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macular degeneration

Has anyone had any luck treating macular degeneration? I am just beginning symptoms in my left eye, just getting wavy lines and vision disappearing in the very center of line of vision.

That is the wet kind, that is caused by excess blood vessels growing into and bleeding and leading into the macula.

Please help!
  patti3046 on 2006-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Use Lachesis 6x twice a day for two weeks and WAIT a further 2 weeks to judge result.

Others that act in this area are
But do not use more than one remedy at a time.
walkin last decade
What about the dry macular degeneration kind? Are the remedies the same as Walkin listed?

bigtoes last decade
Dear Walkin,
Do you think Lachesis 6X is a safe potency to use ??

Best regards,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Lachesis 6x is safe.I think lachesis mother tincture is 14 or 16x and from this further potencies are made 1x-2x and so on.

sajjadakram635 last decade
I will look for Lachesis 6x today and begin it right away. I have been taking Arnica in the wet dose as prescribed by Mr. Joe on this forum. Do I stop the Arnica meanwhile?

Also I started Silica in the wet dose, taking only one dose a day, to get rid of a scar I have had. I seem to have a lot of the symptoms that indicate Silica as well. Do I stop that as well?

I am trying not to get panicked about this eye problem but both my mother and my uncle have lost their sight due to this same type of AMD.

I really appreciate the people who try to help the rest of us on this site. Surely you are of special quality to share your gifts. Thank you.
patti3046 last decade
I went to several places and finally got one tube of Lachesis 30c, their last tube. This stuff must be popular.

So I am starting that and will look tomorrow for 6x, and then order it if necessary.

I am assuming I can take the 30c twice a day until I get the other. Is that right?
patti3046 last decade
30C is much stronger than 6X. Be careful about reversing direction like that. It tends to antidote. You might want to wait until you have 6X.

homeopathyworks.com carries 12X.
Daisy43 last decade
if necessary use 12x --- but do not use more than one : one remedy at a time!!
walkin last decade
Thank you Walkin. As Daisy suggested, I ordered 12x from homeopathyworks.com. I called everywhere in Miami and no one carries any X potencies, but they will order. Thank you, Daisy. It should come in Wednesday.

I had two doses of the Lachesis 30C and each time it put me right to sleep. For me, that's a good thing.
patti3046 last decade
I have two more days to go on the Lachesis, and then my two weeks break, but I wanted to update you.

I went to the hospital 8/30 and they diagnosed Non Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy, with macular edema. This came on suddenly as I was there February with the ophthamologist and they saw no problem, but the last few months I noticed something. I thought I needed a new contact lens prescription.

They set me up for this morning to have either laser, intraocular steroid injection or intraocular antiangiogenesis injection. I pleased today for more time to consider and I have another appointment for two weeks.

They say my condition is just the same, with no improvement.

Besides waiting the two weeks you originally suggested, do you have any other suggestions?

patti3046 last decade
I took lachesis 12x for two weeks and have now completed the next two weeks Walkin recommended. I am not seeing an improvement.

What do you suggest now? The doctors want to do laser or steroid eye injections and I am just putting it off hoping that homeopathy will help me.

I have read the other remedies you suggest and nothing is grabbing my attention, but Ignatia seems to fit me really well. I am not suggesting it, just telling you for your information.

Please help.
patti3046 last decade
Well Ignatia is a possibility as its close relative Natrum Mur.

But the problem of inappropriate growth -- of blood vessels -- seems to suggest other remedies.

Avoid steroids like the plague -- they are more addictive than cocaine!.

Lasers may remove the symptom but will not cure the root of the problem which will either reccur or emerge somewhere else as an apparently differnt problem -- this happens all the time!.

Two remedies stand out

A Aurum Met 6x twice a day for a week and wait a further 2 weeks to judge result.

B Syphilinum 12x one a day for a week - wait 2 weeks to judge results.

Only other thing is , has there been any cancer in your family history over the past
4 - 5 generations?
walkin last decade
Walkin, my bad. When I wrote the first post, that was from self diagnosis. Look further down and you will see where the diagnosis was diabetic retinopathy, non proliferative, which means no inappropriate growth of blood vessels YET. I do have some macular edema, but I caught it early.

