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Hot/Red /Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss

I am in desperate need of help. I have been battling extreme scalp irritation and hair loss for several years now. Whenever I go to see the dermatologist ( I have seen like 20), I am diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and given some form of topical medicine. I have literally tried everything under the sun, but to no avail, no cure. My scalp persistently has flaky residue, occasionally pimples/bumps, and it always feels like it is burning and it looks very, very red. It also itches alot.

As a result of the persistent scalp irritation, I also experience profuse hair loss. At this point, my hair is pretty much lifeless and now I can see my scalp. My hair is brittle and it falls out directly from the root.

I am a 30-yr old, active femaile. Can anyone suggest a homeopathic remedy that may help to cure this ailment?
  LucyB22 on 2006-09-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello Lucy.

Tell me, have you ever had scabies, or is there any history of other skin problems, or of these problems generally, in your family?

What other conditions have you suffered from in the past, or do you suffer from regularly?
Hahnemania last decade
Hello Hanenmania:

Thanks for your prompt reply.

As far as I know I have never had scabies. I did ask dermatologists whether I may have a fungus, and each of them said no. I do not have any other problems generally in my family.

Other conditions I suffer from include loss of memory and decrease in vision (particularly in my left eye). Also, I occassionaly get burning sensations throughout my body. For example, sometimes I get a burning feeling on my leg, or on my arm, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
LucyB22 last decade
Hello again Lucy.

Some further questions:

Have you in the past, or are you using now, the same specific hair dressings, such things as sprays, gels, waxes, shampoos, conditioners etc?
(a pretty basic question, but you'd be amazed at how many people have used the same products for years, and do not make the connection with such irritations!)

Is there itching anywhere else on the body?

Do you prefer to be outside, or inside?

What are your sleep patterns like?

Do you ever suffer from depression for no reason at all?

What is your ethinicity?

(These questions may seem unrelated, but they will help in the proper selection of a remedy.)
Hahnemania last decade

I used to use the same hair products for several years straight. I now change my hair products every few months.

I do not have itching anywhere else on my body.

I prefer to be inside.

I sleep anywhere between 6 - 9 hours a night. I always wake up tired and am tired throughout the entire day. Sometimes I can't get out of bed at all.

I don't know if it is depression that I have, but I know that I prefer to stay in my house because I don't feel good about myself. It is really frustrating to see so many doctors who all tell you that nothing is wrong. I also went to see if I had a thyroid problem and I was told that all of my blood work was completely normal.

I am African-American.

Thanks Again.
LucyB22 last decade
Hello Lucy.

There are a number of remedies which may be indicated for your case, and in order to narrow down this selection, some further questions:

1/. Does anything make the itching of your scalp better or worse? Things such as water, heat, cold etc.
2/. Does scratching improve the condition, or make it worse, describe the reaction to this.
3/. Is the scalp actually dry, or is there some desquamation (oozing, moistness etc).
4/. Is there an actual eruption on the skin (raised vesicles etc), or is it just red?
5/. Does the hair fall out in spots, or is it just a general thinning all over?
6/. What kind of illnesses are in your family history, parents, grandparents etc, or if any of these are no longer around...what did they die of? Include such things as any serious infections etc.
7/. Describe your overall personality as best you can. Include such things as your temperament, whether you tend to think and move quickly or are more sluggish etc, etc.
8/. How would you describe your build, thin, average, a little fuller, or large.
9/. What kind of foods do you prefer?
10/. Would you describe yourself generally as a chilly or warm blooded person?

I'll await your answers.

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
Hi Jacob:

1/ The itching on my scalp comes and goes as it pleases. Nothing really makes it subside…I just kind of wait it out. Sometimes it almost feels like little bugs or worms are crawling in my scalp.
2. Scratching makes it worse…it actually kind of agitates it and makes it burn a lot. Also, my scalp feels kind of hard. For example, when I wash my hair, it almost feels like my scalp is numb or frozen.
3. It’s a combination. In some areas, my scalp lools very dry and there are scales. Ain other areas my scalp feels moist. There is no oozing, but if I scratch my head, I get a lot of residue under my finger nail.
4. There is no eruption, my scalp is just red. It flares up sometimes and becomes red and hot.
5. It is general thinning all over. But, there is some sort of correlation between the burning and itching and the hair loss. For example, I get the most burning at my temples and there my hair is very very thin. Also, it burns a lot in the crown of my head. My hair texture has also changed a lot. My hair is very limp.
6. Illneses in my family include glaucoma, and lung cancer (my grandfather was a smoker). Other than that, everyone is very healthy.
7. I used to be a happy person. Now, I am more sullen. I am definitely more sluggish. Like I said, I have to drag myself out of my bed. I am also pretty short tempered, and get angry easily.
8. I am 5’7” and slim with an athletic build. I workout 5 days a week so I am in very good shape. I run and lift.
9. I eat healthfully, I eat a lot of meat and vegetables. Hardly any sugar, no white flour.
10. I consider myself to be a warm blooded person.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
LucyB22 last decade
Hello again Lucy, and hmm, this is a very odd condition. From some of the things you describe, especially the sensation that your scalp is numb or frozen, it is almost as if it has has been 'burnt' by some kind of chemical.

