giving it to the baby. Give the baby one sip of the water. This is one dose. Dose as frequently as needed up to 3 or 4 times per day but STOP immediately once you have relief. If you keep dosing you will 'prove' the remedy (experience the symptoms again). This is important.

If your baby falls asleep after taking the remedy, this is a good sign it is a good match and is working enabling him to rest better.

Stop the pear juice - it will exacerbate the yeast and his tummy problems. Consider eliminating dairy from your diet for a few days to see if that helps his reflux and constipation.

It is important you replace the good bacteria in both yours and baby's body. You can get a baby probiotic called Baby Jarro-dophilus. It should be in the refridgerated section of your health food store. It has certain strains of probiotic only found in baby's guts. Start slow - 1/8 tsp. in a little water or breastmilk in a bottle. It may cause constipation or diarrheoa at first as the yeast dies off but if given daily will do wonders! You should also start a priobiotic such as Primal Defense, Culturelle, or ProBioGold. These are the three highest quality probiotics. Culturelle can be found at most CVS stores in the anti-yeast/vitamin sections. I keep mine in the refridgerator to help it last longer. Primal Defense can be found at most health food stores. It works wonderful. Consistency is key to keep the yeast from coming back and add the good bacteria back into your gut.

Also, I would highly recommend you get 'triple nipple cream' to use on both your nipples and his diaper area. Although I am one to always advocate natural choices first, you can't mess around with thrush. You could suffer for months (as I did in the past). The ingredients are:

100, 000 units/ml Nystatin (15 grams)
0.1 % Betamethasone (15 grams)
2% Mupirocin ointment (15 grams)

YOu can also break open the Culturelle capsules and make a paste (mixed with a little breastmilk). I did this and it brought huge relief. YOu put it on your nipples and let it dry. You don't have to wash it off.

Lastly, I will offer that thrush can be a result of antiobitic use after delivery and can also come from the HepB vaccine given at birth routinely at most hospitals in the U.S. HepB is grown on Baker's yeast. If you are choosing to vaccinate, do not let them vaccine while he has yeast and reflux - it will only make him worse. (I know this from my son's experience).

Keep us posted on what happens. I hope something here helps! I know how awful it can be and robs you of the joyful first moments of parenthood.
busymominme last decade
P.S. In case I was not clear, you will have to get a prescription from the doctor for the triple nipple cream if you need it.

Also, don't let them give the baby Diflucan. It is contraindicated for babies and will make his tummy worse.

And yes, the baby will get the remedy through your breastmilk but it is best to give him a dose too while it is so severe.
busymominme last decade

Before you use the advice given above by Busy MM I would like you to take 3 pellets Nux Vomica 30c YOURSELF twice daily.

I believe that this remedy will be passed through your milk to the baby and that his constipation will respond.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe has made a good suggestion especially if the constipation and gas is brought on by overeating (too much nursing) or if you are eating too much spicy food, coffee, or cola which is passed to the baby.

However, I believe the colic and constipation is related to the yeast (thrush).

I might try Magnesium Muriaticum first if the constipation and colic is worse after nursing, and if the stools are passed with difficulty with ineffectual straining and/or alternates with green stools.

More information can help us help you choose the right one.

When is the colic worse?
What are the stools like when passed? Color and consistency?
What is the baby's overall behavior (happy, nervous, quiet, crying)?
Do certain foods make the colic worse?
How is the thrush at this time?

Are you nursing on demand or on a regular basis? Too frequent nursing can set up the cycle of colic and gas in the stomach as the baby is not getting the hind milk. Forgive me if you already know this.
busymominme last decade
I have the nat phos in 4drm pills from washington homeopathics (the US East store here). Thety dissolve instantly in my baby's mouth, perfect for the breastfed baby...
mcointreau last decade
A word of warning.

I would not risk putting a tablet into a babys mouth without first dissolving it.

Do not also use it indiscriminately and do not give over 1 tablet per dose.
Joe De Livera last decade

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