In the last few years, my maternal aunt had colon cancer, removed, and now this past month she notified me it has metastasized and she is not going to treat it. My maternal uncle has recurring bladder cancer (multiple tumors which have been removed several times and he has had chemo as well); his is back now as well. My maternal grandmother had uterine cancer, treated with radiation and she lived quite a few years after that. My mother and the same maternal uncle have macular degeneration, and are both nearly blind. It scares me.

I was supposed to go again this week for laser (I cancelled the last one) and I ended up cancelling this one. So after you read this, tell me if Aurum Met or Syphilinum is still your recommendation. I would have to order them; no local sources - I live in Miami.

Thank you. Sorry I confused you.
patti3046 last decade
BTW, I have all the major signs of Ignatia, but one of the big reasons I believe it may be pertinent is that five years ago I took care of my mother, saved her life actually, spent a whole year taking care of her, but because I took her off alcohol, she got really mad at me, and I have been on a downward spiral ever since, being diagnosed with diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia and now this. She has healed physically and gets aroung good, but psychologically she is not far enough along to participate in a relationship with me.

You asked me about cancer; what I do have a family history of is alcoholism, both sides - seems like everybody! I don't drink or smoke or do drugs of any kind and until the last few years I had never been on any type of medication and it gets me down that I have to take medication now.

Other strange things that may give you a clue - no moons on my fingernails, except for thumbs. I read the few remedies for that and nothing stands out. Also, cold drafts make me sneeze. I have all the symptoms of Cushings, but my cortisol level is fine. Was helped by Sepia for headaches earlier in life, and have a few of those characteristics.

I appreciate your help and await your reply.

I really hope you can help.
patti3046 last decade
When I was researching the two remedies you noted above,I noticed they were good for corneal abnormalities. So I need to tell you what the doctor told me. The cornea is not involved, but the macula has edema due to the microvessels of the retina leaking into the macula. It is plasma that is leaking, not blood.

I think this is important because before I was diagnosed with this I kept having spills and leaks in my house, and I think the universe was trying to tell me something. Sorry I didn't mention it before.
patti3046 last decade
Sems that this is a miasmatic problem .

As there has been cancer spread about in the family history I think we should use Carsinosin .

Start with one dose of 30c on three sucessive days and wait 4 weeks to judge result.

It may be necessary to change the potency.

Question - do you sun tan easily and did you as a baby/child have bluey whites to the eyes .?
walkin last decade
I will immediately look for this remedy. 30C is very easy to find in most remedies, locally.

To your questions: All my life the whites of my eyes have been bluish, sometimes more, sometimes less. Right now a little less, I think because I have been doing tapping around the eyes to try to increase the oxygenation. My son is the same. I have blue eyes and he has brown, but the whites are the same.

About tanning--I am very fair skinned and if I stay in sun too long initially, I burn. However, if I get a little at a time over a period of time, I tan a beautiful golden brown. I live in Miami and my lower arms are tanned all year round. I keep my face out of the sun.

I am interested to know what this might mean.
patti3046 last decade
I am having trouble finding Carsinosin. Galen in UK does not have a website. Do you know a supplier?

I am starting a separate thread to see if anyone else knows.
patti3046 last decade
I had come accross One Dr. Hemant Parekh at Bhubaneswar in orissa(India) He is the only Homoeopath who guarentees cure for AMD and has also been sucessful with it. His Address is Dr. Parekh's Clinic
Dr. Hemant Parekh
Plot No : 08, Ravi Talkies Square,
Lewis Road,
Bhubaneswar- 751014,
Orissa, INDIA.
Mobile : +91-9337857791 / 9861511710
vikram_jit last decade
Recent studies show that Crocus Sativus, potentized or raw (Q), is the best remedy for Macular Degeneration.
girilal last decade
Dear Vikram,
Reagrding Dr. Hemant can you please give more info.
Have you consulted him for this or any other issues? Please give more details.
dhiraj_batra last decade
Ive cured myself from MD with a frequency generator.
This is used to kill a parasite. So I'm assuming a parasite would be the primary cause. I used it for two weeks. My doc told me I was completly cured!
I suggest this route before you do anything, surgery, drugs, all the natural remedies Im sure wouldn't hurt.
fred31m 9 years ago
Please try Natr Sulf 200
sskps 9 years ago

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