Would it be possible for you to list the hair products you were using at the time this began, as I would like to check on the ingredients. I am expecting to find either some form of Aluminium salt, or Sulphur.

Sometimes in Homoeopathy, all that it takes to cure a condition is to give a potency of the offending chemical, which then resolves the situation, and your case does repertorize out to Sulphur, which would also be the obvious choice to any Homoeopath given the symptoms regardless of whether this was the cause.
I would like to check on the ingredients first though, just to make sure there is nothing else there which may be responsible.

Hahnemania last decade
Hi Jacob:

I hope that you are still willing to look into my issue.

Here are the products I use:

- MOP Organic Pomade
- Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Shampoo and Conditioner
- Elasta QP Silk
- I relax my hair with Softsheen Optimum Care Relaxer.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Sorry for the delay, I had to deal with a family emergency.
LucyB22 last decade
Hello Lucy,

I read that you also have

Thanks for your prompt reply.

'loss of memory and decrease in vision (particularly in my left eye). Also, I occassionaly get burning sensations throughout my body. For example, sometimes I get a burning feeling on my leg, or on my arm, etc.'

Have you been tested for Optic Neuritis for your eye? The memory, eye symptoms, and other neurological symptoms (burning sensation, etc.) sound suspiciously like Multiple sclorosis. I encourage you to get checked by a neurologist to rule out MS.

Why? They were the same symptoms I had when I was diagnosed with MS...I also have the scalp issues that you mention.
Elliotsmom last decade
Lucy...did you ever find the cause of your problem?? I too have the exact same thing. Hair loss, achy arms, legs, etc. What did you find out?
pact12345 last decade
Hi all! I seem to have the same symptoms as Lucy so I am hoping you will be able to help me out. My sculp feels also itchy, followed by burning sensation. My blood results and hormonal tests are all good, so my doctor and dermatologist cann';t help. My burning started after dying my hair, (my hair didn't take it well), and ever since then the burning is there and later the itching appeared.
I have used Dercos shampoo (Red one) for the hair loss and it did help a bit. It is general thinning all over. I also get some pain at the back of my sculp and there my hair is very very thin. Please let me know if you have any info how to deal with this problem.
Many thanks in advance.
Neda28 last decade
HI All, I to have been haveing these same symptoms for a few years now. My problem started with my hair breaking just below my ears all the way around (just the top layer of hair) that went on for about a year. Then my hair started falling out it's very thin now, after that my scalp started burning really bad it turns red and feels like acid is being poured on my head. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 10 years ago and was recently diagnosed with sjogren's which is a autoimmune disorder. my dr. seems to think this may be connected but who knows.I also have a lot of stress and anxiety which I am told could also contribute to all of this. I have blurry vision,muscle pain and weakness,headaches,depression,etc. I came to this site looking for answers myself. I wish I could help. Has anyone found anything that works for them yet? please share if you do. Thanks!
Angie60 last decade
After reading the last post on this forum I had to respond. I too have been experiencing a red, very itchy scalp that burns every time I brush my hair. My hair has been slowly falling out for the past few years and is now much thinner than it used to be. I was also diagnosed with sjogren's syndrome in 2002 and have been wondering if these symptoms were related. I'm very interested in hearing answers to these questions! I'm hoping someone on here can provide insight into these symptoms as my doctors have not yet found anything that works.
jaimeson last decade
It seems to be relavent with two major problems:-

1- Skin allergy as a result of some exogenous or endogenous toxins.

2- Circulatory disorder maybe due to the disfuctioning of a gland or organ.

Dr Tahira last decade

I have this. It was finally diagnosed as psorasis and treated as such. The only thing that makes it go away for me is Dermazinc (which is a topical spray steroid mixed with zinc and cyclosporin. It relieves the burning and itching which is caused by inflammation of the scalp. I have to take cyclosporin every time I have an episode or occurance for several months. It isn't very healthy but it makes the issue go away completely. However, with psorasis you have triggers so it could come back. Which means you will need to be treated again. You stop treatment which the burning is gone and the hair loss ceases.

