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Acid Reflux, IBS

I am an elderly person suffering from Acid reflux and irregular powel movements. I am on Nexium 40. It causes severe stomach cramps. Want to stop the medication. After reading the articles in your forum started on Nat. Phos 30c and Nux Vomica 30c 3 times a day. Seems stomach pain has reduced, no flatulance. But bowel movement is not satisfactory. I am on very strict diet. No spice at all, no oil, 1 cup light coffee a day, 1 slice toast, 1 chapathi, 1 tablespoon of rice and little vegetables and plenty of yogurt. No salds or fruits except banana. I am allergic to many fruits and nuts. Please help. Thank you
  Malathy on 2006-10-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I note that you have taken both Nat Phos 30c and Nux Vomica 30c 3 times daily for your gastric problems and that you have observed that there has been some improvement.

You are advised to use Nat Phos 6x (not 30c) alone and you will discover that your gastric problem and constipation will be helped within 24 hours. Dose is just 2 tablets taken after 3 meals.

You may also discover that your food allergies will also vanish. You must also eat a regular healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids except coffee as it antidotes homeopathic remedies.

You must stop the Nexium as it will only do you untold harm.
Joe De Livera last decade
Try Nat.Phos 6X, but report back after a week.

One medicine at a time is proper homeopathy. Never use two medicines together.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hello Joe: By mistake I posted a reply in some other forum. Below is my question again.

As advised by you, I have ordered Nat. Phos 6x online. Until then I am taking the 30c. But I am very careful with my diet. Bare minimum and extremely bland. Gallons of water. Stomach pain has reduced considerably. Bowel movement is still not satisfactory. I tried benefiber as recommended by my doctor. I get severe abdominal cramps, so discontinued it. Any remedy in Homeopathy? I see that you have recommended Arnica 30c to many patients. Do I need to take it? Thank you so much in advance.
Malathy last decade
I have just replied your post on the other thread and shall copy it below:

To Malathy

I cannot trace advising you but I presume that you too suffer from GERD. If so the remedies you have ordered Nat Phos 6x is OK. I note that you are taking NP 30c which you state has also helped you. I would suggest that you stop the NP 30c you are now taking as it is too high a potency to help you with GERD.

The Arnica 30c will help you however and taken with the NP 6x you can expect to be cured in a few weeks.

Please post your response in a week after you start on the NP 6x
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you. Is it plain Arnica 30c or is it Arnica Monatana? I am new to homeopathy. Don't know much about the names. In some responses you say wet dose. What does it mean?

Please let me know the dosage too. Is Arnica for healing the scars caused by GERD?

Thanks again
Malathy last decade
Arnica is Arnica Montana.

Please visit the following links for information on the treatment of GERD and the comments of patients who have benefitted from the therapy.

Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Mr. Joe for our prompt reply.

I bought Nat Phos 6x online. I live in the US. Does the potency of these medications differ from the ones that are manufactured in India? I will take the medication for few days and see how it works. If it is ok, I will send the manufacturer's name.
Malathy last decade
I have started on Nat Phos 6x. twice daily. My tongue is coated and I have bad taste in the mouth. I took some yogurt with sugar yeterday. That was the only additional food I havd besides normal boiled vegetables, 1 small cup of rice and 1 chapathi. I am having heartburn since yesterday and slight stomach ache. Since ten days I have not taken Nexium. I was taking Nat phos 30c twice daily before I started on 6X. That seemed to have some effect. Should I continue with Nat Phos 6X. Is there any thing that will make my mouth taste better? Please advise. Thank you
Malathy last decade
The bad taste in your mouth will only result if you take more than 3 tablets of Nat Phos 6x after a meal.

You have experienced that this remedy has helped you and that it can safely replace the Nexium which will slowly poison you.

I note that you have used Nat Phos 6c prior to using NP 6x and you are the best judge of which potency has helped you best which you can use in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe. Yes. I took 3 tablets with lunch and dinner but only 2 with breakfast. I will now take only 2 after each meal.

Will report back after a week. Thanks again.
Malathy last decade
Mr. Joe:

I have been taking Nat Phos 30c after meals. During the day I have no heartburn. since couple of day, by evening heartburn starts slowly and all night it bothers me. I have to clear my throat a lot. Morning I am fine. What could have gone wrong? I am taking bland food. Should I continue the medicine?

Thank you.
Malathy last decade
Your case is not usual as Nat Phos should have helped to stabilize the hyperacidity in your stomach which is the reason why you have heartburn all night in spite of your taking it after dinner.

In order for me to figure out what the real reason is for your problem I would like to have a detailed account of your eating habits.

What foods do you eat, the time you eat, quantity, how much water do you drink with meals, what do you observe immediately after a meal, do you sleep soon after, and any other thoughts that you can give me.
Joe De Livera last decade
One other question:

Do you belch and pass wind ?
Are you constipated ?
Do you drink sufficient fluids? Specify quantity.
How long have you suffered from your ailment ?
Can you exercise sufficiently to sweat it out ? This too will help to stabilize your ailment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks again Mr. Joe for your prompt response.

