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allergy leading to sinus and then tinnitus

Hi, I will appreciate any help regarding my condition below:

In general about me: 34 yrs old, 175 lbs male, married. Non-smoker, no alcohol.
Currently living in San Diego, California.

Condition (1) sinus on Right side nose only
- Right nostril blocked mostly and is DRY (assuming due to inflammation)
- It opens up and blocks again periodically 3-4 times during the day.
- right blocked nose improves by lying down and on left side shoulder.
- block on Right nose worsens slightly after eating meals
- blood test report shows antibodies again Hepatitis B infection in past - could liver be weak now ?
- this condition is since last 2 years. It started after my allergies worsened to their peak level of asthmatic symptoms while living under intense traffic and air-pollution for 1 year.

Condition (2) Indoor Allergies due to dustmites and cockroach mix as tested last year

- while sleeping (generally sleep quite well about 8 hours):
- if both nostrils are open during sleep, then:
* within 10 minutes after waking up, nose gets runny and then right nose blocks up.
- if Right nose is blocked throughout night (as mostly is) then:
* it opens up within 5 minutes after waking up (and lying on left shoulder) stays open for couple of hours.

- symptoms of runny nose, sneezing are worsened the day after sexual intercourse.
- occassional twitching inside and upper part of Right nostril [ this sometimes leads to inflammation and blocking of the right nose ]
- mostly quite mild symptoms generally which improve outdoors and in sunlight.
- Again, as above, this condition is since last 2 years, worsened much after living in intense air pollution for 1 year, when I developed asthmatic symptoms like wheezing during breathing - but are ok now.

Condition (3) Tinnitus or mild ringing in the ears
- seems related to above conditions, started about 1.5 years ago, after an episode of 'sudden hearing loss' on the Right Ear which lasted about one week.
- hearing was fully recovered within a week. But mild tinnitus was left behind.
  anupam1008 on 2006-09-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try cistus Can 6c three times ian d ay for a week and report me
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
dear dr. deoshlok

Firstly please accept my sincere thanks - your advice has helped me breathe much better from my blocked right nostril during daytime for the past one week.

Unfortunately, it still remains/gets blocked at night time and also tinnitus remains as well.

I was wondering if you could advise me anything for these and also tell me if 'Teucrium Marum Verum" will help.
anupam1008 last decade
you can try the teucrium if fails then write to me then I will think for other products.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
dear Dr Deoshlok

I have Teucrium for 1 week now, it has helped very mildly for first 1 or 2 days but does not help anymore.

When I am waking up in the mornings, I can sense that I am breathing fine through my right nostril. But within seconds or minutes as I am still lying down, the right nostril starts twitching from inside and suddenly makes me to start sneezing leading to watery eyes and right nostril blocks up again for next couple of hours. This happens primarily during mornings within 2-5 minutes of the brain waking up.

All this time the LEFT nostril is always fine and open and no major complaints there.

This problem of nose blocking up primarily occurs in the morning just as I am waking up. The transition from 'sleep state' to 'fully awake state' is not smooth and seems like the nerves inside the Right nostril are getting some kind of mild shock.

I am begining to wonder if there is some kind of INFECTION in the sinuses inside my RIGHT nostril.

Please advise any medicine and also if I need any tests like sinus MRI/scans to be done to find out what causes the twitching or blocking inside the right nostril leading it to block up.

Thank You for your time and patience in this.

best Regards
anupam1008 last decade
I have exactly the same symptoms as you! right down to the specifics. Including a newly developed twitch, but this seems to be within the nose/face tissue rather than in the nostril.
I also have occasional asthma and wheezing during some seasons.
Have you had any progress on understanding your problems? I am seeing a specialist soon and will let you know the outcome. What tinnitus do you have? Mine is a high pitched ringing in the right ear. I have read that this can be due to overuse of antihystamines leading to mucus blockage in the middle ear. Good luck!

justingrace last decade
Fortunately for me, the symptoms of allergies are mostly all gone. It was due to several lifestyle changes I made to strengthen the immune system...

Sinusitus is much more manageable now with some nasal sprays and ayurvedic oils.

Tinnitis is still present in both ears.
you're right about Anti-histamines starting this. Mine developed during times when I took Allegra.

MRI scan did not reveal much about cause of Tinnitus.

I think this problem is more 'subtle' or 'energy-related' rather than 'physical', that's why most scans are useless at earlier stages.

A recent ear-swab test by an ENT doctor showed that an ear infection had developed called otitis externa (swimmers ear). Either Tinnitis could have led to this, or vice-versa.

I am now learning to relax myself more, slowed down in life, do daily meditation practice to counter the tinnitis side effects. Have also lessened computer use. Everything helps a little, but this evil of tinnitis still remains.
anupam1008 last decade

Have you tried ayurvedic sarivadi vati for tinnitus. If not take one tablet each in the morning and evening. Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam should also help.
kadwa last decade
hello dear kadwa, thanks for the suggestions, I will certainly try your recommendations and get back with feedback.
anupam1008 last decade
Hi Anupam,

Thanks for your reply. I think my tinnitus is almost certainly exasapated by stress, alcohol and using electronic goods. Unfortunately i am also a smoker - hopefully soon to be ex. I think your change of lifestyle approach is crucial - what symptoms of tinnitus does the meditation counteract? What kind of meditation do you do? unfortunately I am a student and have to use a computer most of the time, and so cannot avoid this source.

Glad you have found some relief.

justingrace last decade
hi Justin

i agree on the common exasperaters of tinnitus.
I did some study about Tinnitus and found it is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of another underlying cause, meaning that the noise points that something is wrong. Its like the the brake pad wear indicator in our cars, when the pads have worn out over 80% they start making a constant buzzing sound to 'alert' that something needs attention.

That said, Tinnitus maybe an indicator of a foreign agent in our body. It could be pointing to a bacterial, fungal or viral infection in the sinuses or brain. The cilia may be damaged inside the E.tube or ear canal, due to the infection.

Tinnitus can have several other causes. A constant ever present noise in the ears can be devastating experience for many sufferers. It can lead to mood changes, depression and loss of productivity at work.

A regular routine of daily quiet relaxing meditation can help alleviate the negative effects of tinnitus. I have even heard some cases being cured with it, but not experienced it myself.
I have loved and tried the SAHAJA MEDITATION which is free and online and very powerful, joy giving and quite supplementary to homeopathy. You can find out more about it at www.freemeditation.ca

anupam1008 last decade

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