Good luck-- I know this is a terrible thing to deal with. It took me about 10 dr's to find the cause b/c the scalp sometimes has a little flaking but that is it.
Healthwise last decade
I did a search for itchy burning scalp and found this forum.
Healthwise: I thought my problem was psoriasis as well, but the psoriasis treatment made my scalp burn even more. I am 24 and have been experiencing itchy, burning, 'hair aches', for almost 4 years. I thought at first it was dandruff because my hair would flake. But when I say flake, i mean, it's snowing. I know it's gross. I first attacked this problem with head and shoulders. That made my scalp burn more than it ever has. That was in 2004. I immediately figured out that I didn't need to use that shampoo anymore. I used Suave and the same thing happened. So I went through a period of time where I was trying out several different kinds of shampoos. The beginning was flaky, then burning, then came the itching, which is now scabs. when I wash my hair now, it burns only if i've been scratching it recently, but it always drys my hair out. i use conditioner and it doesn't seem to help, but make it worse sometimes. it's very up and down.
on top of my achy scalp is my achy hair. i have very thick hair, and it's long...almost to my elbows. it isn't as thick as it used to be when i was younger, but still very thick. if I move my hair after having it up all day or after it's been down all day, it doesn't matter, it hurts.
I have seen people post that it only hurts in certain areas...but mine hurts all over the back part of my head. it mostly hurts the back left part because that's where i scratch it most.
I need help. My head/hair has been hurting about a week now. it comes and goes, but my hair hurts mostly everyday, and my head itches just about every other day. the itching is allover, but mostly the back left part. any ideas?
aecorley last decade
hey there
i had exactly the same problem (2 years), i used everything but no good results , at last i used diprosone and ionil shampoo, and 'voila' magic, evrything disappear.hope it'll give the same results with u.
DAMDO last decade
I have the same problem and at my wits end. :( I don't have health insurance, so I can't afford to go to dr after dr and getting the same results and no definitive diagnosis.

The area where I have hair loss.. the scalp just looks wrong...red, itchy. And there have been times when the itching and pain was horrible.

I was told to use Fluocinonide, and that I would have to use it the rest of my life. It doesn't seem to help much, and sometimes it seems to make it worse. Though the hair falling out in clumps and chunks stopped shortly after using the ointment awhile.

I just want to know what the real diagnosis is so I can be treated. Just not sure where to start.

They did a scalp biopsy to see if the hair loss was genetic or telogen afluvium (sp?), and they said it was genetic. But this kind of burning, itching, sometimes painful redness can't be from mere genetic alopecia.

No one in my family has this problem... just me. I come from a long line of people who have more hair than they know what to do with.

I would be grateful for any help or advice. At this point, someting like Rogaine wouldn't help.... if the problem is something that's scarring and damaging the hair follicles, etc.

CurlyGirl last decade
I hate to say it but I too have this problem. I am a male 42 thin/athletic but I am loosing my hair close to the crown. It is red and itches and it also does it on the sides of my head as well. NOBODY in my family is loosing their hair in fact I used to have a problem because I hated that my hair was so thick. I dont have dandruff but my scalp is red and itches. Sometimes I do find small bumps that feel like pimples. Is there anything I can do to save my hair?????
bdc629 last decade
Folks...I can practically guarantee it's either sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. It's a very toxic substance that is used in almost all shampoos, bubble baths, anything that lathers up. It can cause all kinds of problems. Look for shampoos and other soaps that don't contain those substances. I use Chaz Dean's WEN, but there are other products you can find, especially in the health food stores. I used to have the problems you are all talking about, until I researched the ingredients in the shampoo I was using. Type 'laurel sulfate' in Google, and take a look at the third entry (the first 2 are Wiki). See if you think you've found your problem. You're all going to want to have a good de-tox after switching shampoos. It's worth it, though. Hope this helps.
Kin22 last decade
also visit:

girilal last decade
I found this site because I am experiencing the same symptoms: burning, itchy scalp and hair loss. It started about two months ago (which was 3 months after I started menopause). My hair got very dry & brittle and then started falling out. A week or so later, the burning started. My doctor thinks is is my thryoid (I have Hashimoto's Syndrome) but after 8 weeks of increase thyroid meds & tests (my TSH levels are back to normal), the burning started again. I have lost about 1/3 of my hair volume. The doctor now is prescribing Ecolon (cortisone cream) but I don't think it is going to help. I'm desperate.
dazzleca last decade
I agree that it just might be (at least in my case) the shampoos and conditioners I am using. What I have been doing to relieve this very painful condition is applying Lavender Oil on my scalp. It has really helped. I put it on at night. I'm still searching for hair products that won't upset my scalp. Good luck
spark06 last decade
i've had all of these symptoms myself. i have cronic cutaneous lupus. a mild form of lupus that does not affect organs but your skin. please go to a dermo and get tested for this. unfortunatly we're 3 months into the diagnosis and still trying to figure out what is going to work for me. i tried topical steroids but all they did was irritate my scalp more. apparently for many people they work though so it's worth a try. our next attemp is going on plaquenil which is an anti malarial med that is used for many auto immune issues. seriously though it may not be as easy as the ingredients in you shampoo. it may be something deeper. i hope for your sake it is that simple but just in case get checked for lupus. has anybody else been diagnosed with this? if so, has anything worked for you?
edenmarya last decade
OK I am scared to death that I will have bald spots in a few years. I am a 22 year old female and I have been experiencing hair loss since I was 18. My hair used to be extremely thick but now it feels thin. I have gone to the dermatologist and he diagnosed me with sebhorreic dermatitis. However, the products I used don't seem to help. I have used olux, loprox, and diprolene and my hair still sheds a lot (theres hair all over my stuff and floor) and I have scalp pain in the crown of my head (upper back part of my head). I also have dandruff and itchiness. Sometimes, I feel the itchiness on my face too. Can it be something other than sebborheic dermatitis. I already checked with the doc if it is my thyroid and did blood work and everything is fine. what if it's a neurological problem. Can someone please help!
Kitty Kat last decade

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