I have Irritable bowel syndrome. So I have gas problem, belching. My bowels do not evacuate fully. I take benefiber alternate days as everyday it causes stomach cramps. I drink more than a gallon of water each day. I have been suffering from acid reflux since 3 or more years.
I used to go to gym everyday but my knee got locked up and I can't exercise much. I walk a little, can't walk for long. These are the answers to your questions.

Now as to my eating habits, we are vegetarians. I used to have coffee in the morning but since started homeopathy, I take one cup of buttermilk in the morning. I can't eat too much at a time so I have some thing light every hour or two hours. I take little cereal in the morning with lactose free milk. snack on a banana after an hour or two. Lunch is either 1 bread or chapathi or 1 cup rice, vegetables, yogurt, dal. Not even a grain of spice in any thing. Cook in very little olive oil. Yes, I take a nap in the afternoon which may be the culprit. At 4pm we have light dinner. No oily stuff at all. but as I was getting headaches without coffee, I took 1/4 cup light coffee.

night 1/2 banana and jello.

Can you give me your email address? I can mail in detail my concerns?

Thank you.
Malathy last decade
I would prefer that you do so on this forum just in case I miss out on something when others can help.

Your data on your diet is OK and I cannot figure out what the reason is for your constipation. Can you get Papaw in your city ? This fruit also known as Papaya is also an excellent help to avoid constipation.

Have you had your Gall Bladder checked ? This too can be the cause of your problems.

How old are you ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Mr. Joe:

Yes. we get papaya fruit here.
I am 62 years old. I have had all physical check ups done. No BP, no diabetes. I have had a complete cleansing including gall bladder recently. I can get gall bladder check up.
Malathy last decade
As you probably are aware I am 77 years old and do not have any physical problems today. It is a pity that at 62 you have to contend with so many problems which we must seek to help ASAP. It is just that I do not know what next to do.

I would like to add Carbo Veg 30c twice daily sublingually and Lycopodium 30c every other day.

Let us see if these remedies can help you.

I noticed that you eat yoghurt and would like you to stop it and observe if it makes any difference. Also stop the coffee as this may be antidoting the remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Mr. Joe:

I bought both the medications. How do I take them? As I have to take 3 medications, Nat phos, Carbo veg and lycopodium, can they be taken together or at what intervals and how many pellets at a time?

I have stopped yogurt, coffee. Let me wait and see.
Malathy last decade
It is not advisable to take carbo veg and lycopodium together. They are very deep acting medicines and may aggravate your condition.

One medicine at a time is proper omeopathy.

Please read this article before you continue.


If you want to continue with this psedo homeopathy, it is upto you.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Nat Phos 6x 2 tablets 3 times daily immediately after meals
Carbo Veg 30c 4 pellets twice daily an hour after meals
Lycopidium 30c 4 pellets every other day (one dose only)

We can only wait and see how you respond.
Joe De Livera last decade

proper homeopathy

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you Mr. Murthy and Mr. Joe:

As a lay person I am terribly confused!!!!

To take or not to take the medications.

May be Nexium is the better alternative.
Malathy last decade
Nexium is not the better alternative.

you said, you get some relief from nat.phos 30, but not total relief.

in such cases, normally higher potency is to be tried out.

you can try nat.phos 200 daily one dose, for six days, no more, and post response.

Don't get despired. It is difficult to zero in on the correct medicine, but, once we do it, the relief from homeopathic medicines willbe fantastic.

For your stomach cramps, you can take mag.phos 6x,once in an hour,till relief is obtained, on an S.O.S. basis.

It being a tissue salt, won't interfere with other medicines.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
Carbo Veg and Lycopodium both are my default remedies to treat flatulance.
kuldeep last decade
we here a lot about Carbo veg and Lyco for flatulance.

While it is true, there is a third remedy, which needs attention, and that is china.

All three have different set of symptoms, and one won't do for others.

Lazy prescibers bunch them together, and ask you to take both. By that you lose a chance for further follow up, and will never know what to do, if the problem gets resolved a few times, and recurs again.

There are many posts here where such combinations helped for some time, but when they recur the third or fourth time, these prescribers lift their hands up.

Now, I give the distinguishing feautures of all the three remedies.


Lycopodium is one of the leading trio of flatulent remedies, Carbo veg. and China being the other two.

With Lycopodium there seems to be an almost constant fermentation of gas going on in the abdomen, which produces a loud croaking and rumbling. Remember, while China bloats the whole abdomen Carbo veg. prefers the upper and Lycopodium the lower parts. With Lycopodium this flatulent condition is very apt to occur in connection with chronic liver trouble. Again this rumbling of flatulence is often found particularly in the region of the splenic flexure of the colon or left hypochondria

This is from Nash.

Another important distinguishing feature of China is great flatulence, with sensation as if the abdomen were packed full; not ameliorated by eructation or passing flatus.

Carboveg has Excessive flatulence, pressing upward, stomach and abdomen.

Carboveg is worse lying down, and likely to have a burning sensation too.

As alreay told Lyco has Great flatulence with rumbling, mostly intestinal and pressing downward.There i croaking and rumbling in the abdomen, due to fermentation of gas.

Now, see how easy it is to select a medicine depending on the symptoms?

What is the need to alternate two medicines and spoil the case?

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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